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Going Natural 101
[Everything You Need To Know w/ NHP]

I think you'll agree with us when we say:

Going natural is a CHALLENGE! And it doesn't help that Black hair in the media has been historically maligned.

It can be MUCH easier for you though, because...

...it turns out, that you can dramatically improve your natural hair journey...



We're gonna walk you through this, you'll see (and hear) EXACTLY what you need to know about how to go natural, stop breakage and show off cute kinky hair...

...that looks hot, feels good, very healthy and vibrant.

And even more than that:

We'll slap down some misleading information that is STILL being repeated. So congratulations...


Welcome to the Wikipedia of Natural Hair.

Let's dive right in, you can instantly jump ahead to...

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going natural hair frequently asked questions faqs

How To Go Natural - FAQS

Still, before you look down this page for the section that shows you all the in-depth going natural tutorials, tastefully-crafted articles and Black-owned hair products to help you on your journey...

...I want you to feel your way through this FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section because:

You'll see us address many issues, struggles and concerns when going natural.

I bet you'll find ATLEAST ONE question about going natural that you have wondered before. So take a look while we address some of these questions we get, and enjoy...

What is The Best Steamer for Natural Hair? The answer may surprise you. The highly-rated Kingsteam 2 in 1 Ozone  is the best new tabletop steamer alongside the popular Red Pro hair steamer and Secura 2-in-1 tabletop steamer.

For handheld models, the best are Q-Redew natural hair steamers, and the VICARKO thermal heat cap for deep conditioning is.... See FULL answer by clicking the link above.

Is My Hair Protein Sensitive? Have you ever wondered, "is my hair protein sensitive”?

The whole protein sensitivity thing can be confusing as ALL OUTDOORS, ya know?

Truth is, you can DRAMATICALLY improve how your hair looks, holds moisture, maintains health and avoids breakage by understanding the 3 main causes why you might feel that your hair is protein sensitive, when... See FULL answer by clicking the link above.

Is Rice Water Good for Natural Hair When Going Natural? Is rice water good for natural hair? You're smart to ask because in the past that rice you may have only thought about rice as food, it's actually a lot more though. It's also a great hair growth, skin and beauty product.

Rice water for hair is very popular in China and Japan as a growth, health and strengthening aid, it's been a... See FULL answer by clicking the link above.

Is TGIN Good for 4C Hair when going natural? If you're wondering “Is TGIN Good for 4C Hair?”... I feel you sis, because: I was wondering the same and had to investigate like a mad fool to find the answer... See FULL answer by clicking the link above.

Does The Inversion Method Work For Natural Hair? Over the years we have seen a lot of so-called, "before and after" photos of inversion method hair growth from women who have supposedly used the out-of-the-ordinary technique.

Some say that the new hair growth comes virtually instantly.

So I set out to find out the truth.. See FULL answer by clicking the link above.

Why should I consider going to natural hair? I want to share with you why going natural is the best choice for your hair. Going natural is a decision you want to think about because it is a long-term commitment, but really it is a long-term investment in yourself, it's a way to embrace your Gog-given natural beauty and make folks want to look like you, instead of vice-versa. Going natural is THE MOVE in my humble opinion,

Is going natural possible without doing the big chop? When I decided to stop relaxing my hair and go back to my natural hair, I had no idea of what to expect or where to start. ‘Should I cut my hair right away or wait a little?’, I was wondering. ‘How would I style my hair while my natural hair grows?’... See FULL answer about Going Natural Without the Big Chop.

Can you suggest a natural hair beginners kit? What do I need when I go natural? When going natural, there are things that you simply don't know, like what products and tools you need to properly maintain natural hair.  So we compiled a list of the things every newbie needs in their natural hair arsenal. Maybe it'll save you some growing pains in your natural hair journey... See FULL Answer Here.

How long does it take to go natural from relaxed hair? Usually it is within the first 3–4 months of your hair journey that you’ll notice these improvements in thickness, and this tends to happen before you ever see any additional length. The big difference in length usually happens around 6–8 months into the journey provided you have been diligent with your hair care... See FULL Answer Here.

Do you have any good natural hair tips for beginners? Keep this simple point in mind – you must drink plenty of water, reduce stress, wear protective styles, limit the amount of heat you put on your hair, wash your hair regularly, live a healthy lifestyle and more regardless of your hair type.

Can you tell me why going natural is better for my hair health? I know a lot of women struggle with accepting their hair in its natural state because they are used to wearing their hair long and straight, or they are used to seeing beauty advertised as long, straight-haired, beautiful women with fair skin. It may be a struggle in the beginning, but it is so worth it in the end... See FULL Answer Here.

What does MoroccanOil do to natural hair? Well... MoroccanOil was inspired by the hair-health boosting power of therapeutic-grade Argan oil. An oil so very important for the beauty of your hair and skin because it is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants... Also, get the answer to... "Are Moroccanoil products curly girl approved?"

Does rice water dry your hair out? Many of our readers have said ”rice water made my hair dry” and have been wondering is too much rice water bad for hair because their luscious has been drying out, becoming stiff and crunchy.

And alot less luscious-shy...

Yes, too much rice water is bad for hair because of its very high protein content... See FULL answer by clicking the link above.

Going Natural: In-Depth Tutorials

How To Stop Breakage on 4C Natural Hair

Girrrl... Stopping breakage on 4C natural hair seems impossible, right?

Good news: You can 100% do it and you're about learn EXACTLY how.

When worrying about how to stop breakage on 4C natural hair you need to focus on your ends... See FULL answer by clicking the link above.

15 Funny Black Curly Hair Memes & Natural Hair Quotes 

Girrrrl! Imma show you some funny Black hair memes & natural hair quotes to post on your instagram and crack your friends up, haaa! I can't wait for you to see this!

You'll see NEW (and some classic) curly hair memes about the natural hair struggle as well as the natural hair TRIUMPH, we're even thinking about using some of these sayings on See FULL article by clicking the link above.

[Also, see our article about yoni bar benefits....]

Going Natural Hair Myth Buster #27

Going natural hair swimming

One major myth is that women with natural hair can't go swimming or work out at the gym.


Natural hair and working out DO go together.

You simply need to know how to protect your natural hair when swimming and prepare for exercising so that it doesn't get frizzy after your workout.

Below we have give you some really good resources so you can learn more about how to exercise with natural hair and even swim daily if you'd like to:

How To Go Natural At a Young Age

This is very important. You need to know and understand your hair type, hair porosity and hair density. You would need to do a lot of research and maybe trial and error. It may be difficult to figure all these out early especially if you are transitioning... Click Here for FULL Article (Deborah at africanhairinfo.com).

Learn About Transitioning From Relaxed To Natural Hair

When going natural by growing out of your relaxer, it's important that you manage your expectations, the transitioning process of going natural takes patience and diligence. Everyone’s experience will be different, but we promise that we will walk alongside you in this natural hair journey.... Click Here for FULL Article.

Great Protective Hairstyles for The Winter When Going Natural

With all the protective styles for natural hair that exist, there’s no reason not to show off your unique curls and personal style. The ways you can express yourself through your hair even while shielding it from the cold winter weather are limitless... Click Here for FULL Article (Taliah at naturalhair.org).

Advice on Hairstyles for Transitioning Hair 

Sometimes I forget that there ladies going natural who are still working on growing out their relaxer to fully return to natural hair. Shoutout to my coworker for reminding me about y’all transitioning folks... Click Here for FULL Article (by Ijeoma Akola).

Great 4C Going Natural Hair Products And 4c Hair Care Tips!

We are going to discuss the best moisturizing products you can use throughout your hair regimen to make sure you are getting the right amount of moisture and sealing it in properly... Click Here for FULL Article.

Natural Hair Regimen for Beginners Going Natural 

For women beginning their natural hair journey, soaking in all the information can be intimidating. When I first made the transition from chemical relaxers to rocking my hair in its natural state, many “natural hair gurus” told me about different techniques, products, and ideas that were supposed to make my transition a successful one.... Click Here for FULL Article (Kimberly at kimberlyelise.com).

Reviews for Finding The Best Blow Dryer for Natural Kinky Hair

Avoiding ALL heat or using the wrong blow dryer both could stall your progress when going natural. That's why these reviews give you the top choice for kinky hair naturals... Click Here for FULL Article.

How to Stretch Natural Hair After Washing

The techniques that you will learn today are proven to stretch your hair out so that you can show off all the hard work you've done during your natural hair regimen... Click Here for FULL Article

How Often Should I Wash My 4C Hair? Any certified trichologist (scalp and hair doctor) will tell you that your scalp needs FAR more cleansing than once-a-month, unless you simply don’t use hair products in your hair that buildup over time. And I'll show you exactly... Click Here for FULL Article.

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Natural [VIDEO]

Going Natural: Full Article List 

Going Natural? Here's a DIY Curl Cream Without Shea Butter for Daily Moisture!

This Krazy Moisture Kokum Bomb DIY curl cream without Shea butter works well in both dry and humid weather conditions.

It's amazing at locking in your hair's hydration levels... Click link above for this going natural tutorial.

Going Natural Was The Best Decision I Ever Made For My Hair

A message to those who have major doubts about doing the big chop and have no idea what they're getting into... Click link above for this going natural tutorial.

5 Tips For Going Natural for The First Time

When you decide to go natural, you can either choose to do the big chop or transition. The big chop is when you cut out all of the relaxed or damaged hair. This will leave you with the hair that has your natural curl pattern. Transitioning is when you gradually cut off the relaxed/damaged parts of your hair over time.. 

How to Transition to Natural Hair  

My story starts 23 years ago. I was 13 and headed to get my very first relaxer ever. I had long, thick, and what, at the time, I considered to be unruly hair and had begged my mom for my first big girl hairstyle...  Click link above for this going natural tutorial.

10 tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

Since I was able to successfully complete my long-term (18-month) transition without doing a big chop, I thought I’d create a page with some tips for those who aspire to do the same... Click link above for this going natural tutorial.

Going Natural Knowledge Nugget #111

going natural did you know

Did you know that kinky natural hair for braiding and other styles is more available now than ever?

In the past, you had to try to match weave textures that looked nothing like yours. Now though, if you’re looking to rock hair extensions that look like your own kinks and curls, you can.

And they LOOK REAL GOOD. Real... And... Good!

Thankfully for those going natural this void in the marketplace has been filled. Kinky weaves and extensions that resemble textured natural hair ARE HERE.

What makes these new options so significant is that you don’t have to manipulate your own hair as much to get the two textures to match. Which is part of the whole point of protective styling anyway.

Read more and we'll show you businesses that sell afro kinky hair bundles and kinky curly hair bundles of natural hair for braiding...

  • Curl Kalon
  • Haute Kinky Hair
  • Runway Curls
  • Heat Free Hair
  • Private Stock Hair
  • Curl Sistas
  • My Natural Hair Extensions
  • Bella Kurls
  • Big Chop Hair

Going Natural - Quick Hit List

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Going Natural: 14 Things I Wish I Knew Before [Video by Folahontas]

Conclusion - Going Natural Made Simple

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Melissa Lee is a Contributing Editor to NHP and a former owner of the BlackhairOMG website. She formed 4C Trichology Growth Services, LLC., a US based hair care consultation service. She has also contributed as a writer and consultant for various hair and beauty websites. Melissa can be followed on Twitter here.

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