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Natural Hair Growth Tips 101 | NHP

Welcome to the Natural Hair Growth Tips 101 section at naturalhair-products.com, the Wikipedia of Natural Hair Information.

Our goal is to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about...

  1. How to find & use the best hair growth oils.
  2. Natural hair care for Black women that's specifically tailored to you...
  3. Unique ways how to make hair grow faster.
  4. Exotic herbal rinses for hair growth that really work.
  5. How to find and make EASY DIY natural growth-boosting products for cheap.
  6. The best hair growth products of 2021.
  7. How to enjoy NEW natural hairstyles while avoiding hair damage.

You'll see factual information backed by science, hair growth vitamins that really work with before & after growth pictures and a touch of common sense.


Did you know that Black hair growth can slow down just by missing out on a few easy-to-get topical and/or tasty nutrients? 

Is work stress causing your problems? Look... Fact is, even a lack of physical fitness can stunt your hair growth...

One of the reasons women aren't growing hair fast enough is because multiple studies have shown that without the proper food for hair growth, nutrients and exercise, you are far less likely to have healthy, flourishing hair.

Making you LOOK and FEEL worse than women who are getting what's needed through a tuned-in health and natural hair care regimen.

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Customized Natural Hair Growth Remedies

Listen... You are unique and so is your Black hair growth journey. Problem is, too many blogs & cookie-cutter YouTube videos give you one-size-fits-all info. They do that because it's easy to do, results be darned. 

Crazy right?

I’ve heard it all when it comes to fast natural hair growth, and most of it smells to high heavens...

That's why you see so many women struggling to grow natural hair and feeling frustrated. YOU will avoid those mistakes and learn to sniff out BS info when you hear it...

That, my sista, I PROMISE YOU...

This COMPLETE NHP natural hair growth blueprint will show step-by-step and issue-by-issue, how to identify your SPECIFIC problem and needs, then create or find the natural hair growth treatment that works for you.

Are you ready?

Within this indepth Black hair growth Mega Guide today, you’ll discover:

  • How to avoid letting "natural hair growth products" damage your hair growth regimen.
  • How to find, buy or make natural hair growth serums & recipes that you ENJOY using.
  • 7 step-by-step tutorials that help you find out your porosity and hair type so you can identify which natural hair growth remedies will work SPECIFICALLY for you...

Hair Growth & Retention FAQs

Still, before you look down this page for the section that shows you various natural hair growth tutorials and tastefully-crafted articles, I want you to feel your way through this FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section, you'll see many common issues, struggles and concerns.

I bet you'll find ATLEAST ONE that you have wondered before. So take a look while we address some of the other questions we get, like...

Does using Diatomaceous Earth for hair growth actually work? If you're interested in getting your own Diatomaceous Earth hair growth results, you're in the right place. I grew more hair BY MISTAKE with this stuff, here's what happened... I started using it for my workouts, it works.

How can I regrow my hairline edges FAST? Listen, losing your hair and not knowing how to regrow hairline loss or how to regrow edges that are fading can hurt a sistas feelings somethin' horrible... The good news is you can get FAST natural hair growth around your edges when you massage the best hair growth products in on a regular basis.

Does rice water grow your hair?  The proof is in the "fermented rice" pudding and the answer for many women is, YES! Of course, it depends on the reasons WHY your black hair growth efforts are suffering. Still though, the benefits of rice water for hair growth is documented and... See FULL Answer Here

Are there all-natural remedies for fast natural hair growth? Yes, as you may know, we have a whole page about hair growth oils you can use to grow hair, beside oils though, there are many other ingredients you can use, you'll feel... See FULL Answer Here - Debbie at askdebbieabouthair.com. 

Is there a hair regrowth formula to get natural hair to grow after chemical damage?  Learning how to regrow hair after perming on coloring chemical damage is very important. Fortunately, there are hair growth treatments that you can buy... See FULL Answer Here - Jassica at alopeciafree.com.

Are there any hair growth vitamins that don't cause acne? Yes, although biotin for hair growth gives SOME women skin problems, some of these alternatives are the best vitamins for hair loss and actually work without causing acne. This list of vitamins for hair growth and thickness are safe for your face and stimulate... See FULL Answer Here

What's the best DHT blocker shampoo and supplement? It can be tough to decide if a shampoo, supplement, or serum like a topical DHT blocker is right for you. Sometimes, a combination of tools may be the best way to block DHT and stop it’s negative effects on your hairline... See FULL Answer Here - Sarah at Curling Diva

What's the difference between castor oil for hair growth and BLACK castor oil? When finding out where to buy castor oil for hair growth, you'll see reviews both regular castor oil and Black castor oil for hair growth, the difference between the two hair growth oils is... See FULL Answer Here - Shakira & Melissa at trialsntresses.

Is their something special about hair growth oils in india? Well, the Indian secret for hair growth involves a bit more than hair growth oils. While they do grow hair with oil, may healthy practices and ingredients are combined with Indian hair oiling in order to speed up... See FULL Answer Here - sassymamasg.com.

Are hair growth products for babies safe? As a loving parent, you have to be cautious. Hair growth products for young children are definitely... See FULL Answer Here - Kesha at myafrobaby.com

What are the most powerful hair growth supplement ingredients? Finding the most effective hair growth supplement can send you looking down a... Sign up For Our Hair Growth Ingredients E-Book Here.

Women getting fast healthy hair growth with Vicks Vaporub? Is this real? It was surprising to me too, still, you have to admit that the results are... See FULL Answer Here -Hamsini at dynamicwife.com

Do you know of an eyebrow hair growth serums? Some of the best eyebrow growth products you can use are healthy oils... See FULL Answer Here.

What are the best natural hair growth herbs for 4C hair? Good question! Many herbs for hair growth are actually... See FULL Answer Here.

Natural Hair Growth Tutorials

The Fermented Rice Water & Onion Juice for Natural Hair [Hot O.G. Growth Rinse]

It's known as The "HOT O.G. Hair Growth Rinse".

This NEW unique formulation of onion juice and cayenne-laced fermented rice water (plus 4 more scientifically-proven booster ingredients) dramatically...

  • Increases your natural hair health
  • Boosts your natural hair growth
  • Stops thinning edges ...  

MSM Super Hair Growth DIY Recipe

If you want to see MSM super hair growth DIY recipe that gives you result, take a peek at this hair growth tutorial and learn what you can do to speed up your natural hair growth... Click Here for FULL Article.

Why Hair Growth Tips Should Address Porosity BEFORE Hair Type

You'll see why most natural hair growth tips are missing KEY information. To get your natural hair to grow, you need to fully understand your hair porosity. So many flimsy vlogs & blogs tell you that your hair type is SOOOOO important. Well, not as important as knowing how to... Click Here for FULL Article - Daye at soulnaturalblog.com.

How To Use Hair Growth Oils According To Your Porosity

The best oil for hair growth for one woman can be completely useless for you. With the wrong oil and the wrong use of it, you can quickly cause damage and hair breakage. Avoid these mistakes, to grow hair with oil you need to understand where your... Click Here for FULL Article.

Bamboo Extract for Hair Growth Reviews [w/ BEFORE & AFTER RESULTS]

It would help you to see HONEST bamboo extract for hair growth reviews, right?

In this bamboo extract tutorial, you’ll see REAL reviews, see before and after results and even get the ideal dosage suggestions and HOW TO USE tips if you decide to take the dive... Click Here for FULL Article.

Natural Hair Growth Myth Buster #195

Hair Growth Myths

Unfortunately, some people are under the impression that natural Black hair growth is slower or doesn't grow as fast and long as other types of hair. 

That is 100% False. 

Fact is, the tighter the curl is on unstretched natural Black hair, the less visible length can be seen. If you weren't already hip to the fact that shrinkage is ALL TOO REAL, you better believe it.

Never get too caught up in tracking your hair growth on unstretched natural Black hair because it won't be visibly evident when your hair is tightly coiled. Makes sense, right?

Funny thing is, your natural hair growth could be up to 2X as strong when you have studied how to make your hair grow faster.

How To Retain Natural Hair Growth When Taking Braids Out 

While some people may think braids make your hair grow faster, that is actually false. What braids do is help with length retention, so its easy to understand why people feel they are getting fast natural hair growth results. This is why taking braids out without losing your hair growth is Click Here for FULL Article.

Why and How Natural Hair Grows After a Big Chop

Are you thinking about doing a Big Chop to get your natural hair to grow? One reason why you seem to grow your hair fast after cutting is because you have eliminated split ends that cause problems. Black hair growth after Big Chopping can be your best or... Click Here for FULL Article.

Best Organic Products for Black Hair Growth Fast

Many times, the best natural hair growth remedies are free. Or atleast growing freely in nature. These organic products will instantly help you... Click Here for FULL Article

Learn about Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Hair Growth Methods

Have you heard about the many Asian hair growth remedies you can use for Black hair growth? These hair growth secrets from China are seen... Click Here for FULL Article.

How to Get Natural Hair to Grow Without Spending Too Much

People often ask how to grow natural hair in a month but don't consider the cost of Black hair growth products that work, well you can avoid...Click Here for FULL Article

Guide to Hair Growth Vitamins That Actually Work

Not every hair growth supplement is worth your money. Here, we show you the best natural vitamins for hair growth that really work for growth and thickness, some are even tasty. You've heard about the feeling that true growth brings.

See Black Castor Oil Hair Growth Before and After Results

Feel like castor oil hair growth oils may be for you? You may have heard that it's the best oil for hair growth, well, come see the first... Click Here for Full Article.

Fast Natural Hair Growth Journey Relaxed To Natural | Type 4C Hair

Natural Hair Growth Vitamins

Hair Growth vitamins that really work on natural hair.

Get an extensive list of the most popular and highly-rated natural hair growth vitamins.

WARNING: You will be making a big mistake if you neglect a proper hair growth regimen that heals and nourishes your scalp, follicles and strands and only focus on taking hair growth pills.

Boosting hair growth with vitamins can be a great PART of your natural hair growth regimen, it should not BE your hair growth regimen.

As long as we are clear on that, use these highly-rated vitamin brands to boost your growth....SEE YOUR OPTIONS HERE.

Full Hair Growth ARTICLE List
- Black Women Hair Growth Tips

Best Hair Growth Oils for Black Hair According To Your Porosity Level

Your hair porosity level makes ALL the difference between growth and breakage when it comes to hair growth oils. Even the best oil for hair growth can be used incorrectly, you must avoid... Click Here for FULL Article. 

Unique Hair Growth Treatment Ideas for Natural Hair Black Women

You need a hair regrowth formula that will not fail you. We understand that not all hair growth products are alike, when you feel... Click Here for FULL Article.

1 Secret Hair Regrowth Formula You Must See!

Fact is, India is known for its many natural hair growth remedies. They use hair growth oils, ancient herbs, But look sis, I think you're gonna love this UNIQUE hair growth grease mix recipe, TODAY you're gonna see how to make a super-boosted sulfur 8 hair growth concoction... Click Here for FULL Article.

HORMONES! Hair Growth Products for Women with Hormone Problems

Many Black hair growth products don't specifically address hormonal hair loss. Shoot, some women don't even realize that they have hormonal issues blocking their progress, if the smell of... Click Here for FULL Article.

Best Organic Products for Black Hair Growth Fast

Organic hair growth products for black hair are often your healthiest and smartest option when your goal is to grow longer Black hair in 3 months or less, you'll see growth even after... Click Here for FULL Article - blackhairandskin.com

3 Smart Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

Sometimes the best solutions to our stunted Black hair growth sound a little strange ... Click Here for FULL Article - YouFro.com

Natural Hair Knowledge Nugget #35

natural hair growth information

What you eat can harm your natural hair growth efforts. Fortunately though, there are various foods for hair growth that can boost your efforts. Take a look at our article list below and click on the info you want...

Healthiest Natural Hair Growth Juice Drinks

One major tip for women who women who want to improve their body and health, all while growing longer, fuller hair strands is the use of healthy & organic juices and drinks for natural Black hair growth!

hair growth juice all-naturalLet's drink to your health & hair!

We've already talked about TOPICAL female hair loss treatment solutions like onion juice for hair growth, that's definitely not one you'd enjoy sipping on though!

Still though, God has created so many tasty treats that make our bodies healthier, our skin clearer, our digestion and gut health better, all while helping nourish our hair.

And for those who are too dang lazy to try juicing for hair growth and skin improvements, there are highly-rated companies that make green juice recipes that have 75 ingredients in one daily scoop that can be used boost your hair loss solutions.

If you wanna get your hand in the mix and create your own organic hair regrowth products in the kitchen your can find more info about celery juice benefits for hair or the unique advantages of organi homemade wheatgrass hair growth juice.

These fruit and vegetable juicing recipes for health and Black hair growth should not be overlooked!

NHP's Quick Hits Answers: Black Women Hair Growth

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Best Hair Growth
Shampoo and Conditioner

If you're struggling with premature hair loss, you know how difficult it can be to treat. Not only that though...

What can be every bit as as frustrating is trying to find natural hair growth products that actually work to remedy thinning and breaking natural hair. 

Here's something many naturals overlook though... Before deciding on which is the best shampoo for female hair growth and thickening, you should FIRST figure out what the underlying cause is for your lack of hair growth and/or length retention.

Fortunately, we can tell you that the most common causes of hair loss are chronic tension on your hair follicles, breakage from chemical process treatments — which include perms, relaxers, or hair dye — as well as severe dandruff or scalp psoriasis.

Chronic medial conditions, such as autoimmune diseases, are also a common reason for lack of natural hair growth and excessive hair loss.

if you're unsure of the root cause(no pun intended), it's important to see a physician to rule out other possible health conditions. Only then, can you knowledgable select the perfect natural hair growth shampoo and conditioner that matches the specific issue you're facing.

If you have thinning or shedding hair, you may need to choose hair strengthening products made with keratin or pick one infused with vitamins and antioxidants.


Because types of natural hair growth products can all strengthen strands and create a better environment for your hair follicles to function.

Treating Hidden Scalp Killers For Hair Growth

While we're talking about the best shampoo for female hair loss, it's good to remember that If you have scalp dryness or flakiness it's a good idea to use anti-dandruff shampoos, rather than hydrating products.

For this reason:

Because anti-dandruff shampoos are specifically made to treat inflammation and yeast on the scalp — two underlying causes of dandruff.

One ingredient to look for in these options is Zinc Pyrithione. It's very important to pick the right type of shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

The wrong one may not get to the root of your scalp issue. By evaluating your natural hair problem and picking the right shampoo, conditioner and natural hair deep conditioners, you'll be able to wash and condition your "lusciousness" and feel confident that your poo and condish combo is really helping  — not hurting — your natural hair strands.

Be sure to the best hair growth shampoo and use the best growth treatment oils in your deep conditioning treatments or as scalp massage oils to boost your hair growth.


Melissa Lee is a Contributing Editor to NHP and a former owner of the BlackhairOMG website. She formed 4C Trichology Growth Services, LLC., a US based hair care consultation service. She has also contributed as a writer and consultant for various hair and beauty websites. Melissa can be followed on Twitter here.

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