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Is tgin good for 4c hair?

Is TGIN good for 4c hair

Are you wondering “Is TGIN Good for 4C Hair?”

I feel you sis, because

I was wondering the same and had to investigate like a mad fool to find the answer.

I mean, I'm not crazy...

I already KNOW that they sell like crazy on Amazon, the Top 5 Rated are:

QUESTION: Does a ton of sales mean that TGIN is good for 4C hair though?

I think you’ll agree that with sooooo many natural hair products out there, it’s hard to know which ones ACTUALLY WORK for 4C hair. Right?

STILL though:

I found out everything us 4Cs need to know about TGIN hair products for true type 4C folks and I’m spilling the beans for you right-bout-na…


Are TGIN Products Good for 4C Hair? [SHORT ANSWER]

Is TGIN Good for 4C Hair? In general, the answer is YES.

TGIN is good for 4C hair because none of their natural hair products contain parabens or phthalates and the ingredients are super high-quality.

Many "Thank God It's Natural" products are regarded as “holy grail” 4C hair regimen staples by natural hair Youtubers and bloggers for as far as your eyes can see.

is TGIN good for 4C Hair?

For example, look at this blog quote from a beautiful type 4C natural named West African Baby. She's a TRUE 4C and she loves how the TGIN Miracle RepairX line works for her 4C hair.

natural hair quote about tgin products for type 4 hair

Still though…

This doesn’t mean you can just grab ANY bottle that says TGIN on the label and have amazing hair in the morning and throughout your day.

Like anything in life, the more you know the more you grow. And...

I hope you feel me on this sis:

Because there are atleast 4 good reasons why...

TGIN Being One of The Best Products for 4C Hair May Not Matter

So again, is TGIN good for 4C Hair? Here's the long answer. Yes, I can definitely can say that TGIN is good for 4C hair. 

Here's the catch though:

Two natural-haired women with nearly identical 4C hair can have good-looking hair that is totally different from the other woman's hair, in MAJOR WAYS... 

...so it depends on which TGIN product line you choose to use. What's good for another 4C hair babe may not be the best choice for your strands.

And for example, if you don't know how often 4C hair should be washed, styled or what the right product choices are, you may run into issues even though TGIN is good for 4C hair.

NHP PRO TIP: There is no ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL “Holy Grail” Product.

So: Is TGIN good for 4C Hair? Yes, and yet...

...unfortunately, many 4C naturals believe that they can find that one-size-fits-all “Holy Grail” product that magically works for everybody. And even though TGIN is good for 4C hair...  

Here's the deal: 

At naturalhair-products.com (NHP) we're always going to tell you the truth, even if it hurts. And truth is, no such product exist. 

Here are the factors that you need to consider even if your hair looks similar to someone else when trying to decide if TGIN is good for 4C hair or not. Remember:

Your hair can differ from another 4C woman's hair in:

  1. Hair porosity. 
  2. Hair health. 
  3. Hair density. (fine-to-thick hair strands)
  4. Climate that your hair is exposed to.
TGIN TYPE 4 hair twinsIs TGIN good for 4C hair? Yes, But type 4C hair can look the same & STILL be different.

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One big mistake that we often make looking at another natural with hair that looks similar to what we have is that we think we can follow their natural hair care regimen to-the-T and get the same results and benefits…

...not always, and here’s why:

Because even when you have the same type 4 hair there are always going to be different factors for each natural to consider. 

NHP PRO TIP: You need to TRUST YOUR EYES when watching Youtube "4C" vids. Does her hair texture LOOK like yours? If not, someone is mistaken. Either she isn't 4C or you're not.

The good news is that the TGIN hair product label has hair product lines for every type of hair porosity, density, health-level, etc., and they work great on 4C hair when you know what to select for your natural hair care regimen. 

You can see how much the ladies love it when checking out the top-selected TGIN products and customer reviews at Amazon.

And look at what's more important:

Knowing Your Hair Is The “Holy Grail” of Gorgeous 4C Hair

Instead of focusing on "What are the best products for 4C hair?", "Is TGIN good for 4C hair?" or, " What can I use for 4C natural hair?".

Do this:

Get to know your hair with the same intensity as you'd want your man to get to know and understand you.

Is TGIN good for 4c hair natural_hair_african_american_type_4c_married_coupleLearn what she needs and give it to her. She'll be happy and make you happy too.

Get the point now? 

You see:

If you use a true knowledge of your hair with the proper selection of TGIN natural hair products(or other natural hair products)…

...that’s THE secret!

You will unlock the code to amazingly gorgeous hair!

And that's what I want for you.

That's why we give you so much information about hair porosity, hair regimens, type 4 hairbest hair oils, and secrets for hair growth.

TRULY knowing your hair is the best way to create a natural hair regimen that is perfect for YOU, and is also the best way to know which TGIN products will work for your 4C hair health and beauty regimen. 

Get To Know: TGIN Product Lines for 4C Hair

After you know your hair, you'll never ask the question, "Is TGIN Good for 4C Hair?" again, and...

Here's why:

You'll realize that TGIN has different product lines for each type of natural hair.

TGIN products are good for various types of 4C hair because they have proven to:

TGIN Product Lines [LIST & Descriptions] 


natural hair Is TGIN good for 4C Hair

Besides pure butters and hair growth & treatment oils, no hair product you buy from Amazon, Sally's, Target or Walmart is 100% All-Natural. Not-a-one...

100% Natural means no REAL preservatives to keep from spoiling.

Imagine sitting blended avocado or milk out for a month. Ewww...

If the products were all natural, they would have a very limited shelf life (7-10 days).

Natural hair companies add preservatives so that you don't have to cry over spilled milk after a few days.

Before we get to individual product reviews and the pros and cons of each. I wanna ask you...

Have you ever asked "Is TGIN all natural?".

The answer is a "soft" no. Truth is, ANY hair product you buy that lasts more than a month without spoiling has some type of preservative, and that preservative disqualifies it as "all natural". 

The great news is...

In fact, TGIN is FAR more natural than most major hair product brands.

ALL TGIN products are all highly-natural and organic.

So,Is TGIN good for 4C hair when you need all-natural products?

Well... You'd be hard-pressed to find a more natural hair product on the market. Their natural hair products are made in small batches using premium organic and natural ingredients like pure green tea for maximum effectiveness and consistent product quality. 

TGIN embraces the hair and body healing powers of nature.

Flaunting everything from black honey, African shea butter, Amla oil, and the purest Argan oil to handmade olive oil soaps, they sell high-quality, clean, organic products. So don't worry about the all-natural aspect when deciding whether TGIN is good for 4C hair or not.

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TGIN Moisture Collection vs. Miracle REPAIRx Line 

The TGIN Moist Collection [PRODUCT LINE #1 DETAILS]

The TGIN Moist Collection is the original hair line they offered and it's beloved by a super-league of type 4 naturals.

It’s made to help make your type 4C natural hair soft, shiny, moisturized and far more manageable. Many 4C Youtubers and natural hair bloggers never wonder "Is TGIN good for 4C hair or not" because they've used it, even on dry and color-treated hair.

  • Moisture Rich Sulfate Free Shampoo: This TGIN shampoo is infused with amla oil to reduce breakage and increase moisture retention as well as coconut oil to gently cleanse your natural type 4 Black hair.
  • Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner: This TGIN conditioner fuses a matrix of shea butter, jojoba oil and argan Oil. They put this 3-fold moisture matrix together to ensure that your 4C natural hair is fully moisturized and able to seal in that moisture from the inside out. You can read about my moisturizing DIY curl cream without shea butter as well...
  • Honey Miracle Mask: Is TGIN good for 4C hair? Yes! This TGIN deep conditioning mask is infused with pure, raw honey to boost your hair’s softness and give it a glossy shimmer. In order to nourish and seal 4C hair (as well as other types) and reduce breakage and shedding, they’ve also added organic olive and jojoba oils.
  • Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer: Fully enriched with pure shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E. Using this daily will give your type 4C strands the moisture they need to be manageable, soft and shiny. So, is TGIN good for 4C hair? If you read reviews of this Butter Cream TGIN product, the women who use it love it.

These are the staples of the original TGIN products line. We will be adding individual reviews of these and the other products constantly, for example read our guide titled: TGIN Curl Bomb on 4C Hair [HONEST REVIEWS]

TGIN Miracle Repairx [PRODUCT LINE #2 DETAILS] - Is TGIN Good for 4C Hair

This Miracle Repairx TGIN line has been strategically formulated for kinky-coily textured hair, that has suffereb damaged from a poor routine, chemical coloring, harsh hair manipulation, and environmental factors. 

No need to ask "Is TGIN good for 4C Hair?", because all TGIN products are free from sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors, or animal testing. 

  • Miracle RepaiRx Strengthening Conditioner: Formulated with rich black honey and hydrating coconut oil, Miracle RepaiRx Strengthening Shampoo gently cleanses hair without harsh sulfates. Coconut oil smoothes the cuticle surface, leaving hair feeling soft and smooth while black honey heals damage, leaving behind shiny, bouncy curls.
  • Miracle RepaiRx Curl Food: Restoring nutrients into the hair, Miracle RepaiRx Curl Food is the herbal solution to dry, damaged hair. This daily moisturizer uses coconut oil and black honey to add healing hydration into your styling routine, controlling dryness and frizz.
  • Miracle RepaiRx Anti-Breakage Serum: Packed with rejuvenating coconut, olive, argan, jojoba, and peach kernel oils, the nutrient-rich Miracle Repairx Anti-Breakage Serum smooths frizz and flyaways, adds hydration, and leaves hair feeling soft and strong with vitamin E and hibiscus.
  • Miracle RepaiRx Curl Protein Reconstructor: Is TGIN good for 4C hair? This product is, for sure. This Reconstructor works deep to detoxify hair, removing buildup and strengthen strands by restoring protein in the hair. This gentle formula moisturizes the scalp, and smoothes the hair cuticle. Promotes hair growth and a healthy scalp. See our natural hair growth guide for more tips.
  • Miracle RepaiRx Deep Hydrating Hair Masque: This hair mask restores life to dry, damaged, or color-treated hair with healing black honey and moisturizes with coconut oil, smoothing and softening the hair. Improves shine and manageability, locks in moisture, and repairs damage, while reducing shedding and breakage. See my article on how to stop breakage on 4C natural hair for more tips...

TGIN is Good for West Africa Baby's 4C Hair [video]

Which TGIN Product Line is Best
for Your 4C Hair?

Which TGIN products are best for your 4C hair? Well..

Only you can find that out from testing them out.

Some women are mixing and matching, finding the unique combination of TGIN natural hair products that work particularly for them. That's the smartest move.

If you KNOW of another 4C who has the same hair porosity and level of hair health (or damage) as you...

...that will give you a huge advantage in learning about which TGIN products are good for your 4C hair. Many have found their perfect combination by trying the TGIN sample packs.

If you liked this article about "Is TGIN good for 4C hair?", get more of our tutorials like this 4C Natural Hair guide...



Melissa Lee is a Contributing Editor to NHP and a former owner of the BlackhairOMG website. She formed 4C Trichology Growth Services, LLC., a US based hair care consultation service. She has also contributed as a writer and consultant for various hair and beauty websites. Melissa can be followed on Twitter here.

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