Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press - Top 10 List


best flat iron for natural hair silk press

best flat iron for thick coarse hair

What is the best flat iron for 4c hair

If you're looking for the best flat iron for natural hair silk press, you're not alone.

Finding the best blow dryers and flat irons for natural hair can be difficult, ya know?

Don't worry:

I'll show you the best straightener for kinky hair TODAY.

You'll probably agree with me that sometimes it feels good to stretch out your natural hair and show your length, right? 

Having long straight hair with lots of movement and body will always be a great go-to look for a night out on the town.

Doing the perfect silk press is an excellent alternative to damaging your hair with harsh chemicals and relaxers. But cheap flat irons might end up causing heat damage or simply not do a good job for you, that's why it's important to find high-quality flat irons that give you long term results and protect the health of your hair.

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Understanding The Natural Hair Silk Press & Flat Iron Hair Straighteners

Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press results
best flat iron for thick coarse hair
What is the best flat iron for 4c hair
fhi flat iron reviews african american hair
best blow dryerWhen you have the best flat iron For natural hair silk press, you get results...

Many natural hair women are turning to the occasional use of a silk press style so that they can present the look of relaxed or straightened hair without adding damaging chemicals, in the past many women would use the press and curl to achieve a similar look, but the silk press is today's version and has sistas looking for the best flat iron for natural hair silk press.

Doing a silk press saves you from adding tons of grease to your hair the way you would with press and curls.

When doing a silk press, the type of flat iron you use can make or break you're styling efforts.

Ask yourself:

Why even do a silk press if it's not going to turn out looking right? You know?

It should end up looking the way you imagined it looking: AMAZING!

That's why this top 10 list for the best flat iron for natural hair silk presses may be the best thing you read today..

Because the flat iron that you use to straighten out your hair will determine if it comes out truly straight, soft, silky and shiny, or looking janky and half-done.

Dangers of Doing a Silk and Press
With an Inferior Flat Iron

You do have to be careful of certain things when doing a silk press on naturally kinky hair though.

The last thing you want to do is jack your hair up sis…

best-flat-iron-for-natural-hair-silk-press-thick-coarse-hair-4c-4b-4a-typebest flat iron for natural hair silk press before and after images...

You’ve worked too hard to grow your hair with oil and retain length, so let's not mess it up with a bad silk and press from a bubblegum machine type silk press hair straightener.

One reason it is often better to do your silk press yourself at home is that many natural hair salons are so focused on the straightening part and not enough on hair health and safety, and they will quickly use excess heat on your hair and this can cause great damage. 

And if you have kinky natural hair:

Using the wrong type of flat iron is even more dangerous. 

Because using the wrong flat iron causes heat damage and can completely burn out your kinks and curls to the point where it will be nearly impossible to get them back.

Although this is not always the case and it can be avoided by taking the proper precautions, for example, using the proper equipment as well as high-quality heat protectants.

One mistake many women make is opting for the cheapest flat irons available and not realizing that you often get what you pay for when it comes to the best flat irons for natural hair and doing a top-notch silk press.

The Top 10 Highest Rated Flat Iron For Silk Press List

What is the best flat iron for 4C hair? You'll find out today...

So let's get to our top 10 best flat iron for natural hair silk press list:

1. BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron, 1 Inch (Black)

best flat iron for natural hair silk press reviewsBest flat iron for natural hair silk press reviews...

My hairstylist advised me about this flat iron awhile ago. I absolutely adore this thing!!!

It's the best coarse hair flat iron I've ever used!!!! I got my mother-in-law one of these too and she is in love with it too!!!!!

The BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron is ranked NHP’s #1 best flat iron for natural hair silk press.

The reviews for this flat iron are filled with women raving about how this is the best hair straightening iron they have ever used. 

It comes with unique PATENTED silicone speed strips that give you faster straightening and increased shine while high levels of negative ions and advanced infrared energy make your hair straighter, silkier, and smoother than inferior flat irons.

This flat iron for natural coarse hair is famous for being very gentle and smooth on your kinks and curls, the silicone strips are a genius addition that helps give your hair brilliance and shine. 

Although a somewhat pricey investment, it's also a smart one, you definitely get what you pay for with this natural hair flat iron.

And it will show in the way that your natural hair looks and feels. 

It straightens your natural hair very quickly and with fewer passes which causes less heat damage all while leaving your hair healthy and shining. 

1st Place on Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press list.


Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press

  • Patented Silicone Speed Strip Technology
  • Multi-Level Heat Control
  • Cushion Plates with Bioceramic Heaters
  • Ergonomic Design Patented 
  • A 5-YEAR Warranty 

This natural hair straightener will likely become the best one you have ever owned. It takes a quarter of the time because it works to straighten your hair with fewer passes and helps to keep your hair healthier with less exposure to long-term heat.  

The problem with this flat iron is that it is often sold out and we don't understand why the manufacturer doesn't make more and eliminate this problem.

2. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ionic Straightening Iron - Best Titanium Flat Iron for Silk Press

It was very hard not to name this BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium 2" Straightening Iron the #1 best flat iron for natural hair silk press, and we just might do so soon.

It was only edged out by the BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron because we had to choose one, they are basically 1a and 1b, the Babyliss PRO Nano flat iron is very long-lasting, extremely durable and a #1 contender any day of the week for #1 best flat iron for natural hair silk press styling. 

The BaByliss brand is known for its exceptionally high quality and is one of the true luxury hair tool brands on Amazon right now.

2nd Place on Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press list.


best flat iron for natural hair reviews #2
  • Ceramic Heater Instant Heat and Recovery
  • Ryton Housing Provides Protection Against Burns
  • Corrosion-Resistant, Ultra-Smooth High-Heat Conducive Titanium Plates
  • Groundbreaking Digital Ionic Technology
  • 50 Different Heat Settings
  • Slim Light-Weight Design for Easy Handling
  • 450°F High Heat
  • Available at with fast shipping

This is by far, one of the best titanium flat irons for silk press and ideal for naturals with hair longer than 10 inches, it does especially well with long hair lengths and it smoothly glides over longer sections of hair effortlessly with it's wide 2 INCH plates from root-to-end to give you a shiny, smoother silk press.

This is also a very popular product among women all over the United States of all races and hair textures, many reviewers have called it the best flat iron for thick coarse hair they have ever owned, it smooths out your kinks and curls and eliminates frizz very easily, it gives your kinky natural hair a professional-looking salon-quality silk press that can withstand even the most humid climates. See my article about the best Babyliss Pro flat irons here...

3. GHD Platinum & Professional Performance Styler

top flat irons for natural hair silk press GHD Platinum & Professional Performance Styler

This was a great investment for me personally.

My natural hair is short and curly, this GHD Platinum Styler flat iron is so gentle on my hair.

It makes my hair straight and soft without that burning smell that worries me and drives me crazy with cheap flat irons.

The GHD Platinum & Professional Performance Styler, Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Straightener is rated the third-best flat iron for natural hair silk press because it’s SMART styler technology detects your specific hair type, whether coarse, kinky-textured, curly, coily, wavy or other, and predicts your hair’s needs in the moment.

It’s a breakthrough tech feature that you won’t find with other flat iron brands.

Have you ever used a natural hair flat iron that intelligently predicts your hair’s needs and appropriately adapts to ensure your hair gets the optimum styling temperature of 365°F at all times?

If not, you don’t know what your natural hair has been missing for the perfect silk press.


This bad girl monitors heat more than 4-times-per-SECOND, identifies your natural hair type and the speed in which you’re passing the flat iron in order to control the heat distribution more effectively for the perfect silk press on type 4 natural hair, giving you the ultimate results with visibly healthier hair.

The GHD Platinum+ adapts constantly in order to give you the optimum flat iron styling temperature for elite results with 70% less breakage and 2x more color protection. Also has an automatic sleep-mode that shuts off your natural hair flat iron after 30 minutes of inactivity.

3rd Place on Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press list.


best flat irons for natural hair silk press platinum ionic

  • Ultra-Zone Technology 
  • Optimum Styling Temperature 
  • Ergonomic Design 
  • Hair Type Predictive Technology
  • Long 3-Year "Confidence" Warranty

It has a great design, it doesn't grab your hair like some flat irons to do, it heats up fast and even comes with a 36-month warranty, it makes your hair feel incredible and straightens after one or two strokes even on naturally curly hair.

After using the GHD Platinum flat iron for natural hair you will turn into a flat iron snob, LOL! 

You won't ever again let a cheap, off-brand flat iron wreak havoc on your hair strands after this experience.

You’ll feel the difference, less breakage, more color protection, with your hair left looking cute, sexy and feeling in great condition.

4. CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium 1 1/4" Straightening Iron

Because the CHI PRO G2 instantly gives you a silky press that’s shiny and frizz-free it has earned it’s way on to this best flat iron for natural hair silk press list.

Among flat irons in its price range it gives you superior performance with a lot of customization options, the makers of this flat iron gave it a snazzy all-digital display for a more modern look and feel. 

4th Place on Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press list.


best flat irons for natural hair silk press #5 top

  • Titanium-Infused Ceramic Plates 
  • Dual Voltage for International Travel 
  • Fast Under 1-minute Heat Up Time - up to 425°F 
  • Digital temperature display - Color-coded LCD screen
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

CHI hairstyling silk press irons have always been famous for their ceramic floating press plates, and this version is even more advanced because it is infused with high-grade titanium.

Titanium makes the flat iron plates stronger, they last much longer and are more durable than before, the titanium also makes styling your hair virtually snag-free, you get great-looking hair faster and smoother than ever.

The CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium is known as a fast and powerful flat iron for silk press styling natural hair, if your silk press normally would take you 30 to 45 minutes, you can expect to do it in about 20 minutes with this flat iron.

The only downside is that because of the existence of the Babyliss titanium, we can't call the CHI version the best titanium flat iron for silk press, but it's a value pick choice for the lower price point.

5. NITION Pro Salon Flat Iron Natural Hair Straightener

This NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener Argan Oil Tourmaline Ceramic Titanium flat iron is highly-rated for the cheaper models that made this list.

This is a good flat iron for those with 3B and 4A type hair, it may not stand up against the other flat irons on our list if you have very thick and coarse, coily 4C hair. Some reviews from women with very thick and coarse 4C hair say that their hair didn’t come out as straight as they would have liked.

So you need to decide on whether to buy this flat iron depending on the thickness and density of your natural hair texture.

5th Place on Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press list.


top flat irons for natural hair silk press #6

  • Extra-long heating plate (4.1") gives more plate-to-hair contact (+10%)
  • Dual voltage compatible (100V-240V) for global usage
  • Comes with travel pouch bag & heat-resistance gloves
  • Digital LCD Display
  • 6 Precise Temps Options
  • 60 days Free Return Window
  •  2 Year Warranty for Free Replacement

On the upside, for naturalistas with looser curl patterns this flat iron is a good choice because it gets hot quickly and is a breeze to use. 

The travel bag, clips, glove and comb are subpar in comparison though... 

The travel bag isn't insulated, making it impossible to put the flat iron directly into your travel bag soon after use without potentially burning your stuff. 

The hair clips that come with this flat iron look fancy, but in use, they don't grab on to much hair. It does come with a rattail comb, travel case and heat gloves, so that’s handy. 

6. GHD Gold Professional Styler, Ceramic Flat Iron
- Best Flat Iron for Thick Coarse Hair

This is the ideal flattener for Black natural short hair, it’s made with good quality materials to be durable and long-lasting.

Even though this flat iron hair straightener is slightly lower rated than the GHD Platinum & Professional Performance Styler, it’s also the more economical choice between the two. So you can decide between slightly lower performance with more dollars in your pocket or making the investment needed for the ultimate silk press.

So, what is the best flat iron for 4c hair? The GHD Gold Professional Styler is one of the best, it feels durable and sturdy in your hands, doesn't feel like it's overheating and is not a constant burn threat like the knock-off, cheap $10 off-brand flat irons.

6th Place on Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press list.


top flat irons for natural hair silk press GHD
  • Equipped with dual-zone technology for a proven sleek finish.
  • Rounded barrel allows for styling full-bodied curls & smooth silk presses.
  • Plate feature next generation heat sensors.
  • Has advanced heat up time of 25 seconds.
  • Automatic sleep mode turns device off after half an hour of non-use.

You won’t worry about smelling your hair burning because this is one of the best flat irons for natural hair silk press styling in the worl of profession-level straighteners, it only takes a few seconds to get to proper ironing temperature and simply does its job better than rinky dink, soon-to-break, cheap flat irons. 

With straightening flat iron for kinky hair, you get what you pay for and everyone will see it when you walk outside.

This is the best flat iron for thick coarse hair and for tenured-veteran naturals who have higher hair tools standards and know where to invest and where they shouldn't to pinch pennies.

This is flat iron is a hairstylists favorite and a treat to use…

I’d hate to take the risk of spending half the money for something that doesn't last or simply doesn't make my hair look the way I need it to look when I’m struttin’ my stuff, ya know?.

7. HSI Professional Glider | Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

The HSI professional flat iron is an Amazon best-seller because folks like cheap price and presentation, but it’s also not a bad styling tool. It's a favorite among new naturals.

It deserves it’s spot on NHP’s best flat iron for natural hair silk press list because the HSI Professional Glider flat iron heats up faster than expected and the straightening iron's temperature can be adjusted between a wide range of 140-450°F, which gives you a lot of control in manually matching the heat level to whatever is needed for your natural hair type, regardless of porosity or texture.

7th Place on Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press list.


best flat irons for natural hair silk press HSI

  • 8 Heat Balance Micro-sensors Regulate Temperature
  • Ceramic and Tourmaline Crystal Ion Plates
  • Comes With Argan Oil Treatment
  • 1-Year Warranty

The tourmaline infusion on this HSI professional flat iron helps reduce natural hair frizz by producing negative ions, the ceramic is built to last a long time, even if not as long as the other professional-grade flat irons on this list.

That’s to be expected at this low of a price point, again, you get what you pay for and it will show in one way or another.

Many of you know about the popular HSI floating plates that give you the flexibility to curl, silk press, flip or straighten your hair, all with the same flat iron.

Please understand:

This made NHP’s best flat iron for natural hair silk press list as a value pick. 

Yes, there are superior flat irons on this list, but for those who don’t have the money to step up a level for better styling results, this HSI professional flat iron is a battle-tested and feature-filled option and comes with a neat silk press natural hair tutorial instruction booklet as well.

8. GHD Max Styler Flat Iron for Natural Hair Silk Press

The GHD Max Styler is an oldie but goodie, a longtime classic go-to flat iron that was seen as the "Holy Grail" straightener for naturally coarse hair and silk press styling a few years back.

These flat irons are known to be very durable, lasting up to 10 years and more.

Many of the reviews talk about how much natural hair women love the broad plates which make for easier and quicker styling on thicker, coily and coarse hair.

The GHD MS is a professional-grade flat iron. It's high quality ensures that you don't suffer from  tugging on your natural hair, no burning, and no snagging or catching on your hair. 

This flat iron leaves your natural hair smooth & frizz free after very few passes, which gives you the results of a silk press steam flat iron, but much better.

8th Place on Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press list.


Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press
  • Tri-Zone Technology
  • Optimum  365℉ Styling Temperature
  • Broad 2" Plates for styling thick type 4 natural hair
  • Universal Voltage
  • 30 Second heat-up Tme
  • Broad Rounded Barrel
  • Automatic Sleep Mode after 30 minutes
  • Advanced Ceramic Heat Technology
  • Includes Protective Plate Guard
  • Professional Length 9' foot Power Cable
  • 24-Month Manufacturers Guarantee

We suggest that you buy the 2 inch model because it holds more hair than the 1 inch, this make it possible to do fewer passes on your natural hair, and so less hair heat damage is done.

For best use, be sure that the flat iron is as close to your roots as possible before closing the ironing plates. Gently move toward the tip of the section you’re working in one smooth gliding motion. Repeat the process with each section of your naturally coarse type 4 hair, gliding once from roots to ends or as needed. See more reviews of the GHD MAX Styler at Amazon...

9. KIPOZI Pro Titanium Flat Iron  w/ Digital LCD Display

This KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair is great for the price…

Many reviewers love that it is wide so you can fit more hair in it while flattening for your silk press. It also heats up really quickly.

9th Place on Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press list.


best flat irons for natural hair silk press 4c nhp

  • 1.75-inch Special Titanium Floating Plates
  • Universal Voltage
  • 8 ft swivel cord
  • Automatic 60 Min Shut Down

Works very well for flattening enough so that you don’t have to worry about your natural hair frizzing out due to heat and humidity.

It’s a good economical buy and we do recommend if you aren't able to grab one of the pro-level flat irons on this list, you can find this silk press flat iron at Walmart and other online shopping venues.

10. CHI PRO G2 Titanium-Infused Ceramic 1" Flat Iron 

The CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic 1" Straightening Hair Styling Iron is one of the best flat irons for less-kinky natural hair silk press because it does a great job at protecting your hair from heat damage when you use it along with a good heat protectant.

By the way, MoroccanOil has a great Perfect Defense spray for thermal protection and if you need more info, read this article about what does Moroccan oil do to your hair.

.It's also a good silk press hair straightener for curling your hair instead of using curling wands too.

Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press

10th Place on Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press list.


best flat irons for natural hair silk press 4c nhp approved

  • Titanium Infused Ceramic Plates 
  • Multicolored Digital LCD display
  • Dual Voltage  
  • 40 Second Heat Up - Max Temperature of 425 Degrees.
  • 11 Foot Cord 
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty

Many reviewers with looser kinks and curls use this, the 1 inch works better for less coily hair types. They also love that it has the on-and-off button, as well as the heat buttons inside and below the clamp, that way you don't accidentally turn it off while using it. 

One of the only problems with this flat iron is that many reviewers have mentioned that the heat level goes back to the highest setting by itself if you try to adjust it. 

Besides this flaw it seems to do its job very well and make your looser pattern natural hair look great. See this natural hair flat iron at Amazon.

Bonus Cheap Pick - Flat Iron for Natural Hair Silk Press: ConAIr INFINITIPRO Tourmaline Ceramic, 2" Flat Iron

This flat iron is on the list for those who want the best of the cheapest. This is our penny-pincher pick.

We're talking fast food versus gourmet 5-course meals, but you still have to eat. Right?

The tourmaline ceramic-coated plates do well at preventing static. It has a decently quick heat-up and recovery up to an ultra-high 455 degrees F, along with variable heat settings.

This flat iron for natural hair silk press can do the job adequately well, one of its bad points though, is that it is not made for long-standing quality and durability.

Some flat iron reviews mention that after only a few uses the coating starts wearing off on BOTH sides. There are also complaints that the space between the plates cause the flat iron to begin snagging your hair.

Remember though:

For the conveniently low price, this is to be expected.

It’s been reported that plates can get so hot that you need to use gloves.

Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press penny pincher cheap low cost

Our Penny Pincher Pick (Low-price, decent cheap flat iron)


best cheap flat irons for natural hair silk press 4c nhp

  • Low-Cost
  • Tourmaline Ceramic 2 Inch Floating Plate
  • 5 Heat Settings
  • Auto OFF

We added them as a bonus pick in this best flat iron for natural hair silk press list because of the low price point but we really hope the manufacturer takes heed to these concerns because this is a really good temporary flat iron for the price. It just doesn't hold up over the long-term and is made low quality. 

If someone has the money to invest in a flat iron that can last a decade, what’s going to make them want to buy this 2 or 3 times if you could just spend a little more money on a superior hair tool and only have to purchase it once?

They need to make a higher-quality version for the naturals who aren’t looking for the cheapest buy, but for the best quality. 

Conair would be smart to offer an upgraded hogher cost version, sell both models and make everyone happy!

On the bright side:

This flat iron gets hot very fast, super fast. It has multiple temperature settings, the convenient swivel cord allows you to easily maneuvering while styling and the HSI Professional Glider does leave your hair feeling super silky versus other natural hair flat irons in the under $100 price range.

Because the INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic silk press hair straightener is not made of super-high quality material and can’t be expected to last as long as the other flat irons on this list, we judge this as the best flat iron for natural hair silk press under $50 and for those who only straighten your hair for special occasions or no more than once a month, this is not the best choice if you are flattening weekly or multiple times per month.

Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair Silk Press

By using the best flat iron for natural hair silk press, you get a silky smooth, relaxed look with relative ease. All the hot styling tools that we’ve listed in this best flat iron for natural hair silk press list are highly-rated, reviewed and many are among the best sellers on Amazon.

You can rest assured that these hair tools made NHP's best flat iron for natural hair silk press top #10 list because of their outstanding performance, value-to-price ratios, and advanced features that make them perfect for coarse natural hair!

They’re the perfect straighteners for giving you silky straight tresses that are bouncy, shiny and full bodied.

P.S. Some naturals were surprised that FHI flat iron reviews for African American hair weren't added to this top 10 best flat iron for natural hair silk press list.

The problem is that even though they are high quality and FHI makes some of the best blow dryers and flat irons, for natural hair these didn't make our list because they are all 1" and we always advise you to use a wider flat iron (atleast 1 1/2" or more like the Babyliss 2") if you have coarse hair.

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