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Does The Inversion Method Work? [The TRUTH]

You may ask... Does the inversion method work for natural hair growth? Is this weird tactic one of the way you can make your hair grow faster or retain more length?

does the inversion method work to grow hairDoes the inversion method work to grow hair? Find out today...

It's interesting:

Over the years we have seen a lot of so-called, "before and after" photos of inversion method hair growth from women who have supposedly used the out-of-the-ordinary technique. [RELATED ARTICLE: How To Regrow Your Hairline]

Some say that the new hair growth comes virtually instantly.


So I set out to find out the truth:

I wanted to know does the inversion method for natural hair growth work?

And if it does work, then shooooot, let me know....

...how to do the inversion method? Ha!

 I did the research, and I'm going to share ALL THE ANSWERS with you today.

So, does the inversion method work? It's sort of a yes and no situation. I'll give you the short answer upfront.

Right here, right now!

Does The Inversion Method Work? Yes & No...

Does the inversion method work - yes and no. NHP

People ask "Does the inversion method work?", and the answer is no, because inverting your head has nothing to do with faster hair growth rates. Point-blank-period.

Still though:

The inversion method actually tricks you into massaging your scalp on a consistent basis.

So in a way, "the inversion method" actually does work for scalp stimulation and some women give positive reviews of increased growth.

So let's look at some of these reviews and I'll explain more in depth why the answer to "Does the inversion method work for faster hair growth?", is both, No aaaaand Yes.

And it would work without ever inverting a dang thing,,,

Reviews & Claims That The Inversion Method Does Work For Hair Growth

All around the internet there are reviews from women who have used the inversion method...

And I found out some interesting things:

So some naturals are swearing by this inversion method and claiming that they're able to...

....achieve an inch or two of hair growth in just one month.

Some YouTube (charlatans) have even claimed that the inversion method is supposed to help you grow up to 4" of hair in one month.

I'll be honest with you:

I didn't believe this claim from the very beginning.

(Although I originally laughed at folks taking Biotin SugarBear hair gummies, too. So, I admittedly don't know it all...)

Here's the thing though:

This method does have its fans.

In fact:

Some swear by it...

Check out this review of the inversion hair method for hair growth.

does the inversion method work to grow hair  natural-hair-growth-commentDoes the inversion method work? She thinks so...

It's interesting:

Many of the reviews and positive comments I found were from people who were already physically active.

Thing is:

Healthy people who work out, usually have better circulation and hair growth that results from it.

I know this personally because I'm a gym rat (not a hood rat, lol).

My hair grows like crazy when I'm in the gym regularly and eating nutrient dense foods.

So is it REALLY the inversion method working? Hmmm....

Here's another review about does the inversion method really work...

does the inversion method work for natural hair growth? good review

Well, I can agree with Shanique about that.

I definitely wouldn't invert my dang head everyday, even if it does grow hair.

Here's another inversion method review from someone active and into yoga...

Ms.Needle, a yoga teacher, expressed her thoughts on does the inversion method work:

She says...  “As a yoga teacher, I can tell you that the inversion method does help stimulate growth, bringing blood flow and oxygen to your scalp. 

Even if you do not follow this exact method, find a yoga routine and throw a downward-facing dog or yoga mudra (standing or kneeling) into it. 

No need to do it for 4 minutes, just have a regular yoga practice with some inversions in it.  Of course, make sure you are healthy enough to practice yoga.

Once again though:

Sis is super-active, she's a dang yoga teacher...

Being active and healthy is a major key to growth, inversion method or no dang inversion method. 

You feel me?

Anyway, let's talk about how to do the inversion method if you wanna try it.

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How To Do The Inversion Method

So while wondering does the inversion method for natural hair growth work...

Of course:

I learned what folks are teaching about how to do the inversion method for natural hair growth.

And I tried it myself...

So look:

The Basics: how to do the inversion method for hair growth:

  1. You warm up a quality hair growth oil or combination of oils.
  2. You gently massage the warm oil into your scalp.
  3. Invert your head upside down for four minutes.

They say that you are supposed to do this for 7 days all the way up to a month consecutively.

Does Lack Of Consistency Make Inversion Method Fail To Grow Hair?

Because of the consistency needed to properly execute this “hair growth method”...

...I don't think you'll find many women successfully finishing the regimen or seeing much growth from it.

Or at least, hair growth that's out of the ordinary range.

And this might be the reason why we see very mixed results about whether the inversion method works for hair growth or not. 

Look at the results of this poll asking: Does the inversion method work?

Poll Results: Does The Inversion Method Work To Grow Hair?

I found this:

The long hair care forum for women of color did a poll.

47 women answered.

This poll was titled:  Did the inversion method work for you?

Take a look:

did the inversion method work for hair growth? natural hair productsDoes the inversion method work poll results...

As you can see, the results were ALL ACROSS THE BOARD...

So does the inversion method work for natural hair growth?

Tellin' from the women who took this poll, it did for some, it didn't for others, and most were still undecided after trying the method.

Why The Inversion Method Doesn't Work For Hair Growth...

So here's the deal

In my opinion, the inversion method is a gimmick.

Nothing more than a way to get people to massage their scalp on a regular basis with hair & scalp health-boosting growth oils.

Which is a great, hair growth technique.


Does the inversion method work for natural hair growth? 

Yes it works, but not because of inverting your head.

And that's the catch:

PRO TIP: It's actually the massaging of health-boosting growth oils into your scalp every day for an extended time that stimulates your scalp, increase scalp health, and promotes hair growth.

Here's what's happening:

You know the soothing feeling that you get when you're wrapped up in your blankets on a cold night?

Your body loves that warmth and is drawn to it. 


Your scalp is the same way, the blood vessels in your scalp are activated when you warm them up, and massage them with special treatment oils.

Scalp massaging helps the blood vessels in your scalp relax so that they can pump more cell-replenishing and repairing blood into the area.

And here's the thing:

Simply massaging your scalp with oil is so effective that you really don't need to warm up the oil before applying it.

The massage alone will create a warm environment for your scalp, but...

...if you're a perfectionist like I am, you'll probably warm up your hair growth oil anyway.

I'm so OCD, lol!

The function of increased blood flow to your scalp causes:

  • An uptake in vital nutrients to your scalp
  • Increased cell-protein production
  • Increased cell-waste elimination

Any method that can find a way to improve these health aspects for your body will likely give you more natural hair growth.

And for this reason:

Normal scalp massages with hair growth oils are so effective at increasing natural hair growth.

Is The Inversion Method For Hair Growth Dangerous?

More than simply wondering does the inversion method work for natural hair growth...

We need to think about the possible dangers that come from hanging your head upside down for an extended amount time. 

If you take a closer look at what's really happening to your body...

...when you do this, gravity is playing a pivotal role on how blood flows to vital organs.

When you defy gravity by turning yourself upside down for a long time...

...you are disturbing your body's natural blood flow and a lot of blood rushes to the upper region of your body and takes nutrients with it...

...the same nutrients needed for protein production and increased hair growth.

[RELATED ARTICLE: Understanding The Hair Growth Cycle]

That's great for your scalp, but it could cause a problem if you do the inversion method improperly.

You should not do the inversion method for hair growth if:

  • You have low blood pressure 
  • You have high blood pressure
  • You are pregnant 
  • You have a hernia 
  • You have recently had a stroke 
  • You have glaucoma
  • You have pink eye
  • You have swollen joints 
  • You are obese 
  • You have an ear infection
  • You have any pre-existing medical condition

And since you get the same results from consistent head massages, a healthy well-rounded diet and a good blood-stimulating exercise program...

...if you're not in good shape, then inverting your head may not be worth the risk just to grow hair.

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Grow Your Hair 1 Inch in 7 days! 1 Week!?
Does The Inversion Method Work [VIDEO]

In the video above Juss.Erin did her own test on does the inversion method work and she gave it a thumbs up. Check her out, she's beautiful!

Avoid Dizziness: Doing The Inversion Method For Hair Growth

If you go ahead and decide to try the inversion method for natural hair growth anyway...

It's important to know:

That many women get dizzy or lightheaded during the process. 

So cuidate mami! (Be careful)

does the inversion method work to grow hair. NHP. natural-hair-growth-massage

So listen:

A best practice tip to avoid dizziness during the inversion method is to move slowly out of the inverted position if you've been doing the protocal for 4 or more minutes.. 

Do not rise up in a sudden motion.

The head rush could make you super-lightheaded.

Make a gradual ascent so that you give the blood in your head a chance to gradually lower through your body.

It doesn't make sense to fall and bust your head wide open just to grow some more hair.

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