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What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair? [+ Curly Girl Approved FAQs]

What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair? [Argan Oil Hair Benefits 101] - Moroccan Argan oil for hair benefits Guide!Discover what does Moroccan oil do to your hair - Moroccan Argan oil for hair benefits 101 Guide!

If you’re anything like me, you want to know what does Moroccan oil do to your hair. Is it Curly Girl Method Approved?

Even though Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits are proven as some of the best curly hair products on the market....

...it’s kinda hard to get GOOD insight on why treatment-grade Moroccan argan oil is so effective and gives 1000’s of women such beautiful results, right?

That’s why I spent weeks (literally) researching and studying like crazy about what Moroccan oil does for curly hair, for kinky hair and straight hair. EVERYTHING! (I studied Moroccanoil treatment light too...)

The answers I found are surprising and I’m going to share weeks of intense research and eye-opening reviews of Moroccan argan oil products with you TODAY. What does Moroccan Oil do to your hair?

You will get YOUR EVERY QUESTION ANSWERED right now:

And even better, you will know and understand every single benefit to get you the cutest, healthiest hair ever and also find out which MoroccanOil products you might want to avoid.

For good reason…

...Moroccan argan oil hair products have a buzz around them like few others, with millions of users, bloggers, women who are going natural and salon professionals all flocking to get their hands on this “hair care miracle”, it's time for you to discover what does Moroccan oil do to your hair... FOR REAL!

What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair? Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits best hydrating shampoo for natural hair. curly girl approved friendly methodWhat Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair?


Even though the MoroccanOil brand is so popular and beloved, there are tons of women (and men) who don’t understand what does Moroccan oil do to your hair and would like to know how to use MoroccanOil products to get the best results and healthiest hair.

Here’s the deal:

MoroccanOil was inspired by the hair-health boosting power of therapeutic-grade Argan oil. An oil so very important for the beauty of your hair and skin because it is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Argan oil helps MoroccanOil products hydrate, infuse anti-breakage nutrients and soften your hair while also increasing elasticity and restoring shine and health to dull, lifeless natural and even chemically-relaxed hair.

The Moroccanoil brand became famous because of their award-winning Moroccanoil Original Hair Oil Treatment, but Moroccanoil hair products come in a huge variety and wide range of different product lines just waiting to transform your hair into the best-looking, healthiest, softest and most delicious-smelling version of itself, ever.

What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair?
Argan Oil for Hair Benefits That You’ll See & Feel!

So, what does Moroccan oil do to your hair? You'll love the answer.

When you hear about all of the Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits available to you, it will be clear to see why your hair will look, feel and smell like heaven. So, what does Moroccan oil do to your hair exactly?

Moroccan argan oil's magic stems from its hair-saving chemistry and nutrient-dense composition: It's loaded with beauty-boosting vitamins, hair growth minerals, and breakage-stopping antioxidants.  

Much like Black seed oil for the Egyptians, Moroccan argan oil is an ancient beauty secret of Queens and women of royal ilk.

This prestigious elixir for women of royal lineage has many uses, helping to make your face supple and soften your skin and hair to a higher degree than lesser beauty oils.

With its high content of cell-protecting antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, the benefits of Moroccan argan oil naturally help increase hair's elasticity and consistently restore shine to dull, lifeless hair.

Moroccan Argan Oil for Hair BenefitsWhat does Moroccan oil do to your hair

What does Moroccan oil do to your hair? It's also a powerful UV-protector, and free radical neutralizer.

Important because free radicals are what break cellular bonds in your skin and cause early wrinkling and aging, as well as break cellular structure bonds in your hair strands that cause shedding and excess breakage.

What does Moroccan oil do to your hair?

Moroccan argan oil for hair leaves you with a brilliant and shiny head of nourished and healthy, bouncy hair.

And even for your skin, it’s known to protect your hydration and moisture levels which is well-known to help reduce the appearance of ugly wrinkles.

Peep the Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits quick list below to learn what Moroccan oil does for your hair:

  • Gives you a healthier scalp.
  • Nourishes your strands on a cellular-level.
  • Infuses missing nutrients that promote growth.
  • Give you protection from damaging Ultraviolet sun rays.
  • Helps prevent split ends. 
  • Give you better frizz control.
  • Increases elasticity of your hair.
  • Speeds up blow-drying time.
  • Gives you deeper, superior conditioning results.

And even though I would never say that MoroccanOil products (or any other hair product) are THE PERFECT hair product line (more on this further down the page), it’s clear to see that what Moroccan oil does for your hair is unique & very valuable.

Hair Health Is Benefit #1: What Moroccan Argan Oil Does for Your Hair Vitaly

Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits come in the form of healthy hair that doesn’t suffer split ends as much.

The reason why MoroccanOil prevents split ends is because the product is more effectively absorbed deeply into your hair shaft, carrying all its nutrients with it to strengthen your hair strands and reduce the likelihood of new split ends.

Moroccan argan oil is known to be a powerful UV protector and will help shield your hair from the harmful effects of the sun. What does Moroccan oil do to your hair?

The MoroccanOil treatment oil as well as other products in this famous line of hair-helpers give you improved hair health & frizz control.

What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair  Moroccanoil glimmer shine spray - naturalhair-products.com not curly girl approved friendlyWhat does Moroccan oil do to your hair - Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits.

for example, MoroccanOil Glimmer Shine spray is a specially formulated finishing spray that creates radiant shine and enhances color and highlights, while infusing hair with argan oil, antioxidants, vitamins E and more, Moroccanoil brand products work to keep your hair in place and manageable in damp or dry environments. 

You get hydrated and revitalized hair with increased elasticity: MoroccanOil can be used on dry or wet hair to condition dry ends and is also good for use when adding chemical dye coloring to hair, allowing your hair coloring applications to be applied more evenly.

You can also add MoroccanOil treatment oil to your color mixture for ultimate protection, shine, elasticity and maximum absorption of your hair dye color choice.

Lastly, when discussing what does Moroccan oil do to your hair, some women claim that Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits your hair porosity level by helping even out your hair’s baseline porosity type, although I have not been able to find research that validates the claim.

Although, some women swear by it and you can’t convince them that it’s not true because of how great their hair begins to behave with these products.

What Does Moroccan Oil Do to Your Hair When Using Heat 

Wanna know what does Moroccan oil do to your hair when applying heat? Moroccan argan oil offers heat protectant, anti-frizz properties and keeps moisture in your hair after you’ve properly hydrated dry hair. 

These heat protection properties are some little-known Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits.

Whenever you are using a quality blow dryer instead of air drying, MoroccanOil will help speed up the process and lessen blow-drying time, exposing your hair to far less chance of getting heat damage. Moroccanoil is also great for detangling and giving your hair the slip it needs to improve manageability.

And as an added bonus, whenever using your flat iron hair straightener, you can put a small dab of argan oil into the palm of your hands and evenly apply it throughout your hair, especially at the ends of hair before properly straightening your hair.

Also, for increased Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits after flat-ironing, you can apply some to your flat-ironed hair after your finished pressing it in order to reduce frizz and safeguard moisture from leaving your hair strands and drying out too quickly.

A little bit of Moroccan argan oil goes a long way, avoid putting too much in your hair, a couple pea-sized drops should be enough to start, then you can add more as needed.  

Some women find that adding a couple drops of this award-winning hair treatment oil formula to your clean hair every day gives your hair boosted shine, brilliance, less tangles, less frizz, detangled strands, and faster dry time. 

So, what does Moroccan oil do to your hair? Helps with your flat-ironing and blow drying sessions, to be sure.

FAQs: Which Moroccan Oil Shampoo Should I Use?

More than wondering what does Moroccan oil do to your hair, are the questions about Moroccan oil shampoos and conditioners.

 If you’re wondering which MoroccanOil shampoo is best for you to use, it’s probably because each shampoo caters to a different hair type and unique hair situation. Understanding the differences, helps you benefit from what Moroccan oil shampoo does to your hair.

Here are the 5 best MoroccanOil shampoos for you to use and what purpose they serve for different types of use.

5 Best Moroccan Oil Shampoos for Your Hair:

  1. MoroccanOil Smoothing Shampoo (A.K.A. AminoRenew™)
  2. MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Shampoo 
  3. MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo
  4. MoroccanOil Extra Volume Shampoo
  5. MoroccanOil Curl Enhancing Shampoo

HONORABLE MENTION: We did not add the MoroccanOil Color Continue Shampoo to this list of best shampoos that you should use, but you may want to use this if you often color your hair and want to improve color retention by restoring hair health in order to leave your hair shinier, glossier and with more vibrant color, depth, and dimension.

Here's What Makes 3-of-the-top-5 Best MoroccanOil Shampoos Differ From Each Other:

Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits #1

The MoroccanOil® AminoRenew™ Smoothing Shampoo is great for you to use when you want to smooth out frizziness from your hair texture and tame unruly fly-aways with this gentle cleansing formula. MoroccanOil AminoRenew™ Smoothing Shampoo, features a special proprietary ingredient-matrix that restores depleted amino acids to strengthen and smooth hair while aligning its natural keratin structure for smoothness.

If you have excess frizz and fly-aways you should use this MoroccanOil shampoo because it’s infused with argan butter, which makes all the difference because this hydrating shampoo gives you more manageable, healthy-looking, smooth hair. When used with MoroccanOil® AminoRenew Smoothing Conditioner, your results can last up to 72 hours.

As stated in our article that highlights Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner reviews, many reviewers say that the hydration-drawing benefits of argan oil make this an ideal shampoo for unruly or frizzy hair.

This MoroccanOil shampoo is definitely worth the money, it helps with thick and tangled, knotted and coarse hair, it works well for bleached and damaged hair and gives your hair the boost it needs to make it worth the price.

Moroccanoil smoothing shampoo aminorenewwhat does Moroccan oil do to your hair reviews...
what does Moroccan oil do to your hair Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits curly girl approved cgm friendly

The MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Shampoo repairs damaged hair caused by chemical processing, harsh dyeing chemicals or excessive heat styling. This color-safe, sulfate-free, phosphate-free and paraben-free moisture repair shampoo gently and effectively cleanses and revives your hair to leave it nourished, structurally-strengthened and far more manageable. 

This shampoo is worth the investment because it is Infused with breakage-stopping antioxidants, nutrient-rich argan oil, hair-replenishing fatty acids for softness and reconstructive keratin, this moisturizing shampoo mends broken hair strands and dead ends to restore elasticity, moisture and shine that shows.

what does Moroccan oil do to your hair moroccanoil moisture repair shampoowhat does Moroccan oil do to your hair reviews...
Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits - What does Moroccan oil do to your hair. best hydrating shampoo for natural hair curly girl approved friendly

The MoroccanOil Clarifying Shampoo is the perfect health-salvaging shampoo that you should use if your hair is gunked up or weighed down. Damage can attack your hair quickly if you have used too many hair products or have had contact with hard water that left harsh mineral deposits, chlorine and environmental impurities built up over time—which can cause dull, lifeless, greasy or limp hair. 

What MoroccanOil Clarifying Shampoo does for you is work to remove the hair-suffocating buildup that causes dead, dull, downright ugly hair. MoroccanOil Clarifying Shampoo employs a deep-cleansing special formula that removes everyday buildup, restoring hair to a lightweight-to-weightless, healthy balance.

This premium shampoo is rich in argan and expensive avocado oils, keratin, lavender, chamomile and jojoba extracts. What does Moroccan oil do to your hair? This salon-quality clarifying shampoo nourishes your tresses while gently lifting impurities away. This shampoo is color-safe, sulfate-free, phosphate-free and paraben-free.

You should use this Moroccan Oil shampoo prior to a color, perm or chemical treatment for the most even results.

what does Moroccan oil do to your hair reviews... moroccanoil clarifying shampoo curly girl friendly approvedwhat does Moroccan oil do to your hair reviews...

11 Best Moroccan Oil Products for Curly Hair Girls According To What Reviews & Ratings Research Says...

So we’ve already established that overall, yes, the Moroccan Oil brand is good for your hair. The fatty acids profile in Moroccan oil make it an excellent moisture sealant and hydration holder.

The Moroccan Oil brand is good for drastically improving the appearance of dry hair and skin and adding shine to your hair. In fact, there has been some research that indicates that argan oil may be a treatment for psoriasis.

Honestly, you have to ask yourself “What is comparable to MoroccanOil?”, it’s hard to answer that. But when comparing the best Moroccan Oil products for curly hair according to Moroccan Oil reviews & ratings research we found these top 11 these Moroccan Oil products praised for working miracles on curly hair:

  1. MoroccanOil Curl Enhancing Shampoo
  2. MoroccanOil Treatment Original
  3. MoroccanOil Treatment Light
  4. MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream
  5. MoroccanOil Extra Volume Shampoo
  6. MoroccanOil Smoothing Shampoo
  7. MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Shampoo
  8. MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Conditioner
  9. MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask
  10. MoroccanOil Perfect Defense Thermal Heat Protectant
  11. MoroccanOil Luminous Hairspray Strong

Moroccan Oil Shampoo Hydrating vs Moisture Repair: What Do They Do For Your Hair?

If you’re anything like me, you might have wondered “What is the difference between MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner and MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner?”


Because one of the keys to understanding how to use Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner lines is to know what the difference is between them. And I have good news for you, because the difference between the Moroccan Oil Shampoo Hydrating vs Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner is easy for me to explain to you.


Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner set are specifically made to work for brittle, “jacked up” hair. Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner are specially-formulated and designed to repair weakened or damaged hair and this restorative poo and condish combo can be used as a daily care formula.

The MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner set work because they restore the health of hair by infusing it with reparative proteins to mend broken strands while restoring elasticity, replacing lost moisture and giving you manageability because of increased hair-health. 

MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Shampoo features a moisture-balancing formula for natural AND chemically-relaxed hair that has been weakened or stunted by color, chemical processing or heat styling.

moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner reviews.  best hydrating shampoo for natural hair moroccanoilMoroccan argan oil for hair benefits - What does Moroccan oil do to your hair...

Unlike Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo, the Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner is meant for already healthy hair to help you reach elite hydration levels and “graduate-level gorgeousness’. It’s like an advanced-class for hydration, that’s why they introduce special ingredients like Red Algae. What does Moroccan oil do to your hair?

The hair-nourishing minerals and anti-breakage antioxidants that Red Algae seaweed is naturally LOADED with helps volumize your hair. This is one of the best hydrating shampoos for natural hair because it shuts down testosterone-producing balding chemicals sometimes produced in your scalp and mimics hormones that promote hair growth. 

The MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo is a strong candidate for the best hydrating shampoo for natural hair because it boasts a gentle cleansing formula with an advanced moisture-balancing formula that can be used every day and infuses your hair strands with the highest-quality antioxidant-rich argan oil, Vitamins A and E and red algae—for hair that looks and feels healthier, with increased elasticity and vibrance.  

Here’s How to Use MoroccanOil Moisture Repair Shampoo:

Apply as directed on the bottle’s clear instruction, give yourself gentle, healing cleanses that infuse your every hair strand with antioxidant-rich argan oil and highly-reparative keratin, proteins and other growth nutrients.

FAQs: Is Moroccan Oil Shampoo Good for Your Hair?

If you’re wondering if MoroccanOil shampoo is good for your hair and what does Moroccan Oil do to your hair, I’ll tell you like this, sis…

It doesn’t cost this much money for nothing girl! LOL! Yes, Moroccan shampoo is very good for your hair, especially when you know which one is best to use for your hair type (which we explain in detail).

Regardless of which type you use though, Moroccan oil and Moroccan oil shampoo are good for your hair because they can stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Moroccan shampoo, conditioners and oils are specially-formulated to work at curbing hair fall out, and they also boost hair regeneration. What does Moroccan Oil do to your hair? A heap!!

what does Moroccan oil do to your hair reviews Shampoo curly girl friendly and CTG approvedwhat does Moroccan oil do to your hair reviews...

As I detailed earlier in this Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits Ultimate Guide, MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo and conditioner is really good for your hair, because it’s packed with antioxidant-rich argan oil, Vitamins A and E and moisture-attracting red algae—for hair that looks and feels healthier.

Moroccan shampoos are ultra moisturizing and their shampoos are good and gentle enough for daily use in order to give your hair optimal hydration for both normal and color-treated hair.

So not only does it prevent follicle miniaturization, but it actually stimulates hair follicles and hair growth.

FAQs: Does Moroccan Oil Shampoo Work for Coarse Hair?

Let’s be real.

When figuring out "What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair?", we do recognize that not all natural hair is the same, and different types obviously have different needs. So, just because Moroccan shampoo is one of the best hydrating shampoos for natural hair doesn’t AUTOMATICALLY mean that Moroccan Oil shampoo works for kinky, coily, coarse hair.

Here’s the good news for us coarse hair lovelies though...

According to hundreds of Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner reviews. Yes, Moroccan Oil shampoo does work well for coarse hair.

And one of the first steps to figuring out how often should you wash 4C hair for optimum results is finding the right products.

Best Hydrating Shampoo for Natural Hair [Review Video]

I gave you the video above because I figured you’d love seeing the most helpful Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner reviews from women with kinky natural hair. This beautiful lovely who calls herself “KinkyCrown” was afraid to get Moroccan Oil products because she didn’t know if it was worth the price, but because her hairdresser sister got her some on a discount she found out that Moroccan oil has the best hydrating shampoo for natural hair.

So if you’re wondering does Moroccan Oil shampoo work for coarse hair, the answer is a HUGE YES!


Many women ask “why is Moroccan oil so expensive?”, but as you saw in the video Moroccan oil review on natural hair above, these pricey products are not too expensive because YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR and because these shampoos and conditioners really work, according to the reviews, they are worth the money!

More Customers Explain What Moroccan Oil Shampoos and Conditioners Do to Your Hair 

When trying to figure out what does Moroccan oil do to your hair? You need to see Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner reviews so that you're not confused about, "which Moroccan oil shampoo should I use?".

Well lets check out these common Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits that women with fine, curly to kinky hair are getting from MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo. It's review time girlies!

MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo Reviews:

What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair curly girl approved friendly to cgm method. growth hydrating shampoo review. which Moroccan oil shampoo should i useWhat Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair? MoroccanOil Hydrating shampoo and conditioner reviews...
What-does-Moroccan-oil-do-to-your-hair-growth-hydrating-shampoo-review Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner reviews curly girl method approved cgm friendlyWhat Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair? MoroccanOil Hydrating shampoo and conditioner reviews #2
What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair? 
 shampoo and conditioner reviews What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair curly girl approved friendly to cgm methodWhat Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair? MoroccanOil shampoo and conditioner review #3

MoroccanOil Hydrating Conditioner Reviews:

What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair curly girl approved friendly to cgm method. MoroccanOil shampoo and conditioner reviewWhat Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair? - MoroccanOil shampoo and conditioner Review #1
What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair curly girl approved friendly to cgm method. MoroccanOil shampoo and conditioner Review #2What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair? - MoroccanOil shampoo and conditioner Review #2

THE RUMOR MILL: Clearing Up Rumors About MoroccanOil for Hair

What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair curly girl approved friendly to cgm method News about the product.

Whenever we start talking about the benefits of MoroccanOil for hair and what does Moroccan oil do to your hair, we always run into weird rumors about the popular brand.

So let’s clear the air a bit, shall we?

RUMOR #1 - Moroccan oil rose conditioner has been discontinued or doesnt exist anymore:

Not true. The pink bottles of luxury are still here and as amazing as ever!

Known as the “Fleur de Rose” line (meaning flower of rose), the popular MoroccanOil Moisture and Shine Conditioner Fleur de Rose is still being sold and although it’s often sold out, it has not been pulled from the shelves. The MoroccanOil Fleur de Rose shampoo is still in full effect as well, when it’s not sold out.

RUMOR #2 - Moroccan oil shampoo is NOT sulfate-free:

Completely false. The simple truth is that ALL Moroccan oil shampoos lines are 100% sulfate free phosphate-free and paraben-free.

But unfortunately, we’ve reached a day on the internet where competitors will create accounts just to give bad reviews and make false claims against MoroccanOil because of it’s popularity. “If you can’t beat it, slander it” seems to be the new battle cry for some unscrupulous competitors. It’s sad, but very common.

That’s why you need to thoroughly read through Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner reviews to truly get a grasp on who has actually used the products and who is just trying to screw with the product ratings (or boost them as well).

RUMOR #3 - MoroccanOil Smoothing Lotion Protects Hair from Blow Dryer and Flat Iron Heat:

False. The Smoothing Lotion does not protect against heat damage incurred by excessive use of heat styling tools. For this, please check out the Perfect Defense spray for thermal protection against heat damage!

What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair FAQs:  Are Moroccan Oil Products Curly Girl Friendly?

Is MoroccanOil Curly Girl approved? If you’re strict, no it's not CGM-friendly.

Some might ask, “what is the Curly Girl Method? Well, the Curly Girl Method was invented by Lorraine Massey’s book, “Curly Girl: The Handbook,” it’s a curly hair care method that trades in certain common habits (like shampooing and heat styling) for an alternative curly hair regimen using just conditioner and gel.

How To Use Moroccanoil On Curly Hair:
What Does Moroccan Oil Do For Curly Hair?

Are you a “Curly Girl”? And wondering are Moroccan oil products curly girl friendly? Well your answer is, no, even though A FEW MoroccanOil products are Curly Girl friendly and sulfate-free, the line doesn't fit the CGM requirements.

Still though, many women are surprised at all the good that MoroccanOil products does for curly hair.

If you’re a strict no-poo curly girl, then of course it’s not for you no matter that it does so much good for curly hair. But for those who just want the best bomb-looking healthy hair, yes, Moroccan oil products can be used in a modified Curly Girl method! And what does Moroccan Oil do to your hair? Slaaaaaays it!

The Curl Enhancers from Moroccanoil do so much for curly hair by using high-grade Argan oil that’s infused with special extra ingredients that define and volumize your curls like a champion. Argan oil is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and UV protecting properties, so it’s the best thing for caring for your curls.

The Moroccan Oil Intense Curl Cream is one of the most popular and best-selling products for curly girls because it works so well on wet or dry hair to provide medium hold, define your curls and add lift like never before.

Sooo...Moroccan Oil Isn't Curly Girl Friendly, Yet, STILL...

So, is Moroccan oil Curly Girl friendly? I doubt you’ll ever see Moroccan treatment hair oil in your Curly Girl starter kit any time soon because it contains some water-soluble silicones, (OH NOEZ!)

...As I will explain further along in this "What does MoroccanOil do for your hair" guide, silicones aren’t necessarily bad for your hair. 

And either way, you know what??? So-the-heck-what… 

Like myself, many naturals don’t live and die over the fact that Moroccan oil wouldn’t qualify as a curly girl approved hair oil, shampoo or conditioner, as long as it gives me cute and healthy curls, that’s what’s important to me.

What does Moroccan oil do for curly hair? It makes it look gorgeous and boosts its health, that’s what I care about. What about you? 

In the review below, Katie was wondering "Is Moroccan Oil curly girl approved?", and she must've missed that there are water-soluble silicones which make it not "friendly" for the CGM approved list zealots.

She seemed to think Moroccan Oil ingredients were complaint to the holy grail Curly Girl Method, she was wrong...

Here's the kicker though:

She loved the RESULTS! Check it out...

is moroccan oil curly girl approved friendly cgm? Answered. What does moroccan oil do to your hair.

One of the main problems that makes MoroccanOil products not fit perfectly as Curly Girl approved products is that many of MoroccanOil‘s most celebrated products are the shampoos! And TRULY sticking to the Curly Girl Method means NO SHAMPOO FOR YOU! Even though MoroccanOil shampoos ARE sulfate-free! 

Also, some Moroccan Oil ingredients can make even the best Moroccan Oil shampoos and conditioners unable to fall into the Curly Girl friendly category for the method, Katie LOVED her results though!

CGM-compliance sometimes get in the way of the desired in results. Let's be real... What Moroccan Oil products do to and for your hair can't be denied...

What does moroccan oil do to your hair even though not curly girly approved or friend for CGM method. Moroccanoil Curl Defining CreamWhat does Moroccan Oil do to your hair even though not Curly Girly approved/CGM method friendly...

For example, a definition-enhancing curl cream favorite of "the naughty" curly girls is Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream, although the ingredient, dimethicone, is not Curly Girl friendly. 

Funny enough though, many curlies grab this Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream, mistakenly thinking that it's Curly Girl approved and fall in love with it because of the extreme curl definition it gives you (see today's price for it right now).

And it's heat activated, so let hot and humid weather help your beachwaves and curls, or grab a diffuser and reactivate the curl memory quickly.

So here's the deal about what Moroccan oil does to your hair, and if it's worth breaking Curly Girl method code...

Consider What Moroccan Oil Does To Your Hair Even Though Not Curly Girl Approved / CGM Friendly...

While some women have enjoyed incredible results from the CG Method, many natural hair honeys are not buying into the super-strict Curly Girl regimen and find that NEVER shampooing is causing more harm than good...

...so when considering is Moroccan oil Curly Girl Method approved or not, maybe you should decide if the Curly Girl Method even works for you or not. What does Moroccan Oil do to your hair? That should help you decide what to do...

I feel that as a grown woman you should always feel free to modify your product choices (Curly Girl Approved or not) to suit your hair and what it’s needs are at the time!

End of the day, what Moroccan oil can do to your hair is impressive and gets curls popping like Orville Redenbacher!

Here’s How to Use MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream for Curly Hair...

  • Step 1: Use a dime-sized amount of MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream in your hands and rub them together, this ensures that you don’t leave any globs of product in your hair.
  • Step 2: Run your hands through your hair, focusing on the ends and layers as these will be where the most curly parts of your hair will show.
  • Step 3: Fluff with your fingers as needed. Fortunately, MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream leaves no residue, doesn’t leave hair greasy and lightly defines your curls.
  • Step 4: After your 1st application, touch up with more product whenever you feel the need, this works great as a curl refresher. When working on dry hair just work it through lifeless curl to add lift, volume and shine to your curls or waves quickly.

Moroccan Oil Leave-in Conditioner Reviews

One of the most popular leave-in conditioners from MoroccanOil is their Intense Curl Cream. Reviews of the Intense Curl Cream are generally positive. 

MoroccanOil® Intense Curl Cream is used as a leave-in conditioner that moisturizes and fights stubborn frizz without stickiness.

And it’s known to make natural curls and waves look shiny, shapely and beautifully refreshed. This curly girl leave-in is infused with nourishing argan oil and vitamins to keep wavy and curly hair looking hydrated and touchably soft all day.

But, you should know that MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream has no hold and will not increase the amount of curls in your hair, but it will condition wavy to curly hair, defining and refreshing curls while protecting against frizz.

What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair? Moroccan Oil Leave in Conditioner Reviews. curly girl approved cgm method friendlyMoroccanOil Leave-in Conditioner Reviews - [What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair]
What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair? 
 Moroccan Oil Leave-in Conditioner Review intense curl cream - Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits - curly girl approvedWhat Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair? Review for Intense Curl Cream...

FAQS: How To Use MoroccanOil On Dry Hair

Using MoroccanOil on your dry hair can make hairstyling efforts much easier and give you cuter, better results. One of the biggest hair benefits of using Moroccan argan oil is instantly giving life to dry hair.

Simply put 5-15 drops of the Moroccanoil Hair Oil Treatment of your choice (light or original) in the palm of your hands. And then….

  • Step 1: Work the treatment into your ends, whilst avoiding getting oil on your roots to prevent an oily finish.
  • Step 2: Style your hair like you normally would, noticing that the argan oil in Moroccanoil takes hold of frizz and flyaways to leave your hair looking healthy, shiny and sleek.

Moroccanoil Hair Oil Treatment is very versatile and you can use it on dry hair whenever you feel like it needs a healthy boost.

FAQS: Which Moroccan Oil Shampoo is Best for Dry Hair?

MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo is best for dry hair if you’ve been frustrated trying to find a solution for chronically dry frizzy hair. Truth is, many of the cheap brands don’t cut the mustard.

MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo is also a blessing for those with fine hair that gets easily weighed down, this is the best shampoo for dry hair when you don’t want to put oil on your tresses but you still need something so that your hair maintains some shine and bounce.

MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo makes dry hair feel moisturized silky-textured. And even though MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo does contain a bit of treatment oil, it's more like a dry oil feeling and adds no weight or greasiness to your hair. You’ll almost feel like you could get away without using a conditioner with this product. All hints of dryness and frizz will disappear from washing with this.

Your dry hair will love it.

MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo reviewers constantly mention that they have tried a lot of shampoos but this one actually works best for dry hair, it adds moisture and it seems to heal and seal the cuticle without any sign of oiliness. Perfect.

This is a nice shampoo for winter in a dry climate. It does not weigh down fine, wavy hair as much as the smoothing shampoo tends to weigh down fine hair.

FAQS: What’s The Best Moroccan Oil Shampoo for Frizzy Hair

There is no doubt, the reviews of Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner combo set will tell you that the smoothing shampoo is the best answer for frizzy hair.

This is a great product for coarse and/or frizzy hair because it smooths with a special Amino Renew formula, which restores depleted amino acids to strengthen hair and align its keratin structure.

The unique frizz-fighting formula makes a rich, highly concentrated hydrating shampoo for unruly or frizzy hair, formulated to smooth strands, tame frizz and improve your hair’s manageability. You can be confident that MoroccanOil Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner are made specifically for unruly frizzy hair.

FAQS: What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Wet Hair?

Applying hair oil to wet hair is the most common way to the award-winning MoroccanOil treatment, and you only need to use a small amount.

  • Step 1: Rub your MoroccanOil hair treatment oil between your palms and fingertips, then work throughout damp hair from midlength-to-the-ends of your hair. Be sure to avoid your roots as this will make your hair look greasy.
  • Step 2: Proceed to blow dry or air dry your hair naturally, and style like you normally would. Take note of how easily the hair dries and how manageable becomes.
  • Step 3: The finished result should be silky smooth hair after using Moroccanoil hair oil treatment. You can also apply to dry hair again after blow drying to tame flyaways, frizz or condition dry ends even more.

FAQS: Does Moroccan Oil Have Silicone?

If you’re wondering does Moroccan Oil have silicone, and what does Moroccan Oil do to your hair? The answer depends on which of their products you’re looking at.

For example, yes, the MoroccanOil hair treatment oil and the Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo do have varying amounts of silicone in them. They wouldn't qualify as Curly Girl Method approved.

The real question is, are silicones AUTOMATICALLY bad for your hair? Let’s talk about it...

Are Silicones Bad for Hair? - (What does Moroccan oil do to your hair)

The question about "Are silicones bad for hair?", often arise when debating Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits and trying to find out what does Moroccan Oil do to your hair.

Do you avoid silicone in your natural hair products to abide by the Curly Girl friendly requirements? OK...

Well, let me teach you how to identify silicone ingredients by their different names. And show you that although silicones have been labeled as "bad ingredients for hair", there are some good benefits that you can get from silicone.

Benefits of Silicone for Hair: 

  1. Reduces Frizz
  2. Serves as a Heat Protectant
  3. Helps Lock in Moisture
  4. Gives You Slip
  5. Make Your Hair Look Shiny
  6. Making Your Hair Feel Softer
  7. Great for Sealing High Porosity Hair

As you can see from the list of benefits above, we can’t just say that silicone is bad for your hair. If you choose to avoid silicone to stay Curly Girl approved, fine. But its benefits can’t be denied, and contributes to what Moroccan Oil tends to do to your hair.

What does the silicone in Moroccan Oil do to your hair?

The silicone in Moroccan Oil gives you slip and works wonders for high porosity hair that has a hard time maintaining moisture.

Need further education in order to decide if silicone is bad for YOUR HAIR or not? Check out this tutorial video from DiscoveringNatural below.

Does SILICONE DAMAGE Hair? | Is Silicones Bad for Natural Hair [VIDEO]

So, as you just learned, silicones are put in hair products because they coat your hair with a thin water-proof (hydrophobic) covering, which is very beneficial, even though not Curly Girl approved.

Putting a silicone coating on the hair serves a few good purposes:

Silicone prevents your hair from absorbing too much humidity.

Obviously, you want to have your hair get a good amount of moisture, but you don't want it making your hair puffy after you've flat ironed, blow dried or pressed it, because when too much moisture is allowed to penetrate your strands it makes your hair frizz up like crazy and even revert your straightening job back to a kinky texture.

What’s good about knowing how to properly use silicones is that while the hydrophobic (water-proof) coating keeps too much moisture out, it also keeps the moisture you need inside the hair by effectively sealing it in. You see, sealing your hair after moisture has been applied is ideal for overall hair health.

The silicone coating is also slick, which gives you slip when wet. And also makes your hair easier to comb and smoother to the touch. Silicone also makes your hair more brilliant because it will reflect light better- so your hair looks much shinier and impressive..

Another benefit to silicones in products is that they protect your hair from heat used while heat styling (blow drying, flat ironing or pressing).

After learning about "What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair?", go see our articles on finding the best blow dryer for natural hair, the best flat iron for natural hair silk press, the hair steamers for 4C hair and more.

Are All Silicones The Same?

No. As you would probably guess, not all silicones are the same or have the same properties.

That’s why we can’t just say that all silicones are bad, some are and some aren’t. Silicones are a family of compounds and some are more Curly Girl friendly than other unapproved Moroccan Oil ingredients.

You might have heard of silicone caulk. You certainly wouldn't want to put that in your hair, Curly Girl or no Curly Girl...

There are a variety of silicones from some that are pretty "heavy' and prone to building up to some that are relatively "light". 

One of the heavier silicones used in natural hair products is dimethicone or simethicone. These give your hair an amazing smoothing effect - the best. But, they can be hard to wash out.

At the other end of the spectrum is cyclomethicone, the more Curly Girl friendly cyclomethicone is super light and a very easy ingredient to wash out. It gives a slippery feeling to the curly hair while wet. But, after it's been rinsed out, you can hardly tell it was there.

Should You Try to Avoid All Silicones Entirely?

The answer is up to you. It depends on what the silicone in Moroccan Oil Does to your hair and your curly girl goals...

I don't feel it's my place to tell you what to do or not do with your hair, I like to present you with a fair and balanced assessment of a topic so that you can make your own informed decision.

I personally have no problem properly using cones in my hair when the situation calls for it. Now that you know the reason why silicones are in so many natural hair products you can determine for yourself if you think the benefits of some silicones outweigh the risks.

And if you read up on the MoroccanOil Clarifying shampoo that I wrote about above, you already know how to deal with silicone build-up if you happen to experience it in the future, it’s no big deal.

Difference Between Moroccan Oil & Argan Oil for Your Hair

So let’s talk about some of the difference between MoroccanOil and regular Argan oil ingredients and benefits while figuring out what does Moroccan oil do to your hair.

Because when learning what does Moroccan oil do to your hair, many get 100% argan oil confused with Moroccan oil.

Here’s the difference, normal argan oil, is simply pure argan oil (Curly Girl Approved & Method Friendly, BTW). Nothing extra.

Argan oil is Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (its Latin name) in its completely unadulterated form. Nothing’s been added or taken out so you get straight Argania Spinosa Kernal oil (no chaser,lol) when you buy 100% argan oil.

MoroccanOil brand treatment oil, if you haven’t already guessed, contains Argan oil too – the difference is that MoroccanOil brand Argan oil contains specialized elastomers that act as delivery vehicles for this unique, specialized golden oil, resulting in even spreadability and coverage.

What does Moroccan Oil brand treatment oil do to your hair?

Once applied to your hair, these elastomers help the oil to penetrate and remarkably absorb any excess product, leaving a non-greasy, even powdery after feel.

Since Moroccan Oil is not simple Argan oil by itself, this hair health boosting product is unique because it’s actually formulated with several other companion ingredients to make the application easier and give you extra benefits than if you were just using oil from argan nuts alone. 

When considering the main differences between Moroccan Oil treatment vs pure Argan oil, we have to consider the extra ingredients in Moroccan Oil.

The top ingredients of MoroccanOil hair oil (as well as Moroccanoil treatment light version) are Cyclomethicone & Dimethicone, specific silicones that work perfectly to make this best-seller product easier to apply to hair and to remove the greasiness, giving the oil an almost “matte” non-sticky type of feel on your hair and skin, it’s almost unexplainable.

What else does Moroccan Oil do for your hair?

Another advantage that Moroccan Oil treatment and Moroccanoil treatment light has vs pure argan oil is that Moroccan Oil has the added superstar oil, Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Extract – Which is wealthy in hair-soothing essential fatty acids, aids in boosting natural hair growth and works to strengthen your hair from the inside-out.

When comparing Moroccan oil vs argan oil for hair, it’s almost an unfair competition because they are not the same, although the similar names would have you think so.

FAQs: What Does Moroccan Oil Do for Hair Loss Prevention & Hair Growth?

When talking about what does Moroccan oil do to your hair, the topic of growing hair faster always comes up. Sooo...

Is Moroccan oil good for hair loss prevention? The simple answer we’ve seen from testimonials and reviews is, yes. Great Moroccan oil benefits for hair growth are mentioned in Amazon reviews in reference to the MoroccanOil hair treatment oils (original and light) as well as the shampoos.

Yes, Moroccan oil and Moroccan oil shampoos can stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. It curbs problems with hair fall, while also boosting hair health and regeneration.

One way to use Moroccan oil for hair loss prevention and boosting hair growth is to put this Moroccan oil on your hair ends once a day which helps your hair preserve and guard hydration so that you can grow your hair out longer and seemingly faster because of hair breakage prevention.

Are Moroccanoil Treatment Light & Moroccan Oil a Leave-in Conditioner?

What does Moroccan Oil do to your hair as a Leave-in? Anything filled with AWESOMENESS?

Yes, although Moroccan oil & Moroccanoil treatment light have multiple uses, it can easily be used as one of the best leave-in treatments on the market.

So instead of asking what does Moroccan oil do for your hair, we SHOULD be asking, what DOESN'T it do.

Even though it can be kind of expensive to be using as your everyday leave-in conditioner, many women keep a bottle around for special days or when they feel their ends getting crispy or dry.

On top of that, the golden oil can also be used as a Moroccan oil mask, not to be confused with Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Masks which are from a completely different brand and company.

What Do Moroccan Oil Night Body Serums Do for your Hair?

Since some folks are so focused on what does Moroccan oil do to your hair, they are often surprised to find out that MoroccanOil also makes a very highly-rated night body serum and because of that I’ll show you some MoroccanOil night body serum reviews to help you learn what it’s good for and how to use it.

MoroccanOil night body serum reviews mention how well it firms, smoothes, soothes and intensely nourishes your skin at night while you sleep. It’s a nutrient-dense and highly concentrated beauty serum that’s packed with high-performing ingredients that work together to firm and smooth your skin with each application.

Its replenishing formula includes an antioxidant-rich blend of argan and pure Japanese tsubaki oils (AKA camellia) to address premature wrinkling, as well as loss of firmness and moisture in skin, also has Holy Basil extract to help protect your skin from environmental stressors and smoothing Vitamin C ester to smooth and strengthen your skin for a more youthful, radiant appearance. Moroccanoil night body serum reviews also mention that this beauty treatment is paraben-free and mineral oil-free. 

MoroccanOil Night Body Serum Review of interest:

“I have an issue with my legs feeling extremely dry and itchy at night. It has been going on for about a year. I've even asked doctors for help. I've tried oils and lotions and even special eczema creams. I used the Moroccanoil Night Body Serum last night, and it feels like this long term skin problem was cured with one use. My legs felt moisturized and not the slightest bit dry or itchy. I am beyond excited.”


In an independent consumer study on women ages 21–40, after 1 week of use, 8 out of 10 women noticed firmer and smoother skin.*

Also, in the study:

  • 100% said skin felt silky and velvety
  • 96% said skin felt intensely nourished
  • 96% said it decreased skin’s roughness

After 4 weeks of use:

  • 98% noticed a visible improvement in the appearance of the skin
  • 95% said skin felt more supple
  • 93% saw an improvement in skin texture
  • 91% said skin looked more radiant and healthier-looking

This beauty serum also was a winner in The Oprah Magazine Fall Beauty O-Wards for 2018.

How To Use MoroccanOil Night Body Serum: Apply a thin layer of the serum to your face and body before bedtime. Massage in an upward sweeping motion to help stimulate blood flow. Focus on areas of the body that could benefit from a more youthful appearance, especially neck, shoulders, back and upper chest, the primary areas of your physique that are exposed by the neckline of your clothing and take the biggest beating from sun damage.

what does Moroccan oil do to your hair reviews... moroccanoil-night-body-serum-reviewsWhat does Moroccan oil night body serum do to your hair reviews... #1
what does Moroccan oil do to your hair reviews... Moroccanoil night body serum reviews #2What does Moroccan oil night body serum do to your hair reviews... #2

MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream vs Curl Control Cream Mousse

You want to know the biggest difference between MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream and MoroccanOil Curl Control Cream Mousse?

The answer is the level of hold each product gives or doesn't give you. For example, Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream is a leave-in conditioner. It has no hold and will not increase the amount of curls but is good for conditioning wavy to curly hair, defining and refreshing curls while protecting against frizz. 

Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse, on the other hand, is formulated specifically for very curly and tightly spiraled hair. It has a no-crunch formula that gives you lots of hold.

MoroccanOil Curl Control Mousse tames, defines and provides strong hold for kinky and coarse type 4 hair for hours, while effectively sealing in hydration and moisture and preventing frizzy hair in any weather. 

FAQS: Is There Fake Moroccan Oil? 

How Can You Tell If Moroccan Oil Is Real

One of the main reasons men & women go to Google and search the question "what does Moroccan oil do to your hair?", is because they or someone they know has gotten duped and sold FAKE Moroccan oil.

Don't worry though:

You won't need to become an expert in identifying a Moroccan oil fake vs real treatment oil.

Here's a cheat code for you to help you avoid a Moroccan oil counterfeit...

BUY FROM AMAZON and look for this badge:

What does Moroccan oil do to your hair. fake Moroccan oil? How can you tell if Moroccan Oil is real?
Moroccan oil fake vs real. Moroccan oil counterfeit curly girly approved ctg method friendlyIf you see the PROFESSIONAL BADGE on Amazon - It's Real MoroccanOil.

David Krzypow, vice president of marketing at Moroccanoil, to explain what to look out for and how to protect yourself. 

You see:

The MoroccanOil brand has announced that they've partnered directly with Amazon in March of 2019 to eliminate Moroccan oil counterfeit products from being bought by unsuspecting customers.

And you can rest assured that when you see the "PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY" BADGE on the Amazon page, it is authentic, according to the company themselves. 


As Mr.Krzypow warns...

“If you’re purchasing products outside of our brand’s supply chain, the authenticity, safety and effectiveness of the products can’t be guaranteed.

And fake sellers are super-mad! But it doesn't matter because instead of ripping folks off and selling fake Moroccan oil, they are left to lying and hating by posting fake reviews.

Although the vast majority of Morrocan oil reviews at Amazon are positive and real, we've seen cases of angry & dishonest counterfeit sellers who are losing business starting to create fake profile accounts just to lie and say that they bought bootleg Moroccan oil on Amazon, fake hater reviews can't outshine the 100's of great reviews though.

And thanks to this new partnership between MoroccanOil and Amazon, you never have to worry about identifying Moroccan oil fakes vs real product. Just look for the "Professional Beauty" badge and you're getting authentic 100% pure goods! Guaranteed!

Conclusion: What Does Moroccan Oil Do To Your Hair

As you’ve learned. You’ll love what Moroccan Oil products do to your hair when you choose the best line for your hair needs. What does Moroccan oil do to your hair?

Final answer

MoroccanOil does whatever you need when you pick the right product from their various lines, they have products that work for every hair type from kinky, wavy, cury to fine hair. And when you choose wisely MoroccanOil proves itself to be well worth the money.


Because you get the results you pay for, which means super-cute, healthy, growing hair the shines and gets compliments.

The wisdom of using Moroccan argan oil for hair benefits can no longer be called a “secret”. MoroccanOil produces some of best hydrating shampoos for natural hair on the market and the awards they win speak for themselves, and more than that, the thousands of raving reviews about their hydrating shampoos also make a huge statement too.

If you enjoyed this article about what does Moroccan oil do to your hair, check out our article about Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner reviews.

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