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Black-Owned Hair Products List [NHP Best Picks]

Black owned hair products list African American Businesses

Are you looking for Black-owned hair products from great Black businesses?

If so, you’re in good company.

With Black women and men going natural more than ever, and purchasing nine times more beauty and grooming products than any other ethnic group, everything from silk press straightening irons to curl cream, you'd think we'd be running the Black hair product industry...

...Not yet, though...

...Black businesses own less than 1% of that market share, so it’s only right that NHP step up to help support the sisters and brothers who have stepped into the hair products industry and created some amazing hair styling and hair care options for us, by us.

For far too long, there has been a lack of Black business representation in the multi-billion dollar hair and beauty space—especially when Black natural hair is involved.

Many mainstream hair brands had jumped into the “ethnic” aisle and we were left with a minimal number of great Black natural hair products that actually work for type 4 hair.

Fast forward to today’s Black hair care market, and there are loads of tuned-in Black-owned businesses that cater to kinks, curls, coils, protective hairstyles and everything in between.

[Learn the twisted story of Black hair and American media]

The Reason To Support Black-Owned Hair Product Companies

Supporting Black-owned hair product companies encourages a more diverse range of hair and beauty offerings that are fined-tuned to our needs as Black consumers. And on top of that.

Buying Black-owned hair products helps build economic growth among underrepresented communities by circulating the Black dollar and spending power, while propelling the hair & beauty industry into a more inclusive space.

So with our focus on buy Black, I decided to show you ATLEAST 57 Black-owned hair care brands to shop with now before your next wash day. (List is updated regularly)

And hey:

If you know of a really good Black-owned hair care brand that isn’t listed, email NHP at  blackbusiness [@] naturalhair-products.com 

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Black-owned Hair Products List

Black-owned Hair Products List

Alikay Naturals

Buy Alikay Natural Black-owned hair products HERE. 

Black Business Owner: Rochelle Campbell

See our latest article with reviews of Alikay Naturals growth oil...

Alodia Hair Care

Buy Black-owned hair products HERE: www.alodiahaircare.com

Black Business Owner: Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris


Buy Black-owned hair products HERE: www.bglh-marketplace.com

Black Business Owners: Norman & Leila Noelliste

Bryaa's Bonnets

Buy Black-owned hair products HERE: https://www.bryaasbonnets.com/products

Black Business Owners: Syreeta House

See our article our article about satin sleep cap benefits featuring Bryaa's Bonnet.

Camille Rose Naturals

Buy Black-owned hair products HERE: https://amzn.to/2ZpSbc2

Black Business Owner: Janell Stephens

Chocolate Kinks & Kurls

Buy Black-owned hair products HERE: https://chocolatekinksandkurls.com

Black Business Owner: Juanita Henderson

Curl Collection

Purchase: www.shopfemmenoire.com

Black Business Owner: Nadja Renise


Purchase: https://amzn.to/3pt33QV

Black Business Owner: Mahisha Dellinger

Curls & Potions

Purchase: https://amzn.to/3px1Rw3

Black Business Owner: Michelle Nicole Fontaine-Jones

curLUXE Naturals

Purchase: www.curluxenaturals.com

Black Business Owner: Anikitia Abram

Design Essentials

See Design Essential Products HERE.

Black Business Owner: Cornell McBride

Diva By Cindy

Purchase: www.divabycindy.com

Black Business Owner: Cindy Tawiah

E’TAE Natural Products

Purchase: www.etaeshop.com

Black Business Owner: Kisha Tompkins-Hudson

Their "Hero" Product: Buttershine Moisturizing Hair and Scalp Cream

Earthtones Naturals

Purchase: www.earthtonesnaturals.com

Black Business Owner: Susan Walker, ND

EDEN BodyWorks

Purchase: https://amzn.to/2NaSepS

Black Business Owner: Jasmine Lawrence

Evolving Textures

Purchase: www.evolvingtextures.com

Black Business Owner: Amazon Smiley & Nadra Smiley-Martin

Hydratherma Naturals

Purchase: https://amzn.to/3qzXstF

Black Business Owner: Saleemah & Willie Cartwright

Fro Butter

Purchase: https://frobutter.com

Black Business Owner: Susana Walas

Fro Butter is your solution for how to keep hair properly moisturized and from drying out...

Inahsi Naturals

Purchase: www.inahsi.com

Black Business Owner: Rhonda Marshall

Jane Carter

Purchase: https://amzn.to/2ZAhKXP

Black Business Owner: Jane Carter

Karen’s Body Beautiful

Purchase: www.karensbodybeautiful.com

Black Business Owner: Karen Tappin


Purchase: www.keravada.com

Black Business Owner: D. Ware

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Purchase: www.kinky-curly.com

Black Business Owner: Shelley Davis

Koils By Nature

Purchase: www.koilsbynature.com

Black Business Owner: Pamela J. Booker

Kreyol Essence

Purchase: www.kreyolessence.com

Black Business Owner: Yve-Car Momperousse

Kurlee Belle

Purchase: www.kurleebelle.com

Black Business Owner: Terrinique Pennerman

Lil Little

Purchase: https://lillittle.com/collections/hair

Black Business Owner: Rachal Prince

Lion’s Mane Botanicals

Purchase: https://www.lionsmanebotanicals.com/products

Black Business Owner: Rose Garner

Free U.S. Domestic Shipping On Orders over $75

LUV Naturals

Purchase: www.luvnaturals.com

Black Business Owner: Kim Love

Free USA Shipping On Orders over $100

Miss Jessie’s

Visit the Miss Jessie's Store HERE...

Black Business Owner: Miko Branch

My Beautiful Fluff

Purchase: www.mybeautifulfluff.com

Black Business Owner: Brittany Washington

Earrings for short natural hair from plus-size boutique on Instagram - Clothes designed with curves in mind

Moisture Love

Purchase: www.moisturelove.com

Black Business Owner: Jeannell Darden

My Honey Child

Purchase: www.myhoneychild.com

Black Business Owner: Krika Bradsher


Purchase: www.naturalicious.net

Black Business Owner: Gwen Jimmere

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Naturall Club

Purchase: https://naturallclub.com/collections/all-naturall-club-products

Black Business Owner: Muhga Eltigani

Naturally Nadine

Purchase: www.naturally-nadine.com

Black Business Owner: Dr. Adrienne Carthon

Black-owned vegan hair care and skin productsNIIK's Black-owned Hair Products!

NIIK Products

Purchase: www.niikproducts.com/cacao-shea-skin-souffle

Is your skin and hair suffering from harsh chemicals?

Well, these Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products from Niik Products probably deserve your attention.

20% of sales proceeds of these Black-owned hair products are donated to build schools in Haiti. 

Black-owned Vegan Hair Care & Skin Products Owner: Niik Mays

Nzuri Hair Vitamin Store

Purchase: www.hairvitaminstore.com

Black Business Owner: Leola Anifowoshe

Free USA Shipping On Orders over $75

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OBIA Naturals

Visit the OBIA Naturals HERE...

Black Business Owners: Obia & Omini Ewah

black owned hair product business obia naturals NHP

Oyin Handmade

Visit the Oyin Handmade Store...

Black Business Owner: Jamyla Bennu

Pooka Pure and Simple

Purchase: www.pookapureandsimple.com

Black Business Owner: Dawn Fitch (Check out her health & beauty podcast too...)

Pheme Hair Care System

Purchase: https://www.beauty403.com/pheme-hair-care

Black Business Owner: Frances Armstrong

See our latest article with reviews of Beauty 403’s Pheme Hair Care System.

Get 10% OFF Using Our Special Discount Code: "OMG10"

Qhemet Biologics

Purchase: www.qhemetbiologics.com

Black Business Owner: Felis Butler


Rapunzel The Future of Hair

Purchase: www.rapunzelthefutureofhair.com

Black Business Owner: Rasheda Stewart

Reagan Sanai Natural Hair Essentials

Purchase: www.reagansanai.com

Black Business Owner: Renosha Hill


Purchase: www.soultanicals.com/collections/hair-growth

Black Business Owner: Ayo Ogun-McCants

Taliah Waajid

Purchase: www.naturalhair.org/collections/hair-oils

Black Business Owner: Taliah Waajid

TGIN. Thank God It’s Natural

Visit the TGIN Store at Amazon HERE...

TGIN has been a favorite for 4C natural hair honeys, they have popular picks like their TGIN Curl Bomb styling gel, their Honey Miracle Hair Mask and TGIN Butter Cream moisturizer.

Black Business Owner: Chris-Tia Donaldson

The Mane Choice

Visit The Mane Choice Store HERE...

Black Business Owner: Courtney Adeleye

Technically, The Mane Choice is no longer Black-owned because Courtney Adeleye took the company public in November of 2019— a deal she was transparent about on social media, and for which, she said, she received thousands of messages of praise.

Taking a company "public" means that it’s publicly traded and publicly owned (an IPO).

Think of it like this... You can say Netflix is not White-owned because its shareholders collectively "own" the company. If you buy 1 share of Netflix, you are part of the ownership group called shareholders. You OWN a share. 

Let's be real though, Netflix still has its leadership. Same with The Mane Choice. The company leadership is Black.

NHP fully-supports The Mane Choice and their Black hair care products.

Treasured Locks

Purchase: www.treasuredlocks.com

Black Business Owner: Tywana Smith

Tree Naturals

Visit the Tree Naturals Store...

Black Business Owner: LaTresha “Tree” Sayles

Tropic Isle Living

Visit the Tropic Isle Living Store...

Black Business Owner: Lois & Michael Hines

Uncle Funky’s Daughter

Purchase Black-owned hair products HERE: www.unclefunkysdaughter.com

Black Business Owner: Renee Morris

Up North Naturals

Purchase Black-owned hair products HERE: www.upnorthnaturals.com/collections/hair-care-products

Black Business Owner: Lisa Keizer

Wonder Curl

Purchase Black-owned hair products HERE: www.wondercurl.com

Black Business Owner: Scarlett Rocourt

Little-Known Black-Owned Hair Products & Companies

-Bread Beauty Supply

For those with highly textured TYPE 4C tresses, wash day can seem like a battle royale. With its many complicated steps—the dang pre-poo, the co-wash/shampoo, detangling, deep-conditioning and leave-in––the 4C hair wash day process can eat up your entire day.

Looking to simplify this routine for ladies with tight coily hair ands curls who prefer minimal maintenance and styling, Maeva Heim developed Bread, a new, clean Black-owned haircare brand from Australia. Think of it as the Glossier for kinky-textured hair. It’s for the lazy coily-haired natural woman who's too busy for the long, drawn out process — the type who embraces her natural frizz.

This Black-owned hair product company’s lineup consists of three basics: a gentle hair cleanser, creamy hair mask, and lightweight hair oil (SEE our kinky curly hair oil guide HERE), all enriched with bush plum, an Aussie superfruit full of vitamin C and hyper-moisturizing nutrients, plus starflower oil, a fatty acid known for its strand-strengthening properties.

They give FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders over $50 - Grab these Black-owned hair products HERE: www.breadbeautysupply.com

- Girl + Hair

If you wear a protective hairstyle (like weaves, wigs, extensions, braids or locs), scalp build up can be a major issue. Certified-Dermatologist Camille Verovic’s Black haircare operation specifically addresses this common Black hair problem for women who are natural or going natural.

The targeted hair treatments come with a pointed applicator to dissolve dirt and oil in hard-to-access spots on the scalp while preserving the hair’s natural moisture and sheen. The Girl + Hair Nourish+ With Shea Butter & Tea Tree Oil Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner is especially useful for women who suffer from dry, itchy scalps during the cold and frigid winter months.

It contains shea butter, tea tree and neem oils to help soothe any itchiness, calm inflammation, and soften brittle strands. Grab these Black-owned hair products HERE: https://amzn.to/3aywTQ5

- Meraki Organics

A fair-trade Black-owned hair product beauty brand, Meraki (which translates to “the pursuit of love, soul, and passion” in Greek) allows you to cleanse your aura from head to toe.

Not only are its non-toxic botanical elixirs and creams hyper-nourishing to your strands and body, but they are also activated with a gemstone to promote good vibes from the inside and out. A matrix of softening butters, cold-pressed oils and restorative natural agents, deliver the highest hydration and emollience levels.

Follow up this Black-owned brand’s magical amethyst-infused shampoos with its revitalizing quartz conditioner—enhanced with the luxurious sensorial experience of lavender and gardenia—it’s simply divine goodness in a jar. Grab these Black-owned hair products HERE: www.shopmerakiorganics.com

- Sunday II Sunday

While dry shampoos might be more popular than ever, some still feel that they only mask dirty hair, and that their pore-clogging particles aren’t great for your scalp’s health.

Launched early this summer by Keenan Beasley, a former L'Oréal VP, Sunday II Sunday is a vegan and gluten-free Black haircare line which aims to resolve the post-workout hair problems of fitness workout warriors.

[RELATED: See our article about vegan foods for hair growth]

The line serves up truly healthy hair solutions for your gym bag and spruce up kit so that you can work out, bypass a full shower shampoo session, and still look pulled together while smelling good.

There’s a micellar spritz, enhanced with apple cider vinegar, to remove product build-up and oil; a revitalizing, moisturizing spray that adds bounce back to lifeless manes, and a cooling serum with peppermint oil to provide relief for dry, itchy scalps.

FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $50 - Grab these Black-owned hair products HERE: www.mysunday2sunday.com/collections/all-products

Black-owned Hair Products for Kids

Black-owned hair products for kids are in demand, as more and more folks are teaching their Black children to love and embrace their natural hair and beauty more than ever! 

We realize that their needs are a priority and those needs go well beyond just eating and playing. Proper hair care is essential but not just any product line will do.

Check out these Black-owned companies making products just for your little ones:

-Aubrey Baby Goodies

Aubrey Baby Goodies is here for your baby’s and toddler’s hair care needs. This Black-owned hair product company provides all-natural, organic products to help improve and maintain the health of your children’s hair.

They offer Baby Boy and Girl hair covers, conditioners and hair + skin moisturizers. Grab these Black-owned hair products for kids HERE: https://aubreybabygoodies.com

-Young King Hair Care

Are there Black-owned hair products tailored specifically for boys? YES, Baaaaby! Cora Miller went searching for good Black hair products for her son. And when she couldn’t find much, she launched Young King Hair Care.

Intentionally crafted with boys in mind, Young King products are redefining young male grooming by encouraging boys with textured hair to celebrate and love their type 4A - 4C crowns. Grab these Black-owned hair products for kids HERE: https://youngkinghaircare.com

-Luxe Layers by Dream

Luxe Layers by Dream provides 100% all-natural hair care for all. Made with love by a mom and her daughter, this Black haircare line has no parabens, no carcinogens and is ideal for coily-haired kids. Grab these Black-owned hair products for kids HERE: www.luxelayersbydream.com

-Crowns and Contours

Crowns and Contours’ Black-owned hair products for kids were created to encourage Black women and children to embrace the things that make them unique and beautiful: this Black-owned hair product company goes deeper than outward appearances.

Their Caribbean Coils Collection offers a full suite of products for growth, washing and conditioning, along with hair health. Click here to shop. Grab these Black-owned hair products for kids HERE: www.crownsandcontours.com

-Natural Bunch Kids

Natural Bunch Kids is a children’s hair care line that empowers Black children with different hair textures to love themselves.

This Black hair care line provides parents a solution that helps increase moisture retention and promotes healthy hair growth, from the inside out.

Their Treatment + Growth Bunch will fortify your little one’s distressed hair strands with a powerful trio that will foster length retention, restore damaged hair and prevent thinning and excessive shedding. Grab these Black-owned hair products for kids HERE: https://www.naturalbunchkids.com/shop

-Brown Girl Organics

Brown Girl Organics creates Black hair products made from natural and organic ingredients. This Black-owned hair product company’s focus is to create products that will solve your child’s biggest hair problems.

They offer a line of shampoos, conditioners, oils and balms. Grab these Black-owned hair products for kids HERE: https://www.browngirlorganics.com

Black-owned Hair Accessories

Not only are hair accessories a fun way to spruce up your style, finding the RIGHT Black-owned hair accessory can make, without them it could break your look.

Different hair accessories serve different purposes, so it’s a great idea to stock up on a variety. That way, you’ll be ready for any occasion that comes your way.

Maybe you want something simple to jazz up your wedding or first-date hairstyle. Or you need something practical to protect your hairstyle between wash days.

Whatever the reason (or season), we’re rounded up some BOMB Black-owned hair accessories businesses that we think you’ll love. We’re loving at the moment.

These chic hair accessories are a mix between practical and pretty and an added bonus?? Yes, the best part... They are all Black-owned -- Whoop Whoop!!

So let’s take a quick look at these dope Black-owned hair accessory product companies...

- The Wrap Life

The Wrap Life offers a collection of beautifully, stylish head wraps, turbans and headbands for Black women, whether natural or perm relaxed.

They come in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns that are super chic and very pleasing to the eye. We love the idea of having a collection of head wraps for adding depth and flair to your outfits or to look more polished between hairstyles.

You can even wear your head wrap with your hair down for a super-cute look. Grab these Black-owned hair accessories HERE: https://amzn.to/2ZrlmLW

- Grace Eleyae 

Grace Eleyae is a Black hair accessory company that offers you modern-looking hair protection that is both stylish and super-functional. Their line of silk and satin-lined hats and scarves are so good, it’s a wonder we ever lived without them!

Many natural women spend many nights with some type of silk or satin barrier between their hair and their beloved pillow. But what about the protective hair products you use during the day?

Your common, traditional, everyday hats and headbands that most folks wear are made from the same materials a smart natural wouldn’t dare sleep in, which is why Grace Eleyae’s protective upgrade to these products are genius!

Some of the best-selling favorites are the satin-lined baseball cap, beanie and Original Slap. Grab these Black-owned hair accessories HERE: www.graceeleyae.com

- Constant Covering

These are some popular PRE-TIED Black-owned hair accessories. When you decide that you want a head wrap, you might flock to YouTube videos to find out how to tie them the right way. 


Not only is Constant Covering giving you a gorgeous head wrap, but they’re doing the hard work for you!

Founded by Shawn Clarke, Constant Covering created a satin-lined head wrap that already comes pre-tied! Not only do you not have to worry about protecting your natural hair, but you don’t have to go through the hassle of tying your headwrap every time! Grab these Black-owned hair accessories HERE: www.constantcovering.com

-Aso Dara

These Black-owned hair accessories are from the child of Nigerian immigrants. Modupeola Sonuyi founded Aso Dara as a small hair business that received most of its traffic through Instagram.

Having grown up in California, she wanted to bring pan-African culture to African-Americans and thus came Aso Dara.

With an abundance of headbands and hairwraps, their Black business is filled with tons of bright, unique and meaningful prints for Black women. Girrrrrrl look, they even have Serengeti and Wakanda hair accessory collections!

It’s no secret that nearly every Black natural hair woman wants to protect her hair, and with the beautiful designs of these amazing Black-owned hair accessories, we’re ready to look snatched while keeping our edges intact.

From satin-lined caps to beautiful designs these Black-owned hair products are helping us get closer to our natural roots while protecting our roots! Grab these Black-owned hair accessories HERE: https://asodara.com

- Hairbrella

Hairbrella is a modern rain hat with PLENTY of room for all your natural Black hair styles -- blow outs, curls, coils, afros and sisterlocks! And let’s keep it real…. After carefully prepping your natural hair, going out and getting your hair wet in the rain is a nightmare - to put it nicely. Even with an old-fashioned umbrella, rain still manages to get under there and mess up your masterfully-crafted locks.

With Hairbrella, you can carefully tuck your succulent strands under the water-proof hat and keep it pushing without worrying about your hairstyle being destroyed by getting wet. GENIUS! Grab these Black-owned hair accessories HERE: https://amzn.to/2Nj4sfT

- Glow by Daye

Glow by Daye is a line of quality and highly-functional Black hair accessories for maintaining the health of Black hair. This Black-owned hair product company features a line of satin bonnets, scarves and deep conditioning caps that come in a variety of prints and colors. We also love that they have kids’ bonnets because it’s never too early to start a healthy natural hair journey. 

These types of Black-owned hair products should be at the foundation of any healthy Black natural hair routine, and Glow by Daye makes them super convenient to use. The ease of using a great deep conditioning cap vs the traditional hooded hair dryer is enough to win us over! Grab these Black-owned hair accessories HERE: www.glowbydaye.com

- Babytress

Finally -- We can put the toothbrush away! Babytress’ Black-owned hair products have changed the hairline edge slaying game with its perfectly designed, Edge Styler brush. The double-sided styler features a side for slicking, a side for swooping and a pointed tip for defining. This Black-owned hair product is definitely a game changer. Grab these Black-owned hair accessories HERE: https://babytress.com


- Mocha Mane

Mocha Mane has curated a collection of “blackity black” hair clips aka #ClipsForTheCulture and we at NHP are in LOVE! The bedazzled Black-owned hair product accessories with phrases like, “Baby Hair”, “Edges”, “kinks” and “coils” will certainly make a statement. 

The line also features a collection of simple hair clips that come in a Black-girl friendly color palette like black and rose gold. Grab these Black-owned hair accessories HERE: https://mochamane.com

Is Shea Moisture Black-owned

The answer is no. Shea Moisture is no longer Black-owned. The famous Shea Moisture was born in Harlem, New York. Created by Black Liberian immigrants, Nyema Tubman, as well as Mary and Richelieu Dennis. In 2017, Sundial Brands was acquired by Unilever, a non-Black British-Dutch consumer goods company.

Point. Blank. Period.

SheaMoisture is not Black-Owned. Some Black people are in business with SheaMoisture, but it’s OWNED by non-Blacks.

Here’s a statement the non-Black owner’s approved to put out...

“Sundial Brands will operate as a standalone unit within Unilever,” read Unilever’s initial press release. “Sundial’s founder, Richelieu Dennis, will continue to lead the business as CEO and Executive Chairman. As part of the agreement, Unilever and Sundial are creating the New Voices Fund with an unprecedented initial investment of US $50 million to empower women of color entrepreneurs. The intention is to scale the Fund to US $100 million by attracting investments from other interested parties.”


Never forget this… The statement “Women of color” DOES NOT MEAN BLACK. Kim Kardashian can be called a “woman of color”, her success doesn’t heal the aggressions against Black people and Black business ventures.

Stop falling for the “People of Color” card…

And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy SheaMoisture, if I want some SheaMoisture, I’ll buy it. They (for now) are making good products that work on type 4 Black hair.  I just don’t want you to be shocked that SheaMoisture is not Black-owned.

Is Cantu Black-owned?

If you’re a Black woman, your chances of using Cantu products – whether as a child or now as an adult, are high. Beyond high. For many naturals, it’s a well-respected “go-to” curl cream or detangler. 

Cantu is not a Black-owned hair company. Cantu is owned by PDC Brands, and in February 2020, the company made Alex Tosolini, a white man, the CEO. Before Tosolini, James Stammer, who is also a white man, was CEO.

Let’s be real though...Cantu is good.

Cantu works for many textures of type 4 Black hair, and NHP isn’t AGAINST shopping with non-Black businesses, we’re simply FOR buying Black-owned hair products.

So buy Cantu if it works for your hair, AND STILL  grab something from one of these amazing Black-owned hair product companies to find something that may be even better, yet, you’d never know about it if you didn’t shop Black and find greatness. 

When social media got wind of Cantu’s white ownership, the brand issued a statement. They used their Black card, claiming that albeit Black-ownership is not in their DNA, a large 67% of employees are Black.

Black Hair Products for Type 4 Hair from Black Companies

Some of our favorite Black-owned hair products for Type 4 natural hair and more specifically 4C Natural Hair that is so often left out of the conversation are:

Black-owned Leave-In Condish: Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In

Deep Conditioner: EdenBodyWorks Coconut Shea Hair Masque

Black-owned Hair Moisturizer: My Honey Child Type 4 Hair Creme 

Black-owned Hair Styler: Obia Naturals Curl Enhancing Custard 

Black-owned Refresher: Koils By Nature Refreshing Gel (Peppermint)

Conclusion: The Support for Black-Owned Hair Products Is Just Starting

The quest to support Black-owned businesses, especially in hair care, is far from over. But, many are wishing that this sort of information was more widely known, so that they could make an educated decision.

And hey, you can also create your own Black-owned hair products and if they're the bomb, we'll write about you too! If you want to get into making your own products take a peep at our DIY natural hair products guide.

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Melissa Lee is a Contributing Editor to NHP and a former owner of the BlackhairOMG website. She formed 4C Trichology Growth Services, LLC., a US based hair care consultation service. She has also contributed as a writer and consultant for various hair and beauty websites. Melissa can be followed on Twitter here.

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