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NIIK Products Black-owned Vegan Hair Care and Skin Products [Top Pick]

black owned vegan hair care and skin products

Is your skin and hair suffering from harsh chemicals? Well, these Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products from Niik Products probably deserve your attention. 

If you’re anything like me, you feel good when you find superior products that actually solve your issues and you can support the circulation of the Black dollar by supporting businesses that play the role of David versus the Goliath mainstream big media brands.

So, if you’ve struggled with dry skin and discoloration from using products that contain harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients, Niik products is stepping up vegan hair products for kinky-curly hair growth, and luxury vegan skincare that’s ALL-ORGANIC, helping to leave our environment, animals and our planet unharmed.

All while we get GLOWED UP and look gorgeous! Niik Products are…

  • Luxury-organic vegan hair care and skin products.
  • Formula specialized to pamper & rejuvenate sensitive skin & hair.
  • All-natural, soothing and proven to boost beauty.
  • Lovingly created by a Master Herbalist & Chemist. (learn more about her!)

If you want to jump right to the organic vegan skin care products, you can sliiiiiide on past the next section. Don’t be so dang impatient though sis!

I think it’s important for you to meet the Melanated Maven behind these luxury Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products… Her name is Niik May, a Master Herbalist & Chemist!

Meet Niik Mays - Black-owned Vegan Hair Care and Skin Products Chemist

black owned vegan hair care and skin products niik maysNiik Mays shows off her beloved Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products...

These days, more folks than ever are trying to learn about what hair products are Black-owned, and is it possible to get the best vegan anti-aging skin care from someone “of the culture”...

Yes, because of brilliant sisters like Niik Mays.

Niik Mays has over 10 years of experience in the natural and organic products industry and is passionate about giving you the goods that you expect when spending your money for beauty products. 

She was motivated to create something that REALLY WORKS for unique skin and hair care needs because she struggled with dry skin and discoloration as a teen, and she knows how horribly it feels…

Niik is nobody’s fool, she quickly realized that many skin and hair problems come from big name brand products that contain harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

And she took a stand early on against big-brand products that are bad for sensitive skin issues.

You see:

After graduating high school in 2009 she started selling Avon products and regardless of the earning potential, she realized those products weren't good for her sensitive skin so she stopped selling it. 

And she didn’t complain, she started creating…

About a year later she began to sell her own line of products made with safe and natural ingredients for sensitive skin people. After her child developed eczema behind the knee, she developed a stronger version of her special Cacao Shea Skin Souffle to tackle these problems.

Talk about a boss, and a go-getter! This sister even teaches live online Beauty Chemistry & Advanced Beauty Chemistry Courses for children, teens, and adults when she has the time.

You can be “Fa Sho” that when you’re buying Niik’s Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products for sensitive skin, you are getting handcrafted goodness that is made with love and the knowledge of beauty chemistry.

Product Reveal! Niik’s Black-owned Vegan Skin Care Products

Now that you’ve met Niik, it’s time to show you some of her best vegan anti-aging skin care products for sensitive skin.

And remember…

Many big brand skin products are labeled “organic vegan skin care products” and “cruelty-free,” but when you turn over a couple of stones and do some investigating you soon find that they are playing with words(in other words, legally lying).

When NIIK Products says that they give you TRUE organic vegan skin care products, you and your sensitive skin will be blessed when you believe it and buy the bomb-diggity.

Some of NIIK Products Best Organic Vegan Skin Care Products:

Black Owned vegan hair care and skin products...Citrus Coconut Skin SouffleCitrus Coconut Skin Souffle Black Owned vegan hair care and skin products...

The Cacao Shea and the Citrus Coconut Skin Soufflé are not only highly-effective organic vegan skin care products, they’re also great for your hair. You get a true 2-for-1 product.

Both are go-to hair butters for locs. The Citrus Coconut Skin Soufflé is high in linoleic acids and lighter consistency than the Cacao Shea Skin Soufflé and is a favorite of women with oily hair. The high level of linoleic acids is also what makes it work well for balancing oily skin. 

You can use the Cacao Shea Skin Soufflé for dry skin, combination skin that is more dry than oily, discoloration, eczema, psoriasis, flaky skin, rashes, sunburn, diaper rash, swimmers hands, and gardeners hands. 

This special skin butter recipe is perfect for folks with flaking skin and eczema, it helps soothe more aggressive types of dermatitis. All with non-toxic ingredients from one of the truly in-tune Black-owned vegan hair care brands that knows what sensitive skin people needs.

Luxury organic vegan skincare Ingredients in Cacao Shea Skin Souffle:

  • 100% Pure cacao butter helps to stop the spread of eczema and psoriasis.
  • 100% Pure shea butter helps clear dark marks due to rashes and flare ups (lupus, eczema, etc.)
  • 100% Pure sweet almond oil helps stop itch.
  • 100% Pure tamanu butter helps tone the skin, provide sunscreen protection, and soothe sunburn.
  • 100% Pure evening primrose oil help balance the pH of the oils.
  • 100% Purecandelilla wax provides a protective barrier and holds moisture.

You should use Niik’s Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products to slow down the aging process in your skin, maintain an even skin tone, and treat imperfections. 

Niik Products are also void of harsh fragrances, preservatives, and colors. Niik apothecary soaps, skin soufflés, massage oils, soaks, lip butters, and hair treatments are safe for all skin types, genders and ages.

Their organic vegan anti-aging skincare products are delightfully filled with dried herbs, flowers, soothing butters and essential oils.

Bottom line, you get luxury vegan skincare results for your money. Soothe and beautify your sensitive skin. 

Black-owned Vegan Hair Care and Hair Growth Products

NIIK Products also makes specialized vegan hair products for 4C hair. 

So rest assured, in your quest to find great organic 4C hair products that treat your specific hair needs and boost growth, you know NHP will always highlight the great Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products hiding in plain sight.

Let’s Take a Look at NIIK’s Most Popular Black-owned Vegan Hair Products:

You also get free shipping and a sample product with every purchase of these Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products. Also, get a free gift for orders over $100 and 15% off when you return your jar or bottle for a refill. They sterilize your bottles before refilling. 

It’s clear that that NIIK is not only providing premium Black-owned vegan hair products, they’re also going the extra mile to help the environment and give huge discounts to you for doing what’s best for the planet!

All of their Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products are shipped within 2 days of purchase, and you get 100% All-Natural Products from NIIK or Your Money Back Guaranteed.

Love Affair Oil (Plant-Based Vegan Hair Products for Black Hair)

Here are a few details about NIIK's Love Affair Oil… One of the most-popular Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products available...

It’s packed with an amazing ingredient matrix that helps maintain hair moisture and boost length-retention to maintain steady hair growth. 

This vegan hair product for 4C hair is also amazing for sensitive skincare and adding to your bathtub for luxury bathing.

And get this…

It’s charged by moon rays!

This powered up moon-charged skin and hair oil is blended with a handpicked selection of exotic and native herbs. You can use this vegan hair care product in your hair with full confidence that this plant oil ingredient matrix is absolutely beneficial for your hair health and growth.

This Black-owned vegan hair care and skin oil product consists of avocado oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E oil, jasmine, arnica, rose, tea tree, chamomile, cinnamon, clove, sage, bergamot, and ylang ylang. It’s also free of nuts.

Grab Your Plant-Based Vegan Hair Products for Black Hair Today and 4C Bomb Results!

Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products from NIIKsBlack-owned vegan hair care and skin products

If you’re looking to get products from people who understand your hair and skin better than the big name brands who couldn’t care less about our specific needs until it affects their pockets, grab your vegan hair products for curly hair care and growth from NIIK’s Products.

Products like NIIK’s Rosemary & Orange 4-in-1 hair solution were specifically made to cater to type needs. Check the price on these vegan hair products for 4C hair growth and health today, they often offer discount codes as well. You gotta love Black-owned hair companies...

You can use this organic mixture vegan hair product for hair growth in multiple ways on your hair and scalp.

This specialized type 4C formula is made to promote hair growth while moisturizing and softening your hair.

It works to soothe and heal sensitive scalp in order to fight off dandruff and eczema. This vegan hair care product for 4C hair growth also includes essential oils super-power the stimulation of hair growth and infuses a heavenly sweet fragrance to your natural hair.

How to Use NIIK’s Rosemary & Orange 4-in-1 Vegan Hair Care Products (Black-Owned)

  1. As a scalp soother/healer
  2. As a deep conditioning
  3. As a normal conditioner
  4. As a pre-poo on wash day

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Conclusion: NIIK’s Black-owned Vegan Hair Care & Luxury Organic Skincare Brand Is Official

NIIK Products has been delivering Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products for over a decade. Giving their faithful customers healthy skin results for sensitive skin since their first product was formulated in 2010. 

Their mission is to educate people from all around the world on the importance of using their luxury vegan skincare and vegan hair products for 4C hair. 

NIIK Products is fulfilling a vision to give back to as many families as possible while earning a profit. Giving back is a part of NIIK Products’ mission and these Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products have been donated to many organizations and homes across the globe. 

When you shop with NIIK Products, you get a superior vegan hair care and skin products experience and extreme value with their always non-toxic ingredients and naturally healing features. 

Go take a long look at the accessories, body moisturizers, face moisturizers, cleansers, beauty masks, 4C hair products, tea & herbs sticks, bath oils, massage oils and more.

All available at NIIK Products, a Black-owned vegan hair care and skin products provider that combines tender loving care with the knowledge of skin-healing herbs, hair growth oils.

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