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Titanium Flat Iron 101 | BEST 5 Titaniums & Hair STraightener Reviews


Welcome to NHP’s titanium flat iron tutorial. I’m Melissa Lee, and I spent sleepless nights making sure that this is an all-you-need-to-know information masterpiece, right here.

You’ll learn:

NHP approved natural hair products

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So look sis, if you were expecting some flimsy, bull-jive, half-baked information. No way, I wouldn’t do you like that. Now hush up and bookmark this tutorial. 

Because your cutie patootie might need to grab a cup of coffee and some reading glasses, ha! 


You know, they say that variety is the spice of life. When it comes to titanium hair straighteners, though…

There are so many dang choices, a sista can get dizzy trying to decide between them or even understand if a titanium straightener is right for you or not. Ya know? 

First, you need to think about if you’re willing to press your hair the way a professional would using best silk press ironing practices.


Because these titanium bad girls have a super-fast heat transfer rate, that’s why many professional hairstylists believe that they are the only ones who TRULY know what they are doing with the power of titanium in their hands.

And the truth is…

...for the most part, their correct (don’t worry, I'll teach you some best practices further down this tutorial and you’ll be all set), titanium-plated straighteners are better suited for professionals or people who are well-read, and can follow instructions for elite beauty and health results.

You also have to consider your hair type. Titanium flat irons like Babyliss Pro straighteners are tailor-suited for women with thicker, kinky-curly, or stubborn hair types.

If you have thin, fine or limp hair or aren't very cautious, you could easily cause heat damage to your hair.

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Best Titanium Flat Irons Bring Big Benefits

titanium flat iron babyliss ghd fhi

However, with the knowledge in hand that you need to follow the proper styling guidelines or suffer your own personal bathroom BBQ. 

You might still decide to go with a premium straightening tool like the professional Babyliss titanium flat iron because it relies on uber-effective infrared heat and uses negative ion technology, which zaps the frizz, increases your shine, and protects your hair's natural moisture levels.

Hair straighteners made of titanium are extremely lightweight because titanium is a smoother metal, so it glides along the hair better. And it's far more durable than ceramic, except for maybe premium GHD flat irons.

Nano Titanium plates offer even heat distribution without hot spots & negative ions leave your “luscious” looking smooth & shiny.

Titanium flat iron plates heat up the quickest, and also heat evenly, consistently.

This allows for fewer passes over your hair and gives much better results than the ceramic flat irons for women with kinky, coarse tresses.

Let’s find out if you should be focusing on titanium or some other type of flat iron.

Who Should Use a Titanium Flat Iron? Who Shouldn't?

So let's see if a titanium flat iron is a good match for your hair or not. Because no matter how great a certain straightener is, it still may not fit your specific needs in regard to your hair type, hair health, etc. 

So let's talk about it...

 You should benefit from the best titanium flat irons if: 

You Have Coarse, Coily Hair:

titanium flat iron kinky curly type 4c coarse hair

When someone says to me that titanium is the best flat iron for African-American hair, I always wanna ask them... 

“And, what about all the other Black women outside of America? It won’t work for them?”


 I know what they’re saying though.

Because professional titanium flat irons work wonders for folks with thick and coarse hair, for the curly girls I’d advise that you have atleast 3B curly hair before investing in a titanium flat iron.

And hey, I know that in the natural hair community we have historically gone crazy over the ceramic hair straightener from CHI, yet, titanium flat irons are the best choice for women with thick 4a, 4b and 4c, hair-to-straighten hair.

If you have thick/coarse or kinky hair, a titanium straightener can transform even the hardest-to-manage, rough-textured locks into glossy, smooth tresses in short time and with little effort(when you have the know-how). 

Even with coarse hair though, you have to be careful with heat from a good titanium iron. Some women have normal-to-coarse (strands), yet still have some finer patches at the nape of the neck or near the temples.

If not careful, you can end up with a little heat damage in spots with fine, frail or thin hair.


You Need To Save Time:

A good titanium flat iron for natural hair women who need to straighten their hair fast is a life-saver. If you have long, kinky-curly hair, the entire silk press process can take hours of prepping and styling to get your “luscious” completely straight.

Titanium straightening irons heat up faster than ceramic ones, and they also get silk press jobs done quicker than ceramic straighteners.

A titanium straightener is a miracle worker when you need to straighten your naturally kinky-curly hair quick-fast.


You’re Doing a Keratin Treatment:

Titanium plates are the best selection for women doing keratin treatments. The flat-ironing stage of keratin straightening treatments requires heated plates with some serious and consistent heat.

And that’s exactly what is so special about titanium hair straighteners, they quickly produce high heat (up to 450° F) and are able to maintain an even temperature for an extended period of time, which makes them the perfect pick for performing keratin hair straightening treatments.

                                                                    AND NOW...

 Titanium ISN'T the best flat iron for you if: 

You Have Thin, Limp or Damaged Hair:

Are you wondering if titanium is the best flat iron damaged hair? No, it’s not. If you have very fine strands or even if you have hair with minimal damage, from heat or chemical processing, titanium flat irons can mess up your hair.

Especially if you don’t know how to harness its pressing power and rapid heating rate. You may be better off with something less potent, like a hair straightening brush.

Pros and Cons of Titanium Straightening Irons

So let’s get into a short list of the pros and cons:


titanium flat iron pros and cons
  • Titanium flat irons are great for heat distribution.
  • Gives you professional, long-lasting results.
  • Save you money on repeat salon trips.
  • Metal plates are of superior quality than other types.
  • Last longer than cheaper flat irons.
  • These hair tools offer better performance for kinky hair than ceramic flat iron types.
  • Great for home use.
  • Gives type 4 hair the shiniest, flattest look.


  • There’s a learning curve to perform proper use.
  • More costly than non-professional brands.
  • Need more cleaning - Easily gets build-up on its surface.

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FAQs About Titanium Flat Irons

  1. Is titanium or ceramic flat iron better?

  2. Some hair straighteners make my hair smell burnt, does titanium do this too?

  3. Is Babyliss Nano titanium dual voltage?

  4. What is Nano titanium flat iron?

  5. Do titanium flat irons damage hair?

    What Is The Best Titanium Flat Iron?

    1. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Straightener Iron

    Titanium Flat Iron BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Straightener Iron NHP Approved

    BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Straightener Iron comes with Nano titanium innovation that produces the most extreme far-infrared warmth. 

    The heat infiltrates the hair from the inside to give you tender straightening without harming your hair. The Nano titanium is a brilliant conductor of warmth. It remains stable even in ultra-high temperatures.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Ultra-smooth titanium plates conduct ultra-high heat and resist corrosion.
    • Ceramic heater instant heat & recovery.
    • LED temperature settings – up to 450°F.
    • Digital ionic technology emits natural ions.
    • Ryton housing resists ultra-high heat.

    It has natural particles that help in diminishing frizz. Ryton housing is smooth and cool to make you feel comfortable. In general, this is an incredible flat iron for thick and wavy hair.

    2. CROC Classic Silver Titanium Flat Iron, 1.5 Inch

    Titanium Flat Iron CROC Classic Silver NHP Approved

    The Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron is one of the best titanium flat irons for kinky curly hair because it has wide, 1-1/2-inch titanium plates that transfer heat to the hair quickly and evenly, so straightening on coarser type 4 textures is easier and doesn't take you all day long.

    It also has dual voltage for international travel, automatic shut-off after 40 minutes, and an extra-long cord. Plus, the digital display and temperature control systems let you choose a lower heat setting so you can protect your hair if it's particularly dry or thin.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    • Produces negative ions, sealing cuticles, increasing shine. 
    • Automatically decreases temperature to 370°F (180°C) when unattended between use.
    • Built-in ceramic heaters enable instant heat recovery, providing consistent heat.
    • Built-in, automatic shut-off, safety feature after 30 minutes of non-use 
    • 60% faster and more effective straightening utilizing advanced ceramic technology 
    • Deluxe thumb grip, ergonomic design, and cool tip make styling more comfortable. 
    • Dual voltage capabilities [110V – 240V] 
    • With Fully digital temperature options ranging from 280F° – 450F° 
    • Convenient 9 FT swivel cord for easy use and adaptability. 
    • Silver Nano-Titanium plates with ceramic heater seal moisture.

    CROC Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron 1.5 inch is a salon quality hair tool that allows you to style like a professional stylist. Equipped with silver titanium plates, the CROC iron is one of the fastest heating irons on the market. It's ideal for eliminating & preventing frizz as it smooths down the cuticle and seals with heat providing the soft, smooth and silky look.

    Achieve smooth, straight hair in one pass. The stationary plates are optimized for maximum straightening Enjoy creating vivacious curls, flips, or straight hair in less time with greater precision.

    3. Neuro Smooth 1.25" Flat Iron by Paul Mitchell 

    Titanium Flat Iron Neuro Smooth 1.25" Flat Iron by Paul Mitchell  NHP Approved

    This superior-quality flat iron features adjustable temperature control, IsoTherm titanium plates and a SmartSense microchip for lightning-fast heat recovery, allowing you to effortlessly style your hair with professional grade quality. Dual voltage for world-wide use. Includes a FREE Neuro Reshape HeatCTRL Memory Styler (0.85 oz).

    Smooth, curl and create professionally styled waves with the titanium Neuro® Smooth 1.25" Flat Iron to create silky-smooth looks with this high-performance smoothing flat iron. Premium titanium plates deliver perfect, even heat in seconds and glide through coarse, coily hair in one effortless pass, for ultra-efficient styling.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    • Adjustable temperature control that heats up to 450F in 30 seconds
    • Premium IsoTherm titanium plates have lightning-fast heat recovery.
    • Customizable auto shut-off
    • SmartSense microchip for lightning-fast heat recovery & fewer passes 
    • Dual voltage for worldwide use
    • 2 Year manufacturer's warranty

    Styling Tip: To flip or wave close the iron over the hair at the place where you wish the wave to begin and rotate the tool 180 degrees. With firm tension, slowly pull the iron through the hair clockwise all the way through the ends.

    4. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron 

    titanium flat iron BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron NHP Approved

    The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin hair straightener has a slim design that helps eliminate hand fatigue while increasing styling flexibility. Create pin-straight styles with this fast-performing flat iron.

    • Available in three widths: 1 Inch, 1-1/2 Inch, 2 Inch 
    • Features & Benefits:
    • Ultra smooth titanium plates conduct ultra high heat and resist corrosion.
    • Ceramic heater instant heat and recovery.
    • 5" extended plate for faster straightening.
    • 50 heat settings up to 450.
    • Slim design and ultra lightweight for maximum comfort.

    is exceptionally lightweight & easy to work with. The extended 5" long plates allow for wider sections to be straightened, so you can style hair faster. Featuring 50 heat settings - up to 450F, the smooth titanium plates conduct ultra-high heat & resist corrosion.

    High heat levels provide excellent straightening results while Nano Titanium technology protects hair from damage.

    5. KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair  

    Titanium Flat Iron KIPOZI Professional NHP Approved

    This KIPOZI is a cheap titanium flat iron straightener made with the user's comfort in mind. It’s not the best of the best flat irons on this list, but it’s good for the low price and the economical choice.

    The temperature is adjustable up to 170F/450F to give you an optimum temperature setting that is consistent across the two plates, allowing for personalized beautiful results. Additionally you can view the settings on the digital LCD.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Suitable for all hair types, short to long.
    • Versatile styling (straightening, curling, and shaping) - no tugging.
    • Maintains even temperature.
    • 8 ft swivel cord for convenient styling.
    • Auto world voltage for worldwide usage.
    • Perfect plate alignment giving you more control to create any style
    • Homogeneous heat technology across titanium plates.

    Delivers consistent heating without overexposure, with each plate having undergone precision melding, allowing hair to pass through effortlessly, for snag-free styling. It straightens type 4c hair, also is used to add volume and flips.

    The 1.75-inch special titanium floating plates are perfectly aligned for styling, to create lustrous and long-lasting results. The universal voltage allows you to keep styling while traveling.

    The automatic shut off will shut down your styler after 60 minutes of non-use, along with having an intelligent safety temperature reduction feature for extra peace of mind. A non-tangle 8 foot heavy duty swivel power cord for ease of use.

    This appliance contains a special electronic circuit that automatically converts it for worldwide usage. Just plug into a local outlet and use it as normal; the titanium flat iron will automatically adjust to the local current. You may need a plug adapter to accommodate the electrical outlet of the country you are visiting.

    Answer to FAQs About Titanium Flat Irons

    Is titanium or ceramic flat iron better?
    Ceramic flat irons are better for fine, fragile or wavy hair. Ceramic plates heat your hair from the inside out, titanium heats from the surface of the hair shaft and is better for flat ironing coarse and kinky hair. So it depends on your hair type and health-level. While titanium flat irons provide a quick heat-up time and conduct heat evenly throughout the iron for a wonderful smoothening result, if not used properly, they can cause serious damage to the hair. Titanium is simply a more powerful weapon in your tool artillery bag.

    Some hair straighteners make my hair smell burnt, does titanium do this too?
    Even a weak flat iron can give you the burning hair smell. It depends how high of a temperature you’re using and for how long. It also depends upon which heat protectant is being used. Many women who’ve gotten the burnt hair smell before simply switched to using a silicone serum before straightening their hair and aren’t burning anymore.

    Is Babyliss Nano titanium dual voltage?
    Yes. The best-selling Babyliss nano titanium flat iron is dual voltage and the “mini” is half the size of a regular straightener. Its compact size and dual voltage makes it easy to travel with. It’s lightweight, with superior heat retention to give exceptionally shiny-smooth results.

    What is Nano titanium flat iron?
    Nano Titanium is the unique trademark owned by BaBylissPRO® professional tools company. You’ll only find Ultra-lightweight and durable Nano titanium with this elite flat iron brand. Nano titanium styling plate surfaces are strong, corrosion resistant, and ultra-smooth. Heat is evenly distributed and maintained at constant temperature. Ionic technology reduces frizz for sleek and shiny results.

    Do titanium flat irons damage hair?
    This is like asking does water drown people, yes, if you don’t know what to do in water or if you should even be in it. Titanium flat irons are a tool, the user is the cause of zero heat damage or at fault for incurring heat damage. And that’s why I will teach you everything you need to know about proper use of titanium straighteners. Let’s get into some tips...

    TUTORIAL: How To Press Like a Pro w/ Titanium Flat Irons
    - Without Burning Your Hair

    Here's your FOOLPROOF was to press and straighten with your titanium flat iron without burning your hair... {BOOK MARK THIS TUTORIAL}

    Always Eye Your Heat Level

    When it comes to heat, start low and move up if needed instead of vice-versa. Titanium can achieve high heat super-quick.

    However, if the temperature is set too high for your hair type, or if you fail to use premium-grade ALCOHOL-FREE heat protectant, titanium plates can burn your hair. For colored or damaged hair, the temperature should not exceed 350°F.

    Skipping Heat Protectant is a Cardinal Sin

    If you think heat protectant is optional or even unnecessary.

    This is a rookie move, and you’re gonna feel the burn sooner or later. The pro-stylists know how important heat protectant is to maintaining the health of your hair. With a proper heat protectant, you’re safeguarding your hair—reducing breakage, helping maintain your natural texture, all reducing breakage and splitting ends.

    Your hair will also be much silkier depending on your ability to choose the best products and knowing when you should use them.

    Professionals will preach that spraying/applying a good heat protectant (like CHI Silk Infusion,) before blow drying and applying just a little bit more of a good silk serum (and/or heat protectant like bio silk or design essentials) before starting the flat ironing session will definitely help you’ll achieve an even silkier result.

    Flat Iron On Dry Hair ONLY

    Never use your titanium flat iron on damp hair. I repeat for those sitting in the back. Never. This is a hard-and-fast rule. If you’re looking to straighten your hair, you should rough dry it with a blow dryer 100% first, you can towel dry and air dry before the blowdrying for less time-under-heat.  Just be sure that there’s no moisture left behind. 

    Because flat ironing on wet or even semi-wet is a scorching sin. That sizzle sound you hear? Oh, that’s just the water boiling and your hair frying.

    Think about it: Do you put a hot clothing iron on a wet shirt? Think of your hair as a fabric. FULLY DRY 1st. Trust me sis….

    Pass Once or Twice per Section, Tops!

    Going over the same piece of hair over and over again is a critical and common error. 

    Listen here:

    If you’re having to go over and over the same section, your flat iron is a dud or there is not enough tension. You shouldn’t have to pass over the section more than twice using the correct technique.

    Grab a clean section of dry hair and clamp the flat iron on at the root. Twist the iron about 45 degrees downward to create tension and smooth the flat iron down to the ends.

    Grab and Pass The Flat Iron Over Small Sections

    A veerrrrry common mistake is that you're grabbing too large of sections.

    If you’re just trying to touch up and calm frizz, you can take large 2-inch sections. However when it comes to getting a straight style from scratch, smaller sections are the better solution.

    True, it’s gonna take longer. But you won’t have to go over the hair again and again (see above). The hair sections being pressed should only be as wide as the plate of your flat iron. So, a 1-inch iron means you’d grab a one-inch section of hair.

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    CLIFFNOTES: Best Practices for Titanium Flat Iron Use


    1. Cleanse hair with a premium clarifying shampoo or use an apple cider vinegar rinse to guarantee the removal of build-up, before flat ironing.
    2. Deep condition your hair once a week for 2-to-3 weeks before straightening. The conditioned-level of your hair can increase your heat tolerance.
    3. Think about using a hydrolyzed proteins protein treatment within a week before straightening to help strengthen the hair.
    4. Treat your “luscious” to hydration therapy while deep conditioning. Intense moisture from a hair steamer will lift the cuticle and offer a healthy dose of hydration to the cortex. Dried-out, brittle hair heats up too quickly and is more vulnerable to heat damage.
    5. Patch test, first, to determine the temperature at which to set your flat iron. Each texture responds differently to heat.
    6. ALWAYS apply a liquid heat protectant before blow drying, preferably after your hair has been towel dried.
    7. Opt for silicone-based serums (in addition to the liquid) for shine, smoothness, and added heat protection.
    8. Keep your appliances clean. Old, hardened, debris on your titanium flat iron can snag hairs and cause damage.
    9. Allow your hair to air-dry at least 50% before blow drying to minimize the heat exposure and your chances of heat damage. 
    10. Always blow dry hair in a downward direction to make sure that the cuticle is flat. This will set the foundation for a more quality titanium flat ironing process.
    11. Work your hair in small sections. It makes the process much more effective.
    12. ALWAYS apply a premium oil(like Moroccan Oil Treatment), a serum, or finishing sheen AFTER flat ironing, for lasting shine and durability.
    13. Wrap or bun your flat ironed hair at night with a silk or satin scarf to keep it from becoming dry, or reverting due to night sweating. (Throw in a few bantu knots, flat twists,  large cornrows, or flexi rods overnight for added texture and fun.)


    1. Don't use oils and butters BEFORE blow drying and flat ironing, as the heat can cause oils and butters to fry your hair---especially when flat ironing.
    2. Don't use heat over 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Human hair burns at the same temperature as paper, 451 degrees Fahrenheit.
    3. Avoid passing the flat iron over each section more than twice, once is ideal.
    4. Do not flat iron your hair every day. Even with the best titanium flat iron for natural hair.
    5. To keep hair from reverting or frizzing, stay away from water-based moisturizers and steam during this time. You don’t want all of that hard work to go down the drain.
    6. Don’t forget to use a protein treatment once your flat ironed hairdo is done. Your hair will need to be fortified.
    7. Do forget to deep condition and give your tresses more hydration therapy with steam after washing away your straightened hairstyle.
    8. Dodge styles that cause stress to the hair due to over manipulation or tension. It is important to choose styles that allow your “luscious” to just... BE, so avoid tight and high maintenance styles.

    CONCLUSION: The Best Titanium Flat Iron + Knowledgeable Use =
    “You Look Amazing!”

    At the end of the day, titanium flat irons are some of the best flat irons for African-American hair (Black hair), although they are not the best flat iron for damaged hair. For damaged hair you may want to look into FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler, or the RUNWAY flat iron.

    For titanium, you need to know your hair texture and health-level.

    If you have strong, kinky curly hair that fights against a silk press like I fight against going on a red wine strike (ha!), you are a perfect candidate for getting the best press of your life from a titanium hair iron, something like a steam hair flat iron may not have enough pressing power for you. 

    Based on highly-favorable customer reviews and raving 5-star Amazon ratings from type 4 naturals, you should buy a premium-grade titanium flat iron, especially if you:

    Prefer to style your hair at home in a shorter period of time.

    Want to save money by cutting salon trips & still have a salon-quality style.

    Want to invest wisely in a hairstyling tool that’s not only reliable but extremely durable too.

    Have unmanageable or unruly hair that needs to be styled in a shorter period of time.

    Find that the cons and investment price are not deal breakers.

    Want to stop buying cheaper but inferior quality flat irons that you’ll soon have to replace any way. Take a good look into something like the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Flat Iron.

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