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GHD Flat Iron | Top 5 Benefits & GHD Straightener Reviews

If you want to know ALL there is to know about GHD flat irons, you’ve found the right place. This in-depth flat iron tutorial will give you all of the pros and cons of high-powered GHD hair straighteners.

We're talking about big girl panties time, REAL pressing results, no half-powered hair straightening brushes or fad items. And beside that...

You’ll also see flat iron reviews from women who have (or work with) kinky-textured natural hair. That way, you can get a feel for if this “top 5 hair straightener” works for coarse hair as well.

best ghd flat iron reviews #1GHD flat iron review #1

The GHD Flat Iron Company’s Industry Reputation

In 2001, three hairstylists professionals from the United Kingdom put a radical new hair styling product called “Good hair Day straightening irons” (GHD) into the hands of women across the entire globe.

With the respect and loyalty of an army of devoted pro hairstylists, GHD flat irons quickly built up a cult-like following nationwide that rival Babyliss flat irons. No longer was a trip to the salon necessary in order to have a good hair day - this could be achieved every day in the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to getting your hands on truly professional-level flat irons, GHD hair straighteners are always a top contender along with other famous brands like Babyliss PRO. GHD hair straightening flat irons are known for their durability, effectiveness, and emphasis on maintaining your hair health, and that’s why the brand tends to be one of the top 5 “go-to brands” among professional hairdressers. 

best ghd flat iron reviews #2GHD flat iron review #2

With that being said, I’ll tell you straight up, GHD styling tools aren’t for the cheaper folks among us, shoot, their downright EXPENSIVE and on top of that, they aren't even titanium flat irons — which is why I’ll be giving you all of the needed research information to help you decide if it’s worth investing in a flat iron from the GHD brand.

Yes, the brand has its fangirls all around the world, that doesn’t mean it’s the right purchase for YOU.

And, of course there are other options in the handful of flat irons that are popular with pro stylists. Let me quickly show you a list...

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What Kind of Flat Irons Do Professionals Use?

If you spend alot of time in top salons or read the best professional flat iron reviews, you’ll often hear one of these 5 flat iron brands come up in the conversation. These are all in a small group of titanium and ceramic flat irons that are designated as premium professional beauty tools and some of the best flat irons on the market...

  1. GHD Platinum + Hair Straightener
  2. Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron
  3. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron
  4. BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron   
  5. RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Str8 Iron 

Which GHD Flat Iron Is The Best?

Take a peek at these comparative GHD flat iron reviews to see if these match your needs and decide which is the best flat iron for you...

1. The GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler

GHD FLAT IRON - The GHD Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler

The GHD Platinum flat iron is one of the top-of-the-line multi-use hair tools you can invest in. This GHD flat iron with rounded edges makes it easy to create both sleek and wavy looks. It’s ultra-zone technology is a major selling point, too. The iron monitors heat 250 times per second, keeping it at a hair-safe 365 degrees to prevent breakage. It may look similar to a steam flat iron, but it's much more powerful and has nothing to do with steam.

This GHD flat iron’s technology makes sure that it is constantly reheating and readjusting the temperature using sensors all across the iron to ensure even heat distribution and faster styling. Lastly, this GHD straightener heats up super fast — in under 25 seconds — and for added safety, it shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. See the Platinum professional Performance Styler's current price today at Amazon.

2. The GHD Gold Professional Style - GHD Flat Iron

GHD FLAT IRON - GHD Gold Professional Style

For those worried about how much does a GHD hair straightener cost, this GHD flat iron gives a bit of relief because it is a little less expensive than the GHD Platinum Professional Performance Styler, and the folks in the cheap seats love that (me included, lol)! 

The GHD Gold Professional Styler is a great starter flat iron if you aren’t yet ready to invest in the Platinum model. The major difference between the two hair tools is the amount of sensors in the flat iron plates; the GHD Platinum+ flat iron has three in each, while the GHD Gold only has one.

The GHD Gold also heats up to only 365 degrees, like all GHD hair tools, so that you don’t have to worry about heat damage on your hair.

The Gold styler utilizes a similar technology to the Platinum+, in that it readjusts the temperature to 365 degrees as it straightens, in order to prevent hair breakage.

3. GHD Max Styler - GHD Flat Iron

GHD FLAT IRON - The GHD Max Styler

The GHD Max Styler is the best GHD flat iron for women with long and/or thick hair because its larger, wider plates make it easier to style your hair quickly and press bigger sections.

On top of that, since the wide plates are rounded, you can use this iron to create waves in your styles as well.

The Max Styler GHD flat iron maintains a hair-healthy heat of 365 degrees, like the other GHD hair tools on this list, heats up in 30 seconds, and shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. Get the GHD Max Styler here...

4. GHD Platinum Flat Iron Hair Straightener, Ceramic Flat Iron

GHD FLAT IRON - GHD Platinum Flat Iron Hair Straightener, Ceramic Flat Iron

We all know what a “smartphone'' is, yet most don’t know that the GHD Platinum flat iron is one of the world's first “smart flat irons” that works at predicting the needs of your hair.

The GHD platinum flat iron’s heat is monitored 250 times per second through its predictive technology for impressive results and stronger, healthier hair whether relaxed or natural. Bad news, this bad girl is DANG expensive, an investment to be sure. Good news is, that compared to cheap ceramic flat irons like CHI...

...this GHD platinum flat iron (in use with the best heat protectants for natural hair) gives you LESS BREAKAGE & MORE COLOR PROTECTION. Leaving your hair looking sleek and feeling in great condition.

5. GHD Gold Professional Styler

GHD FLAT IRON - GHD Gold Professional Styler

Women with short hair often have a hard time finding a good flat iron that won't singe their scalp, but the half-inch GHD Gold Professional Styler gives women with short hair a solution to that problem.

This is also a great flat iron for doing detail work when you need to take smaller sections or get closer to the root. It’s amazing for naturally tight curls close to the scalp, your hairline, and bangs.

Like all other GHD flat irons, this straightener is kept at a consistent 365 degrees to prevent damage, has a 30-minute auto-off feature, and heats up quickly.

best ghd flat iron reviews #3GHD flat iron review #3

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FAQs About GHD Flat Irons

  1. Is GHD flat iron worth it?

  2. Why are GHD straighteners so good?

  3. Is GHD better than BaByliss?

    What Customers Are Saying In GHD Flat Iron Reviews...

    So here's what I did... I read GHD flat iron reviews for days to get a feel for the general concensus. And all across the net, you'll find that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

    I will show you a couple that sum up what folks are saying about GHD hair straighteners.

    See the GHD flat iron reviews below...


    So I was a little nervous that it is set at a certain temperature and 365 degrees is as hot as it gets, let me tell you that’s enough. The GHD flat iron has a great design, no grabbing of the hair, it heats up within seconds, and says it comes with a 3-year warranty. I just returned a straightener previous to this that broke after 3 uses. 

    I think this flat iron is a keeper. I had my CHI for 9 years. This one made my hair feel incredible and straightened it after one stroke. I have naturally curly hair. Pay the price, it is well worth it!!! We spend enough on our hair and we need to spend the money to protect our investment.

    - Olivia

    "By far the best flat iron I have ever owned

    For many years I owned a CHI flat iron, many different irons because they don't last more than maybe 2 years before they start acting up (turning off while using, not heating all the way, etc).

    I knew about this GHD flat iron but didn't want to spend all that money on something that you can get for so much less in a different brand. However, now that I have bought this iron I have to say it is WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

    My hair is pretty coarse and an awful blend of wavy/curly & straightish while also being stupid frizzy. Thus, I have to have the iron pretty hot to make my hair even consider straightening out. This GHD flat iron doesn't work for me with one pass, but it still takes less time than my CHI flat iron did.

    And once I get my hair straightened I don't have to straighten it again until I wash it. With the CHI straightener I had to use it every day and if I passed a mister my hair was wigging out again.

    That doesn't happen now. I will not own another brand of flat iron again. Seriously can't say enough how amazing this iron is.

     - Penelope

    "There is no other flat iron worth your money!

    OMG. I have been using flat irons since the mid-90s. I’ve gone through every brand, including premium pro-stylers. They always required repeated passes through my hair which caused dry and damaged hair. The results were never perfectly straight, nor frizz-free, and I consider myself very adept with hair styling tools, including rollers!

    My last drugstore-purchased flat iron gave up after three years of not-daily styling and straightening. So, rather than end up with yet another less-than-satisfactory flat iron, I googled "best flat iron”) and came across lists of the best for 2019 in all the top fashion mags, Allure, Glamour etc. The one styler at the top or near the top of every list was this GHD flat iron. So I bit the very expensive bullet and ordered it.

    To say that I am blown away (haha!) by it, is an understatement. I am in love with this thing. Quite apart from the fact that it's quick on, requires no temperature adjustments and can travel, it has left my hair shiny, straight (or curly, if that's what I want) as well as absolutely frizz-free. And I bought it in July, when the weather is humid.

    It allows me to very easily build in volume and shape, and with a twist of the wrist, waves and fat curls.

    My GFs all have noticed that my hair looks, as one put it, "more modern."

    Between the time I ordered it and when it arrived, I saw my colourist and stylist who both said I was nuts for spending so much. I am seeing them next week and I am bringing it to show it to them. That's how much I am impressed. I bet they will be too.

    Awesome hair tool. No reservations except, perhaps, the high price. But, as a life-long frizz fighter, I think it's worth the investment.

    UPDATE: After I took it to my salon, my guy tried and started raving to the other stylists. Many of them bought one.

     - Carmeshia K.

    Answers To FAQs About GHD Flat Irons

    Is GHD flat iron worth it?
    YES! For many women GHD is worth the investment. Tons of GHD flat iron reviews mention it as the best flat iron they’ve ever used! GHD flat irons are lightyears better than CHI straighteners and won’t do the damage to your hair that CHI irons do.

    Why are GHD straighteners so good?
    GHD straighteners are good because they are long-lasting and boast advanced “smart technology” that other brands don’t.The quality is undoubtable when using a GHD hair straightener. Not only does using GHD result in long-lasting straightened hair, but you get several years of use out of their flat irons.

    Is GHD better than BaByliss?
    The GHD vs babyliss flat iron battle is a fierce one. Most GHD flat irons are ceramic flat iron that use ceramic plates while BaByliss uses more of tourmaline ionic technology. Thus, GHD glides freely through the hair without tangling while BaByliss helps your hair retain its moisture. BaByliss flat irons are lighter and slimmer, which makes them travel-friendly. So is GHD better than BaByliss PRO? It depends on which features matter most to you. They are both elite hair tools and widely viewed as “top 5 hair straighteners”.

    CONCLUSION: Should You Buy a GHD Flat Iron?

    In the past you may have thought to yourself, “aren't most hair straighteners basically the same?”.

    The answer is no, they are not. When it comes to hair tools and the results you and everyone else will see, you get what you pay for.

    So, yes. A GHD flat iron is a good buy if you press your hair often, or you plan to in the future.


    There are some other things to look out for, like the size of the flat iron you buy. Women with short hair, for example, would benefit from a GHD flat iron with smaller plates, so you can straighten without the risk of burning your fingers or scalp.

    Ladies with long hair, on the other hand, should select a GHD flat iron with wide plates, so they can straighten larger sections of their hair at once with fewer passes.

    But it depends on your hair type too, you might find better choice for kinky hair if you want a flat iron for natural hair silk press styles.

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