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Is It Bad To Straighten Your Hair Twice A Week? Everyday? [HOT TRUTH]

Is it bad to straighten your hair twice a week? You're gonna find out quickity-fast from this NHP tutorial sis!

Also, Is it bad to straighten your hair everyday?

Well, look:

As far as the question of “is it bad to straighten your hair everyday?”, Girrrrrrl…

…let me tell you a quick story that you might be able to relate to....

Is It Bad To Straighten Your Hair Everyday? [Think Twice]

Is It Bad To Straighten Your Hair Everyday? [Think Twice]Girrrl... You know YOU KNOW BETTER than to straighten your hair everyday...

Is it bad to straighten your hair everyday? Heck-to-the-yeah it’s bad. Look…

I remember when my mom first took me to the salon to get my hair done. I was so excited because I could finally get cute, straight hair and look mature like Tyra Banks ( was 13 at the time). 

I got a professional silk press iron straightening and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned around – I felt like a new woman; an absolute diva.

Sadly, I didn’t care for my hair well and I lost the same quality that I had gotten just that week.

I began to straighten my hair almost daily, and that damage from my straightener led me to my big chop 7 years later. 

So, if you’re wondering about how to straighten your hair everyday without damaging it. Answer is, there is no way to flat iron straighten your hair everyday without damaging it.

Overall, you’ll end up with some scraggly, janky looking hair. Stay away from daily heat straightening. Just put that sexy blue Babyliss hair iron down and back away slowly…. HA!

Now, I’m sure you’re not like the old me and you aren’t straightening your hair every day, on high heat, while drenched in Pink Lotion, LOL. Still though, is it safe to at least straighten your hair twice a week?

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Is It Bad To Straighten Your Hair Twice A Week?

Is It Bad To Straighten Your Hair Twice A Week? Or Everyday?Is it bad to straighten your hair twice a week?

The short answer is yes, straightening natural hair every 2 weeks can be bad, the level of “badness” depends on how much heat you’re applying and if you’re using an elite heat protectant product or not.

Straightening your hair twice a week isn’t as bad as flat-ironing everyday, yet and still, it will lead to damage but just at a slower rate.

Flat irons are an incredible invention that comes with a lot of risks. Split ends, rough ends when straightening, breakage, heat damage, and alopecia are major issues for people who straighten their hair too often.

However, breakage is the most common problem among people who straighten their hair too often.

Breakage has a three-fold effect on hair that most people who straighten their hair might not know about.

The first thing that happens when you straighten your hair is that you are weakening the protective layer around the hair strand (the cuticle).

On a deeper level, using a high heat causes the natural hydration within the hair strand (the cortex) to evaporate; this further weakens your hair.

Finally, if the strand continues to receive high heat repeatedly it will cause holes to develop within the cortex. These holes will lead to the hair strand snapping and thus causes breakage.

Now that we understand how breakage works, it's understandable that we need to be more gentle on our hair even with the best straightening tools for natural hair.

Still though:

How do you prevent breakage and keep your hair looking fresh?

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7 Straightening Techniques to Make Your Style Last Without Straightening Everyday, Once or Twice a Week

So, we know that IT IS bad to straighten your hair twice a week...

Let's talk about some straightening and maintanence tips use can use so that you avoid straightening natural hair every 2 weeks...

  1. Slowly and steadily straighten your hair - One of the most common critiques from seasoned stylists is that people make too many quick passes through their hair. Simply making two, slow and steady passes through your hair will save you time, effort, and hair. This method help you avoid straightening natural hair every 2 weeks.
  2. Straighten your hair in small sections – Sectioning your natural hair is a great method for keeping yourself organized and ensuring your hair is properly straightened. If you have thick hair, I recommend making four large quadrants of hair and then straightening smaller parts within it using a good flat iron for thicker hair.
  3. Replace heat with rollers – Sometimes the weather elements are against you. Even if you did an excellent job straightening your hair but it's too humid outside, you just have to work with what you’ve got. That’s why I recommend using a roller set instead of additional heat.
  4. Let your heat protectant dry before straighten your hair – One PRO TIP is to let your thermal protectants dry before flat ironing, it’s healthier for your hair. You should already know that using a premium-grade heat protectant product is a must for anyone who is straightening their hair. Using a protectant will keep your cuticles from receiving too much damage, keep moisture within the cortex, and hold your style longer too.
  5. Straighten hair on a heat less than 400 Fahrenheit – Stylists have been saying for years that 450 degrees is dangerous for healthy hair. Once you surpass 350 degrees heat on a straightener, the likelihood of experiencing heat damage grows. If your hair is coarse and you’re used to straightening your hair on 450, I suggest starting at 350 instead and seeing if it still straightens your hair. Try to go lower each time until you find that your hair isn’t straightening anymore. This will help you find your healthy, minimum heat.
  6. Chase the comb with the flat iron – Most people chase the other way around. However, this way keeps you from straightening any knots.
  7. Wear a bonnet around the house – If there’s no one at home you need to impress. Just throw on the bonnet and call it a night, or wrap your head at night – Wrapping your head at night with a silk or satin scarf will help preserve your straight hair longer. 

And hey, now that you know that it is bad to straighten your hair twice a week (to differing degrees), don’t be afraid to wear your natural hair – Sometimes a busy schedule, rain, or even exhaustion can keep you from straightening your hair.

When those moments happen, try wearing your hair naturally. There are so many quick and easy styles that can make you look great without much effort.

Is It Bad To Straighten Your Hair Twice A Week? Answer is yes, it is bad, but you look good.Is it bad to straighten your hair twice a week [NHP tutorial art]

The Wrap Up: “Boy! Is It Bad To Straighten Your Hair Twice A Week!”

So sis, I really hope this NHP tutorial gave you the info you needed. I don’t want your head to look a hot mess because you put too much heat on your kinks and curls too often.

And I truly hope that your question will turn into an affirmative statement.

In other words:

Instead of asking, “is it bad to straighten your hair twice a week?” - you can confidently answer the question instead by saying, “Boy! Is it bad to straighten your hair twice a week!!”, and avoid the troubles that it brings.

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