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Why Wear A Bonnet To Bed [w/ Goodnight Hair Bonnets]

why wear a bonnet to bed? Answered.

Many ask the question…”Why wear a bonnet to bed?”, and we can answer that with a bunch of good reasons.

Wearing a bonnet to bed at night helps prevent moisture from being sucked out of your hair strands, and bedtime bonnet wearing stops hair breakage from friction while you sleep at night.

Premium-grade satin bedtime bonnets like those from Goodnight Hair Bonnets greatly reduce the amount of frizz you wake up with and fight against split ends.

And I'm gonna give you the 411 about this growing Black woman-owned business as well, so that you don't miss out on what they have to offer... (PLUS - give you a 15% OFF Discount code below!)

Bedtime Bonnet Types Available at Goodnight Hair Bonnets Co.

Why Wear A Bonnet To Bed? Kids stain & silk bonnetsWhy wear a bonnet to bed? Learn today...

Another good reason to wear a bonnet at night is to avoid the stress and worry of thinking your hair is going to look a hot mess in the morning and slow down your morning routine.

Many beautiful naturalistas have found that wearing a satin bonnet to bed CONSISTENTLY has made all the difference in their natural hair journey. There’s just something about waking up in the morning with hair that's healthy, moisturized, and ready to go.

It saves me SO MUCH TIME when doing your hair in the morning and many notice that hair has better length retention which makes it seem that your hair is growing much faster! So, a great double-layered satin bonnet can be added to your toolbox as a good hair growth helper.

And that’s not all… Here are more smart reasons for why you should wear a bonnet to bed.

Why Wear A Bonnet To Bed [4 Great Reasons] 

Not only do Bomb Black Businesses like Goodnight Hair Bonnets make cute bonnets for both kids and adults, they provide a ton of benefits that cheaply made beauty supply store bonnets don’t give you while still being modestly priced.

So let’s delve into 4 great benefits of these hair bonnets:

#1 -Why Wear a Bonnet to Bed? - Cost Effective Hair Growth Protection

Let’s keep it 100… Most women obsess over hair growth and length retention at some point in life.

Buying different hair growth serums and oils can help but the dollars can add up quickly. Why not protect the length that the hair growth products help to grow throughout the night?

Wearing a high-quality satin bonnet to bed can save your money because it saves your hair. 

Not only can you find premium double-layered satin bonnets for hair growth for under twenty bucks, they also make your hair more manageable in the long-run, alleviating the need for lots of styling products and allowing you to buy less hair growth pills, potions and serums.

A lot of naturals invest some serious money on hair styling and growth products, especially when they’re not protecting their hair at night. Since satin bonnets don’t absorb hair products like cotton does, you’ll need less product to style your hair.

#2 -Why Wear a Bonnet to Bed? - Prevent Tangling

When you toss and turn your pretty head at night, it can cause your natural kinks and curls to get easily entangled. For curlier, kinky textures, don’t brush your hair but softly tuck it in your bonnet. 

If you have finer straight hair, gently brush out your hair to remove any knots then twist your hair at the top of your head and cover it using a satin bonnet from Goodnight Hair Bonnets. By using a satin or silk bonnet, this will help prevent new tangles from forming and making your wash day stressful because your detangling load will be lighter.

#3 -Why Wear a Bonnet to Bed? - Minimize Frizz BIG TIME

Why wear a bonnet to bed? Well, wearing a satin bonnet to bed helps prevent friction while you sleep at night, which reduces the amount of ugly frizz you wake up with.

Having your hair protected alleviates manual manipulation stress on your strands through the night and helps to prevent nasty damaged split ends.

#4 -Why Wear a Bonnet to Bed? - Less Dryness

As much as we love those comfy high thread count cotton sheets, they can absorb moisture from our hair, causing excess dryness and zap hydration quicker than fresh breath turns to morning breath, ha!

Besides deep conditioning our hair after we shampoo to retain moisture, using a silk or satin bonnet or satin pillowcase will help while you sleep by reducing the chance of breakage from dried out locks.


Does Wearing A Bonnet Help Hair Grow? Bedtime Length Retention Tactic...

Answer: Yes, wearing a bonnet to bed does help length-retention and growth maintenance because the main goal of a bonnet is to protect your hair from the harsh hair-breakage effects caused by cotton fabrics while we sleep.

By wearing your bonnet, new growth is protected, helping you retain the growth, and because hair is able to retain moisture the bonnet becomes a key factor in promoting hair growth.

Although cotton can feel soft and cozy on skin, when used as a bandana headwrap or pillowcase, it can cause serious damage and breakage to the hair. Why?

Because cotton is very absorbent, acting much like a sponge that draws all of the moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle.

This is a horrible scalp environment for proper hair growth and retention, and we’re not even going to get started on edges. You might as well say bye-bye to that intact hairline!

While you may have your favorite magic hair growth potion or formula to get longer hair a little faster, protecting hair from rubbing against abrasive fabrics with your satin bonnet and helping it to maintain its moisture will definitely keep your hair healthier and help it grow long and strong!

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How To Wear A Bonnet At Night

why to wear a bonnet to bed for sleep

If your bonnet keeps falling off once you fall asleep your hair will suffer the consequences, and I know that many naturalista need help and advice on how to keep it on while they fall asleep.

Here’s a common question from readers: “How do you keep bonnets on at night especially for younger kids?”  

Answer: There are several different ways to keep your bonnet on during the night, different things you can do to ensure that the bonnet stays on all night long. 

  • Make sure you’re using a premium bonnet, they are not all equal. If you have a so-so beauty supply bonnet… Get a better dang bonnet. Many cheap bonnets are known to keep falling off even when secured in place with bobby pins. Grab a high-quality double layered satin bonnet like these from Goodnight Hair Bonnets, you get well-constructed thicker material that holds on to your head better and less likely to fall off. 
  • You can also use a scarf in addition to your satin bonnet. It’s not uncommon for naturals to use a wide cloth/elastic headband around the band to keep it on, and cheap-o bonnets, some ladies use a Bobby pin (or two in an X) on both sides of their head just above the temples to secure it.
  • You can use a spa headwrap (that attaches by velcro) over the bonnet’s edges and that helps keep it in place so it doesn't fall down over your eyes.
  • You can use a satin or silk pillowcase in addition to your bonnet as an insurance policy. Remember to use this in addition to your bonnet, not as a replacement because your hair will turn out looking better if it is covered.

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why wear a bonnet to bed and sleep at night.Why wear a bonnet to bed? To wake up cuter than cute!

The Wrap Up: Why Wear A Bonnet From Goodnight Hair Bonnets To Bed  

If you’re struggling with dryness on your natural hair, the hair growth will seem slower than a snail's pace and the breakage can be unreal.

For many women it’s tricky to figure out the cause of damage when it happens. You see the breakage on wash day, and that likely means something in your hair care routine has gone wrong at some point during the week.

Many times, it’s just a matter of making a small regimen switch to your weekly routine, which includes more attention to nightly protection.

Goodnight Hair Bonnets are different from cheap drugstore bonnets. Their double-layered technology helps guard your hairline edge so you can grow thick, full edges while retaining length.

In the beginning, many of us made the mistake of wearing whichever basic bonnet we could find on Amazon or in the local nail salon.

That has caused some major natural hair journey struggles night after night.

Low-quality hair bonnets often make it hard to get sleep because of that ultra-cheap, uncomfortable thing on your head!

To improve this situation and get a good night's sleep, it only makes sense to grab a great bonnet that doesn’t rub your edges off, that isn't uncomfortably tight, and something that will truly protect your naturally kinky-curly hair.

The solution?

Getting your hands on one of these beauties from Goodnight Hair Bonnets?

Why wear a bonnet to bed? Because the benefits during the night will having you looking great the next morning and throughout the day, keeping your hair hydrated and ready to grow faster because of the moisture retention and lack of nighttime manipulation. Get yours today sis!


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