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Baby Bald Spot Remedy [Newborn To 1-Year Plus]

If you’re looking for a baby bald spot remedy, you’re gonna wanna kiss me for introducing you to some practical suggestions that you can do to make baby hair loss less likely to happen in the future as well as an amazing product that will help you say goodbye to baby bald patches, dry hair and thinning edges.

Sure, there are bigger problems in the world, we both know this, and still you can’t help but notice that your sweet little bundle of joy is nearly perfect apart from that ugly bald spot on the top or back of their head! Right?

If you’re worried about your baby losing hair, stay calm - it’s somewhat common for infants and babies to pass through a temporary hair loss stage and develop bald patches due to consistent friction from lying down so much.

Since babies spend a lot of time happily laying on their backs, they are constantly rubbing the backs of their heads against their mattresses, resulting in their baby fine hair being rubbed, tugged and eventually pulled out.

But their are preventative measures that I will teach you and there are helpful baby hair growth products that you can grab as well, like Fro Butter Baby - Kids Hair Butter.

baby bald spot remedyGrab this baby bald spot remedy from Fro Butter!

How To Grow Baby Bald Spot Remedy: Fro Butter Baby!

If you want to say goodbye to baby bald patches on your infant, and banish dry hair and thinning edges on your toddlers you need to get the all-natural baby bald spot remedy from the Fro Butter company.

Their “Fro Butter Baby” Hair Butter is formulated to stimulate hair growth in problem areas naturally and moisturize curls. In fact, it’s specially formulated and designed for hair with kinks, coils, and curls. This is a great scalp butter when there’s a bald spot on the back of your baby's head.

You can use this bald spot remedy for babies and young children from six months of age on onward. 

This product is truly a “clean” organic hair growth butter. It’s free of: Sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, salt, petroleum, mineral oil, drying alcohols and artificial colors. 

The reviews you’ll see on their website speak for themselves. This baby hair health product is packed with tender loving care and nutrients.

Main Ingredients:

  • Carrot Seed Oil: Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.
  • Coconut Oil: Rich in fatty acids that increase hair shine and strength. Binds to the baby's hair protein structure to avoid hair breakage. 
  • Vegetable Glycerin: Pulls moisture from the air to keep our hair moisturized throughout the day.
baby bald spot remedy. hair growth solution.Baby bald spot remedy from Fro Butter - AVAILABLE NOW!

How To Prevent Baby Bald Spots - Be Proactive

After you've remedied the baby’s bald spot issues it’s important to understand how to prevent baby bald spots in the future. Here are a few good tips:

- Brush your baby’s scalp

Gently brushing, combing or massaging your baby’s scalp can prevent more bald spots and also stimulate hair growth. This is because regular grooming can loosen the cradle cap and remove dry skin from baby’s scalp.

In addition, brushing encourages blood circulation to the scalp and your baby’s hair follicles. After applying Fro Butter Baby or a good hair growth oil serum, gently massage your baby’s scalp with your fingers for a few minutes.

This helps with hair growth and relaxes your baby — so don’t be surprised if they fall asleep.

- Avoid Hair Ties

If your baby girl has a few remaining strands of hair, you might be tempted to pull them back into a small ponytail or use a hair clip, don’t do it! Tying your baby’s existing hair too tight can damage their hair follicles and cause further hair loss.

Rather than use a ponytail holder, use a silk headband — it’s gentler on fragile baby hair.

- Shampoo regularly

You might be nervous to wash your baby’s hair, but regular shampooing keeps their scalp clean and also loosens the cradle cap.

Once your baby advances past the newborn phase (during which you need to bathe them only about once per week), wash their hair every 2 or 3 days. Make sure you use lukewarm water and a gentle baby shampoo.

The accumulation of dirt on your baby’s scalp can cause dryness, which can slow hair growth.

- Use a hair conditioner

The same way you might apply hair conditioner to your own hair after shampooing, you can also use a gentle conditioner on your baby’s hair as an extra aide in your baby bald spot remedy regimen.

Conditioner is a moisturizing agent that replaces moisture stripped away by shampoo. It helps protect and strengthen the hair, which can reduce breakage and promote hair growth.

Hair conditioner is especially important if your baby has curly or highly-textured hair, hair between types 3C to 4C can be prone to dryness. Apply conditioner after shampooing, then rinse the product from your baby’s hair with warm water.

Be sure to select a kid-friendly conditioner that’s gentle and tear-free.

And be sure when drying your baby’s hair after shampooing and conditioning to be as gentle as possible. Use a soft towel to lightly dry their hair.

Using a rough or hard towel can potentially damage their young hair follicles, create more bald spots and slow hair growth.

When Does Baby Hair Grow Back After Falling Out

baby bald spot remedy medical. When Does Baby Hair Grow Back After Falling Out.

When trying to estimate how long it takes for a baby's hair to grow back after falling out you need to consider the baby hair growth stages and the fact that your baby may be losing hair for hormonal reasons, which is totally normal in the first 6 months and it’s also temporary (this is known as telogen effluvium). 

Hair goes through a growth phase as well as a resting phase, after childbirth though, hormone levels drop for both baby and mom, and this hormonal stress pushes large numbers of hair follicles into the resting phase, causing them to fall out within a few months and bald spots to occur.

This is why it’s not uncommon to see a bald spot on your newborn’s head, whether it be at the top of the head or the back is falling out.

Soon after birth, most of a baby's hair goes into the resting phase until more nutritional resources become readily available. You shouldn’t be worried if your baby, born with bald spots on their head, it’s not uncommon. 

A baby’s hair often begins shedding at 8 to 12 weeks of age, and begins to grow back after falling out at around 3 to 7 months. But it's not until around 2 years old that thicker hair begins to grow and emerge.

The specific timing and pattern of baby hair loss and growth depends on a number of factors, including sex, genetics, ethnicity, the conditions of birth (early or late, premature, vaginal birth or by cesarean section), and a baby's nutrition levels.

NHP Pro Tip: Please don’t believe the old wives tale that shaving a baby's head makes hair grow back thicker, it simply isn't true. 

When To See a Doctor for a Medical Baby Bald Spot Remedy

Sometimes it’s best to seek a medical professional for a baby bald spot remedy, usually when the bald spot cause is something out of the norm.

Other conditions that are more serious like alopecia or hypothyroidism could also be the cause of baby hair falling out, however these are more uncommon.

More often than not, your baby is balding as the result of friction, hormone fluctuations or cradle cap, but if you’re concerned, mention your baby’s hair loss to their pediatrician so that they can check whether there's an underlying cause for the bald spots that require medical treatment instead of an in-home DIY baby bald spot remedy.

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Proactive Ways To Avoid Bald Spots On Back Of Baby's Head

Some causes for baby bald spots are preventable and if your baby’s hair is falling out at 1 year old they are very likely past the hormonal hair fall stage.

- Increase The Scalps Blood Flow, Moisture and Nutrition

Make sure that your child’s hair and scalp aren’t excessively dry and if you child has curly-to-kinky hair you would do well to use a moisturizing hair growth butter. I’d recommend Fro Butter Baby for Curly Kids.

Increasing circulation in your baby’s scalp helps to promote blood flow to their hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

This can be done by gently massaging a moisturizing baby hair butter or good hair growth oil serum to their scalp 2 – 3 times a week, which not only adds shine and luster to their hair and moisturizes their skin as a bonus, but also improves blood circulation.

You can leave Fro Butter Baby for Curly kids in the hair. If you use a hair growth oil instead, allow it to absorb for 15 – 20 minutes, then gently rinse it out with warm water and use a soft towel to lightly pat baby’s hair dry.

Another way to encourage circulation to the head and follicles is to gently comb or brush baby’s scalp. Use products designed especially for baby’s delicate skin - baby brushes have super soft bristles and combs have soft, rounded teeth.

 - Don’t Have Baby Sleep On Cotton

One good baby bald spot remedy is to make sure your little angel sleeps on silk baby bedding. The liquid smooth finish of silk provides a frictionless and soft surface for babies to lie their head, preventing bald patches, as well as allowing for hair growth where bald spots already exist.

Cotton, bamboo and certain other fabrics can tug and pull at delicate baby hair, but the tightly woven nature of lusciously soft silk creates a smooth surface that allows your baby’s hair to glide effortlessly and unharmed.

While you may be tempted to use satin as a silky-feeling cheaper alternative, keep in mind that satin is an inferior synthetic fabric. Apart from being luxurious, silk is also thermal regulating, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic, making it a great preventative baby bald spot remedy.

Grab Fro Butter’s Baby Bald Spot Remedy

Baby bald spot remedy preventative

You can use Fro Butter’s baby bald spot remedy on both wet or dry hair and at night while they wear a bonnet to bed.

If used on your baby’s wet hair, first wash and detangle. Next, part the baby’s hair into sections and apply a fingertip amount of Fro Butter Baby - Kids Hair Butter to each section, gently raking it into baby’s hair as you go. Then gently style as usual.

If used on dry hair, apply a fingertip amount of the hair growth butter starting at the roots, then style as usual. Your baby’s hair may feel oily at first but this is by design; your child’s hair will hungrily absorb this baby bald spot remedy as it dries.

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