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Pre-Poo 4C Hair Overnight? [GOOD or BAD]

Let’s talk about whether you should pre-poo 4C hair overnight OR HECKZ-TO-THA-NAW... 

The power of a great pre-poo product is legendary in the natural hair community.

The reason why this process is held in such high esteem has everything to do with the results that the practice of pre-pooing can produce.

This statement is especially true for you if you have a 4C hair type. 4C hair tends to live in the land of low porosity.

Low porosity hair often struggles to receive moisture, making it one of the most challenging types of hair to manage.

Should You Pre-Poo 4C Hair Overnight?

pre poo 4c hair overnight?

Opinions are mixed about sleeping in your pre-poo treatment.

While some natural hair mavens swear by the practice of sleeping in their pre-poo potion, others warn against it, suggesting that you can damage your hair by potentially oversaturating it.

Here’s what you need to know.

You can sleep in pre-poo if you abide by one rule. Do not sleep in a deep conditioner pre-poo mix. Doing so may lead to hygral fatigue.

Hygral fatigue is a condition that occurs when your hair follicles swell as a result of too much moisture, which can happen when you sleep in a hydrating deep conditioner.

After all, one of the primary goals of deep conditioners is to infuse moisture.

Too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect on your hair.

Should you decide to sleep in your pre-poo, here’s what you need to do.

Choose a solution that leverages essential oils known to naturally condition and penetrate low porosity hair. Section your hair into four to six parts.

Apply the pre-poo to each section, taking the time to massage this oil into your scalp and areas of dry hair, ensuring that the mixture saturates your hair and scalp.

Next, gently braid or twist each section of your hair. Apply a satin bonnet or silk scarf.

Beware that the oil will likely penetrate your pillowcase or bed sheets. Covering your hair will help reduce this risk.

The next day, rinse your hair, then wash with a moisture-rich shampoo to wash away the oil. Condition and style as usual.

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pre-poo 4c hair overnightShould I pre-poo 4C hair overnight?

Benefits Of Pre-Poo 4C Hair

Pre-poo is a method used to prepare the hair for washing. Before the shampoo process, a pre-shampoo or pre-poo mix is applied to the scalp and hair.

Pre-poos may be purchased pre-made, or you can create your own pre-poo mix by blending an oil such as argan or jojoba oil with a deep conditioner and applying it to your hair.

Pre-poos are a great weapon to have in your hair care arsenal because they can provide your hair and scalp with an array of benefits.

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Pre-Poo Moisturizes 4C Hair

After a long week or more of being robbed of moisture, pre-poos offer an avenue for the reapplication of oil and other agents that help reintroduce moisture to your scalp and hair.

Pre-Poo Removes 4C Product Buildup

Pre-poos are a superb option for 4C hair because it also assists with the removal of product buildup ahead of the shampoo process without stripping your hair.

Pre-Poo Helps Detangle 4C Hair

If tangles are weighing you and your hair down ahead of the hair cleansing major event, pre-poos can help to gently detangle your hair, providing for slippage that supports hair manipulation before, during, and after the hair cleansing event.

Pre-Pooing 4C Hair Is a Scalp Treatment

Scalp inflammation and irritation are not uncommon after a long week of being exposed to environmental elements.

Dust, dirt, and debris can all become logged in our scalp, making for the perfect environment for clogged pores and itchiness or dry scalp.

Just as pre-poos are a fantastic moisturizing agent for your hair, they can also serve to hydrate and repair a dry scalp.

Manage Frizz With a 4C Hair Pre-Poo

Finally, pre-poos can help you can control the frizz factor affecting your hair.

Frizzy hair occurs as a result of your hair's desperate attempt to acquire some form of moisture.

Pre-poos can help to quench your hair’s thirst, thereby reducing the occurrence of frizz.

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NHP Wrap Up: Pre-Poo 4C Hair Overnight

In closing, if you pre-poo your 4C hair overnight, choose a blend of ingredients that will benefit your scalp and hair.

Try to steer clear of pre-poo mixes that incorporate deep conditioners, as this can lead to hygral fatigue, a syndrome that causes your hair to become oversaturated and at risk for breakage.  

I hope you enjoyed this NHP tutorial about whether you should pre-poo 4C hair overnight or night, if you want more 4C hair specific information, sign up for FREE 4C hair articles when they first come out.

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