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Minimalist Natural Hair Care Products

minimalist natural hair care products organic skin products

Are you on the hunt for minimalist natural hair care products and the best organic skin care products?

If so, you’re one smart cookie.

When you TRULY take care of your hair and skin and PROTECT YOUR BEAUTY you are setting yourself up to look more vibrant, healthy and years younger as you age.

Most people don’t realize what damage many of these harsh products do to our delicate hair and skin. I’m glad you do know and if you have a friend that needs to understand why minimalist skin care products and organic natural hair care products please BOOKMARK THIS NHP TUTORIAL because we’re going to explain why and show you some amazing products to buy!

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Why Minimalist Natural Hair Care Products & Best Organic Skin Care Products Are Important

It’s for good reason that many women and men are on the search for minimalist natural hair care products and the best organic skin care products that aren’t chemical-laden.

Minimalist Natural Hair Care Products & Best Organic Skin Care Products Are Important

To tell the truth, many ingredient labels are nearly impossible to read, much less understand.

If you don’t even understand the chemical reactions of the skin and hair products you’re using you’re pretty much at the mercy of chance and hoping for the best.

That’s not what a smart natural would do, especially when there are tried-and-true brands that make purely amazing minimalist natural hair care products and some of the best organic skin care products that you’ll get your hands on.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Breedlove Beauty Co., they have been a sensation on Instagram among naturalistas who love and praise the minimalist natural hair care products and all-organic skin care products that this company blesses their customers with! 

Let’s get to know more about this company before I show you their long list of minimalist products below…

Minimalist Natural Hair Care Products & Organic Skin Care Products From Breedlove Beauty Co.

Minimalist Natural Hair Care Products & Organic Skin Care Products From Breedlove Beauty Co.

Breedlove Beauty Co. is an amazing Black-owned business and minimalist skin & hair care is what they're all about. 

Each product is lovingly formulated in-house with careful research as to how each ingredient affects the product and hair or skin type it is formulated for. 

Kelli Palmer, the mind behind Breedlove Beauty Co. realized the need to take the complexity out of hair and skin care and create a more streamlined, minimalist approach. 

All minimalist natural hair care products and skin helpers are made for a specific reason and every ingredient has a benefit and therapeutic reason. No fillers of any sort, each minimalist product has active ingredients beneficial to your specific skin type without adding complexity. 

Kelli’s line includes facial toners, creams and masks, soap, body butters, natural deodorant, organic oils and shampoo and conditioner. The products are made from all-natural plant-based ingredients, such as essential oils, rose clay deep conditionery, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and castor oil.

Our products are made with natural oils, herbs, clays, minerals and extracts. Fragrances are obtained with high quality essential oils, no artificial fragrances. The use of clays are the colorant for our products, no artificial colors or dyes used.

Breedlove Beauty Co. believes in using the purest and best ingredients to return skin and hair to their health and rejuvenate it without difficult rituals and complicated products. Minimalism is the way to effective hair and skin care that heals from the source and produces results that can be seen and felt. 

You should look forward to the products you use on your skin and feel indulged, relaxed and rejuvenated and equate your daily shower and moisturizing with this feeling not just on occasion but everyday.

Breedlove Beauty Co. makes these products with life in mind and believe in minimizing the work so you can enjoy treating your skin and self. Thoughtfully made with you in mind. All of their minimalist natural hair care product formulations, packaging and graphic design work are original and made by this brilliant Black business and reflects their mission of the minimalist approach.

Products List: Best Organic Skin Care Products & Minimalist Natural Hair Care Products

Minimalist Natural Hair Care Products & Organic Skin Care Products

Below you will see a list of amazing minimalist natural hair care products and organic skin helpers from Breedlove Beauty Co. - take a peek!

  1. Activated Charcoal & Lavender Soap
  2. African Black Soap 
  3. All Natural Feminine (Yoni) Soap Bar
  4. All Natural Feminine Wash
  5. All Natural Lip Scrub  
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo
  7. Bakuchiol & Squalane Serum  
  8. Bamboo & Green Tea Face Scrub
  9. Beard & Face Oil 
  10. Beard Butter
  11. Better Hair Butter
  12. Cleansing Milk & Make-Up Remover
  13. Clear Complexion Clay Mask  
  14. Clear Complexion Corrective Toner
  15. Corrective Facial Cleanser
  16. Detangling Pre-Shampoo Hair Butter
  17. Eucalyptus Hemp & Tea Tree Soap
  18. Exotic Butter Face Creme
  19. Face Off Makeup Remover & Facial Cleansing Oil 
  20. Flaxseed Hair Gel
  21. Fresh Complexion Corrective Toner
  22. Glycolic Facial Cleanser
  23. Glycolic Facial Toner 
  24. Healthy Greens Hair & Scalp Butter
  25. Healthy Scalp Set  
  26. Herbal Hair Food
  27. Herbal Hair, Body & Beard Soap
  28. Honey Lip Drench 
  29. Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum
  30. Hydrating Leave-In Detangling Conditioner
  31. Natural Glow Face Serum No. 3
  32. Organic Facial Toner Set
  33. Organic Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil  
  34. Organic Hair Oils Set
  35. Organic Toners Trio
  36. Pink Hibiscus Scalp Scrub
  37. Pore Minimizing Skin Corrector Serum  
  38. Pumpkin & Fruit Enzyme Mask
  39. Pure Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil 
  40. Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil 
  41. Pure Organic Rosehip Seed Oil  
  42. Pure Organic Unrefined Tamanu Oil
  43. Pure Shea Oil 
  44. Pure Unrefined Black Seed Oil 
  45. Pure Unrefined Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil  
  46. Reset Exfoliating Enzyme Mask
  47. Rhassoul Aloe Soap  
  48. Rock Your Socks Off Foot Scrub
  49. Rose Clay & Argan Deep Conditioner
  50. Super C - Vitamin C Creme  
  51. Superfruit Butter Body Scrub
  52. Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Facial Toner 
  53. Triple Butter Whipped Body Butter
  54. Tropical Fruit Exfoliating Enzyme Mask
  55. Turmeric & Honey Soap  
  56. Turmeric and Honey Face Mask
  57. Vitamin C Facial Cleanser  
  58. Vitamin C Facial Toner 
  59. Vitamin C Glow Serum 
  60. Vitamin E & Cocoa Butter Hand and Foot Creme 
  61. Vitamin Rich Cream
  62. Youthful Glow Facial Cleanser  

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The Wrap Up: Minimalist Natural Hair Care Products

Wow! That incredible list of minimalist natural hair care products and the best organic skin care products is un-flippin-believable!

If you can't find the perfect product for your pure beauty routines at Breedlove Beauty Co,, you didn't look hard enough.

This Black-owned business goes above and beyong to give you the best-of the-best minimalist skin and hair products anywhere!

Grabs yours today!

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