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Is Derma Roller Safe For Hair? [THE TRUTH]

Is Derma roller safe for hair? The answer is yes. Although it’s much safer to leave Derma roller devices in the trained hands of licensed and experienced professionals for your hair loss treatment.

Also, even though Derma rollers are proven to be a safe and effective hair loss remedy, keep in mind that your scalp might not react to the Derma roller treatment the same way someone else’s does.

This natural hair growth treatment has been known to safely produce hair growth results on the scalp when used consistently.

Still though:

As safe as Derma rollers are, dermatologists strongly discourage DIY microneedling at home or with practitioners who aren’t properly trained.

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Why Derma Roller Safety Is Important For Hair Loss Patients

is derma roller safe for hair? Are derma rollers safe for hair?Is derma roller safe for hair?

Confirming that Derma roller is safe for hair loss patients is comforting because suffering from hair loss is already a traumatizing event that affects millions of people each year. 

Not only do people ask “Is Derma roller safe for hair and scalp?” because they may be afraid, but because they really want to know if it really works and if the treatment is worth the cost. 

The desire to find a treatment that will partially or fully restore hair after having to endure the experience of losing your hair can be overwhelming.

While some people seek hair products that will treat their scalp, others seek additional, complementary methods such as Derma rollers to slow or halt hair loss. Premium Derma rollers like BeautyBio's patented GloPRO Rejuvenating Scalp + Fuller Hair Therapy Set are even used on beards.

So let’s make sure that you truly understand what Derma rollers are and what they do for your hair regrowth efforts...

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What is Derma Rolling? [Safe & Simple Explanation]

Is Derma roller safe for hair? Answer is yes.Is Derma roller safe for hair edges?

It doesn’t make much sense to ask “Are Derma Rollers Safe for Hair?”, without understanding the hair growth procedure actually entails.

The term “derma rolling” or “Microneedling” refers to the safe process of using a derma roller on the skin to create tiny punctures the size of small pinholes.

This safe process is not painful, but it triggers a natural “injury” event on your skin. The injury event helps to generate a fascinating biological response in your body that increases blood flow to the area of “injury.”

The needles on derma rollers vary in size from .2 millimeters to 2 millimeters.

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Do Derma Rollers Safely Work for Hair Growth?

If you are on the fence about whether this approach to hair growth or solving for hair loss is legit, you should know that not only are Derma rollers safe for hair, the research backs up claims that derma rollers may be a key ingredient to healthy hair growth.

Do Derma rollers really work for hair growth? The answer is yes!

According to clinical hair growth studies, it’s been proven that Derma rollers work for increasing hair growth and are especially useful in promoting hair growth when combined with a hair restoration product such as Minoxidil.

HOW Does The Derma Roller Safely Work To Grow Hair?

So here’s how the Derma roller works to grow hair faster… As you move the Derma roller over your scalp, it creates multiple tiny punctures.

This exercise triggers a natural, biological inflammatory response, stimulating your scalp and hair follicles to grow hair.

Derma rollers help boost blood flow to the region, bringing with it those ever-so vital nutrients that contribute to healthy hair growth.

Derma rollers assist in the absorption of complimentary hair restoration products like hair growth oils and Minoxidil, thereby helping to boost the rate at which hair growth occurs.

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Safety Concern: Can Derma Rollers Damage My Scalp?

is derma roller safe for hair. grow edges and beards.Is derma roller safe for hair? Learn today...

In most instances, selecting an appropriate Derma roller will help keep injury down to a bare minimum.

The needles are tiny (thus called “microneedles”), and once again, not only are Derma rollers safe for hair but they play a significant role triggering the skin cell production and healing process for hair growth.

Ideally, you want to aim for derma needles that are 1.5 millimeters in size.

After using your Derma roller, you should always sanitize it using rubbing alcohol.

Safety Concern: How Often Should I Use a Dermaroller on My Scalp?

The frequency in which you use your Derma roller may vary. However, once a week should be sufficient, depending on your needs and tolerance.

Take care not to cause excessive pain by applying too much pressure.

Is Derma roller safe for hair? Yes, and this experience should be tolerable to your scalp.

Pain, swelling, bruising, and redness are common side effects that tend to fade after two to five days following treatment.

When using your Derma roller, you want to use it horizontally or from side to side.

One best practice suggests, parting your hair down the middle, moving the Derma roller over the part a total of seven to ten times before moving on to the next row.

Safety Concern: Should You Use Derma Rollers at Home?

Opinions are mixed about whether you should dare to embark on the task of performing derma rolling from the comfort of your home.

Although tons of people do it with products like BeautyBio's patented GloPRO Derma roller Rejuvenating Scalp + Fuller Hair Therapy Set which they claim is clinically proven to create thicker - fuller-looking hair in just 2 easy steps.

There is a risk for personal injury if the derma roller is misused, and you can increase your risk for scalp infections.

If you suffer from conditions that might make you vulnerable to injuries, such as eczema or diabetes, or take medications such as blood thinners, you should consult your physician before you decide on using a Derma roller.

Your doctor may advise you not to use Derma rollers on your own at home. It’s your choice whether to accept the safety advice or not.

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Is Derma Roller Safe For Hair Loss Treatments? Yes.

Jump for joy, and get your hair growth journey fully on track because high-quality Derma rollers are considered to be a safe option for treating hair loss when used correctly.

You should weigh the pros and cons of doing it yourself from the comfort of your home versus seeking the support and skill of a microneedle professional.

Derma rollers are just one approach to treating hair loss and stimulating faster or more consistent hair growth.

Do not be afraid to locate a professional who can provide you with additional options.

Yes, use of Derma rollers are safe in home and even safer when you go to a pro.

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