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Does Weather Affect Hair Growth?

If you’ve wondered ”Does weather affect hair growth?”. Don’t even trip fam…

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You ever feel like your hair growth rate hits a stand-still during certain times of the year? Could the weather be a factor?

A few studies indicate that your climate may directly affect the rate at which your hair grows, which might explain why we sometimes feel like we are working harder at certain times during the year.

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Does weather affect hair growth?Does weather affect hair growth? Find out THE WHOLE TRUTH!

Climate Talk: How Does Weather Affect Hair Growth?

When discussing the question “does weather affect hair growth?”, Dr. Alan Parks, a board-certified dermatologist answered yes, “Hair tends to grow a little faster in summer and slower in winter”.

Since the answer is, yes, climate and weather does actually affect hair growth rates as well as hair loss (although not drastically), it’s important to know what to expect and how to react accordingly depending on your hair growth goals.

Does Cold Weather Affect Hair Growth: Winter Months

During the winter or colder months of the year some naturals wonder "why is my hair not growing?", we are often faced with finding ways to keep our scalp and hair adequately hydrated. The colder temperatures, low humidity, indoor central air, and wind can all wreak havoc leading to dry hair and dry scalp.

Dry scalp, if left uncorrected, can lead to a cascade of issues, including scalp irritation and inflammation.

These things combined can slow hair growth considerably, cause shedding or even lead to a more severe case of hair loss. If not treated, hair loss can even become permanent.

Dry hair typically emerges as a side effect of the winter months due to your hair’s inability to receive or retain an adequate level of moisture. It's no wonder hair often takes on the appearance of being dull, shaggy, and feeling crunchy to the touch.

Our wardrobe enhances the problem because our sweaters, hats, and wool coats have a nasty habit of catching hold of our hair and snatching pieces of it every time we put on or take off an item.

Couple the harsh climate of the winter with hair care practices, such as washing your hair too frequently, and you can have a recipe for disaster.

Does Cold Weather Cause Hair Loss?

Although cold weather may not give a boost to your hair growth you don’t have to worry about it causing excessive shedding and hair loss.

Studies show that cold weather does not lead to increased hair loss above normal levels. Hair loss is more likely to come from a lack of humidity, and less hydration is more often the culprit.

Interestingly enough, a 6-year study of 800+ women at the University Hospital of Zürich found that the ladies lost the least amount of hair during the winter season.

The hair loss study showed that there was a peak in hair shedding in the summer climate, with a second, less significant, peak during the spring season.

Research also shows that the body produces more melatonin during the wintertime, which helps the body regulate the hair growth cycle and keeps hair from shedding more than normal levels.

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Does Heat Stimulate Hair Growth? Your Hair Grow Faster In The Summer?

does weather affect hair growth - climate heat and hair loss.Does weather affect hair growth? Let's talk HEAT!

Summer months offer another array of challenges for hair. The blazing sun may feel good beaming down on your face, but too much exposure to those ultraviolet rays can leave hair susceptible to becoming dry and brittle. If you like to dabble in flat irons or curling irons, the combination of these two things can create challenges for your hair.

With all of that being said…

It does seem that heat helps stimulate hair growth, so let’s get a better understanding about the reason why...

Just think of why we place such high value on warm oil massages to the scalp for hair growth. 

Beside the “Oh My Gawd” goodness you feel from the massage part, that heat is integral to your scalp’s blood circulation which helps to spur on growth.

The summer months' heat may help promote improved blood circulation to the scalp region, which helps to transport those vital nutrients for follicular stimulation and healthy hair growth.

If you live in a humid climate, your hair also has the opportunity to indulge in the readily available moisture floating in the air which is great for hair growth. 

Although you may not like the idea of your hair swelling under these conditions, it is an excellent natural way to meet the needs of your hair.

If you reside in climates that are arid and in nature, the dry air can leave hair dry and brittle and undoubtedly create a bit more work for you.

Given the comparison of the ups and downs of the temperature and weather events, does weather affect hair growth? Absolutely, yes.

Some climates, such as those with high humidity, are clearly more favorable for hair growth than others. Ultimately, what you choose to do, no matter where you live, will determine your outcome.

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Combating The Effects of Weather For Hair Growth 

No matter the time of year, you can do a few things to promote healthy hair growth.

Drink plenty of water. Your body relies on you to maintain adequate hydration, and your scalp is no exception. Water is essential for helping to transport those vital nutrients like zinc and health-boosting iron to your scalp to stimulate your hair follicles.

Next, protect your hair from excessive ultraviolet light exposure. Too much of a good thing can disrupt the overall structure of your hair. Consider periodically wearing protective styles or a hat for coverage on sunny days.

Weigh the pros and cons of using heat to style your hair. No matter the time of year, curling and flat irons can rob your hair of moisture, creating the perfect storm for damage to emerge.

Finally, adopt a hair care regimen that supports moisture-rich hair hygiene. To avoid dry, brittle hair, no matter the weather outside, requires that you follow a routine that incorporates the use of a pre-poo, shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner protocol that can survive any temperature outdoors. 

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