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Why Is My Hair Not Growing? [10 Reasons Why!]

Are you asking yourself, "Why is my hair not growing?"... 

Look sis, life is too-doggone-short to be walkin' around with a head full of struggle strands and faulty follicles.  You hear me? 

Be honest... Are you struggling to grow your hair as fast as you'd like to?

Why is my hair not growingStop wondering why your hair isn't growing...TODAY!

Are you tired of seeing other women show off their miracle growth pics and feeling like you never really know the FULL STORY as to HOW they are growing and keeping hair such healthy, beautiful hair?

You ain't alone honey.

We get women writing into NHP all the time asking about good natural hair growth regimens or looking for suggestions on top-notch hair health products for growth.

Well... Let's get right into it. These 10 hair growth mistakes are VERY common, leave you asking why is my hair not growing, and they need to stop so that your hair growth can start.

"Why Is My Hair Not Growing?" - Because of These 10 Deadly Hair Growth Sins

If you're stuck asking yourself "Why is my hair not growing?", this list may very well have your answer...

#1 - Trusting Your Hair Growth To a Stylist [Why Your Hair Isn't Growing]

Why is my hair not growing after cutting haircut.Hmmm...

YOU need to take responsibility for LEARNING WHAT YOUR HAIR NEEDS. Your stylist may love you to death, but they will never care about your hair as much as you do.

Many stylists are more concerned with THEIR OWN COMFORTABLE HABITS when doing hair, often they are not willing to listen to you about what you need and then ACTUALLY DO IT.

If you insist... I guess.

You ever find yourself getting talked out of what you wanted her to do? It happens all the time. Many stylists feel like a mama, talking to kids who don't know what's good for them.

BUT IF YOU STUDY YOUR HAIR, you will know what's good for you and you might be better off just doing it yourself.

They are not with your hair 24-7, you are. So please equip yourself with the knowledge. Test different hair growth oils, wash day routines, DIY hair creams, moisturizing regimens.

If you find yourself wondering, "Why is my hair not growing?"...

Write your experiments in a journal, track your successes and failures and piece together the PERFECT plan of action. You are your best hope for finding your hair growth keys.

Sin #2 - Not Paying Attention To Your Hair Product Ingredients [Why Your Hair Isn't Growing]

Avoiding harsh chemicals is a must, if you don't recognize the first ingredients on the label, it's probably not something you should put on your scalp.

An example of a GREAT ingredient list with natural and organic products that help hair instead of hurt it, is Fro Butter...

Why is My Hair not growing? Not using all-natural hair growth products like Fro Butter.No more asking, "Why is my hair not growing?".... All-natural hair products from Black-owned FRO BUTTER brand!

I saw another natural hair woman reading and checking the ingredient list for Fro Butter with Emu Oil, and after examining that and Emu oil hair growth reviews, she knew she had found a winner. No more asking "Why is my hair not growing?"

Excellent example of All-natural products to the rescue for hair growth!

Sin #3 - Not Having a WEEKLY Hair Regimen [Why Your Hair Isn't Growing]

Having a weekly hair regimen that you follow gives you the STRUCTURE  and consistency needed to start growing hair like a BOSS. 

[ See my Grow Hair With Box Braids Article! ]

Sin #4 - Not LISTENING To Your Hair [Why Your Hair Isn't Growing]

Having a weekly hair regimen is also made for learning and being able to listen. Remember I talked about having a hair journal?

Well, when your hair screams out for a change in your regimen, change it and write down what you did. That way you are taking notes when your hair speaks! Literally...

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Sin #5 - Being TOO Hands On [Why Your Hair Isn't Growing]

When your main goal is hair growth, that means your #1 goal is also hair retention.

One major enemy of hair retention is you constantly messing with your hair and manipulating it.

Find low-manipulation hairstyles, and leave your hair alone to grow in peace, sis! That'll help you stop wondering, "Why is my hair not growing?"...

Sin #6 - Not Wearing Stretched Styles Enough [Why Your Hair Isn't Growing]

When you have kinky hair it's soooo easy to get kinks and knots. Wearing stretched styles eliminates that problem.

Sin #7 - Treating Deep Conditioning Like It's OPTIONAL [Why Your Hair Isn't Growing]

Do it, do it, do it!! You can deep condition every week with a proven moisturizer for curly to kinky hair! Don't wait til you have a hair emergency or you start feeling dryness. Deep condition weekly (or as much as possible), it's a hair saver!

Sin #8 - Disregarding Importance of Hair Porosity [Why Your Hair Isn't Growing]

You saying, "Aaah, Porosity, Smorosity... WHATEVAH..."

You need to understand your hair porosity level. You think we out here Bull-Jivín' when we bring up porosity?

That is critical knowledge for understanding your specific needs when you are trying to moisturize and stay moisturized. Without proper and constant moisture..... SNAP CRACKLE POP baaaaaby. Get it together.

Sin #9 - Using Moisturizers That Don't Match Your Hair Type [Why Your Hair Isn't Growing]

This goes back to #8 a lil' bit, because how will you know the best moisturizer for your hair if you don't know what type of hair you have?

Also, if you have chemically-damaged hair from perming or dyeing that is a clue as to what types of moisturizers to use and avoid. Weather-damaged hair has different moisturizing needs as well. That's why NHP is here to teach you what you need to know.

Sin #10 - Oiling Without Moisturizing FIRST [Why Your Hair Isn't Growing]

Where would we be without amazing hair oils??? They are a MUST, a staple, a God-send! BUUUUUTTTTT!!!!

A Big Ol' But.

One MAJOR confusion many of us have is believing that oils actually moisturize. They do not. This is not opinion, it's scientific fact.

Moisture comes from water, oils carry nutrients and SEAL IN moisture.

Listen, very-light oils with smaller molecular particles actually penetrate your hair follicles to deliver nutrients and then seal that moisture in.

why is my hair not growing Oiling Without Moisturizing FIRSTWhy is my hair not growing? Not understanding the role of hair oils.

Heavier oils with larger molecular particles do not penetrate, they simply coat and seal whatever moisture you already have infused.

Either way, if you seal your hair without first infusing it with moisture through some kind of moisturizing cream, co-wash, leave-in conditioner, etc. It's like tying the end of a balloon that's filled with air, and expecting to see water inside afterwards.

No, if you want a water balloon, you put water in first THEN you seal the balloon. So always keep that in mind.

Oil does not moisturize, but PENETRATING OILS, like Moroccan argan oil, do super-charge your moisturized hair with healthy nutrients and seals all that goodness inside. that's a recipe for some booty-length hair if you stick to a healthy regimen.

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Melissa Lee is a Contributing Editor to NHP and a former owner of the BlackhairOMG website. She formed 4C Trichology Growth Services, LLC., a US based hair care consultation service. She has also contributed as a writer and consultant for various hair and beauty websites. Melissa can be followed on Twitter here.

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