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Welcome to the All About Oils - Best Hair Growth Oils 101 section at, I'll show you how to find the best oil for hair growth. you'll soothe & stimulate your scalp with both common AND even some exotic, uncommon hair oils that you can mix with hair growth herbs.

You ready?

Imagine feeling truly confident with your natural hair regimen, knowing EXACTLY which all-natural hair growth supplements to use, all while you avoid wasting time or money... That's my goal for you.

After feeling your way through this WEALTH of information, you'll see your hair grow and flourish because you'll know exactly which hair growth oil fits your specific hair & scalp needs.


In order to treat, heal, and grow hair with oil, you need THE TRUTH about which oils best penetrate & infuse nutrients into your strands, which ones perfectly seal in moisture and know exactly how to use them!

Well, congrats, you've found your answers! Look...

Within this indepth Mega Guide today, you’ll discover:

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What Does Hair Growth Oil Do For Your Hair?

First, let's be clear... Different oils have different advantages, and near the bottom of this page I will be showing you how to target specific oils for your specific needs.

Whether you want to grow hair with oil, lock in moisture, penetrate with with vitamins and hair growth nutrients, fight dandruff and much more..

The whole dealio!

For now though, let's talk about what natural hair oils do for you in general. Because to grow hair with oil, it helps to understand how the oils types differ.

There are 2 different types of oils that are good for hair growth...

CARRIER OILS: A carrier oil is a vegetable or fruit oil derived from the fatty portion of a plant, often extracted from the seeds, nuts or kernels.

Many carrier oils encourage hair growth because they are packed with nutrients, anti-fungal properties, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

These ever-important fatty acids, make up a part of what are called "lipids", and help replace the lost lipids in your hair. This prevents brittle and weakened hair that's well on its way to bad breakage.

Carrier oils are sometimes called “fixed oils,” because they don't quickly evaporate from your hair and skin, so they remain “fixed” where applied longer than essential oils. They make great "sealers" for hair, sealing in moisture for hair health and natural hair growth effects.

Here are examples of carrier oils for growing hair:

ESSENTIAL OILS: Essential oils are distilled from the leaves, roots, bark, and other aromatic botanicals. Essential oils evaporate and have a strong, concentrated smell.

Essential oils are lightweight, and have smaller molecular structure and size which helps penetrate into your hair, skin and scalp far better than heavier oils. Many essential oils have amazingly-effective scalp stimulating chemicals. This scalp stimulation is just one of the many reasons why you can grow hair with oil.

I highly suggest you enhance stimulation to the scalp, its a KEY method to use when growing natural hair with oil.

Do this by giving yourself regular scalp massages during growth oil applications. Examples of common essential oils for hair growth include: peppermint oil, rosemary essential hair growth oil, and thyme.

It's very important that you DO NOT USE ESSENTIAL OILS DIRECTLY ON THE SCALP WITHOUT A CARRIER OIL. Burning, strong discomfort and irritation may occur from using these essential oils without a buffer.

 Here are examples of essential oils for growing hair:

FAQs About Hair Growth Oils

There are far more questions out there besides "Is oil good for hair growth?". So let me address some of the other hair growth oil questions we get, like...

Can MSM be added to hair growth oils? And does it work? The answer is yes. In fact, there are tons of MSM hair growth before and after photos to prove it. Here's one AMAZING "Super Hair Growth Oil" that has MSM added to the recipe.

Is oiling hair good for dandruff? Yes, it depends on which oil you use though. For example, Tea tree oil has been medically proven to be a natural antifungal and functions as a good disinfectant.

Natural Hair Growth Oil Myth Buster #277 

best hair growth oil or not? Best oil for hair growth

Unfortunately, some natural hair videos have taught you that there are oils that moisturize natural hair.

That is 100% False. 

And that bad information has caused tons of women's hair to get brittle and break.

LISTEN...Even the best hair growth oils do not moisturize. Only H2O or water-based products can moisturize. 

This is SCIENTIFIC FACT, not "sounds good to me" PHILOSOPHY...

Now... The correct oils DO seal moisture in...

Oils DO SUPPORT proper moisturing methods like crazy though. 

Is hair oil good for everyday use? For many naturalistas, here lies a problem, they don’t know how to identify if their hair is in need of moisture, oil, or what? However, if you moisturized your hair properly on... See FULL Answer Here.

Does wild growth hair oil work? For many, Wild Growth Hair Oil has great results. It contains ingredients such as mushroom, chickpea, and lentil, ingredients that are unique to the product’s proprietary formulation, and not commonly found in other hair growth solutions. The product also contains a wide variety of powerful hair growth nutrients that do work to boost natural hair growth.

What's the best hair growth oil? Honestly, there is no consensus #1 hair growth oil. It depends on your hair type and what you want to accomplish. For example, kinky natural hair may have different oils that help it grow faster than permed, relaxed hair or straight hair. Find more detail in my list of the Top 21 Hair Growth Oils for Black Women.

Does fish oil help hair grow? This is a complex question. Whether you're consuming the fish oil or applying it topically,. the truth is... See More Here at CurlyNikki

How does tea tree oil help cure the scalp? Tea Tree oil is particularly effective against fungus, bacteria and viruses and can help with many ailments from sore throats to acne to toenail fungus.  

Are hot oil treatments better than room-temperature oil treatments? It depends on what result you want. Anyone telling you a solid "YES" across the board on hot oil treatments or a solid "NO" across the board, is full of Bull. What really matters is... See More Here (from Natural Hair Mag).

Why should I use Jamaican black castor oil for hair growth? Simply put, many women with natural Black hair have been saved by Jamaican black castor oil when added to their hair growth regimens. You see, they grow hair with this oil by adding it to their pre-poo, massaging it into the scalp to boost hair growth and using it in their deep conditioning sessions. 

How can I make a DIY natural hair growth oil? This is an easy one, you can make a DIY natural hair oil by using the various articles I give you that details the benefits of different oils and the best combinations you can employ for faster hair growth. Look no farther than my article about a great DIY Almond oil and Aloe Vera Hair Growth Oil You Can Make at Home.

What are Ayurvedic oils & are they the best oil for hair growth?Ayurvedic oils are popular for good reason, for centuries, people around the globe have used these oils to... See More Here (Mala from Afro Veda).

Are oils that are higher in ceramides good for dry natural hair? You'll see a whole list of hair growth oils high in ceramides below. Ceramides are very important for your natural hair, the reason for the longest... See More Here.

Moisture Basics: Moisturizing & Sealing Hair

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Full ARTICLE list - Grow Hair With These Oils

Essential Oils For Hair Growth 

best hair growth oil list - best oil for hair growth tips

Get an extensive list of ONLY essential oils for hair growth treatments.

Although you should ALWAYS combine an essential oil for hair growth with a carrier, this article will help you identify the best essential oils for hair growth and thickness, specifically, you'll learn more in-depth about the benefits and uses. SEE IT HERE (by Adrienne from Whole New Mom)...

Carrier Oils For Hair Growth

Get an extensive list of ONLY carrier oils for hair growth treatments.

When looking to grow hair with oil, it's almost impossible to stay away from these carrier oils. This article will help you identify the best carrier oils for hair growth treatments, you'll also learn more in-depth about the benefits and uses. SEE IT HERE (by Rayna from Happy Curl Happy Girl)...

Argan Oil  - Hair growth oil from Organic Argan kernels 

Organic Argan Oil is dang-near famous among natural-haired women because it's proven to be rich in nutrient-infusing omega-6 fatty acids, strand-saving antioxidants, and it is believed have twice as much vitamin E as Olive Oil. This oil supports the hydration of your hair and... Click Here for FULL Article (by Tywana from Treasured Locks).

Castor Oil For Hair Growth  

Grow hair with oil from the seeds of the castor bean plant. Castor oil, as well as Jamaican black castor oil for hair, contain an unusual fatty acid that gives it its unique hair growth properties. It works to smooth hair cuticles too, making it effective for high porosity hair care and growth when used correctly. Click Here for FULL Article.

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth 

Coconut oil hair growth benefits are enjoyed by many, yet still, others claim that coconut oil hurts their hair. I know why both sides are right. I'll tell you right now... Click Here for FULL Article.

Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth

Grow hair with oil from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) plant. Jojoba grows natural hair by regulating sebum production, fighting scalp infection and causing your... Click Here for FULL Article (by Adeola Coils and Glory).

Lavender Oil for Hair Growth 

Grow hair with oil from sprigs of lavender flowers. Chinese researchers have observed that lavender essential oil is... Click Here for FULL Article (by Heather from Neno Natural).

Olive Oil for Hair Growth

Grow hair with oil from olives, See, those tasty olives do more than spice up a dish. Learn how to use as a hair growth treatment... Click Here for FULL Article (by Sabrina from Hair Science).

Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth  

You can grow hair with oil from rosemary plants. Rosemary oil stimulate your scalp, while boosting hair growth and shutting down hair loss... Click Here for FULL Article 

Hair Growth Oil Knowledge Nugget #11

best hair growth oil. best oil for hair growth

Tea tree oil does more than help your hair, it can be used to get rid of acne!

Scientific evidence proves its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, which in turn, kill acne bacteria and reduce the size of pimples.

Oil Tip for Heat-Users & Transitioning Hair Growth

One major tip for women who frequently use heat on their hair OR are transitioning away from relaxed, chemically-treated hair is the use of oils that contain ever-important ceramides.

natural hair growth oil on hair cuticle.  grow hair with oilCeramides bind the layers of cuticle cells

Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids (a type of fat) found in the inner-layer of your hair cuticles.

The hair cuticle is compromised of multiple overlapping layers of cells that, when healthy, lie flat which in turn keeps the hair strand feeling frizz-free while looking healthy and shiny.

This is all thanks to ceramides, which act like a glue that binds the layers of hair cuticle cells together.

Best Hair Growth Oils w/Ceramides

  • Safflower oil  78%
  • Grape seed oil 73%
  • Poppyseed oil  70%
  • Sunflower oil  68%
  • Hemp oil  60%
  • Corn oil  59%
  • Wheat germ oil  55%
  • Cottonseed oil  54%
  • Soybean oil 51%
  • Walnut oil 51%
  • Sesame oil 45%
  • Rice bran oil 39%
  • Pistachio oil 32.7%
  • Peanut oil 32%
  • Canola oil 21%
  • Linseed oil 15%
  • Olive oil  10%
  • Palm oil 10%
  • Macadamia oil  2%
  • Coconut oil 2%

When your hair suffers from the normal wear and tear of shampooing, styling/manipulation, brushing, etc., or endures harsh chemical treatments, your cuticles raise up and can cause hair to look dull, feel rough and break.

By using oils that contain ceramides, it helps keep the hair cuticle flat and returns it to its healthy state.

Also, because of its ability to strengthen and protect hair, ceramides can act almost like a protein as well as prevent loss of moisture from the hair strand (ceramides shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for normal protein treatments though).

Learn more about ceramides HERE (by Abi from

Avoid These Hair Growth Oil Mistakes!

As we explained above, you can grow hair with oils, but you cannot moisturize your hair strands with oil.

Oils do a great job of supporting PROPER moisturization regimens but do not in and of themselves provide moisture. Realizing this could save you a lot of dryness, brittleness and extreme breakage.

Because of many natural hair blogs and videos parroting the same incorrect, cookie-cutter, bad advice, many inexperienced naturals have suffered dryness because they try to use an oil as a moisturizer.

Not realizing that it will only lead to more dryness because trying to use oil as your moisturizer stops you from giving your hair the TRUE hydration that it needs in order to flourish.

ALSO, Avoid inferior oils that are not...

  1. Organic
  2. Cold-pressed
  3. Unrefined

Refined oils have been heated up, many times up to 400 degrees or more. This process kills some of the natural, organic properties of the oil.

Yes, you can still grow hair with a hair growth oil that is refined, but you will be cheating yourself out of many benefits, like certain vitamins, anti-oxidants, anti-fungal properties and a whole host of nutrients.

If you're going to use hair growth oils for hair health, to support moisture retention or length retention to stop breakage, stick with the premium goods. You deserve it!

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