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Wild Growth Hair Oil For Edges 101

Losing hair around your edges is frustrating and embarrassing, ya know? So, if you wanna know everything important about using Wild Growth hair oil for edges and see real customer reviews...

Wild Growth hair oil for edges

... I got your hair growth oil answers right here, sis.


I remember feeling soooo embarrassed (and halfway offended) when a friend of mine asked me if I was starting to bald around the edges.

And I wasn't even balding! It was just a bad picture with bad lighting on Facebook that made my goofball compadre jump to a false conclusion. I told him that, and then...

I still went to the mirror to double-check, LOL! 

Even the thought of losing my edges had me in my feelings, that's why I'm happy that there are solutions to thinning edges... 

1000's of sistas are discovering the power of hair growth oils for Black women and they're helping folks get their hairline back to normal. 

Wild Growth hair oil for edges - how it really worksLearn More About Wild Growth hair oil for edges...

If you want the scoop about other hair growth products and oils besides Wild Growth oil you can jump over and see my Hair Growth Oils Guide HERE.

And to get your answers about Wild Growth hair oil for edges, just scroll on down and get em'... 

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You and I both know that the struggle with edge growth for Black hair is TOO REAL!

Yet, and still, there are plenty of great hair growth products to help you get your edges back.

Wild Growth hair oil for edges versus Hairfinity Botanical Hair OilWild Growth hair oil for edges has competition...

And not ONLY Wild Growth hair oil for edges, there are other great products like Hairfinity Botanical hair oil that can go head-to-head with the authentic Wild Growth hair oil ingredients and give you the result you need in a matter of weeks.

You can also make DIY recipes like aloe vera and almond oil for hair growth.

So if you decide that you don't like the smell or you find Wild Hair growth itchy on your scalp (some do), you aren't out of options and you can easily find more hair growth oils to choose from and see reviews on this natural hair products blog.

Make Wild Growth Hair Oil Edge Massages Mandatory

When you reaaaaaaaaally need to grow those edge fast you can't afford to leave any stones unturned. Why buy bottles of Wild Growth hair oil for edges if you’re not going to put forth the effort needed to regrow your hairline?

Either you want results or you don’t, your actions will prove it and your edges will tell the truth no matter what your mouth says… Buying Wild Growth hair oil for edges is the just the 1st step. 2nd step is...

...get to rubbing sis!

Wild Growth Hair Oil For Edges. massaging in Wild Growth hair oil for fast-growing hairline resultsMassage your wild growth hair oil for edges in well...

Gently rubbing and massaging the thinning edge areas of your scalp with the Wild Growth hair oil mixture treatments can play an equally important role in re-growing hair in those areas. 

Your massage treatments will help reduce the damage on your edges by activating and invigorating your scalp follicles and encourage thicker hair growth.

Studies have shown that certain plant oils have anti-Inflammatory and skin barrier repair effects, that includes Wild Growth hair oil for edges.

The best part about massaging Wild Growth hair oil into your edges is that you’ll be applying all-natural ingredients  jojoba and vitamin D that will infuse important vitamins and hair growth nutrients into your scalp to create a more vibrant growth terrain. 

Wild Growth hair oil for edges people also ask answers

NHP ANSWERS: About Wild Growth Hair Oil For Edges

So look, below you'll find answers that many women have revealed in videos, blog articles and Wild Growth hair system reviews.

Keep in mind, that there isn't a hair growth product on earth that is loved by 100% of the buyers, including Wild Growth hair oil for edges, so you need to see what the majority are saying about any hair growth product and make your own judgement.

Even super-popular growth oils like Wild Growth hair oil for edges have their detractors and folks that simply don't like it.


Go ahead and find your answers to commonly asked questions below!

Does Wild Growth hair oil work on edges?
Various Wild Growth hair oil system reviews suggest that, yes, wild growth hair oil does work on edges. After many attempts to grow hair with other products, women reviewers claim they're getting more growth with proper use. Reports of thicker, longer and stronger hair often come with daily use.

How long does it take Wild Growth hair oil to work?
It doesn't take long for Wild Growth hair oil to work & get results when working the oil into your hair growth regimen correctly. It takes as little as 3 weeks as long as you're consistent. How you use the oil makes THE difference in it working in less than 2 months.

Can you use Wild Hair Growth oil everyday?
While the bottle tells you to use every 3 days, many thick-haired women use Wild Hair growth oil every day on the hairline where edges are thinning and they're now seeing new growth. You can also oil your dry scalp everyday, a little does go a long way with proper use.
Wild Growth Hair Oil For Edges. Use wild growth hair oil everyday

Does Wild Growth help bald spots?
Yes, using Wild hair growth does help bald spots depending on the cause of your baldness. If your follicles aren't permanently damaged you can get improvement in thickness at your thin or bald areas, while this oil does reduce baldness for superficial issues, a trichologist helps for serious problems.

Does Wild Growth oil make your hair thicker?
Multiple Wild Growth hair oil reviews mention thicker hair results. Although claims come mainly from women with type 4 thick hair, this hair oil is designed to promote thick hair growth for all hair types. Dry, tangled & hard to manage hair does soften and is often less prone to split ends.

Is there a fake Wild Growth hair oil?
No, there are no verified Amazon "fake Wild growth hair oils" selling online, only false claims & misunderstandings. Some have incorrectly suspected there are fakes or changed formulas because of changes in how ingredients were listed starting in 2017. Still, no fakes have been confirmed by Wild Growth Co.

Whats the difference between the white and yellow wild growth oil?
The two different white and yellow Wild Growth oils boast different consistency. The white bottle (Wild Growth Hair Oil) is thicker, the yellow bottle (Wild Growth Light Moisturizing Oil) is thinner & mixed in shampoo for a moisture boost. The oil in the white bottle is darker yellow in hue.
Wild Growth Hair Oil For Edges. Whats the difference between the white and yellow wild growth oil?

Does Wild Growth grow your hair?
Yes, with proper use Wild Growth oil does grow your hair. The popular growth treatment for your scalp and hair is effective and inexpensive. Your hair grows because of what the nutrients and conditioning do to make your hair less brittle and softer. Wild Growth detangles and slows split-end breakage.

Is Wild Growth Hair Oil only for Black hair?
Wild Growth hair oil is mainly used for Black hair, but the hair oil is not only for African Americans, no. Women of other ethnicities report growth results from the oil treatment too. Blacks, Asians, and Whites swear by Wild Growth oil as it gives shine and body while making all hair types grow faster.

How long do you leave Wild Growth in your hair?
How long you leave Wild Growth in your hair will make-or-break your results. For best results, you should leave the oil in your hair indefinitely without washing it out, let it absorb. Long hair comes from long treatments. If you are determined to remove it because of the smell, leave it in at least 3 hours.

Wild Growth Hair Oil For Edges. How long does it take Wild Growth hair oil to work?
How do you use Wild Growth oil on edges?
Here's how to use Wild growth oil on edges and how to be consistent. Use 10-20 drops twice a day (morning and night) for 3 months. Massage oil on your temples for 5+ minutes. Next, massage the front hairline edges 3+ mins. Then, massage the scalp edges behind the temples for 3+ mins and leave it in, that's how.

Do you have to wash out Wild Growth hair oil?
No, you don't have to wash Wild Growth hair oil out. And, as we explained earlier, for best results you probably shouldn't shampoo it out. Only wash it out if it irritates your skin. Some feel you have to wash it out to avoid blocking pores, not true and there's no need. Wild growth oil is made to absorb.


I hope you enjoyed my guide about Wild Growth hair oil for edges.

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Now I’d like to hear from you:

Have you ever used Wild Growth oil for your hair?

If so, what do you think about the product?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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