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Which Gorilla Snot Gel Is The Strongest For 4C Hair [BEST ANSWER]

Which gorilla snot gel is the strongest? Good question…

Many are confused between the strength differences because Moco de Gorila Hair Gel (AKA) Gorilla snot comes in three different color bottles that indicate light-to-strongest hold levels. 

Yet, some don’t know what color code is supposed to mean STRONGEST.

Let’s answer the question right now…

Which Gorilla Snot Gel Is The Strongest For 4C Hair - Your BEST ANSWER

Which Gorilla Snot Gel Is The Strongest For 4C HairWhich Gorilla Snot Gel Is The Strongest For 4C Hair - THIS ONE!

ANSWER: The PUNK Gorilla Snot is the strongest gel from the Moca de Gorila brand, by far.

PUNK Gorilla snot comes in the yellow bottle, it’s the extreme strength hair styling gel with extraordinary strong hold, it’s formulated for holding down 4C edges and supporting anti-gravitational hairstyles like mohawks.

The other versions don’t have such a strong hold, so if you want the strongest Gorilla Snot for 4C hair you should avoid “Rockero” (red bottle) which has a medium hold factor of 9 and “GALAN” (green bottle) has the weakest-lightest hold factor of 8.

The different formulations match different hair types, each with a different strength and level of holding power.

Which gorilla snot gel is the strongest? Reviewers mention that PUNK is the best Gorilla Snot gel for 4C hair, the Gorilla Snot brand describes it as indestructible and rates the hold as a 10, which is the strongest.

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Which Gorilla Snot Gel Is The Strongest? Read Moca De Gorila Customer Reviews…

Which Gorilla Snot Gel Is The Strongest? Moca De Gorila Customer Reviews…Customer reviews that prove which gorilla snot gel is the strongest...

So we scoured the internet to find reviews that SPECIFICALLY speak about how strong or weak the felt PUNK Yellow bottle Gorilla Snot was. So, does EVERYONE agree about which Gorilla Snot Gel Is The Strongest? Let's see....

Strong and cheap

which gorilla snot gel is the strongest 5 star review

This stuff works great. It is super strong and I love how you can reactivate it with a little bit of water. The price is cheap compared to other stuff I get at CVS. A little bit goes a long way. 


2 stars -not that strong

which gorilla snot gel is the strongest 2 stars

Didn't really hold hair as strong as my friend told me it would.

-Kev Hill

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Strong hold

which gorilla snot gel is the strongest ratings

It dries fast and has a strong hold, highly recommend! The hold for my edges lasted about 3-4 days. I have coily 4C hair if it helps anyone. If you use too much it will become flaky, but don’t do it, that's a given. 

- Sophie

Best gel for a strong hold.

which gorilla snot gel is the strongest stars

I tried different types of gels and hair products that had a strong hold but most left a white residue or didn't hold up well. But now with the gorilla gel WOW I love it. It's hold is very strong and even after sweating it stays put. Has a light smell, nothing overpowering. There's different type for whatever style you're looking for.  

- Laila

the best strong-hold gel I've ever used

which gorilla snot gel is the strongest best

I got this years ago as a gag gift, but didn't open it until recently when I ran out of my usual stuff. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it's the best strong-hold gel I've ever used!

It's very sticky, so a little goes a long way... but don't bother using it on dry hair. Some people have complained about it being drying; I don't notice that unless I use it every day for several weeks.

- Nikki

Strong Hold!

which gorilla snot gel is the strongest moca de gorila

It has a really strong hold, which is what I need. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it leaves your hair hard, and I am not very fond of the smell. It's not bad, but I also think it's not good. But if you need something to really hold your hair, this works great. 

- J.H.

 Gorilla Hair Gel, holds like Gorilla Glue

which-gorilla-snot-gel-is-the-strongest review

Hold strong, no flakes

- Anonymous

Awesome stuff

which-gorilla-snot-gel-is-the-strongest punk

It has a great strong hold on my daughter's edges. This is some awesome stuff. I no longer buy or use edge control.

- Serena

The best holding gel I have ever found!

which-gorilla-snot-gel-is-the-strongest yellow

I came across this brand by accident, and now I'm hooked! I don't spike my hair, but it is curly and gets frizzy now matter what kind of gel I use, I have trouble finding a strong enough gel that doesn't flake, but now that I use moco my hair is perfect!  

-Peezy Poo

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This strong stuff turned my nappy natural edges into a sleek ...


This stuff turned my nappy natural edges into a sleek, smooth, Sade-looking ponytail. This stuff is miraculous. And it dries hard but not too hard that it's not touchable.

I've used it to slick my edges when I wear my hair out, the slick my edges when I wear a full wig so nothing is popping out, and to create a fake hairline with a lace front wig.

After applying the product for 2 or 3 days you either need to put a warm rag on to loosen it up a bit or skip a day and just use water to semi-reactivate it (although it won't hold as long and strong that way). I have no complaints about this product.  

FAQs: Is The Strongest Gorilla Snot Good For 4C Edges?

ANSWER: For holding down 4C edges, yes, Gorilla Snot is good. In fact, many reviews say the PUNK Gorilla Snot in the yellow bottle is one of the best edge control gels they’ve tried. It’s one of the strongest and keeps 4C edges laid for hours, some would even say it's strong enough for type "4D hair".

The name (albeit a bit disgusting) is very befitting as this super-strong gel has a very sticky, snot-like texture. Still though, it’s NOT GOOD to leave in your hair for days on end. Let’s talk about that in the net pro tip…

PRO TIP: Wash Strong Gorilla Snot Out Of 4C Edges Daily & Avoid Hair Breakage

Wash Strongest Gorilla Snot Out Of 4C Edges Daily & Avoid Hair Breakage & strong Hair loss.Which gorilla snot gel is the strongest tutorial...

Ladies, NHP strongly advises you not to use this strong edge gel and then just leave it in your hair day after day. 

Strong hair gel is not supposed to be left in your hair overnight and the next and the next. It will start to flake and pull out your hair because of the tightness from the gel setting and drying. 

WASH IT OUT everyday and you will have no issues. If you only use it on your edges for the strong hold, then when you wash your face make sure to get soap and water on your edges too and wash it out. Or use a wet cloth and soap and gently clean your edges.

Too many people are blaming Gorilla Snot products for their edges breaking when they've been keeping this strong gel on for days and days at a time.

We hope you enjoyed this "which gorilla snot gel is the strongest" tutorial, see more from us below...

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