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4D Hair Type? Does 4D Natural Hair Exist

Oh, so... Let me guess...

"What had happened was..." somebody said that a 4D hair type is a real thing and now you want to know what the heck that's all about, if you have 4D natural hair, and if so...

...you demand to see the best deep conditioner for 4D hair immediately, right?

Lol, girrrrl...


You're either gonna hate me after this article, or you're going to LOVE the truth bomb I'm about to drop onya (And hopefully you will jump to our other type 4C coily hair tutorials)

Because I'm not gonna pussy-foot around this crazy topic. So, let's fight...


One major problem is fake type 4C Youtube channels. Flat out...

So many dang 4A and 4B natural hair Youtubers title every video "4C hair" just to get more views. Then you show up, looking at their hair like... oh...Sooooo, you're 4C?

Then I must have 4D hair type then... It's all jacked up. True 4C channels don't even get noticed! Ladies like my girl NappyFu and her REAL 4C Youtube channel.

4D Hair Type? Why Not 4Z, 5A & 5C Hair type?
What... No Natural 6C or 7C Hair Type?

Here the major problem with this 4D hair type tom-foolery...

What if i decided that I had "typeGiraffeX" hair and wrote a blog about it? Would "typeGiraffeX" hair actually exist because I just mad some thing up? NOPE!

Same with "type 4D natural hair"... And it hurts sistas who are going natural...

You see.. Folks are confused for no good reason and thinking that they have "Bad Hair" because of this natural hair myth, and it ticks me off... Like, for real ticks me off.

4d hair type. typeGiraffeXI'm typeGiraffeX hair, that's what I hear...

First off, even if 4D natural hair actually existed, it wouldn't be bad hair as long as it naturally grew from your scalp. See...

God doesn't create anything bad.

There IS NO SUCH THING as "bad" natural hair. 

Some are thrown off course though, thinking that they cant growth their natural hair because it's some out-of-the ordinary type of Black hair.

So the next time someone starts talking about the existence of 4D hair texture, just laugh it off and ask them, "what about 5c hair type, 5a hair type, 6c hair type, 7c hair type and the legend of all natural cotton texture hair types, the typeGiraffeX"..


So let's talk about hair type charts and your REAL natural hair texture...

Hey sis, heyyy!

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Did 4D Hair Type Exist When The Hair Type Charts Were Made? Or Nah?

Think sis...

Why are we even talking about 3B, 4A, 4B, 4c, and now 4D hair types?

Because we've accepted a hair type system or guidelines, and I have no problem with that. It's a system created by Oprah's homeboy & stylist, Andre Walker.

DISCLAIMER: Not that I'm saying that everything (or anything)  connected to "Okrah" (or Fayle King) is good, I see their agenda for what it is, and I aint with it... AT ALL.

The widely-accepted natural hair type chart simply identifies your hair texture.

And let's keep it real...

There aren't any NEW hair textures coming out since after the hair type chart was created. Nobody is being born MORE AFRICAN than the generation before them (it's actually the opposite...).

So, when 4C hair was identified on rhis widely-accepted hair texture scale, they took ALL textures into account from limp, loose and lifeless textures all the way to thick, dense cotton texture hair types.


We can accept THE FACT that different people have different textures, right?

OK good, so...

Anyone who hates (or refuses) to admit that there are different types of hair either has some weird agenda or is probably just ashamed of what God blessed them with and doesn't want it to be identified as different (both Black and White folks).

But wait, here's another COLD FACT...

While folks sit up worried about being seen as different...

...ALL of the greatest people in history WERE DIFFERENT from the norm.

4D hair type chart 4d hair type natural hairNo 4D hair type here...

So why fear being different than the masses?

What in the name of "social programming" is up with that??

Many of these women who buck against identifying hair types are actually insecure and want to blend in with the rest of society beauty-wise. 

AS IF, not saying or identifying that you have a different hair type means nobody will notice, lol...

(This is where you will either love me or hate me, DAT TRUTH COMIN' OUT)

NO! Instead of hating your differences, EMBRACE and BASK in them!


Just because "Barbie" didn't have your hair type doesn't mean you have to live in the mind of the Barbie doll maker. Child please..


Live in the mind of the Grand Creator.

And not some bias money-grubbing scrub dude who sat in a cold boardroom with a bunch of other unhappy pencil-pushing bozos and decided what the "standard of beauty" was, and also determined..

...how much to PROPAGATE THAT MESSAGE through biased advertising media messages into your (and ALL American) homes in exchange for your parent's money and even more, in exchange for your very self-esteem, belief system and human dignity!

And the pushers of the so-called "4D hair type" are still plotting on your pockets...

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The Rip-Off Is Coming! Type 4D Hair Products Alert!

image of 4d type hair. natural type 4d hair type exist real4D Type Hair? Nope, just a REAL 4C...

Fact is...

SOME of these natural hair product companies are only trying to create a new problem in order to sell you a new solution.

Listen sis....

They see Black hair curl patterns being discussed among us, they see us confused and wondering "What is my kinky hair type?", and they taste blood in the water.

No lie... They see our lack of hair knowledge as the perfect opportunity to pawn off "4D hair products" to folks who have been tricked and who believe that 4D hair care is something that needs to be addressed in the natural hair community.

It's BULLJIVE. Don't waste your money on these so-called 4D hair care products.

They have the science and studies, they know that (according to the hair chart) you have type 4d hair, so they will market "4d hair products" to you, knowing that the 4d hair type doesn't even exist...

[ And now Imma get dropped by natural hair product sponsors, lol ]


I'll keep screaming for folks to get their grubby hands outta our pockets, no matter the consequence.

I'm not against good 4C hair products that really work. My issue is the scammers, So in other words... "Aint no 4D hair texture sis..."

4D Hair Type Pictures or Really 4C?

Are you wondering what does 4D hair look like?

Many people show these so-called 4D hair type pictures as proof...

(Spoiler Alert: It's really Type 4C hair)

4d hair type picture

Does 4d hair exists? Answers is, no.Folks call this a 4D hair type picture, it's 4C though...
4d hair typeCotton texture hair doesn't mean it's 4d hair type, OMG...

4C hair in it's dried state has more of a puffed out cotton texture. That doesn't make it 4d hair.

Want proof?

HYDRATE YOUr 4C Hair... Get that so-called 4D hair wet and watch how you are able to style it and manipulate it to get the cutest hairstyles.

Truth is, people who don't take care of their 4C hair the way that they should, who are needlessly wondering "is 4c hair curly", instead of learning the tricks to embracing their kinks and curls, are the women who are constantly wondering, "what type of hair do i have?'..

Let's talk about that question...

What Type of Hair Do I Have?
Do I Need 4C Hair Products Instead?

If you've ever wondered, "What type of hair do I have?" and "Do I Need 4C hair products or 4D hair products?", I got the answer for you sis...

And it's simple:

Since the 4D hair texture does NOT exist... NO, you don't need 4D hair type products.

It's like looking for spaceship wax and using it on your car.

Yeah... It get's the job done, but you paid 7X as much as you would have for regualr ol' car wax and everybody who sees you buying the "spaceship wax" is cracking up laughing at your expense.

Most times, you don't even need so-called "4C hair products", the same deep conditioner that is marketed as the best deep conditioner for 4C hair, could also be perfect for 4B natural hair.


You'll Never Worry About The "4D Hair Type" Questions again after reading the next setion of 4D hair type Frequantly Asked Questions...

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FAQs About 4D Hair Type - Natural Hair Type Confusion

what is 4d hair type image 4d hair wet look

In this never-ending search for answers about Black hair curl patterns, I found my happy place when I put some of these questions about type 4D natural hair to bed, forever...

You'd be amazed at the "4D hair type" questions I see:

  • How do I take care of my natural 4D hair?
  • How do I moisturize my 4D hair?
  • How do I take care of my natural 4D hair?
  • How do you curl 4D hair? Can i get 4D hair wet?
  • How to grow 4D hair?

My goal is to clear up the confusion about this so-called 4D hair type with some HARD FACTS, warm love and cold sarcasm, lol...

Just playing, I will try not to act too much the fool, I just want to get the point across and I want you to feel what I'm saying to you when I answer these FAQs about so-called 4D hair types...

FAQ #1: What is 4D Hair Type?

What is 4D hair type? First let me show you what some website said, and BE WARNED, their so-called answer is total BULLJIVE.

In answer to the question "What is the 4D hair type?", these fools had the nerve to say that...

"4D hair is the type of hair that poets have referenced whenever they spoke about 'coarse, African' hair. Many natural-hair women with 4D hair are mistaken for people with short hair, because of the extreme shrinkage their hair experiences. However, many times, their hair might be shoulder length or longer."

This type of info is pure imagination and false.

You want to know what 4D hair type is FOR REAL? Here's your answer, the 4d hair type is a figment of someone else's imagination and/or a marketing gimmick to make type 4C women think they have a "unique issue", or problem that will need more expensive solutions.

In other words, instead of a cheap deep conditioner for 4C hair, now you need the best deep coditioner for 4D natural hair instead. 

Stick with the Black Hair Information from NHP and avoid falling for the Oke Doke!

And don't let the fake natural hair Youtubers confuse you, many get paid to fake being 4C... Got natural scratching their heads...

FAQ #2: Does 4D Hair Exist?

As I explained to you earlier, that answer to the question of whether 4D hair actually exists or not is simple.

Does 4D hair exist?

Not according the the hair typing standards that have been put in place sincle long ago. So, the answer is, no. 4D hair does not exist. it's a marketing gimmick to empty your pockets.  

Some think that just because their 4C hair is not soft to the touch when not taken care of properly that it's actually 4D hair and that 4D hair does actually exist. They are wrong.

Yes, your 4C hair can be softer with the right 4C natural hair products, and that can give your hair more life, health and smoothness.

Fact is:

4C naturals who truly know how to grow and care for their hair might end up showing off shoulder length or longer 4C tresses.

What's even crazier... Some fake natural hair blogs describe 4C naturals as having a 4Z hair type patterns; this is fasle in every way.

You better be proud of your kinky, coily, springy-textured hair, that 4C is God's creation.

Aint his fault that we have been brainwashed into not loving it and showing it off.

The media has ignored our hair care needs for decades. So we think our natural hair is ünruly"...

Nah, it "ruly", in fact, it rules.

Embrace your 4C hair and I see FORESEE greatness in your future sis!

FAQ #3: How Do I Take Care of Natural 4D Hair?

Welp... Being that 4D hair doesn't exist, I'd suggest you care for your kinky cotton-textured hair in the best way that you'd care for natural 4C hair...

1. Retain Moisture In 4C Hair:

It doesn't matter if you're protein sensitive or have low porosity hair that may or may not need protein, 4C natural hair must be kept hydrated and moisturized. The kinky texture and tight coils of 4C hair slows down the even distribution of sebum (a natural scalp oil) throughout your hair.

The lack of even oil distribution makes your kinky natural hair dry out faster than other hair types or curl patterns, so you need to take extra precautions to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized.

Grab a good moisturizer for 4C hair AND a good sealant oil that's good for hair growth. Oils like high-quality grapeseed oil and olive oil, and creams like Shea butter are effective at sealing moisture in your hair (as are some DIY creams WITHOUT Shea butter). If you wear a protective style, don’t forget to moisturize regularly!

[ SEE Article About TGIN Curl Bomb on 4C Hair ]

2. Shampoo With Mindful Intentions:

Wash day be darned or be loved, fact is, you'll always need to shampoo your 4C natural hair with the best kinky hair shampoos regularly to keep your scalp and hair clean.

And listen... It's not a good idea to skip too many wash days and lengthen the time between washes to 3, or even 4 weeks. DON'T DO IT if you want ultimate hair health.

Also, I want you too avoid shampoos that contain sulfates or any other damaging or harmful ingredients. And you know we have you covered if you need a tutorial for how often to wash 4C hair.

It often helps a good natural hair regimen to use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo like a good natural hair cleansing avocado shampoo. If your hair is frequently getting dirty, you can alternate by using shampoo with a good natural hair cowash or follow your shampoo with an apple cider vinegar rinse. Be sure to wash your hair in sections to prevent tangles.

3. Detangle Your 4C:

4d hair type detangling

This step is super-important for 4C hair type natural girls because the tight coily hair pattern can cause your strands to twist into each other, causing MAD tangles.

And best believe:

Serious tangles in 4c hair lead to breakage, which kills your hair growth efforts because you can't retain length without stopping the breakage.

You MUST detangle on a regular basis and gently.

Using a wide-toothed comb on damp hair (don’t try to detangle with a brush!) Use the best type 4 conditioners to add slip and help with the detangling process.

And remember. When you find natural hair knots, don’t yank them out - your natural hair care regimen should be gentle and filled with TLC (tender loving care), so use your fingers to gently pull the hairs out of the knot. And proceed to the next step...

4. Deep Conditioner Your 4C Hair:

While it's recommended that most type 4C hair naturals do a deep condition every 2 weeks, that's if you're feeling lazy. And most do feel like lazy naturals, and that's why...

Most lazy naturals only see natural hair growth in photos of others instead of in the mirror...

True 4C naturals thrive with weekly deep conditioning treatments. 

This strict natural hair regimen keeps your 4C hair healthy, bouncy, and shiny, and will prevent snagging and tangles. If you want fast natural hair growth, you must get the moisture, slip, nourishment, and strength from regular deep conditioning sessions!

5. Avoid Too Much Hair Manipulation & Overstyling:

Even though we do reviews on flat irons and natural hair tools, I'll openly admit that TOO MANY styling products dry out your hair, build up gunk on your scalp, and weigh down your natural hair, etc.

Touching and styling your hair excessively can also lead to breakage. Explore styles that require less styling products, or alternate between high and low manipulation styles to give your hair a break.

6. Celebrate Your Shrinkage With Cute Type 4 Hairstyles:

Every natural knows that the shrinkage is real...

Yes, Shrinkage can be frustrating because it keeps you from constantly noticing your new growth, and it can also make your hair more susceptible to tangles and single strand knots.

For that reason, we show you heat-free ways that stretch natural hair, such as twist outs, braid outs, and bantu knots.

Still though...

...don't forget to embrace your 4C hair shrinkage, have fun with it and enjoy!

4C hair lends itself to so many hairstyling options.

Here are a few suggested 4C hairstyles

  • Bantu knots
  • Afro Puffs
  • Two strand twists
  • Twist outs   
  • Buns or "space buns"

As with any other hair type (the ones that exist, not the 4D hair type), you can use clip ins, extensions, or crochet braids to switch up your look or add length.

7. Adore Your Type 4C Hair Tresses:

As I mentioned earlier in this whole natural 4D hair type debate...

Unfortunately, some women have grown up hearing that 4C hair is ugly, unmanageable, unattractive, and all together undesirable.

Others see these fake natural hair Youtubers who claim to be 4c when they are not and it causes TRUE 4C's to feel like they might have 4d hair.

All of these ideas are as far from the truth as it gets! 4C hair is not only beautiful but incredibly versatile, capable of infinite styles and different, very versatile looks.

4C kinks and curls can also be easily taken care of and managed and with the correct natural hair regimen and products. So let let the world know that if it were really 4D hair, you'd love it and YOU DO love the 4C hair that you have.

Make sure to learn how to care for type 4 hair and protect your crown always!

So after reading this, do you hate me or love me? Either way, it's the truth and I tell you what you need to hear. Love you! And if you have 4C hair, instead of imaginary 4D hair type, learn how to define curls on 4C hair right here!

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