MSM Hair Growth Before and After Pictures 

If you want to see MSM hair growth before and after pictures, take a look at MSM natural hair growth results and learn what the best MSM supplements can do for you besides boosting your hair growth. 

You’re in the right place.

So you may have asked. Does MSM help grow hair? The answer is yes.

msm hair growth before and after picturesMSM hair growth before and after pictures

In fact, the results are amazing. Many people talk about “miracle hair growth”  solutions, whether they're referring to rice water for hair growth or something else,  many times what they’re talking about is over-hyped.

That is not the case when we are talking about MSM natural hair growth results, and there are growth studies to prove it.

In this article I'm going to explain to you the beneficial properties of MSM supplements, we're going to talk about some personal experiences and reviews from women who use MSM supplements to grow hair and...

...we're also going to discuss different tips on how to use MSM for hair growth and incorporate into your hair care regimen, at the end of the article you’ll also learn about some of the side effects or possible dangers of incorrectly using MSM. 

Now, as you probably know I am all about a holistic approach to your natural hair journey as well as for your general health and beauty.

But believe me when I tell you, that after you see these MSM hair growth before and after pictures you will realize that this stuff is the real deal.

You might be wondering, “How long does it take to see results from MSM?”

So, how long does MSM take to work? It works fast, comparable to African hair growth herbs.

Many reviews from women who have used the product have seen faster hair growth within 2 weeks, depending on their different situations some are reporting double and even triple their hair growth rates in less than a month, as well as fingernail growth and MSM also has had profound beauty effects for some women’s skin too. 

What is the supplement MSM good for?
- The properties and benefits of MSM

Some are more concerned with hair HEALTH than natural hair growth, which is smart.

So… In regards to health:

Is MSM good for hair? The answer is yes, absolutely. And here's why.

MSM natural hair growth products are rich in sulfur, MSM vitamins deliver sulfur to your body and sulfur is very important because it's a critical component of many different proteins in your body, including enzymes.

If you don't have enough sulfur in your body your enzymes don't function properly.

Your hair and nails are made of keratin, and keratin has sulfur to sulfur bonds that allow it to form in its proper shape and biochemical structure.

So this sulfur is part of your very hair structure and if you have it in abundance that helps you grow your hair longer and faster than without it, many women compare it to bamboo extract for hair growth and its results.

MSM natural hair growth results
- Farida’s Personal Review Experience

One extremely helpful MSM natural hair growth results review is from a beautiful woman named Farida, she's from Ghana.

She explains that when she started her natural hair journey, there were 3 things that helped boost her hair growth when her hair growth was stagnant and stuck at bra-strap length, and helped her grow her hair down to waist length (to her butt y’all!). 

She used:

  1. MSM natural hair growth supplements
  2.  High-quality hair growth oils CONSISTENTLY
  3.  and Henna

And the proof is in the pudding, she has the MSM hair growth before and after pictures to prove it.

msm hair growth before and after picturesMSM hair growth before and after pictures...

When Farida begin taking MSM for hair growth, she was able to drastically boost the benefits of MSM by taking it together with vitamin C or mixing it with orange juice which of course has a lot of vitamin C. 

As an added BONUS:

Orange juice also helps disguise the bitter taste of the MSM.

msm-hair-growth-before-and-after-pictures-6.jpgMSM hair growth before and after pictures from Farida...

How much vitamin C should you take with MSM? A super-safe dose is one gram, which is equal to 1000 milligrams daily.

Honestly, you can safely take much more than 1 gram daily, but you can do your own research on MSM to increase the dosage for yourself.

A vitamin C supplement will turn out to be more cost-effective AND calorie-cutting effective than constantly chugging enough orange juice for the required vitamin C levels.

Farida says that using vitamin C really did help boost the hair-growth boosting properties of the MSM powder.

msm-natural-hair-growth-results-before-and-after-pictures-9MSM hair growth before and after pictures...

Farida’s hair went from growing half an inch a month to a bit over 1 inch every month.

That’s more than double the normal growth rate for hair, she also found that it made her fingernails really really long and strong, and whenever she would increase her dosage she would notice an increase in the strength of her nails.

She also had to shave her legs more and pluck her eyebrows more because of the increasing growth rate, her eyelashes also started to grow in much thicker. 

And as you see from the MSM review here, it even has excellent anti-aging benefits:

So the overall benefits MSM hair vitamins are huge, even beyond hair growth.

msm hair growth before and after pictures

msm hair growth before and after picturesMSM hair growth before and after pictures

These msm hair growth before and after pictures are only part of the proof, pay attention to THE SCIENCE of it as well...

msm hair growth before and after picturesMSM hair growth before and after pictures

And here are more impressive MSM hair growth before and after pictures...

msm-natural-hair-growth-results-before-and-after-pictures-15The MSM hair growth before and after pictures show results for African to Caucasian hair, if you're human, it helps you grow hair...

Let's peep another MSM hair growth before and after picture below...

msm hair growth before and after picturesMSM hair growth before and after pictures...

Another Reason Why MSM Works & Gives Great Results For Hair Growth

We see so many MSM hair growth before and after pictures because the stuff works.

And another reason we see such great natural hair growth results with MSM is that it is not only a vital substance for the keratin in your hair and nails, not only does it work to produce collagen it also functions to keep your hair in its anagen growth phase. 

See, your hair goes through three distinct phases.

  • The growth phase - Anagen
  • The resting phase - Catagen
  • and the shedding phase - Telogen

What MSM does is keep your hair in the anagen growth phase for much longer, allowing you to grow longer hair in a much faster period of time.

Anagen-catagen-telogen-growth-phase-how-it-works-hair-cycleAnagen Growth Phase - MSM hair growth before and after pictures...

So many MSM for hair growth reviews all across the internet can vouch that this is legitimate, because the growth that some women get from MSM supplements seems miraculous...

...we’re showing you the MSM hair growth before and after pictures along with scientific explanations for why MSM makes your hair grow seemingly overnight (it’s NOT really overnight sis, just an expression, ha). 

How to take MSM powder for hair growth
- Best Dosage Tips

As I mentioned earlier, taking MSM with vitamin C is highly suggested.

It's also smart to start off with a really small dose regardless of what the dosage suggestions are on the MSM hair growth supplement container.

I say this because:

Some containers suggest using a quarter to a half a teaspoon of MSM. 

Here's the problem with starting off with such a high dosage though:

Some women have experienced detox headaches and migraines when jumping up to this higher dosage too quickly.

So I want you starting off with a really small amount and working your way up, it’s the best way for you to go.

I suggest you start with an eighth of a teaspoon once a day and make sure that you drink a lot of water, stay hydrated.

Drink at least a half-gallon of water every day, this is absolutely essential to make sure you don't get detox headaches.

Here’s what to do: 

Start with an 1/8 of a teaspoon in the morning or in the evening, whichever you prefer.

Take MSM only once a day to start, do this for the first 3-7 days. This will give your body time to adjust and be prepared for larger doses later on without the side effects. 

After your first 3-to-7 days, you will want to start taking two doses daily of an eighth of a teaspoon. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

After you reach the 10th day of taking your MSM supplement for hair growth, you can begin taking one or two doses of a quarter teaspoon each day.

Your goal should be to build up the amount that you take week-by-week. 


As you begin increasing your dosage you will begin increasing the impact that the MSM growth supplements have on your hair skin and nails, you are going to see more and more hair growth and nail growth and even recovery time from the gym if you work out. 

I take MSM to recover after my workouts and it does wonders for me personally.

Others have even seen great Improvement in health, recovery and joint health from MSM as well…


As I get older and start feeling more aches and pains, especially in my knuckles because I used to crack my knuckles a lot (my mom warned me not to do that, LOL), I get great relief from MSM supplements in the pain relief department.

And it looks like others do too…

So for overall health reasons as well as hair growth, I like taking the full dosage of MSM in the evening. You can do this as well once your body is accustomed to MSM

The reason I suggest tsking MSM in the evening is that your body begins resting in the evening and starts metabolic repairs from the damage done to your body through the day, so by giving your body MSM in the evening along with sufficient amounts of water before you go to bed you're supplying your body with the materials it needs to rebuild and repair efficiently.

Does MSM Detoxify Your Body?

Many people ask: “Does MSM detoxify the body?” The answer is yes. MSM detoxifies your body, and for this reason you need enough water in your system to flush out the toxins.

If you don't drink enough water, the newly released toxins are flowing through your body with nothing else to do but to make you feel bad. If you flush the toxins with enough water you'll feel better and look better.

Is Topical MSM for hair growth effective?

Another thing that is highly recommended but not necessary is the use of topical MSM for hair growth. It's not a situation of either or, MSM topical vs oral, because they both grow your hair.

The best way to topically apply MSM is to put it into an oil, you can put both the MSM and vitamin C into a hair growth oil along with fenugreek and add in some rosemary, peppermint and lavender essential oils along with some REAL organic castor oil.

These are all excellent hair growth oils and will help to spread the MSM hair vitamins through your scalp.

If you want to, you can also use liquid MSM for hair growth in this oil mix. 

This is powerful stuff,  we’ve seen MSM for hair growth reviews from women and men who have reversed alopecia, they have reversed thinning and balding, and other scalp problems that lead to hair loss.

This has really made a big difference in a lot of people's hair growth journeys, and as mentioned before, using it with good hair growth oils and applying it topically with vitamin C is a powerful secret for boosting your hair growth especially when you’re taking it internally as well for a powerful 1-2 punch.

How to Choose the best MSM Treatment:
liquid MSM for hair growth vs tablets & powders

You have to be careful to avoid cheap, low-grade, garbage MSM supplements.

Because there are many out there.

Here's the thing:

Many MSM supplement companies have realized that the proof and reviews of MSM natural hair growth results are becoming popular and widespread and the fact that we see MSM hair growth before and after pictures everywhere causes people to want to buy.

They also realize

That if you aren’t educated on the subject of MSM for natural hair growth, that they can water down the products with a lot of bulking agents and fillers to increase their profit margins.

That’s why NHP focuses on educating you first…

You see:

Some women have actually gained weight taking THE WRONG form of MSM (tablets), the weight gain came because of the various bulking agents that were added to the product, which also added many unnecessary calories.

The solution to this problem is to use the pure grade powder forms instead of tablets, that way you know that you're getting the active ingredients in the pure form and not a bunch of junk and sugars added in.

A pure liquid MSM for hair growth is also a great choice.

the best forms of MSM hair vitamins To Take:

So here are the best forms to consume of MSM hair vitamins:

  • MSN for hair growth TABLETS - Still work but usually not pure.
  • MSN for hair growth PURE POWDERS - One of the best options
  • LIQUID MSM for hair growth - Also one of the better options

Overall, our favorite pick is pure MSM powders over liquid MSM for hair growth and especially over tablet form MSM hair vitamins.

I don’t buy tablets unless they are confirmed as pure active ingredient. That’s the rule!

The MSM powders tend to be purer and if you can find the form that looks like small granular crystals, these are even better then siftable powders, the good stuff looks like this…

msm hair growth before and after pictures

The only disadvantage to taking the pure MSM powders is that you are exposed to the naturally bitter taste, as I mentioned earlier, you can drink orange juice with the powder to mask the taste, and the juice that masks the bitter taste the most is tomato juice.

Are There Any side effects? MSM for hair growth

Although MSM supplements are very good at promoting hair and body health and are not seen as dangerous supplements, you still need to use common sense.

As with any substance you put inside your body you need to be careful. 

And if you would like to check with your doctor before using MSM supplements to grow your hair that is fine. 

I personally did not need to do that though.

So here are the things you need to be careful about:

Because MSM detoxifies the body, it can cause headaches if you do not drink enough water. 

So the solution is to drink at least a half-gallon (2 Liters) of water daily, this should solve any issues or problems with detox headaches.

Another issue is that some women have reported the early onset of their menstrual cycle while using MSM hair vitamins. So it may be better to take MSM during your cycle...

MSM,Biotin & Your Menstrual Cycle [Video Tutorial]

And lastly:

if you are breastfeeding you should ask your doctor whether it's wise to take MSM supplements or not during this time.

Although many say that it is perfectly safe to take MSM while pregnant or when nursing I have not seen enough clinical information or studies to confirm this. 

So it may be best to err on the side of caution and avoid MSM supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding because it is really powerful potent stuff. 

Don’t let your excitement over the amazing MSM for hair growth before and after pictures cause you to make a bad decision in regard to your infant’s health. Because remember, MSM causes your body to expel lots of toxins, You wouldn't want your toxins flushing out of you and going inside of your baby.

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