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21 Best Hair Growth Oil
for Black Women

hair growth oils for Black women. 21 best Hair growth oil for black women.

You may be wondering... which hair growth oil for Black women is best? Right? 

Yet, so many blogs give you the same hair growth oils that you see everywhere and nothing new.

Aren't you sick of that?

Well, I got "that new-new" for you sis...

Because you're about to see some little-known, unique oils that REALLY GROW YOUR HAIR!


Some of the best Black hair growth secrets come straight from the Earth and hunnnnny....

...today you're going to find out which hair oils are the best, you'll get reviews for Alikay Naturals hair growth oil and other top growth oil...

...and Im'ma even give you some great oil combinations that you can mix together and create a hair growth solution that is especially for you. And listen...

Once you learn how to mix natural oils for Black hair you will be unstoppable and look amazing because you'll have the perfect ingredients to deep condition, penetrate your hair strands, seal in moisture and grow faster than I'll drink wine on a Friday night, lol...

Hair growth oil for black women. 3 UNIQUE CATEGORIES.Hair growth oil for black women

And look:

You and I are going to attack this task of finding the best hair oil products to promote growth for kinky-coily Black hair from 3 different directions.


I’m going to show you:

 3 SEPERATE CATEGORIES of Hair Growth Oil for Black Women:

  1. DIY combinations you can make for your own custom blend.
  2. Pre-mixed multiblend hair growth oils (offered by Black businesses too!).
  3. Single-ingredient hair growth oils.

After you get a feel for what these oils will do for your hair and see why we added these bad girls to the best hair growth oil for Black women list, this info will give you a huge advantage when it comes to looking and feeling your best and having truly healthy hair.

Not to mention what it does for your scalp health. 

So let's get to our list of the best hair growth oils for Black women…  as well as some combinations that you can use.

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Let’s Start: Hair Growth Oil for Black Women List

The first hair growth oils on our list will be our combinations, these are excellent DIY mixes that you can easily do at home for superior results.

Please keep in mind that I only number these hair growth oils so that you can keep track of where you are on the list, the order that the oils are placed in on the list does not necessarily tell you that one oil is better than the next. 

DIY 2-Ingredient Bomb Oil Concoctions
- Hair Growth Oils For Black Women

I think you're gonna flip when you see these unique, yet easy to DIY two-ingredient hair growth oils that aren't the "same-old, same-old" and actually work...

#1 Geisha Girl Hair Growth Oil for Black Women

With 3G oil you'll see hair growth in 3D. Geisha Girl growth oil is laced with two Asian beauty secret oils that STILL aren’t well-known in the United States. That sucks for us…

And here’s why:

Geisha Girl growth oil has rare Camellia Tsubaki Seed oil from Japan combined with 100% pure Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, two powerful ingredients that give you a recipe that’s absolutely packed with antioxidant properties that boosts length-retention and hair growth, girrrrrrl…. Listen.

These oils have been a part of the hair and skin care beauty regimen for centuries in Eastern culture, for VERY good reason...

Hair growth oil for black women. camellia seed oil and rice bran oil.Best Hair Growth Oil for Black Women

And when I see something that is PROVEN to work, I get nosy, get the info and get my hair growth. You feel what I’m sayin’?

So look:

In addition to being a super DIY hair growth oil for Black women, Geisha Girl growth oil protects your hair from sun damage because of the rice bran oil that it contains, according to the Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, the ferulic acid and esters present in rice bran oil stimulates hair growth as well as slows down the aging process in your skin and face.

Applying Geisha Girl growth oil regularly to thinning spots will help stimulate blood circulation in those areas.

This secret hair growth oil for Asian women is now a bomb hair growth oil for Black women as well.

It has tons of vitamin E for repairing and building skin tissues, so when you apply this hair growth recipe to your scalp, it can repair damage and inflammation done to your hair follicles, which gives you the “growth terrain” you'll need for enabling scalp vitality and faster, healthy hair growth. Your hair growth oil recipe proportions are listed below:

#2 "Casoba Mary" Oil - Alopecia Treatment Hair Growth Oil for Black Women

Hair growth oil for black women. Casoba Mary jojoba hair growth oil for African American girls

Casoba Mary Oil contains powerful rosemary oil which is known to be an effective natural treatment for alopecia and helps stimulate your hair follicles.

This soothing hair growth oil for Black women is a great choice if you have a sensitive or irritated scalp, or need to treat allergies. It also has a castor oil and jojoba oil mix matrix, these natural ingredients synergistically work to treat dry scalp and promote a healthy "growth terrain" for your hair.

This oil combination is very rich in ricinoleic acid and includes anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe away inflamed skin while nourishing and conditioning your hair by adding essential vitamins to help repair chemically-treated, damaged, or dry hair. 

Your hair growth oil recipe proportions are listed below:

  •  3 oz. Jojoba oil
  •  1.5 oz. Castor oil
  •  15 drops Rosemary oil

#3 Oli-Coco "Inside Out" Hair Growth Oil for Black Women

This is a nourishing combination of olive oil and fractionated coconut oil. Both are moisturizing oils in their own right. 

To be clear:

When I call these oils “moisturizing”, I actually mean that they are able to penetrate the hair shaft and go to work for your hair from the inside out. 

Being able to penetrate your hair and carry nutrients where they need to be helps your hair take advantage of the hydration that you apply to it and hold onto moisture much better. And because of this moisture-holding capability, it gives your hair the ability to grow faster.

olicoco hair growth oil for black womenBest Hair Growth Oils for Black Women

And again:

This oil combination mix should not be used as a substitute for water to hydrate and moisturize your hair though.

When they are used together they pack a hair growth boosting punch and assist in moisture retention like crazy! You can deep condition with them, add them to a henna gloss or any other moisturizing deep conditioner concoction.

Your hair growth oil recipe proportions are listed below:

  • 3 Ounces EVOO
  • 3 Ounces  Fractionated coconut oil

Pre-Mixed Multi-Oil Recipe Hair Growth Oils for Black Hair

Who better to aid you in your quest for longer, more luscious hair than brilliant Black women & men who know our hair and how it responds to certain substances? 

Best Hair Growth Oils for Black Women PREMADE, PREMIXED HAIR GROWTH OIL FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMENBest Hair Growth Oils for Black Women

Who would know more about making the best hair growth oil for Black women than Black folks with African-textured scrumptiousness sitting on top of their thinking machines?

Because of that:

I poured through reviews and comments of highly-rated hair growth oils for natural Black hair to see exactly why sistas( and brothas) are lovin’up on these carefully-curated hair growing oil blends and I brought you only the best there is to offer.

#4 Alikay Naturals Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil Natural Emu Oil 

Alikay Natural Essentials 17 hair growth oil for Black women was created by Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell, this unique essential oil blend has alot of fans and rave reviews claiming that it not only works but fast! 

Best Hair Growth Oil for Black Women Alikay Naturals Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil for black women Natural emu oil reviews

#5 Kinks Hair Growth Oil for Black Women

kinks hair growth oil for black women

This growth oil for locs and naturally kinky-textured hair is great for men and women who want to get length and keep it.

It's a delicious-smelling growth oil with a loyal fanbase.

And for good reason:

Infused with lavender and rosemary oil, this all-natural formula has stellar reviews from repeat customers who say it truly "works wonders." for natural hair growth Check out the All Natural Kinks hair oil here.

#6 Methi Miracle Hair Growth Oil for Black Women

This popular and effective hair growth oil for Black women is a best-seller. Its main claim to fame is its unique oil recipe combo, it's a unique and delicious-smelling blend of fenugreek, amla, and curry oil.  Check out the review below...

Methi Miracle hair growth oil for black women reviewBest Hair Growth Oil for Black Women Reviews

Reviewers say that Methi Miracle hair oil goes a long way, makes your curls “POP” and simply does the job. Check out the Methi Miracle asha + miel hair oil here! 

#7 The Mane Choice Multi-Vitamin Scalp Nourishing Hair Growth Oil for Black Women

Hair growth oils for black women. The Mane Choice.Best Hair Growth Oil for Black Women

This best-selling hair oil was invented by Courtney Adeleye, The Mane Choice's scalp nourishing oil is a favorite with buyer reviews claiming that it soothes, works fast and is worth buying time after time.

The Mane Choice is a Black business known for making powerful hair growth vitamins that work fast, but they do more that make hair pills.

Their hair growth oil for Black women & men is also making a huge impression on those who use it. Check out The Mane Choice hair growth oil for Black women.

#8 Natural Barnet Hair Growth Oil for Black Women

This growth oil is jam-packed with organic coconut oil, Jamaican black castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic avocado oil, and also much more.

natural barnet hair growth oil for black womenHair Growth Oils for Black Women

This powerful growth concoction also boasts the infusion of potent herbs like Moringa, Ashwagandha, Burdock Root and more are said to kick the hair growth results up a few notches.

And what's more:

You can also get this hair growth oil for Black women custom-dang-made just in case you have any allergies, sis!

I'm telling you:

Kinky type 4 hair sistas rant and rave about the fast-acting growth results. Check out the Natural Barnet shop here.

#9 Super Concentrated Ayurvedic Oil for Hair Loss & Growth for Black Women

BeautyNestbyAF hair growth oil for black womenHair Growth Oils for Black Women

This Bomb-Black-business-produced product is sometimes referred to as Black girl "magic hair oil".

This boutique-quality hair growth serum consists of more than 20 nourishing, high-quality, health-boosting ingredients like castor oil, hemp seed oil, rice bran oil, amla, bhrami, ginger root, aloe vera, neem, dandelion, marshmallow root, yucca root, mustard seed, essential oils and more.

And this complex mixture of hair health ingredients helps with growth and length retention. Check out the BeautyNestbyAF shop here.

#10 Arabels Naturals Hair Growth Serum for Black Women

Arabels Natural hair growth oil for Black women is a potent blend of avocado, coconut, amla oil and more.

This growth elixir is lavishly infused with Indian ayurvedic herbs and reviewers praise it for its ability to stimulate the scalp for faster hair growth. Visit Arabels Naturals 5-star hair oil online store here.

Hair growth oil for black women. arabels-naturals-Hair-Growth-Oil-for-black-women-reviewsBest Hair Growth Oils for Black Women Reviews

ONE & DONE: Stand-Alone Hair Growth Oils for Black Hair

Now im'ma show you some new, as well as oldie-but-goodie hair growth oils for natural kinky-coily hair growth.

These are some dope stand-alone oils that can help you boost growth solo or that can be great additions to your own hair growth recipe inventions.

#11 Pure Avocado Oil

Hair growth oil for black women. avocado oil for hair growth

This thick, rich, and nourishing hair oil from the avocado fruit is quickly becoming a favorite oil in the hair care growth industry.

You can find it being used in everything from deep conditioners, DIY hair sprays, curly hair styling products, and leave-in conditioners. This somewhat pricey hair growth oil for Black women will be around forever because it is filled with hair health promoting emollient properties that make your hair feel smoother, softer and shows you healthier growth results fast.

  • Multi-purpose use: You can use avocado oil to help soothe psoriasis And also replace unhealthy vegetable cooking oils with it to boost the levels of healthy cholesterol while reducing the harmful ones.

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#12 Unrefined Jojoba Oil (Cold-pressed)

Hair growth oil for black women. jojoba oil for black hair growth

The best thing about jojoba hair growth oil for Black women is that its composition is much like the composition of our natural sebum that comes from the scalp. Because of this, jojoba oil is perfect for follicle-invigorating scalp massages that assist in hair growth.

Much like the other oils on this hair growth oil list, it works great as a moisture sealant after a recent spritzing. The best oil to choose is cold-pressed, unrefined jojoba oil which you can recognize by its golden color.

  • Multi-purpose use: You can also use jojoba oil as a natural makeup remover.

#13 Sweet Almond Oil

Hair growth oil for black women. Sweet Almond Oil.

If you're looking for a lightweight hair growth oil that won't weigh down your tresses you will probably enjoy sweet almond oil. You can use it for dry ends to help retain more length, as an oil rinse or simply as a light sealant which will hold in moisture and promote hair growth. 

  • Multi-purpose uses: You can use a little on chapped lips or for skin relief when suffering from dryness, it’s also a healthy cooking fat.

#14 Rice Bran (Natural Hair Growth Oil for Black Women)

If you know me, you know I love the science behind hair growth products. And I think it’s super-interesting how research scientists in Korea have done intense studies on how it is possible for rice bran extract to actually promote hair growth.

rice bran oil benefits for hair and skin - Hair growth oil for black women.Rice Bran Hair Growth Oil for Black Women

One study performed on mice, called In vivo hair-growth promoting effect of rice bran extract prepared by supercritical C02 fluid, investigated different components found in rice bran extract, and their effect on hair growth. These included:

  • Linoleic acid
  • Policosanol
  • Y-oryzanol
  • Y-tocotirenol

The Asian researchers observed results that surprisingly indicate the production of new protein structures based on instructions provided by DNA.

Isn’t it wild how the stuff God makes naturally grow from the ground, comes with so many bomb benefits for our bodies? I LOVE this learning this stuff and gettin’ cute in the process, ha!

  • Multi-purpose uses: You can use rice bran oil topically to even out skin tone, and minimize the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eye area. 

#15 Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Olive oil has far more uses than just frying up something good in the kitchen. One great thing about this hair growth oil for Black women is that it's easy to find. 

Hair growth oil for black women. olive oil for hair growth

The best choice is extra virgin olive oil, also known as EVOO. The extra virgin variety is better for your hair because it is not heavily processed or refined which can remove many of the hair growth nutrients and vitamins.

Olive oil infuses nourishment into dry and itchy scalps, and helps give you relief when used in EVOO massages. The health benefits that it brings promotes hair growth for in your natural hair when used properly. 

  • Multi-purpose use: You can cook olive oil for the heart-healthy benefits, or use it as a skincare product.

#16 Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This is the hair growth oil for Black women that drove Youtubers NUTS when it first got popular! 


Two reasons, because it works and it's also one of the cheapest hair growth oils you can get for its level of effectiveness. 

Hair growth oil for Black Women JBCO Jamaican Black Castor Oil

When I was a kid we used castor oil as a medicine (and it was gross, ugh!). And even though our mamas gave us plain castor oil as a laxative or when we got an itchy throat, it's even more popular in the natural hair care market these days.


  • No matter what my mamas says...

...I’m grown now I aint opening my mouth to do nothin’ but talk some trash or or eat chocolate, lol! 

Anyway...  Authentic Jamaican black castor oil is extremely thick, so you can use it sparingly and you probably should. Because if you use too much your hair is going to likely feel weighed down and tacky.

JBCO hair growth oil gets its dark color and nutty scent from the ash residue that’s left over from the roasted castor beans.

Sistas who swear by JBCO hair growth oil say that it has quickly aided in regrowing thinning edges and made their tresses grow quicker overall.

  • Multi-purpose use: With consistent use, you can use castor oil to soften hard spots on elbows and feet.

#17 Grapeseed Oil


Like sweet almond, Grapeseed oil is a lightweight hair growth oil that's ideal for sistas who don't like feeling their hair weighed down and heavy. Unlike olive oil, It doesn't smell strongly and many women love that. You don't have to mask its scent with essential oils.

Not only is grapeseed oil a high quality hair growth oil for Black women but it can help women who suffer with dandruff as well. Regular use of grapeseed oil in therapeutic scalp massages can help soothe the irritation that dandruff sufferers experience. 

  • Multi-purpose use: Like many other oils on this list, grapeseed oil is great for replacing high or bad cholesterol promoting oils that you may have in the kitchen. 

#18 Moroccan Argan Hair Growth Oil for Black Women

Best Hair Growth Oils for Black Women Pura-d-Or-Moroccan-Argan-Oil-for-black-women-hair-growth

Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is one of the pricier oils to find its way onto this hair oils list, argan has increased in popularity over the last few years. If you want to take full advantage of its hair growing power you need to find 100% Argan oil or high-grade Moroccan Treatment Argan Oil. 

Besides being a great hair growth oil for Black women Moroccan Argan oil is known to be an intense shine and brilliance booster as well as a powerful frizz fighter. 

Due to its high price points, you might want to only add small quantities to your conditioner or shampoo to improve their softening properties rather than using this somewhat expensive oil on its own as a standalone product. 

  • Multi-purpose use: Also a great skin moisturizer..  

#19 Monoi: Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum

Hair growth oil for black women - Monoi: Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum

Monoi hair growth oil comes from Tahitian gardenia extract and coconut oil. I’ll admit this is actually a serum with the very same punch of the better oils.

This product helps dry and heat-damaged Black hair recover back to a healthier condition.  You simply massage this silicone-free serum formula into your scalp and along your hair shafts.

  • Multi-purpose use: Monoi oil is also an excellent skin moisturizer. Some women claim that it works great at preventing  wrinkles and signs of aging.

#20 Virgin (& Sometimes Fractionated) Coconut Oil

Hair growth oil for black women. Virgin coconut oil.

One of the most widely-used and well-known oils that helps many types of natural hair, coconut is a favorite because it actually enters and penetrates your hair strands, strengthening and protecting moisturize from within.

Look for organic varieties of this oil, which are very easy to find at grocery stores and health food retailers.

Some women mistakenly believed that coconut oil contains protein, but it doesn't.

One more time for emphasis:

Coconut oil does not contain protein.  

The crunchy straw-like feeling some women get when using coconut oil is usually related to the hardening of the oil in relation to cooler temperatures because coconut oil solidifies at moderately lower temperature than other oils, so a chilly breeze may stiffen your hair quickly. 

If that is what happens to you a solution to this problem is to use fractionated coconut oil instead of normal virgin coconut oil because it does not solidify at all.

Because of that, fractionated coconut oil for natural hair is able to penetrate your hair strands much better than virgin coconut oil.

  • Multi-purpose use: Coconut oil is excellent for baking, and as an all-over moisturizer.

#21 Moringa Oil for Natural Black Hair Growth

hair growth oil for black-women. moringa oil.

Moringa Oil is a highly valued emollient used in African and Indian hair + skin care traditions for over 3900 years.

Moringa seed oil is rich in fatty acids and uniquely high in behenic acid and Vitamin E which contributes to the quick absorbing, softening and nourishing effects it has on the hair and scalp. Moringa hair growth oil also makes an excellent pre-poo hair conditioner because it naturally possesses cleansing properties.

Moringa oil is an especially good hair growth oil for Black women with high porosity, coily hair.  It fights against brittleness and breakage by guarding moisture while infusing softness and shine.

African and Ayurvedic hair oils are renowned for their ability to nourish your scalp and encourage hair growth. You need to be sure to apply moringa hair growth oil to your ends and edges for long-lasting results and length-retention.

  • Multi-purpose use: You can also use Moringa oil to cure minor skin cuts, rashes or even burns.

#22 - 100% Pure Camellia Oil for Length Retention & Hair Growth

Camellia seed oil comes from a rare plant that’s grown in the mountains of Southeast Asia called Camellia sinensis, and is also known as Camellia oleifera.

Yes, I known that I already mentioned Camellia oil for growing hair in the DIY Geisha Girl growth oil matrix given above.


This hair growth oil for Black women can stand on its own too!

This hair growth booster is packed with linoleic acid, which happens to be an Omega 6 that has properties to condition hair while unblocking pores to the scalp. It also stimulates hair growth and controls moisture-loss in your hair.

This unique hair and skin beauty oil has a ton of Omega-9 (AKA oleic acid), this works to make your hair strands softer and more pliable. It has palmitic acid that adds moisture to your hair without clogging the pores in your scalp and stearic acid, which is great for conditioning and protecting your strands and promoting hair growth.

camellia oil hair growth oil for black womenBest hair growth oils for Black women...

This precious skin & hair oil has been revered for its amazing restorative and rejuvenating powers that has boosted the beauty of women in Asia since forever.

On top of its beauty uses, Camellia oil has well-known therapeutic properties as well as its healing and nutritional power. 

It’s easy to see why Camellia oil is widely-known in the Eastern hemisphere as a treasured beauty secret of geishas.

And as you know...

...I’m here to uncover the hair growth secrets and make sure you know it’s one of the best hair growth oils for Black women too!

Grab some Camellia oil here!

And hey!!!

I want to know which hair growth oil for Black women is your favorite! Maybe it's on our list, maybe not. Help other sistas with your knowledge and experience!

Write your feelings & thoughts below...

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