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We have a couple of so-called "weird" tips for you that will make growing type 4 hair easier and styling coily hair quicker and in more unique styles than ever, and we can't forget your edges sis...

So I'll definitely show you the best edge control for coarse hair, and MUUUCH more!

Did you know that there are techniques that are proven to work on coiled hair?

Our goal is to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about...

Type 4 Coily Hair - Natural Hair Products

Within this indepth coily hair Mega Guide, you’ll discover:

Type 4 Hair - Get Tailor-Made Solutions

Look sis... With so many different types of natural hair textures out here it can get confusing really quickly, right?

You won't feel that pain anymore...

If you're natural hair types 4a 4b or 4c you get ignored by the "mainstream" and it's not cool.... Wouldn't you agree?

I mean seriously:

It's crazy how few people give you help with really coily crowns. I mean, COME ON!

You ever noticed how natural hair YouTube videos almost always celebrate the "curly" and overlook the kinky?

There should be more blogs explaining what are the best products for 4C hair? Right?

No worries:

Because this is the ONLY coily hair guide you will ever need, it shows you step-by-step, how to identify your SPECIfIC natural hair type, you'll feel like you have you're own personal natural hair guru, ready to help you at the touch of a button.

You won't feel left out in the cold as a type 4 natural-haired boss babe anymore because....

You’ll discover:

  • How to avoid wearing the same ol' styles all the time, experience NEW cute and coily hairstyles that turn heads and save you time too!
  • How to find, and even make moisturizing DIY type 4 hair products that'll make you LOOK and FEEL gorgeous...
  • How to ENJOY the feeling the freedom that comes with TRULY understanding your hair and what you can do with it...

FAQS: ABOUT coiled hair 

Still, before you look down this page for the section that shows you various natural hair growth tutorials and tastefully-crafted articles, I want you to feel your way through this FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section, you'll see many common issues, struggles and concerns.

I bet you'll find ATLEAST ONE that you have wondered before. So take a look while we address some of the other questions we get, like...

what type of hair do i have?

Ever wondered :

How do I know my natural hair type?

I think you'll feel my pain when I say:

It's a little confusing sometimes understanding what's the difference between 4a 4b and 4c hair.

Well... you stay here reading the "Wikipedia of Natural Hair" you may already have started feeling more relaxed know your problems will be solved.

Because...''re gonna discover informative and fun type 4 hair charts that show you the different types of black hair, so roll up your sleeves sis!

You wanna get your hands on the best health regimens for your hair type, correct

Well, here's the deal :

You can dramatically boost your hair health, hair growth and "POP" by grasping the concept of natural hair types 4A, 4B, 4C, and more.

So why not take a hair type quiz for black hair?

You'll find 2 "what is my hair type" quizzes below, enjoy!

And after taking your hair types quiz, you can always come back to for info that gives you GREAT HAIR .

For example :

This indepth hair types and textures article, titled, "What Type Of Hair Do I Have?" 

Keeping reading and get the hair YOU want, and LOVE IT!

Does TGIN Curl Bomb work on 4C hair? It's no secret that TGIN natural hair products for coily hair are all over Youtube and as popular as ever, but that doesn't mean that ALL their products work for ALL hair types, when it comes to type 4C hair, we've seen mixed reviews... See Article: TGIN Curl Bomb on 4C Hair [HONEST REVIEWS]

What's the best edge control for coarse hair? Great question, because the best edge control product for a type 3B natural will be different than the one you and I will like the best as type 4s, here's a list of the top 11... See FULL Answer Here.

Is water good for 4C Hair? You can use water to moisturize your hair, of course. Yet, the trick to using water on 4C hair is to not saturate it, you only need to lightly spritz it!

Let's be real, you'll find that sometimes using product throughout the week is not enough. In some cases, you may need just a touch of water to restore the balance. ... See FULL Answer Here - Leila at

Is TGIN good for 4C Hair? If you're wondering “Is TGIN Good for 4C Hair?”... I feel you sis, because: I was wondering the same and had to investigate like a mad fool to find the answer... See FULL Answer Here.

Does 5C hair exist? Naw sis, some may have heard of this "New Hair Type" 5A-5C natural hair, I feel you should know, that NO, 5C hair texture is make-believe. In fact, this 5C hair type hype smells like a...See FULL Answer Here

Can I moisturize my 4C hair daily? The answer is YES, you can moisturize your natural hair daily and you probably should, especially if your 4c hair feels like straw.

Problem is:

Many coily hair honeys are confused about the difference between moisturizing vs hydrating, so first you will need to get a feel for that to know what your TRUE desire is.

Spritzing water on natural hair everyday is so important for a great moisturizing regimen for coily hair.

How do I take care of my afro textured hair? Type 4 afro textured hair looks and feels cleaner when wash ATLEAST once a week. Look to moisturize  your hair daily with water or a water-based products. 

Most importantly, always remember... See FULL Answer Here - Carriene at

What is 3c 4a hair? 3C hair falls under the "Curly" hair type. 3C coil circumference nearly the size of a pencil or straw, and 3C curl textures range from fine to medium. Unlike 3C, 4A natural hair belongs in the "Kinky" category. 4A hair is also commonly considered as coily hair. When picking between 3C hair products and 4A hair products, you'll need to...See FULL Answer Here

Is there a way of straightening 4c hair without heat damage? Yeaah girl! Try your hand at elastic banding, African threading, and if you've heard of curlformers, you can even use them, believe it or not! There are more than 5 different...See FULL Answer Here- Christelle and Michelle at

Does 4D hair exist? Lord Hammercy, the intranetz has struck AGAIN. Folks wondering does 4d hair exist...Trying to find 4D hair type products, and get a feel for how to grow 4D hair.

When in reality you have lush 4C hair. No, 4D hair is not a true coily hair classification, problem is that too many popular naturals claim  they're 4B & 4C but aren't, so it confuses the rest of us, like OK, I must be 4Z then, haa! ...See FULL Answer Here

Can you tell me which type 4c hair products are best? I feel you should look into grabbing Black-owned company products like:

  1. Curluxe Naturals Jojoba Mint Cleansing Tea.
  2. Evolving Textures Flaxy Curl Leave-in Conditioner.
  3. Naturalicous Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment (For Tight Coils + Curls).
  4. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Extra Dark.
  5. Curluxe naturals Buttercream Curl Souffle.
  6. Kinky Curly Curling Custard.
  7. CURLS Blueberry Bliss Control Paste... See FULL Answer Here - from

Where can I find natural hairstyles for 4C hair? Easy! You can see everything from TWA styles, 4C braided hairstyles, protective hairstyles on 4C hair, short 4C hairstyles for work, protective hairstyles for short natural 4C hair and more at our coily hair Instagram or Pinterest accounts!

What's the difference between natural hair types 4a 4b and 4c? Well, one difference is that you want 4A hair type wet only when your coily hair is...See FULL Answer Here.

How do I make my hair less Coily without perming? Even though knowing how to style coily hair is great, the best straightening products and techniques for black hair without a relaxer are... See FULL Answer Here -

Can you flat iron type 4 hair? Yes, of course you can. Now, is flat ironing GOOD for natural hair is a better question. Because even the best flat iron for 4c hair will tear your coily har ALL THE WAY UP if you don't use a proper anti-breakage heat protectant.

Natural Hair Myth Buster #53

type 4c hair coily hair

These are a DOOZY:

  • Type 4C Hair Can’t Be Worn in a Wash n’ Go (MYTH)
  • Type 4C Hair Doesn’t Grow Long(MYTH) - by
  • Type 4C Hair isn’t a Good Hair Type (MYTH)

Type 4C hair is GORG and you can flaunt so many cute looks - (Mary from 

If you're like me, you probably feel like slappin' the taste outta some mouths when you hear these MYTHS about type 4C hair

STILL though:

What if these commonly believed MYTHS are what REALLY hold you back?

Wouldn't you rather get your hands on THE TRUTH for your BEST HAIR EVER, rather than stay stagnant because of myths, fluff & foolishness?


Right NOW, you're reading THE BEST WEBSITE for crushing natural hair myths and making your doubters green with envy.

So STAY TUNED, and get a taste for what "The Wikipedia of Natural Hair" has in store for you, today and everyday!

COILY HAIR TUTORIALs - natural hair types 4a & 4b

How Often Should You Wash 4C Coily Hair? Any certified trichologist (hair & scalp specialist) will tell you that your scalp needs FAR more washes than once-a-month, unless you simply don’t use hair products in your hair that buildup over time. Here's why... Click Here for FULL Article.

See The 4B Hair Wet Look | Janae's Coily Hair Video

You want to see how to make your 4B hair look wet? Enjoy this coily hair video tutorial showing the 4B hair pattern get the "wet look" by using the best type 4 hair products. When you get you're 4A/4B hair wet, remember to feel for... Click Here for FULL Video.

Wondering: "How Can I Moisturize My 4B Hair?" - Grab Your 5 Tips Here

You have 4B texture and want to know how to moisturize your natural hair daily? Avoid that dry feeling and enjoy your POPPIN' curls with these tips on how to moisturize and seal natural hair. Whether you use a homemade natural hair moisturizer, or you run to... Click Here for FULL Article - Lyndsey at

How To Grow Long 4B Hair

Imagine yourself with luscious, long 4B hair. Getting your hands on the most effective 4B hair products is only HALF the battle in your long natural hair regimen, if you feel like you see mixed textures on your head, that's fine. Long 4A hair also go... Click Here for FULL Article -

What do 4A Curls Look Like? | See Images of 4A Curls 

You wanna get a good feel for how 4A curls look? Sometimes the 3C curl pattern is confused for 4A coily hair. So, because the difference between 3C & 4A hair isn't always obvious. Here are images for 4A curls that POP outta this world... Click Here to See 4A Curls.

What Are The Best 4B Hair Products? Find Out Now...

If your 4B hair care regimen is suffering it may be your using the wrong coily hair products. Yes, it all starts with grabbing the best shampoo and conditioner for type 4B hair, STILL though, new curl defining products for 4B hair are popping up, so enjoy this... Click Here for FULL Article - Shianna at

Find Your Perfect 4B Hair Type Regimen [Pictures & Hairstyles]

Discover how to master your 4B hair type care regimen for healthy-feeling natural hair with length and POP! See 4B hair type hairstyles and photos of the 4B hair type wet. hear me good when I tell you... Click Here for FULL Coily Hair Article.

See The 4A Hair Wet Look | Coily Hair Video Tutorial from Slim Reshae

You feel like seeing the luscious "4A hair wet look"? Enjoy this coily hair video tutorial showing the 4A hair pattern get the "wet look". When you get you're 4A hair type wet you may notice mixed textures. If so, you can STILL use 4a hair products to get your 3c/4a hair wet and dry... Click Here for FULL Video Tutorial.

Best Flat Iron For a Natural Kinky Coily Hair Silk Press - Top 10 List

You'll probably agree with me that sometimes it feels good to stretch out your natural hair and show your length with a silk press, right? I'll show you the best flat iron straightener for kinky hair TODAY... Click Here for FULL Video Tutorial

5 Holy Grail Coily Hair Deep Conditioners for Type 4 Naturals - Felicia Mesadieu 

Article Vault: "4c hair" Specific


See an extensive list of the most popular and highly-rated flat irons for coarse hair.

WARNING: Although it's a myth that you must avoid heat at all cost, it's important that you know what you're doing. Is 400 degrees too hot for hair? Is coconut oil a good heat protectant? Well... need to know these things FIRST, sooo...

Before you run to Sally's asking about:

If you don't how to SAFELY apply heat to your hair, you're at the right place to learn EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW for gorgeous hair.

If you do know, see Amazon's highest-rated best-sellers HERE: What is the best flat iron for 4c hair?

The Best Curl Activator for 4C Natural Hair? [Cantu Curl Activator Review] 

You'll get HONEST reviews of Cantu shea moisturizing activator. Some naturals claim it's "the best curl activator for 4C natural hair", you'll see before & after pics. Learn if these curl defining products for 4C hair will work for your natural hair.

Trust me sis, only the best curl creams will have your 4C hair curly and feeling like you're gonna... Click Here for FULL Article

How to Stretch 4C Natural Hair Without Heat - Coily Hair Tips

Discover the newest techniques on how to stretch short natural hair after washing and keep 4c hair stretched. Whether you feel more comfortable banding or using stretch plates for natural hair is your choice. Many naturals like to stretch natural hair for braiding with thread or... Click Here for FULL Article.

Flat Iron with Built-In Comb for Natural Hair Reviews [Pros & Cons]

Are you considering a flat iron with a built in comb for natural coily hair?

If you think that a flat iron with teeth is the answer to straightening out your thick, 4C natural hair until it’s sleek and straight without heat damage, hold onto your cash because... Click Here for FULL Article.

5 Steps for Deciding What Is The Best Moisturizer for 4C Hair   

If you've ever wondered what's the best moisturizer for natural hair and black hair growth, you're not alone girly. Using the right hair moisturizer cream to soften coarse natural hair is important. get a good feel for how to keep your 4c hair moisturized here and listen to... Click Here for FULL Article from

Best AT HOME 4C Natural Hair Protein Treatments  

Whether you use your protein treatment for hair growth or for damaged hair, you can save money by using a DIY at home protein treatment for Black hair. See how lush your hair feels when you... Click Here for FULL Article.

Is Coconut Oil Good for 4C Hair?

Everybody know that there are sooooo many benefits of natural oils on 4C Hair. STILL though, we've heard folks scream "coconut oil ruined my hair overnight and stunted my dang natural hair growth!", so it's smart to ask "Is coconut oil good for type 4 hair or naw?". If not, what ARE the best oils for 4c hair? Find out it you should go NUTS for coconut oil...Click Here for FULL Article.

Natural Hair Knowledge Nugget #84

According to "The Good Hair Study" performed by the Perception Institute:

"79% of Black millennial women currently wear their hair in a natural style. The most common hairstyles are braids (26%), afros (18%), twist-outs (12%), and wash-and-go styles (11%) – only 6.5% of Black millennial women have relaxed hair.  ( Source )

Feels good to say... The Natural Hair Movement is not only HERE TO STAYit's taking the over... Ya hear me?!?! POW!

Coily Type 4 Hair Products - Quick Hit List

It's no secret, As the Wikipedia of Natural Hair we can sometimes overwhelm you with so much in-depth information. I know sis, I know... 


You feel happy touching your hair when it's soft, poppin' and smellin' like heaven, right? HEAR ME NOW, and I'm with you sis! I think you'll enjoy getting coily hair product ideas that help you INSTANTLY. So just take your time...

 And bottom line is:

When "IN THE KNOW" Naturalistas like you bookmark so that you don't forget and miss out later, you stay winning and getting the NEW info before the pack comes rumbling through all late.

It's important to feel informed, sexy and smart, correct? 

You may already be aware of how quickly you'll MASTER THE ART of gorgeous hair and how often you'll hear compliments fly at you faster than exotic hummingbirds when you STAY IN TUNE with the wealth of non-fluff information we drop off at your doorstep.

You will LOVE THIS INFO...

...and the reason it's the best of the web is because:

We have cut through the fat FOR YOU, we've seen it all, read it all, heard it and feels like we dang-near wrote it all. So take advantage, and whenever you're short on time, STILL, we'll be waiting on you with new techniques, tips and trick tomorrow too!

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