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5 African Herbs for Hair Growth [Remedies That Really Work] 

African herbs for hair growth work, period.

So, if you're looking for the best natural hair growth herbs that promote healthy strands, greater length retention and really work for type 4 natural hair growth, you came to the right place.


You will get your answers in our top 5 natural hair growth herbs list.

You'll be able to whip up the most effective natural remedies and homemade herbal oils for hair growth that are packed with hair-strengthening vitamins and minerals.

So dig in and get this knowledge sis...

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1# Chebe Powder
- Natural African Herbs for Promoting Hair Growth

African herbs for hair growth, natural hair growth herbs promote length and healthy black natural hair growth...Discover these little-known African herbs for hair growth TODAY!

When we talk about some of the most storied African herbs for hair growth or hair growth oils on the planet, we absolutely have to talk about African Chebe powder and karkar oil for hair growth.

And the Chebe powder reviews speak for themselves.

But before I explain how Chebe powder helps your hair maintain moisture and works to prevent harsh breakage... 

...first let's take a look at this video about one of the best African hair growth herbs from Chad, Africa.

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What is Chebe Powder? - [African Herbs for Hair Growth]

Some may have never heard of this Ancient secret for length retention on Black hair, so they ask "What is Chebe Powder?" or "What is Chebe powder made from?

You'll be happy to know that...

...pure high-quality Chebe powder is 100% all-naturally organic and non-toxic. Chebe powder is made from health-promoting African cherry seeds, resin tree sap, prunus mahaleb, lavender croton, and stone scent.

Chebe African herbs for hair growth have strong fungus fighting properties.

This powerful African hair growth fertilizer works so well because it stunts the bad bacteria that can lead to an unhealthy scalp and female hair loss, Chebe Powder has been crucial to growing long, Black, nourished locs.

Why Are Chebe African Herbs So Good for Hair Growth? The Benefits...

Chebe powder benefits are real.  Many compare the benefits of Ambunu vs Chebe, and while Ambunu are great African herbs for hair growth, Chebe herbs hold their own.

Chebe strongly contributes to hair growth retention more than anything.

Applying Chebe powder (mixed with your favorite hair growth oil) to hair strands helps traps in moisture, which eliminates brittle, easy to snap strands and damaged ends.

Stopping hair breakage is critically important because less breakage turns into beautiful, healthy length retention, which helps you enjoy your longer, stronger hair.

Other benefits of Chebe herbal oil hair treatments are:

  • Thicker hair
  • Hair that is softer to the touch and more lush.

Thanks to Chebe powder's powerfully health-boosting qualities, your hair will become healthier which will give you thicker natural hair after continuous use of this growth-boosting herbal treatment.

You'll love your hair when it's more manageable with an appearance that's truly healthier and fuller.

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Side effects of Chebe Powder & Karkar Oil

Chebe African herbs for hair growth and ThicknessChebe African herbs for hair growth & Thickness

So in discussing the pros and cons of Chebe natural hair growth herbs, we've given you the PROS:

  • Chebe powder conditions and strengthens your hair and helps your hair lock in vitamins, minerals and moisture for faster growth.
  • Chebe African hair oil can also improves the density of fine hair and gives your hair an appearance of thickness over time and nourishes your strands. TRUE.

But does chebe powder have side effects? What are the CONS?

Well, here's the truth about these African herbs for hair growth...

Chebe natural hair growth herbs are STRONG, so if you have a sensitive scalp, you may suffer the side effect of itching if the herbs get directly onto your scalp and sits there too long (usually past 3o mins). 

Chebe also has a strong smell, so It's not for women who can't stand the effects of strong odors: Chebe powder smells much like burnt curry, if not worse, and the smell lasts a long time.

So just do your hair growth applications on days when you don't have to go out of the house and that way you can relax at your spot with this home remedy for hair regrowth.

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Can I Apply Chebe Powder to My Scalp?

African herbs for hair growth and Thickness - Don't apply chebe to your scalp...Keep these African herbs for hair growth off the scalp

In general, the answer is no.

You should not apply Chebe powder directly to your scalp.

It is recommended to apply these African herbs for hair growth and thickness from the roots to the ends. 

You will want to use an applicator brush to apply this African hair growth oil product about half an inch away from your scalp. 

How to Use Chebe Powder African Herbs for Hair Growth...

Here's how you use Chebe natural hair growth herbs, You make a paste out of your Chebe powder by adding the ingredients of your choice, such as natural growth oils, moisturizing hair butters and perfumes.

  1. Moisturize your hair with water, you can thoroughly spritz it.
  2. Apply the Chebe homemade herbal oil for hair growth paste to your hair. Cover all of it all the way to the tips, avoid touching your scalp.
  3. Leave the herbal growth paste in for up to 3 hours.
  4. When the time is up, wash it out with water. Apply the oil of your choice to your hair and put it up in a cute braid style or protective twists.

This process should be repeated every 5-7 days for the best hair growth results.

PRO TIP: To make washing the Chebe out much quicker, many naturals sift the Chebe powder through a fine mesh strainer a couple times and store it in an air tight container.

Admittedly, dealing with Chebe African herbs for hair growth is a bit messy but once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad and adding several drops of your favorite essential oil scents does help with the burnt smell it has.

Overall, you'll love the effect that Chebe has on your hair health and growth journey.

How Often Should You Use Chebe Powder?

African herbs for hair growth benefits listAfrican herbs for hair growth benefits!

At this point, you may be wondering, "OK cool, but how often should I use chebe powder?"


Chebe powder African herbs for hair growth can be used as a health-boosting treatment once or twice a week.

You don't always have to use hair growth oils with it if you want a faster rinse, you can mix these African herbs with water instead of oils for African hair growth.

These re-applications should be applied to your hair for a minimum of 2 hours.

African Herbal Secret #2
- Burdock Herbs for Hair Growth

You may be wondering "What Is Burdock Oil?" Well, answer is...

Burdock oil (also known as Bur oil and Burdock root oil extract) is a hair growth oil made with powdered Burdock herbs. 

This herbal treatment for hair growth is extracted from the roots and leaves of the Burdock plant (Arctium), a hardy perennial that is native to Africa, but also used in China, Europe and has been naturalized in North America. 

And now, let's find out if this natural herb that promotes hair growth actually works...

Why Does Burdock Root African Herbs Help Hair Grow?

African herbs for hair growth. Why Does Burdock Root Help Hair Grow?Burdock Root - African herbs for hair growth

One of the reasons Burdock root greatly helps grow your hair is because it's packed with essential fatty acids and phytosterol compounds, Burdock can help with an irritated scalp while also reversing hair loss.

It can help generate new growth thanks to these two elements, and is often found in many hair care products aimed at restoring hair. In fact, the fatty acids in this plant can even be used to treat psoriasis.

Burdock root oil contains vitamin A, which can help nourish the scalp and strengthen hair, making it one of the best herbs for hair growth and thickness.

Burdock root for hair growth has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. In addition to promoting hair growth, burdock root oil helps with scalp irritation issues, dandruff, and itchy scalp.

A University of Maryland Medical Center reports that in a study of 40 people with psoriasis, those who took fish oil rich in the same fatty acids found in Burdock African herbs for hair growth along with their prescription medications had better results than those taking their medicine alone.

How to Use Burdock Root Oil for Hair Growth

Here's how to use this powerful African herb to make a home remedy for hair growth and thickness that really works...

  • Apply Burdock root oil to your scalp focusing on the thin areas and thoroughly massage it in, then leave it overnight. Shampoo and deep condition the next day.
  • You can also leave it in and let it sit in your hair until you shampoo and condition on the weekend if you’re fine with the smell.
  • You can enhance the properties of Burdock root oil African hair growth products by combining with nettle, plantain extracts, olive oil, horsetail natural hair growth oil, birch, and ginkgo biloba.
  • You can use burdock root oil as a daily scalp oil. Additional benefits of continued usage include improved hair strength and body.

You should begin to see results in 6 – 8 weeks with dedicated usage.

Such fast results are what you'd expect from even the best natural hair growth vitamins and herbs.

And also, some folks even use these African herbs for hair growth in the form of a Burdock root hair rinse.

Check out the Burdock root hair rinse tutorial video below for more tips...

BONUS! African Herbs for Hair Growth Tips Video:
DIY Burdock Root Hair Rinse

African Herbal Secret #3
Hibiscus Herbs for Hair Growth Oil

Hibiscus flowers (and leaves) are more than just African herbs for hair growth, they're actually an African superfood. Hibiscus flowers grow on a bush that has a wide family of variants growing all over Africa.

This African hair growth herb is also known as Rose Mallow, Gudhal, Shoe Flower, Chinese rose and Shoeblack plant.

The benefits you recieve from Hibiscus for your hair are extensive:

Hibiscus African herbs for hair growth and ThicknessHisbiscus African herbs for hair growth and Thickness

LIST: Benefits of Hibiscus for Hair | African Herbs for Hair Growth

  • Nourishes your hair and strengthens your roots. .
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Stimulates hair growth from dormant follicles.
  • Slows premature graying.
  • Lessens frizz.
  • Unclogs pores and clears the scalp of excess sebum.
  • Helps boost collagen which promotes hair growth.
  • Boosts length retention because of being highly rich in Vitamin C.

FACT: Hibiscus African herbs for hair growth and thickness have shown great effectiveness when it comes to supporting hair growth.

And as further proof, the Hibiscus for hair growth reviews are pretty good, some even show before and after photos to prove that the hair herbs actually work.

And here are some more benefits highlighted in the Hibiscus hair growth oil reviews...

  • Gives hair a boost of shine and bounce.
  • Helps balance the pH of the scalp.
  • Reduces redness and itching of the scalp.
  • Works like an astringent to reduce the oiliness of hair.
  • Adds sheen and luster to your hair.
  • Discourages split ends.
  • Stimulates blood flow to the scalp and aids in removing dandruff.
  • Adds to hair health by making it thick and adding volume.

With the herbal powder, you can quickly & easily turn it into a hair-boosting oil.

In fact, you'll have Hibiscus for hair oil that is really effective for you because it's packed with vitamin C which increases your scalp’s collagen amino acid level which is a major factor in the overall health of your tresses.

When all is said and done:

You'll see that the powerall Hibiscus flower is an African herb that boosts hair thickness by working to stimulate hair regrowth, prevent dryness, manage frizz, and stop hair breakage.

It also acts to diminish itchiness and dandruff keeping your hair strong, nourished, and hydrated.

Hibiscus African herbs for hair growth also prevents pre-mature grayingHibiscus African herbs for hair growth also prevents premature graying

How to Use Hibiscus Powder for Hair Loss Prevention & Boost Growth

Many Hibiscus for hair growth reviews mention that the best 2 ways to use Hibiscus for hair growth is by doing herbal-infused hot oil treatments or tonic rinses.

This recipe can help prevent hair fall (shedding), it also improves blood circulation to your scalp and encourages hair growth. It also can make your hair soft, smooth and less frizzy.

Who wouldn't want natural hair that's fuller, bouncier, and has a healthier shine?

Method #1 - Hibiscus Herbal Hair Growth Hot Oil Treatment:

Here's the ingredient list for the Hibiscus herb hair growth hot oil treatment.

  • 3-5 hibiscus leaves
  • 5-10 hibiscus flowers
  • 3 basil leaves
  • ½ cup coconut oil or your preferred oil like castor or avocado oil.

And in order to use Hibiscus powder to stop hair loss and promote faster hair growth...

Crush the flowers and leaves of hibiscus and boil it with the oil. Once the fumes start coming out of it, add basil leaves. Let the oil cool down. Strain and use it on your scalp. Gently massage and rinse off with lukewarm water.

SIDENOTE: (Be sure to perform a patch test on your hair first to make sure you don't suffer an allergy from Hibiscus.)

Method #2 - Hair Growth & Damage Restoration Tonic Tea Rinse:

This can be used on its own or also mixed with any other recipe for additional benefits.

Here are your ingredients for this specific herbal hair growth recipe.

  • Hibiscus flowers & Hibiscus leaves
  • Water

Take hibiscus flowers and leaves in a 1:6 ratio and soak them in water overnight and squeeze the flowers, in order to to prepare cold infusion. Or keep it in the water for 12 hours and then boil it to make hot infusion.

Use the strained water to wash, rinse your hair directly. Or simply dab a cotton ball in the prepared solution and use it like a tonic to treat your hair

BONUS RECIPE: African Hibiscus Herb Hair Rinse Tea For Growing Long Healthy Natural Hair

This BONUS African herbs for hair growth recipe from the video above is like a SUPER-CHARGED version of the original listed above.

"Jungle Naps" uses:

  • 3 Tbsp Hibiscus Flower
  • 3 Tbsp Flax seed
  • 10 Drops of Comfrey

African Herbal Secret #4
Henna Natural Hair Growth Herbs

Henna is a wild flower from Africa. Nigerians and Ghanaians call it Laali. in Cameroon they call it Hausa leaves and in Somalia they call it Cilaan.

And since early times Africans have taken the leaves and crushed them into a fine powder mix with water and applied to finger nails as a type of fingernail paint.

Henna deeply conditions your hair, and assists in capturing moisture.

Some naturals might wonder..."Is Henna a protein for hair?"

The answer is, no. Henna is not a protein. But it does kind of mimic a protein treatment by binding to the keratin (protein) that is already present in your hair strands and makes it stronger by reinforcing it. 

How To Use Henna for Hair Growth - Ingredients & Instructions

African herbs for hair growth - hennaLearn to use Henna African herbs for hair growth correctly!

Wondering "How to prepare Henna at home for a healthy hair growth treatment?

Preparing and applying Henna at home can be a messy process. But the results are surely worth your time and efforts.

The easy way to go about this is to buy Henna powder in the market and use it. The best Henna for hair, of course, is the one you make at home. Just grind the dried Henna leaves into a fine powder and store it in a bottle.

Here’s how to use Henna powder for hair growth...


  • Henna Powder – ½ Cup (depending on the length and volume of hair).
  • Warm Water – ¼ Cup.
  • Rubber Gloves.
  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.
  • Brush.
  • Shower Cap.

How To Prepare Your Herbal Growth Treatment: Add warm water to Henna powder. Mix well to get a smooth consistency. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture. Set it aside for a minimum of 8 hours for better results.

9-Steps - How to Apply Your Henna Powder Growth Recipe:

  1. Apply Vaseline Petroleum jelly along your hairline on the forehead to avoid staining.
  2. Wear gloves before attempting this method.
  3. Now section your hair and apply the henna mixture using an applicator brush.
  4. Wrap it on top of your crown and apply a layer of Henna to keep it in place.
  5. Repeat the process till all the strands are well covered with Henna.
  6. Cover your head with a shower cap.
  7. Leave it for 2-3 hours.
  8. Wash with a mild shampoo to get rid of Henna residue.
  9. Follow that with a good natural hair conditioner and air dry.

If you're wondering "How often should I apply henna for hair growth?": The answer is once every 2 weeks..

Booster Ingredients For Henna Hair Growth Recipes:

You can also use other growth promoting herbs and oil products with henna to get amazing results, some of the most popular ingredients to mix with henna for hair growth are:  

  • Amla powder
  • Coconut milk
  • Mustard oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Castor oil

The Tea on How to Use Henna for Strengthening Your Hair

It's no secret sis...

Henna is well-known to be a powerful hair conditioning and strengthening herb.

So depending on how you prepare your Henna herbal treatment, it can be used specifically to strengthen your natural hair.

This is great if you feel like your hair is weak and brittle.

What you need to do is apply your herbal growth solution to the length of your hair at least once a month for strengthening purposes, any more frequently than that and you might get dryness and breakage.

You should use the recommended guidelines for how long to leave it in, which is about four to eight hours maximum.

What Henna herbs for growth do is coat and protect your hair, it strengthens your hair by coating it and helping maintain moisture while blocking out harmful substances from the environment.

Henna is not a real protein treatment, but it is a strengthening treatment that can mimic a protein treatment and much like too much rice water, it can make you mistakenly think that your hair is protein sensitive. 

So henna treatments and protein treatments are two different processes that you need to be careful not to do at the same time or in close proximity to each other.

MYTH BUSTER: Herbal Henna doesn't penetrate and get inside of your hair shaft, it's not a protein conditioner so it doesn't bind with the protein molecules in your hair, it makes your hair stronger by coating your hair strands.

If you do a protein treatment once a month, for example, maybe the next month you can switch out the protein treatment for a henna treatment and see what difference there is in how your hair reacts and feels to the touch.

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BONUS VIDEO: How To Use Henna African Herbs for Growing Natural Hair FAST! (Part 1 of 2)

See another Black hair growth herb video below...

VIDEO #2: How To Use Henna African Herbs for Type 4C Natural Hair Growth Overnight! 

African Herbs for Hair Growth Secret #5
- Ginger Root Herbs for Longer Hair

For anyone wondering "Does ginger really help hair growth?"...

The answer is, YES!

African ginger is a powerful scalp-healer and hair growth herbal treatment.

Ginger helps grow your hair because it contains natural chemical properties that stimulate and boost circulation in your scalp.

This African herb for hair growth helps increase blood flow through the scalp, which improves the health of your scalp follicles and boosts growth of healthy hair strands.

Ginger has essential fatty acids, which prevent your natural hair from thinning.

Ginger also cures dandruff because it contains a natural antiseptic that controls scalp infections, fungus and diseases.

African herbs for hair growth. African ginger root herbs for hair growth and thicknessGinger root | African herbs for hair growth and thickness that really work...

If your hair is dry, these African herbs for hair growth make an effective remedy. Also gives your hair natural shine.

So listen....

Here's the key to your natural hair growth journey:

You MUST be consistent, period.

You need to use your herbal hair growth recipes consistently, persistently using them for weeks, months, and years and continually taking care of your scalp.

Too many women expect instant results, they expect to grow 2 inches of hair in 7 days, that's make believe and that what fake natural hair Youtubers & so-called natural hair gurus try to sell you. 

Enough about that though, before I get ticked off. So anywhoo, some natural hair honeys also wonder about if they can leave ginger in their hair....

Can You Leave Ginger in Your Hair?

African herbs for hair growth and thickness, leave ginger in your hair.Ginger African herbs for hair growth can be left in overnight!

Yes, you can leave ginger in your hair, there is no problem with massaging it into your scalp and leaving it in for 30 minutes or more, you can even leave ginger in your hair overnight before rinsing the herb out.

The warming and intoxicating tingle of ginger African herbs for hair growth and thickness is actually working to improve your scalp circulation and creating a healthy environment to help your hair strands grow strong and retain length.

You see:

Ginger contains a substance called Gingerol which is an amazing antioxidant that benefits in fighting free radicals that cause hair breakage and weakness.

In fact, the Gingerol in ginger has various scientifically-proven benefits for your hair, body and overall health.

For instance, you can: 

  1. Get anti-aging benefits.
  2. Soothe burns with it.
  3. Treat hypopigmented scars (AKA "white scars").
  4. Stimulate hair growth.
  5. Treat dandruff & scalp issues.

How to Use Ginger African Herbs for Hair Growth

So I'm going to teach you how to use ginger to grow your hair because there are some common mistakes that some women make, for example some women try drinking ginger for hair growth.

And although drinking fermented ginger drinks can be great for your overall health, drinking ginger for hair growth isn't the most effective method.

That's why the ginger hair growth stimulation recipe you'll see below is meant for topical application.

Topical applications work faster because ginger increases the scalp circulation that results in the flow of blood to the scalp. It also stimulates the hair follicles and encourages growth.

The fatty acids in the ginger are beneficial for thin hair. As a bonus, you also can combine hair strengthening rice water and ginger for hair growth.

African Ginger Hair Growth Herbs Stimulation Recipe

Here's what you'll need for your African Ginger hair growth stimulation recipe:

  • 2-4 oz organic ginger root
  • 2 tbsp Jojoba oil (or your favorite hair growth oil)
  • Cheesecloth (for straining purposes)
  • 1 large plate
  • 1 small bowl
  • 1 applicator bottle

NOTE:This recipe should be applied to dry, unwashed hair.

You make this hair mask by grating 2-to-4 oz (your decision how much) of ginger root onto a large dinner plate. Grate on the side with the smallest holes to really finely shred your ginger.

Take your finely shredded ginger from the plate and place it onto your cheesecloth to squeeze the ginger juice into your small bowl.

After you have strained your ginger juice into the bowl add at least 2 tablespoons of premium jojoba oil to it, it's best to add just as much oil as the amount of ginger juice you have.

Add your ginger and oil natural hair growth herb solution to your applicator bottle.

Apply to your scalp and be sure to thoroughly massage the growth mask into your scalp in circular motions and leave it on for at least 30 minute, the longer the better.

Then rinse it off and shampoo as normal.

Continue doing this consistently on your wash days and you'll see the results! Be sure to send me your ginger for hair growth before and after pictures so I can post them on my Black natural hair Instagram account.

BONUS VIDEO: Ginger Hair Mask | African Hair Growth Herbal Oil Recipe

Oh, and as a side note. if you are a lazy natural (lol), you can just go to Amazon and buy ginger root extract powder. Ginger powder benefits for hair are powerful as well.

Ambunu African Herbs for Hair Growth

Ambunu (Ceratotheca Sesamoide) is an old traditional hair growth herb from Africa. The benefits of Ambunu compared to other herbal shampoos like shikakai is that it is actually very slippery and can be used as a natural conditioner.

Ambunu hair growth herbs make your hair softer and adds a beautiful sheen to it. It also gives you stronger, thicker hair, prevents dry scalp and lessens hair loss.

This plant contains saponin which gives it its ability to cleanse and it is an effective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and an emollient.

Ambunu are more than amazing Black hair growth herbs, they're also a natural hair detangler and conditioner. When dry Ambunu leaves are combined with hot water they become very slippery and this gooey goodness is used to clean the hair and scalp.

Ambunu use is an old tradition among the Chadian women who use these leaves to wash and detangle their hair. The women of Chad also use this as a leave-in conditioner.

It makes your hair softer and adds a beautiful sheen to it. It also gives you stronger, thicker hair, prevents dry scalp and lessens your hair loss.  

VIDEO Tutorial: Teas, Herbs & Oils for African Hair Growth

You might already know that I love me some NappyFu, I adore her type 4C long hair and maintenance tips. I figured you'd enjoy seeing her favorite teas, herbs & oils for African hair growth. 

She keeps her 4C natural hair long and healthy with African herbs for hair growth and other length-retention products, she definitely knows her stuff.

Conclusion: African Herbs For Hair Growth

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