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Greek Yogurt for Hair Growth & dANDRUFF

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Have you heard of folks using Greek yogurt for hair growth?

You wanna know if it will work to give you longer hair, right? 


Because, today you’ll get your answer about this popular "food for hair growth", as well as some smart DIY recipes to use in the comfort of your home.

Now, look:

It’s common knowledge that here at NHP, we usually rely heavily on the science of hair growth.

Here’s the problem when talking about growing hair with greek yogurt though...

...many indepth hair growth studies are yet to be done on the subject.

So in this situation we have to lean on the many word-of-mouth accounts of anecdotal evidence and long-lived cultural traditions that suggest yogurt’s benefits for our hair and scalp. 

And folks claim that there are benefits whether you are applying it topically or whether you’re eating yogurt for hair growth.


Because Greek yogurt is packed with the building block of your hair strands, protein. This Greek treat also contains an important ingredient called vitamin B5 (known as pantothenic acid) that helps with blood flow to your scalp and hair growth.

It may even help against hair loss and problems with hair thinning. You probably have heard of pantothenic acid before because it’s a popular ingredient in many of your best-selling hair and skincare products.

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Before Trying Greek Yogurt for Hair Growth:
Test for Allergy Side Effects

Before putting yogurt on your hair, you should check for possibly side effects. If you’re unsure of any potential allergies you may have, do a skin patch test with the Greek yogurt before fully applying this DIY ingredient to your hair.

Doing this is easy, just rub a small amount of the Greek yogurt onto your forearm and wait 30 minutes.

If your skin shows no negative signs of an allergic reaction (redness, itchiness, stinging), chances are it should be all right to use on your hair and scalp without suffering side effects. 

DIY Greek Yogurt Hair Masks for Growth

If you check Amazon, you’ll see that deep conditioning hair masks are selling like hotcakes, and for good reason. So it’s easy to see why one of the most popular ways to topically apply Greek yogurt is by making a deep conditioning hair mask at your home.  

The benefits of a yogurt hair mask for hair growth are great because natural Greek yogurt is full of growth-boosting amino acids, these aminos offer nourishment that your hair craves in order to grow faster, stronger and healthier. Greek yogurt also has healthy fats that assist in moisturizing your hair strands and leaving them softly conditioned.

And you can add many African herbs for hair growth to your hair mask recipes as well for an added boost.

Greek yogurt also helps to vitalize your growth terrain because of the lactic acids, which help greatly in cleansing your scalp and clearing away dead skin cells. The clearing away of these blockage-causing dead scalp cells gives your hair follicles an open path to push faster, healthier strand growth.

Quick Benefits RECAP: Greek Yogurt for Hair Growth

People who use Greek yogurt-based hair masks suggest that the protein in yogurt promotes strong and healthy hair. They also believe that the lactic acid in yogurt:

  1. Cleanses the scalp growth terrain.
  2. Clears away dead skin cells.
  3. Increases hair follicle vitality.

People often use Greek yogurt hair masks to reverse or slow-down hair damage that’s been caused by:

  • Harsh hair products, like chemical-laden stylers, hair coloring kits, straightening creams, and curling sprays.
  • Harsh environmental effects, such as excess sun exposure, airborne pollutants, and drastic temperature changes.
  • Overuse of heat styling tools, such as hair straightening brushes, blow dryers, hot combs and straightening irons.

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How To Apply Your Greek Yogurt Hair Mask

Once you have tested for possible side effect, here’s a great way to apply Greek yogurt for hair growth and scalp health:

  1. Start with dry hair.
  2. Apply the Greek yogurt mask to the roots of your hair and work it in along the length of your hair.
  3. Leave the Greek yogurt for hair growth on for 15 to 30 minutes. Covering your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag can boost this moisture & nutrient penetration .
  4. Rinse the yogurt mask out with warm water. Some suggest shampooing with a hydrating shampoo after rinsing out the mask.

Along with being an excellent source of hair-bolstering protein, Greek yogurt for hair growth is also full of vitamin D and vitamin B5, both of which nourish your strands.

Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency may actually lead to hair loss, so it’s extra important to get enough of this nutrient on a regular basis. Just like with avocado, you can make a yogurt mask in lieu of eating it, to show your mane some extra love.

Dandruff & the Effects of Eating Yogurt [Clinical Study Proof]

Using Greek yogurt for hair growth isn't the ONLY benefit.


A 2017 study about the positive benefits of Lactobacillus paracasei observed the benefits shown in more than 50 healthy men aged 18 to 60 years.

This clinical scalp study showed that eating yogurt significantly reduced the signs and symptoms of moderate to even severe dandruff.

The study suggested that the positive effects were potentially caused by the yogurt’s probiotics and their impact on the skin immune system and skin barrier.

Answers To FAQS: About Greek Yogurt for Hair Growth

Did you know that not only can you use Greek yogurt for hair growth but some folks even apply yogurt for hair straightening.

Truth is, there are alot of things people don't know about using yogurt for hair conditioning, growth and health. That's why I posted answers to some common questions below.

Does yogurt thicken hair?
The amino acids in yogurt can help thicken your hair if your hair is protein-deficient. Some feel that the probiotics in yogurt can help thicken your hair as well although not proven. Without doubt, the foods you eat can contribute to the growth & thickness of your hair.

What happens when you put yogurt in your hair?
When you put yogurt in your hair the protein aminos present in yogurt helps strengthen the hair shaft, which helps prevent split ends and hair damage from happening. Lactic acid in yogurt helps your hair by removing dead skin cells. Yogurt has beneficial effects on the follicle, scalp and roots of your hair that happen to help growth.

Can I leave yogurt in my hair overnight?
Yes, you can leave yogurt in your hair overnight. Greek yogurt is a great DIY ingredient for a banana + yogurt hair mask that adds softness and fights dandruff. Just mash a 1 ripe banana and mix with 1 cup Greek yogurt to make an overnight hair mask ready. Apply it evenly on the scalp and hair by massaging it in and put on a shower cap. Leave it overnight and wash out next day.

What does Greek yogurt do to your hair?
Not only does Greek yogurt soften parched hair, it's also good at controlling split-ends, frizz and making your hair easier to style. Greek yogurt does this by adding needed nutrients to your hair strands and giving a good cleansing to your scalp.

Does yogurt prevent hair loss?
Natural Greek yogurt does help prevent hair loss caused by protein deficiency because it’s full of nourishing protein that your hair needs for proper growth and health. Besides fighting hair loss, Greek yogurt is known for its hair-smoothening properties.

3 Keys To Hair Growth Success:
Be Realistic, Grow and Retain

We love to help you grow your hair faster, and we share 100’s of articles on the subject. Yet and still, I want you to have realistic expectations. 

That is what will keep you on the road to consistently and flourishing hair.

Understanding that there's no magic spell that will make your hair grow faster will help you focus on these tips for consistent hair health, hair growth and length-retention (sooooo important).


Even the highest-rated hair growth pills and hair growth-booster length retention oils depend on you to maintain a high level of health, both inside and out.

So your consistency with these growth regimens is KEY. So let’s go over this again: 

  1. Be Realistic
  2. Grow Consistently
  3. Protect Your Ends and Retain Your New Growth 

In addition to eating protein-rich foods like greek yogurt for hair growth, taking proper care of your health may help you get it to the length you want. Try massaging your scalp for a few minutes every morning and every night; in addition to leaving you feeling wonderful, this action will stimulate blood and nutrient circulation to your scalp and hair follicles. 

And remember to treat your ends like babies, make sure they are healthy and remove split ends immediately so that hair breakage doesn’t extend down your strands and take out healthy hair fibers. 

CONCLUSION: Greek Yogurt for Hair Growth

So hey...  

I hope you enjoyed and learned alot from this Greek yogurt for hair growth article, we have tons of other useful hair rowth tuturials you might wanna take a look at too.

And you should definitely grab my FREE Hair Growth Ingredients Guide, too.

Still though...

... I wanna hear about you?

Are you going to try Greek yogurt for longer hair? Tell us how and why you plan to use yogurt for your hair below.

And if you have used Greek yogurt for hair growth before, please write your feelings about how effective (or ineffective) it was for you and your hair journey below.

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