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Veronica’s Natural Hair Journey

by Veronica

Natural Hair Journey Photo #1

Natural Hair Journey Photo #1

I started my natural hair journey May 31st of 2017. After years of relaxers I decided it was time for a change and seeing so many other women feel the same inspired me even more.

So I big chopped!!!!!

After I big chopped I started watching YouTube videos and searching for ways to maintain my 3c curls. Tia and Tamera mowry, both actresses from the well known tv show “Sister Sister”, also inspired me and taught me the value and the beauty of my hair. Tia mowry also shares her tips and tricks on how she keeps her curls moisturized and beautiful in a variety of natural hairstyles.

When I first started this journey I found that dollar store products such as, African pride, Cantu, suave, Aussie moist, etc. work just as well as the more expensive hair lines and I feel as though these products are looked over in the hair and beauty aisles because of their low price or their lack of advertisement in the media. As a natural curly girl, I highly recommend these products.

They all provide products that are sulfate and paraben free and have the ability to lock in moisture similar to high end products. Ever since I started this journey and have watched my hair grow throughout the months, I started to feel more beautiful being one hundred percent me!

I feel like everyone should at least try and experience this journey and we should begin to give the little girls in our lives the chance and the option to experience it as well.

Let them see who they are and let them know they are beautiful because it’s more than just hair. I look at my hair as a way to express who I am and a way to show people that I love who I am and I will never change for anyone. #love yourself #love your hair #rock what god gave ya ❤️


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Your Big Chop Success is encouraging!
by: Melissa

Wow, thank you for taking us through your journey! Your hair is amazing and I loved see the progession pictures from the beginning of your journey! XOXO

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