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Best Pre-Poo for Dry Scalp [Surprise!]

Let’s talk using pre-poo for dry scalp problems, because many of the NHP-hive deal with this hair issue.

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Pre-poos or pre-shampoos are a fantastic way to pre-treat your hair before you put it through the rigors of the washing and conditioning regimen. 

Even if you’re using the top-of-the line wash day products like Moroccan Oil hydrating shampoo and conditioner, pre-pooing your “luscious” ahead of the shampoo phase is STILL very beneficial.

Surprisingly though, folks get the lazy bug and often skip this vital step in their hair maintenance ritual.

So let's get down to hot grits and discuss why you should pre-poo for dry scalp problems, talk about the best DIY products for making homemade pre-poo recipes, and more! 

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Why Use Pre-Poo for Dry Scalp?

Let’s face it, shampooing and conditioning natural hair can feel like a dang Olympic event.

Your pre-poo is an essential warm-up activity that you should deploy before every kinky-curly hair washing event to achieve the best possible results.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is 3C, 4C or any other texture, pre-poo for dry scalp problems is a smart decision.

Yes, adding the pre-poo process to an already labor-intense exercise can feel like added work, but you will reap the rewards for your consistent devotion.

Pre-pooing involves applying a special mixture of ingredients that may consist of a unique blend of oils, shea butter, honey, vitamin E oil, argan Moroccan oil, premium conditioner, or even aloe vera in your pre-poo before you initiate the shampoo process.

This special blend often serves multiple purposes, including acting as a natural detangling solution, a protective agent that shields your hair from harsh, cleansing products, and a hydrating formula that helps restore much-needed moisture.

Die-hard pre-poo mavens tout these homemade curly hair product formulas as delivering a wealth of positive outcomes, including soft-to-touch hair, tames frizz, leaves hair manageable –thanks partly to the detangling nature of pre-poos, and promotes flexibility, which helps to reduce the risk for breakage.

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What Is The Best Pre-Poo For Dry Scalp?

One of the most incredible benefits of using pre-poos is their ability to help with treating dry scalp. A dry scalp is perhaps one of the most annoying conditions you can experience, no matter your hair texture.

It often exhibits itself in the form of itching, soreness, redness, dandruff, or inflammation. Multiple factors can contribute to the appearance of a dry scalp, including medical conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, or hypothyroidism.

Other factors such as dehydration or excessive hair washing, hair product choices, climate, and fungal growths may trigger a nasty bout of dry scalp.

Thankfully, pre-poos can support your efforts to manage the less extreme end of the spectrum of dry scalp. Here are a few of the best DIY pre-poos for dry scalp.

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Top 4 Products for Pre-Poo For Dry Scalp DIY Recipes

So if you are looking for the best recipe components to add into your pre-poo for dry scalp mixture, try these four product categories...

1. Aloe Vera Gel Pre-Poo

Aloe vera gel makes for an excellent pre-poo that can help to increase moisture and support efforts to reduce inflammation or itchiness.

Aloe vera gel can assist with lowering product build-up and rid you of dandruff. It's an excellent way to naturally restore the scalp’s pH level, which supports having a healthy dose of scalp and hair hydration.

2. Pre-Poo Butters

Shea butter and mango butter can make for a fantastic pre-poo solution. Unrefined mango butter and pure shea butter are exceptional emollients and moisturizers containing beneficial fatty acids that help moisturize and hydrate your natural curls.

They are rich in antioxidants that serve to protect the overall structure of your hair.

Pre-poo experts recommend adding oil to the mixture, such as castor oil, argan oil, or olive oil. Honey may also be another ingredient to help jumpstart the properties of your pre-poo as a moisturizing product.

3. Pre-Poo Oils

If you are hoping to adopt a more conventional approach to pre-pooing your hair, oils may be the answer for you.

Oils such as Moroccan argan oil, jojoba oil, rosemary, coconut, avocado, and olive oil are fan-favorites because they coat the hair and, despite the strength of your shampoo, do not readily wash away.

This quality is particularly beneficial for you if you find that hair care products have a nasty habit of stripping away your natural texture.

4. Rice Water Pre-Poo

Another popular pre-poo method is to use rice water. That’s right –the starchy water that remains after you boil rice.

The rice water creates a natural hair milk that consists of a grainy texture. Rice milk is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamin B and C, contributing to healthy hair growth.

Rice water improves hair elasticity, which lessens the risk for breakage, improves dry scalp conditions, and behaves similarly to a natural conditioner. Say goodbye to hair that is dull in appearance.

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How to Apply Pre-Poo for Dry Scalp

The pre-poo for dry scalp process is straightforward.

  • To start, section your hair into sections. The thicker or longer your hair, the more sections you may need. Aim for four to six parts.

  • Sectioning your hair will help to ensure equal distribution of your pre-poo solution.

  • Next, if possible, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle each section of your hair, starting with the ends of your hair and working your way back to the root.

  • Take care during this process, as it can trigger a nasty spell of breakage if your hair has been stashed away in a protective style for a period.

  • Apply your pre-poo solution using an applicator bottle or spray bottle. Your goal is to soak this hair in your pre-poo solution.

  • Cover your hair with a thermal or conditioning cap.

Can I Sleep in Overnight Pre-Poo For Dry Scalp?

The natural hair community is not united on the best approach for using a pre-poo solution.

While some natural hair mavens tout the benefits of sleeping in a pre-poo solution overnight to get the best results. Others warn that sleeping in a pre-poo can damage your hair –particularly if you have hair of high porosity.

Too much of a good thing may contribute to hygral fatigue or over-conditioned hair, a condition that weakens your hair due to excessive water exposure.

As a result, they suggest that you leave your pre-poo mixture in for no longer than 30 minutes.

Your best option is to determine what the best approach is for your hair. It may require some trial and error to get to the best solution. If you have low porosity hair you may be able sleep with an overnight pre-poo for dry scalp and benefit without hydral fatigue.

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pre poo for dry scalp problemsPre-poo for dry scalp is THE TRUTH!

The Wrap Up: About Pre-Poo For Dry Scalp

In closing, pre-pooing can help enhance your hair's health, including hair hydration and rid you of dry hair and a desperate scalp.

Pre-poos assist in restoring vibrancy, reducing frizz, and improving the overall texture of your hair. Choosing the best pre-poo option for your hair may require some trial and error. 

DIYs are a great option, but if you are afraid to venture out on your own with a homemade pre-poo for dry scalp, there are options in the marketplace for you to consider, such as African Pride Moisture Miracle Aloe & Coconut Water Pre-Shampoo, and Dr. Miracle’s Strong & Healthy Detangling Pre-Shampoo Treatment.

There are even options for kids, including the Curly Hair Kids PreShampoo Treatment Hair Detangler & Braid Takedown Serum by Righteous Roots.

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