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MSM Hair Growth Study Guide

Looking for an MSM hair growth study (or 3) that can build your confidence that Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) will truly help promote regrowth?

I hear you...

Truth is, hair loss is fertile ground for insecurity but hair growth research suggests that we have hope because MSM (a natural compound) has shown promise in restoring hair growth.

MSM hair growth study

Studies show that as a hair loss treatment, this powerful hair, skin & nails supplement is shown to strengthen follicles and promote hair growth.

Enough chatter, let's get into the hair growth studies...

MSM Hair Growth Study #1

This 1st MSM hair growth study was done to prove or disprove the "Beneficial Effects of a Sulfur-Containing Supplement on Hair and Nail Condition".

This MSM hair growth research was a prospective, double-blind study done on middle-aged women.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is an organosulfur compound that has been shown is MSM hair growth studies be beneficial for not only hair growth, but for joint health, sports nutrition, heightened immune function, as well as exerting antiaging effects too.

For good reason, MSM is gaining popularity as a nutritional supplement for support of the hair, skin, and nails.

In this double-blind clinical MSM hair growth study, 63 subjects ingested either 1 gram or 3 grams of MSM per day for hair growth.

Expert clinical grading and subject self-assessment were used to evaluate hair growth and nail condition over 4 months of use.


  • Oral MSM supplementation led to significant improvements in appearance & condition of hair. 
  • Higher concentration (3 g/day) of MSM seemed to deliver quicker & stronger benefits than lower doses.
  •  MSM study suggests the MSM could also be a good source of nutrition for nail health.

See full results of this MSM Hair Growth Study: HERE

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MSM Hair Growth Study #2

The research in MSM hair growth study #2 is not extensive but this research does suggest that MSM sulfur can form bonds essential to strengthening hair and influencing hair growth.

One MSM hair growth study tested the effect of MSM and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (MAP) together on hair growth and alopecia (the medical term for hair loss) treatment.

MAP is a water-soluble precursor of vitamin C.

The test was performed on mice. Researchers applied varying percentages of MAP and MSM solutions to the backs of the animals.

The effect of MSM on hair growth promotion of MAP was dose-proportional to the concentration of MSM due to the enhanced intradermal retention of MAP in the presence of MSM.

Therefore, in this particular MSM hair growth study, topical application of the water-soluble precursor of vitamin C together with MSM appears to be useful for the treatment of alopecia & reversing hair loss.


  • Topical application of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (MAP) & MSM is effective in promoting hair growth in mice.
  • MSM could be used as a penetration enhancer that augments hair growth pro-motion of MAP in vivo.
  • Topical applica-tion of MAP together with MSM appears to be useful for the treatment of alopecia.

See full results of this MSM Hair Growth Study: HERE

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MSM hair growth study resultsMSM hair growth study results are important...

Study #3 - Is MSM a Safe Hair Growth Supplement

Many wonder is MSM a safe hair growth supplement. According to this next MSM hair growth study, the answer is yes.

This research is farther-reaching than an MSM hair growth study because it covers the entire spectrum of MSM supplementation, whether hair pills or other.

This is important because Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) has become a popular dietary supplement used for a variety of purposes, including its most common use as an anti-inflammatory agent.

MSM for hair growth has been well-investigated in animal models, as well as in human clinical trials and experiments.

A variety of health-specific outcome measures are improved with MSM supplementation, including inflammation, joint/muscle pain, oxidative stress, and antioxidant capacity.

Initial evidence is available regarding the dose of MSM needed to provide benefit, although additional work is underway to determine the precise dose and time course of treatment needed to provide optimal benefits. 

The study is titled: "Methylsulfonylmethane: Applications and Safety of a Novel Dietary Supplement"


  • MSM is a naturally occurring organosulfur compound with broad biological effects.
  • This micronutrient is well tolerated by the human body.

See full results of this MSM Hair Growth Study: HERE

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MSM For Hair Growth Side Effects Studies Show...

MSM research shows minimal to no side effects from using MSM hair growth supplements.

If you do experience side effects from MSM, they may be mild and include:

  • abdominal discomfort
  • bloating
  • diarrhea
  • headaches
  • nausea

If you have doubts, discuss potential MSM side effects or interactions with current medication with your doctor.

Due to limited research on MSM safety while pregnant, you should avoid taking MSM hair growth supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How to Find the Best MSM for Hair Growth

In general, hair growth supplements aren’t well-regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). So, it’s easy for faulty products to be contaminated with nasty things like heavy metals, mold, and other impurities.

For this reason, you want to make sure you’re getting the purest MSM supplements possible. The gold safety standard for MSM hair growth products is going through a multi-step distillation process to remove impurities.

Look for certifications like gluten-free and non-GMO, with extensive certificates of analysis so you know exactly what’s in your MSM hair growth product.  

If hair growth supplement companies don’t display their certificates of analysis on their website, you can usually email the company to obtain a report. 

MSM Hair Supplement Buying Tips:

  • To ensure you’re getting a pure product, buy an MSM hair growth supplement that uses a multi-step distillation process to remove impurities.
  • Look for gluten-free and non-GMO certifications.
  • Thoroughly read MSM hair growth supplement reviews for REAL customer experiences.

How To Take MSM Powder for Hair Growth According To Studies

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) say MSM is “Generally Recognized as SafeTrusted Source,” or GRAS, in standard dosages. MSM hair growth studies often use dosages of about 3-4 g per day.

Oral MSM hair growth supplements are available in powder or capsule form, and people can purchase MSM online at Amazon.

Taking more MSM than proven effective in studies doesn't appear to provide better hair growth results.

For skin conditions, people may also apply an MSM cream to the skin. They should look for a product that specifies how much MSM it contains and how often to apply it.

People who are already using prescription creams for rosacea or other skin conditions should ask their dermatologist before trying MSM cream.

MSM For Hair Growth Studies Are Clear...

So, what’s the verdict? Is MSM for hair growth the real deal according to MSM hair growth studies?

The answer is yes, MSM for hair growth is proven both effective and safe in studies. True, MSM hair growth studies are few and far between, yet the results always lean to the good side.

Plus, beside MSM's hair growth boosting capabilities...

...the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, proteoglycan-maintaining, detox-boosting properties of MSM make it a promising candidate for more research.

Do you plan on taking MSM for hair growth? Have you taken it before?

Email NHP with your experience so that we can share your MSM for hair growth reviews at support [at] naturalhair-products.com 

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