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What is Bamboo Extract? How Does It Grow Your Hair?

Answer. Bamboo extract is the medicinally active part taken from the bamboo plant, one of the fastest-growing plants in the world.

Bamboo extract is used for boosting your skin health, taking bamboo extract for hair growth is a common use, and women have reported that bamboo is extremely effective at promoting fingernail health and overall beauty.

Bamboo extract for hair growth supplements are great for fighting wrinkles and visible signs of aging because, much like Diatomaceous Earth for hair growth, the silica content and collagen-boosting properties help to smooth and hydrate your skin. 

Speaking of how much silica the common bamboo extract for hair growth has... - Bamboo extract is rich in silica (silicon dioxide), it has SEVENTY PERCENT silica content!

This high amount of silica promotes fights age marks, signs of aging and the formation of collagen in hair, skin and nails. Bamboo extract is better than horsetail grass silica supplements because the 70% silica content(the active ingredient) in the bamboo extract is about ten times higher than the inferior horsetail silica.

What is Bamboo extract? bamboo tree leaf leaves What is Bamboo extract?

And that’s why:

There are so many good and varied answers when people ask “What is bamboo silica good for?”

Another way to answer that is to talk about how bamboo silica is also great for your bone health supplement. Silica is good because it plays a major role in promoting bone density and growth by enhancing your body’s calcium absorption capacity and limiting calcium loss in your skeleton.

So bamboo silica is great even without its hair growth help capabilities, it’s good as a stand-alone skeletal supplement that effectively supports your overall health and that of your bones, while also increasing joint flexibility.

Bamboo extract for hair growth has more of the health-inducing active ingredient silica for good reason.

You see:

Bamboo has so much hair growth boosting silica because all-natural plant sources provide you with much higher levels of silica than animal sources, and the bamboo plant possesses the richest levels of silica of any plant known to man. It’s absolutely essential to your body and for superior health.

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Historical Use of Bamboo Silica for Health & Hair Growth

The use of bamboo and extracting its silica for the various benefits is not new, at all. For centuries upon centuries, those who have practiced Chinese herbal medicine and Ayurvedic medicine in India have long understood what is bamboo extract is good for!

They had the answer long ago, the wise herbalists and medicine-men knew that prescribing Bamboo extract is good for remedying and curing wounds, treating psoriasis, calming skin burns, promoting bone healing, relieving congestion and does much to boost overall well-being internally as well as externally.

Is Silica From Bamboo Safe?

If you’re wondering if bamboo silica is safe or not, the answer is yes when taken as directed on your supplement packaging.

Silica is safe, it comes from the all-natural bamboo plant, in technical terms is silicon dioxide which is generally known to be a safe substance to apply externally and consume internally. 

As always, if you have doubts, consult your holistic healthcare provider before you begin any silica or health supplement regimen.

Another way to know silica is safe is the fact that silicon dioxide is found in everything from natural spring water to countless edible plants and forage. Research has shown that the silica we consume through our diets doesn’t build up in our bodies. Instead, it’s flushed out when you urinate by the kidneys.

What Does Bamboo Extract Do For Your Hair?

The answer is, bamboo extract does a great job of increasing hair health and growth. Bamboo extract for hair growth helps draw the vital nutrients to your hair follicles which does the job of fortifying and nourishing your scalp and hair strands.

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Using bamboo extract for hair growth does good for your hair’s overall sheen and appearance. What bamboo extract does for your hair is effectively allows your tresses to become more pliable, manageable and softer. 

So, is bamboo extract good for your hair? Your answer is a BIG YES.

It is very good for your hair and skin. Bamboo extract is the reason why many men and women grow shinier, stronger, longer and healthier hair.

Quick List: Bamboo Extract for Hair Benefits

  • Helps create scalp environment for increased hair growth 
  • May help to address hair loss
  • Helps to restore the appearance of truly healthy hair 
  • Ensures that hair follicles are supplied with vital minerals necessary for hair growth, health & vitality.
  • Adds shine to dull, lackluster hair 
  • Hair may become more plush and thicker
  • Fights against and helps prevent hair thinning 
  • May help temporarily mend together split ends
  • Hair can become stronger
  • Decreases hair shedding and breakage

It’s clear to see that bamboo extract for hair benefits are plentiful and are a staple in many natural hair regimens for good reason, especially when you want to stop hair breakage..

Bamboo Extract for Hair Growth Reviews

So let's get to some real bamboo extract for hair growth reviews so you can see how it is effecting other people who have actually purchased and used it...

Bamboo-extract-for-hair-before-and-afterKaren's bamboo extract for hair growth before and after pics...

Karen’s bamboo extract for hair growth review was particularly helpful because she submitted a before and after hair growth progress photo, always helpful. 

Here’s what she said about using bamboo silica extract on her hair:

"my skin is clearer, more energy, my nails are growing like crazy, also my hair grew from the 4 on my length check shirt the 5! the pic on the left was taking September 7th, I started taking the bamboo extract pills and the bamboo tea on September 28th. the pic on the right is from November 3rd!

I hope to be on the 7 of the shirt by the end of the year. I swear by bamboo extract products. I used to drink bamboo tea in the past and had the same great results, fast hair growth and nails."

One thing that is interesting to me is that the bamboo tea and extract review that you just read and the one I'm about to show you below are both from women who used bamboo extract hair growth products in the past, got great results, and evidently stopped using them.

Why stop taking something that is working for you?

I don't understand it:

For example...

...check out this Youtube comment from a bamboo silica review video's comment section, this sista named Alisha was reminded to buy bamboo for hair growth again, after already experiencing great growth results...


The next review shows that doing the pill form of bamboo is good, so good that a sista who does Youtube videos that props up the bamboo hair growth tea reads a comment from one of her viewers about bamboo hair growth pills and is interested in trying them out too...


Her hair has been amazing and the extract in pill form is definitely working...

The next bamboo for hair growth review is talking about the hair growth tea, which is still an extract of bamboo, she drinks it with honey...



Sarah J’s bamboo extract for hair growth review was cool because she gave useful updates about how much product she used. That's really helpful...

Here’s what Sarah said about using bamboo extract for hair growth in her review:

msm biotin bamboo tea extract for natural hair long growth braids review results before and after supplements

REVIEW TITLE: I really like this product

I really do like this bamboo hair product. I just placed an order for two more bottles( Free shipping made it a lot easier) I’m really excited that I found this product by accident. I would drink Bamboo leaf tea before I got these vitamins as part of the 30-day Bamboo tea growth Challenge and sometimes it was too much of a hassle, so to have bamboo leaf extract as a part of this vitamin is extremely convenient!

I am going to review these vitamins on youtube soon after I finish my 1 month supply and start the second bottle since these vitamins are extremely new on the market and I want to be completely accurate when doing a video review! 

This is a really good investment because I have already noticed the growth and a difference in my hair health as well as my nails. I haven’t experienced any breakouts because of these vitamins either which is a plus since I know that some hair vitamins make people break out. will continue to purchase! already have a 3 month supply!

The only reason I am giving this product a 4/5 is because I’m not too sure of the dosage amounts for the green tea and etc and what the equivalents are.

This is an update and I'm almost on my third bottle! Love this. I will update with a before and after photo. This is a month after I got a trim and it has grown back plus more!!

How Much Bamboo Silica Should I Take Daily?

For general daily use for health purposes, and if you are taking silica in capsule form it a good rule of thumb to start off with 180 to 360 mg per day.

As far as hair growth goes...

How many MG of silica should I take for hair growth? Here's how to take bamboo extract as a dietary supplement for hair growth if you're taking the powder instead of pills, take up to 600 mg (heaping 1/4 tsp) daily with plenty of water, or as directed by a physician.

Bamboo extract for hair growth is powerful, and just like with celery juice or aloe vera for hair growth, bamboo extract may also be applied topically as well. If you have the loose powder form instead of pills, you can also take it daily with meals by adding it to a hair growth smoothie or shake. 

Bamboo Tea for Hair Growth 30-Day Challenge Update!

Bamboo tea for hair growth is a different type of extract, but still a very effective and tastier way to get your hair growing. It has growth-boosting silica just like the powders and pills but the difference is that you can relax and sip on it, even add a lil' honey and enjoy the flavor.

Conclusion: Bamboo Extract for Hair Growth Results Speak For Themselves

It's clear to see:

Bamboo extract for hair growth is powerful and the results ar obvious. 

And one cool thing about it is that there are many forms that you can use, you can get your hands on great natural hair products like bamboo protein for hair, there's Beautifully Bamboo provitamin silica conditioning extract and more.

You might want to look into getting some if you're struggling with hair loss or slow hair growth, the bamboo extract for hair benefits are serious and is also great when combined with MSM hair growth supplements and/or biotin..

If you use one of these products, please send your bamboo extract for hair before and after pictures to me so that I can share your reviews, result and photos with the world!

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