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Hair Growth at a Major Stand Still - Natural Hair Journey Journal

by Melinda
(Brooklyn, NY)

Hello Hair Family,

I am so frustrated with my hair journey. I have been natural for about 5 yrs. now and for the past 2 yrs. my hair has not grown at all, it has only gotten thicker.

I trim my ends every 3 months to aid in my growth but still nothing. I often wear protective styles in hope that it will grow as it once did. I am soooo frustrated and out of options. What can I do to grow my hair?

I know you may be asking are you moisturizing on a regular and the answer is yes, I have high porosity hair and I moisturize two to three times a week because my scalp really soaks up oil.

Can someone please give me some advice as I am so out of options and frustrated that my hair growth has come to a halt.

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