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Diatomaceous Earth Hair Growth 101
[Fast Hair Growth Reviews]

Diatomaceous Earth hair growth results. Learn to grow hair with diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth hair growth results and reviews.

Will you get Diatomaceous Earth hair growth results too?

Let's see...

We know that there are many reasons for hair breakage and different methods to stop breakage on type 4 hair.

Let's BOOST you hair growth too! THIS WORKS...

So... Here's the deal with why Diatomaceous Earth fossil shell flour hair growth products give you fast and strong results...


You gotta hear about what happened to me when I wasn't even thinking about hair growth and Diatomaceous Earth grew my hair (and nails) anyway, ha...

     (Food-grade D.E. only, there are different grades of the stuff, be careful...).

I'd been taking food-grade Diatomaceous Earth simply for health reasons for about two years, I didn't even hear about how it helps thicken hair and strengthen teeth and nails...

I was using it because I'm trying to be able to jump rope with my grandkids one day and I know that Diatomaceous Earth is good for cleaning bad bacteria from your gut and a ton of other great things for health.

So the D.E. hair growth results and benefits I noticed was just an unexpected bonus. 

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Diatomaceous Earth Hair Growth Comes From
Giving Your Body Its Health Needs

diatomaceous-earth-hair-growth. natural hair growth supplement diatomaceous earth - hair growth and diatomaceous earth - diatomaceous earth hair growth results before and afterIt has a chalky texture, no taste, it's natural and from the Earth...

Diatomaceous Earth is made up of 89% silica. Silica is one of the most important trace elements in our body.

And it's critical to your health that get enough silica to help with numerous bodily functions and to aid in the all-important mineral absorption.

Your bodies ability OR inability to properly absorb minerals is a sickness-or-wellness, life-or-death predicament.

That is why Diatomaceous Earth is such an important supplement for your overall health 1st, and your hair, skin, and teeth second.

There isn't any vitamin on the market that can produce the same results.

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Diatomaceous Earth for Hair Growth Sucks Up Toxins That Get Passed At Potty Time

See how classy I was in the way I phrased that? Lol. Anyway. Diatomaceous Earth is made up of tiny fossilized water plants that are ground into a fine white powder.

diatomaceous earth hair growth results hair growth and diatomaceous earthD.E. Under Magnification - The particles attract and trap the toxins in your body!

On a microscopic level, these tiny cone-shaped particles move through your system, attracting everything from bacteria, fungi, protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, pesticides and drug residues, E-Coli, and heavy metals.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a terrific colon cleanser and detoxifier and as it passes through your system, it literally attracts and traps toxins that are attacking your innards.

You know how great you look when you've been eating right or after you've completed a cleanse?


Incorporating Diatomaceous Earth into your daily routine can produce similar beauty results.

Diatomaceous Earth for Natural Hair Growth and Thickness

The silica in Diatomaceous Earth has been shown to stimulate natural hair growth, strength and thickness and has been used as a treatment to prevent balding. See...

Our hair is made up of 90% silica, so it would make sense that it's thirsty for the stuff. Taking just 1 tablespoon of food-grade Diatomaceous Earth daily (it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU GET FOOD-GRADE D.E.) gives you enough silica to support healthy, strong hair.

How To Take Diatomaceous Earth For Hair Growth [VIDEO]

Diatomaceous Earth for Healthy Skin

Unlike long-known African herbs for hair growth, the ability to boost hair growth with Diatomaceous Earth is a relatively new discovery.

Seems like over the last few years, more and more Diatomaceous Earth hair growth photos have been popping up.

For skin though?

D.E. has been quite popular for creating more supple, younger-looking skin for quite a while.

It's true:

Just because Diatomaceous Earth hair growth masks and pastes are popular, that doesn't mean that hair growth is the only goal.

D.E. has also been extremely popular overseas for decades and is used extensively as a health and beauty product for skin and nails as well.

Collagen is Key: Hair Growth and Diatomaceous Earth

diatomaceous earth hair growth vs Collagen peptides can grow type 4c hair, diatomaceous earth grows Black hair, nails and skin. See more, click here...

Collagen, which is extremely important for healthy skin, is mostly made up of silica.

When we are deficient in silica, our collagen breaks down more quickly, which makes the skin look old and dull.

Taking silica can restore and repair the collagen in our body.

This is POWERFUL because:

Silica also helps with skin problems like some types of eczema, rashes, acne, warts, burns and insect bites.

Following a healthy silica regimen will leave you with healthy, glowing skin.

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Diatomaceous Earth for Nails

Diatomaceous Earth also strengthens your nails by supplementing the nail bed with silica. Taking Diatomaceous Earth will restore the appearance and strength of weak nails and will prevent them from breaking.

As you can see:

Diatomaceous earth hair growth benefits aren't even half of the story when it comes to you getting a healthier body from the inside-out.

Beauty comes from health FIRST, remember that.

diatomaceous earth hair growth. Use diatomaceous earth for nails and hair growth. It works. Learn more NOW...Diatomaceous Earth Hair Growth Mix!

Try Diatomaceous Earth Hair Growth Results for Yourself!

So check it out ladies, Diatomaceous Earth hair growth results are suddenly shown in before and after videos are all over the place for good reason.

So, for you:

Getting longer, fuller, healthier hair while on the road to better overall health so you can live longer, enjoy your family more and look great while doing it is the way to go!

Give it a month and see the results for yourself!

On top of that:

I'll show you the exact brand of FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth I'm taking right here: https://amzn.to/3afKWH5

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Melissa Lee is a Contributing Editor to NHP and a former owner of the BlackhairOMG website. She formed 4C Trichology Growth Services, LLC., a US based hair care consultation service. She has also contributed as a writer and consultant for various hair and beauty websites. Melissa can be followed on Twitter here.

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