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Black Hair Products Online w/ Drops Of Glam! 

black hair products online

Are you looking for BOMB Black hair products online? I gooooot you sis. (PLUS a crazy NHP discount code! Keep reading!)

By now, you probably know that NHP is all about introducing you to those hidden gem Black businesses that truly benefit and boost your self-care regimen. 

One brand that I think is destined to blow up on the scene is Drops Of Glam, this woman-owned Black business specializes in beauty, hair care, hair growth as well as giving us what we need for top-notch self care and mental wellness. 

Whether you’re a woman or man, they take pride in helping you take supreme care of yourself because when you take care of yourself, you feel better. When you are better. You treat others better. When you look good you feel good.

So, let’s take a deep look at Drops of Glam and how they can help you look and feel better with their Black hair products online today!

black hair products online discount code


Black Hair Products Online That Go Above And Beyond w/ Drops Of Glam! 

I knoooooow sis, I know. You want me to jump straight to the lusciously-crafted hair growth oils from this brand, the super moisturizing shampoos and luxury nutrient-infusion conditioners for Black hair.

Don’t worry, we’ll get there soon. First though… Let’s bask in the beauty of Black innovation and Black excellence!

Black hair products online - Drops of GlamOwner of Drops of Glam, Tamera Sanders...

The story and face behind Drops of Glam comes from Tamera Sanders. A woman who is cut from the cloth of the great Madam C.J. Walker.

Tamera developed her wonderful flagship product back in the year 2012. She innovated out of necessity because her daughter suffered from eczema and dermatitis. 

It was only after creating her products that she realized that they would help so many people, and so she diligently studied natural ingredients that would also promote hair growth and repair. 

After several years in the making, Tamera created an entire solution-based product line for your hair and scalp. Drops of Glam is like a superfood for your hair and scalp! Thankfully, these Black hair products are available online for you to get your hands on quickly.

So let’s get into detail about SOME of Drop of Glam’s products…

black hair products online customer reviews

Drops of Glam Black Hair Growth Products - Buy Online

As you see above, the Drops of Glam hair growth oil product has customer reviews that sing its praises.

black hair products online - hair growth oil fast length retention

We see testimonies about everything from transforming hair that was thinning due to menopause and medication, to celebrations because this hair growth oil boosted length-retention and growth 3 inches in 6 months.

And, ofcourse, it’s deliciously-scented.

This Black hair brand knows the importance of products that smell great while they work.

Another thing you’ll find with Drops of Glam are the extra purchasing options they provide for their Black hair products online.

Purchasing Perks & Options Available:

The selection of Black hair products online don’t end with the Drops of Glam hair and scalp oil, the also have a rich shampoo for you to luxuriate with! Let’s talk about it...

Best Black Hair Products Online: Moisture Balance Shampoo by Drops Of Glam

Moisture Balance Shampoo by Drops Of Glam is designed to restore moisture, balance PH and promote healthy hair growth.

The Drops Of Glam owner researched and tested the best natural ingredients for hair and beauty results you will love. 

This moisturizing shampoo is packed with ingredients that will benefit and boost your healthy hair journey. 

black hair products online shampoo review

A few key ingredients that you’ll benefit from are Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) which is used to reduce frizz, exfoliate your scalp, balance your PH and add shine.

Great-smelling Guava is packed with Vitamin B Complex that will promote hair growth and slow down hair fall. This moisturizing shampoo has Cucumber, which is packed with Vitamin A, C and Silica. Cucumber works to build hair elasticity and reduce chances of hair loss.

Drop of Glam’s Moisture Balance Shampoo is free of sulfates, parabens and radicals.

They designed this product to hydrate your hair from root to tip. Restore the PH balance of your hair and scalp, while promoting healthy hair growth.

Moisturizing Black Hair Products Online: Moisture Balance Conditioner

Moisture Balance Conditioner by Drops of Glam is designed to restore moisture, ph balance, detangle and promote healthy hair growth.

black hair products online african american hair care conditioner

Moisture Balance Conditioner is 4-N-1. Great as a co-wash, leave-in, rinse or deep conditioner. Drops Of Glam researched and tested the best natural ingredients for results you will love.

We all know that moisture and hydration are vital keys for healthy, long and growing Black hair.

That’s where these Black hair products online really shine!

Moisture Balance Conditioner is going to hydrate your hair from root to tip. Restore the PH balance of your hair and scalp, while promoting healthy hair growth.

Why Buying Black Hair Products By Black Owned Business Is Best

Fact is, Black businesses understand the needs of Black customers best. Especially when it comes to hair care. We know what our hair likes and doesn’t like better than anyone else would.

For example, Drops Of Glam hair oil is all-natural and promotes hair regrowth by stimulating follicles, delivering essential fatty acids, nutrients to the hair and scalp. Ingredients like hemp seed oil, rich in omega 3,6 and 9. It is 90% of your hair keratin.

These all-natural, from-the-earth products are what many in the natural hair community are realizing we need to turn back to. Go back to the roots of health and beauty, things God created for us!

That’s where Black hair products online really shine, delivering what you REALLY need, how you need it.  

You have to love the two-sided perks of grabbing premium Black hair products online. You get the results you need all while supporting Black business. It doesn’t get any better than that, ya know?

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The Wrap Up: Grab Premium-Ingredient Infused Black Hair Products Online

As you can see, you’re getting premium quality ingredients with these Black hair products online from Drops of Glam. Their online hair and scalp helpers have Rosehip oil to repair damaged hair and renew scalp tissue. 

You’ll get neem oil, an herb that treats hair loss and helps your follicles become stronger to encourage hair growth and length-retention. Their oil includes the  “must have” castor oil in their flagship hair growth oil which also promotes blood circulation on the scalp. 

Notable mention ingredients in their Black hair products online are grapeseed oil, argan oil, cucumber extract, guava and honeydew. The product reviews rave about how Drops Of Glam smells so good and it is lightweight on your hair! 

So if you want Black hair products that really work and smell like a tropical breeze, order yours on their website today. Your hair growth journey should smell as good as the results look. With these unique Black hair products available online, the mission has been accomplished.

black hair products online discount code


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