What Is 4B Hair Texture?
Your Guide to Understanding 4B Hair

What is 4b hair texture type

You ever been confused as all outdoors trying to figure out "what is 4b hair texture"?

I feel you...

Whether you are a novice naturalista or natural hair maven, who has been at the natural hair game for years, decoding your hair texture is vital for healthy hair growth.

Once you understand the dominant hair texture on your head, whether it's 4a, 4b, or 4c coily hair, you can begin to establish the natural hair care plan that works best for your curls, kinks, and coils. 

Most natural hair experts categorize natural hair types by texture and curl pattern.

Hair type chart - what is 4b hair textureHair Type Chart

Fact is:

When you discover what is 4B hair texture you may find you have that and more...

Many of us have multiple hair textures, but there is generally a dominant hair type on your head. You may have noticed it when styling your hair by now. Perhaps your hair up top is full of zig-zagging coils.

The hair around your temporal region (sides of your head) or nape of your neck may have definitive curl patterns that look wavy.

The best way to figure out which hair type is dominant is to wet your hair and observe which curl pattern takes shape on your head.

Type 4 hair is coily. Type A hair tends to have a wider diameter where type B has a slightly smaller width than A and C.

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What Does 4B Hair Texture Look Like?

what is 4b hair texture - actress kimberly eliseActress Kimberly Elise at BET Awards

So what is 4b hair texture? Let's talk...

If you have classified your hair as being 4B, this means your hair follows a "z" shape pattern. It is thick, which can make styling this hair a bit challenging when coupled with shrinkage, to say the least.

These strands have very sharp angles, making efforts to define curls complicated as these strands are wirier. It feels coarse to touch. 

4B hair is prone to dullness. Another characteristic of this hair type is that it has a natural ability to repel water.

It is not uncommon to find beads of water sitting on various strands of 4b hair during the initial phases of washing your hair or spraying a mist of water or some other moisturizing product onto this hair to moisturize it. Thus, this hair can be difficult to dampen. 

Given this unique quality, 4B hair is susceptible to dryness, making it prone to breakage if it does not receive adequate care. 

What Is 4B Hair Texture? Look At Mine... [VIDEO]

How Do I Care for 4B Hair Texture?

Natural hair experts agree that the best thing you can do to navigate caring for this dense, wiry hair is to develop a 4B hair care regimen that helps to infuse moisture and lock that moisture in to minimize the risk for breakage and damage.

4B Hair Texture Craves Moisture

What is 4b hair texture's greatest need? Moisture, moisture, moisture...


Even with the best hair care intentions, the 4b hair texture can become dry when you least expect it. 

what is type 4b hair texture needs water moisture

Therefore, you always want to ensure that you are checking for moisture with this hair. 

You need to select hair care products that will infuse moisture, such as hair masks, moisture-sealant essential oils, moisture-rich shampoos, and moisturizing creams. 

Of course, tread carefully with moisturizing products like creams and butters as too much of a good thing with 4B hair can lead to product build-up.

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Detangle Like Your Hair Depends on It

Detangle your hair while conditioning it. This practice will make the detangling process to the next level.

Detangling while the conditioner is in place helps to create much-needed slippage to make the detangling process far more tolerable than trying to complete this task on dry hair. 

Be Gentle

4B hair is delicate, which means you cannot be too aggressive with this hair. Always choose products that are gentle to your scalp and hair and comb this hair with kindness.

Conclusion: What is 4B Hair Texture EXPLAINED

4B hair is a wiry, z-shaped hair that can be prone to dryness and lack vibrance. It feels coarse to touch and is susceptible to shrinkage.

Make every effort to follow a 4B hair care regimen that compliments your hair.

Always aim for moisture as this will help strengthen these strands and be kind to your 4B strands. 

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