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Starting Locs With Thin Edges On Black Hair

Starting Locs With Thin Edges On Black Hair

You wondering about starting locs with thin edges? And the best way to do it? Or do you have starter locs and edges that are beginning to thin out?

Either way, I got the goods for you. And trust me, you’ll have a better, more enjoyable loc journey when you understand WHY your edges are breaking and thinning in the first place.

That way, you’ll put your edges on the road to recovery and possibly avoid any major setbacks while you learn proper hair maintenance practices and products for your locs and starting locs with thin edges.

Root Out The Cause of Thin Edges Before Starting Your Locs Journey

To be honest, not every case of hair thinning and fading edges can be blamed on the same thing.

You may need to check for any medications that could affect your hormones and cause thin edges. If you are very stressed, this can not only cause hair thinning and breaking hair edges. It could be a sign that other parts of your body are in danger of breaking down too.

Some who have lost hair because of stress have regained their hairline growth by eliminating any external sources of stress, and engaging in exercise/yoga in order to maintain mental sanity.

And of course, you are and reflect what you eat, so a healthy nutrient-packed and balanced diet. 

So, let’s talk about some products that can help you when starting locs with thin edges.

starting-locs-on-thin-edgesStarting locs on thin edges? Get with LOC Em Up Products!

Cosmetic Solutions When Starting Locs With Thin Edges

First a word of warning about a product some want when getting starter locs, and it may be a bad idea if you have thin edges. I’m talking about loc extensions, they are not meant for everyone.

If you’re starting locs with no edges or very thin patches along your hairline one of the best things you can do is apply castor oil hair growth products to stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth around your edges when done consistently and correctly.

The consistency is the key!

You’ll see Black-businesses like Loc Em Up Products who make New Edgz hair growth oil for locs wearers advise their customers to use the edge growth product as much as 2 times per day.

Their hair growth oil is a rejuvenating oil that stimulates your hair shaft for faster growth.  The effects of the rolling massage ball is perfect for the temples and areas of thinning hair.

You can also use these certain hair growth oils as a hot oil treatment. There are many hot oil mixtures you can create using combinations of melted shea butter, Olive oil, Coconut oil, etc. If you aren’t the DIY type you can do a hot oil treatment with “Loc Em Up” Locking Solution oil.

Here are a couple more ways to get the right look when starting locs with thin edges.

Wrap a small portion of afro marley hair over the thinning portion of the loc to thicken up the area.

Combine two adjacent locs together to form a strong base for the new loc being formed. This can be achieved by doing a two strand twist, using a crochet hook to combine both, or interlocking both locs at the root.

starting locs on thin edges before and after nhpWhether starting locs with thin edges or not, get with Loc em Up Products!

Starter Locs on Thin 4C Hair

Here are some smart tip for getting starter locs on thin 4C hair. See…

Often, new clients tell their loctician that they want to start out by having loc extensions installed. But if you have thin 4C hair you need to know that there are several options that may suit you better for starting your loc journey. 

With the unique density and texture of thin 4C hair, a good loc expert may advise you that crochet loc extensions may not be the best choice for your hair type, especially when start locs with thin edges.

It might be a better plan to do starter locs with two strand twists, and including a small amount Afro-kinky human hair to provide length and stability, especially around the edges and nape area where hair can often be most vulnerable to breakage..

Another option to using afro kinky human hair when starting locs with thin edges is to reinforce the twist by interlocking at the root, and providing a small amount of braiding towards the ends, so that the twist won’t unravel.

And after completing the full install, it’s best that your hair is moisturized and you can even add a bit of light oil. 

You can rest assured that even when starting locs with thin edges, a master loctician will make sure that you’re ecstatic about the outcome of your freshly installed starter locs!

And it’s smart to listen to your loctician’s advice if you have found one who is very knowledgeable, trusted and proven to do great work. 

Because although locticians often install loc extensions for tons of clients, they should know that extensions aren’t meant for everyone. Your hair texture and density play a huge role in the method needed to start your locs, and the fullness that can be achieved.

If you are the type of person who wants a full head of locs but your hair is very fine, thin 4C, it is always best to go with a smaller size, but sometimes the weight of loc extensions can be too heavy for your hair. 

In those cases a professional loctician would likely recommend starting your loc journey completely natural and without extensions, giving your edges a break and your thin 4C hair the space and opportunity to grow without conforming to an extension.

With a predetermined size loc extension your hair has to be parted in such a way to match that loc. If your 4C hair is fine you will likely have larger parts which will appear spacy.

So, consider the alternative which allows for smaller parts, and a fuller style on your natural loc journey. Even when starting locs with thin edges or thin 4C hair.

Solutions for Sisterlocks Thinning Edges 

You may have heard some women complain about the whole “Sisterlocks & thinning edges issue”.

Even still, I don’t want you to be in fear of automatically thinning or losing your edges because of Sisterlocks. So here’s how to have Sisterlocks without suffering thinning edges..

Find a loctician who is known to be big on hair & health 

Once again, a key to success is finding a true professional loctician who tends to your hair and scalp help, not just your “look”.

A Sisterlocks retightening job that is tightened too closely to the scalp can severely stress your follicles and pull your hair smooth out of your head. If it’s a struggle to make that last turn of the re-tightening per Sisterlock, then it shouldn’t be done in order to protect your edges. A little space at the scalp is a good thing. It will save your hair and your scalp.

Then there’s the dying.  One reviewer said "I can testify that with my first set of Locs the main reason I cut them off is because they were popping off at the ends from countless applications of dye. Back then I had to have red hair."

Many women who visit locticians have hard and brittle hair, thinning hair and in addition, they are dyeing their hair on a regular basis, which exacerbates the thinning, breaking, brittle problem.

If you're starting locs with thin edges and want to add some color, only dye the tips of your hair or add extensions to add color.

You Thinking of Starting Locs with Thin Edges in Georgia?

We’ve been talking alot about finding true professional locticians, especially if you’re thinking of starting locs with thin edges. But, not everyone is blessed with a great loc stylist in their area, but if you’re near the Riverdale, Georgia area, you are fortunate. Because…

Melissa Scott of Melissa’s Creations Natural Hair Salon is located at 7226 Hwy 85 Riverdale, GA 30274  Call to make an appointment at (404) 957-3866 and tell her NHP sent you!

Where they specialize in Loc’s & Twist also providing the best styles in the market! They will transform your locs after using their special made Locking Solutions made by Loc Em Up Products!

If you are just starting Locs, even starting locs with thin edges, Melissa Scott will have your hair locked in 6-8 weeks! You’ll leave her Georgia area natural hair salon looking like a star!  

starting locs with no edges dreadlocks productsStarting Locs With Thin Edges? Get Melissa Scott & Loc Em Up Products!

How To Fix Bald Spots In Dreads & Avoid Thin Edges

What if you already have locs and want to know how to fix bald spots in locs? Here are a few tips that can help you do that...

  • Avoid Frequent Re-twisting. The allure of a fresh locs look achieved by a re-twist is very tempting, but a major key to not having thin hairline edges, and roots is letting a long time go between retwists. If done too frequently and too tightly it can cause hair breakage and thinning at the root and/or edges, triggering hair loss conditions such as Traction Alopecia.
  • Get Treatment to Stop Hair Loss or Thinning. If you have locs and are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning and want your healthy head of hair back, then you will most likely need to undergo treatment to prevent further hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth.  Be sure to massage your scalp around the hairline and use a quality hair growth oil for locs and edges like Loc Em Up’s New Edgz hair growth oil. Even when starting locs with thin edges, this hair growth oil revitalizes hair follicles and increases the rate at which blood flows around the scalp and passes nutrients and oxygen to the hair bulb (Microcirculation), which restores hair growth and stops excessive hair loss. The New Edgz hair growth oil has a full matrix of nutrients which your hair needs to grow, making hair thicker and stronger. 
  • Be Gentle When You Wash Your Dreadlocks.  
  • Avoid Locs that Are Too Long. As Locs become longer in length, there is an increased possibility that hair loss will occur due to the weight of the dreads. Locs can trigger hair loss because hair that would usually shed as a result of the hair growth cycle, remains twisted in the locs, causing excessive weight on the roots. If you start to notice thinning or hair loss as your locs become longer, then it is possible that you are suffering from Traction Alopecia, whereby the weight of the locs causes the hair follicle to separate from the hair bulb. If you think you are suffering from hair loss / Traction Alopecia to avoid further or sustained hair loss, seek treatment as soon as possible.
  • Try Not to Style Your Locs Tightly.  
  • Protect Your Locs While You Sleep.  
  • Find a Good Loctician. A good loctician is an important factor in avoiding hair loss while getting loc’d, this is because there are various techniques that can be used to create and maintain your locs.

The technique employed depends on the texture of your hair, your hair length, the type of locs you want and the lifestyle you lead. The loctician you choose should be aware of the various locking techniques as well as being knowledgeable about how to care for your locs to maintain healthy ‘dreads’, preventing hair loss/breakage.

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FAQS About Starting Locs With Thin Edges and/or Fine Hair

There are so many questions about starting locs with thin edges or fine hair, people ask about the value of using aloe vera & almond oil for faster hair growth and everything else.

So let’s talk about how to fix some of these hair issues when starting or maintaining locs...

Q: How do I fix my thinning edges?

Answer: One way of fixing thinning edges is massaging the thinning areas with hair growth oil or oil mixture treatments than can aid in regrowing hair in those hairline areas.

These treatments will reduce the damage on your edges by repairing the follicles and encourage hair growth. Rubbing your scalp with Castor oil and vitamin E mixtures are a great way to fix failing edges and stimulate growth.

Q: Can I get locs with thin edges?

Answer: Yes, you can get locs with thin edges. If your hair is thin that means that you have fewer hairs per square inch on your scalp and edges. Since the number of hairs in a loc determines its size, those with thinner hair will need to make larger sections so the locs have the right amount of hair to look good.

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