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Satin-Lined Caps for Locs [GNHB Dreadlock Sleeping Cap Bonnets] 

satin lined caps for locs - bonnets for drealocks

Looking for satin-lined caps for locs? Satin bonnets for dreadlocks are more popular everyday because of their protective abilities when used on textured hair & kinky hairstyles.

And during an interview with the owner of GoodNightHairBonnets.com, she told NHP that her Black-owned business often receives questions regarding if their satin-lined bonnets work for locs as well, and the answer if a HUGE YES!

So if you’re determined to never get caught slippin’ and sleeping with dreads uncovered, NHP is gonna show you your best dreadlock sleeping cap options, and protective bonnets to cover dreads with at night.

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Should You Use Satin-Lined Caps for Locs & Bonnets Overnight?

Many naturals wonder what to cover dreads with at night? Answer: A satin-lined bonnet is great for protecting dreadlocks at night and to help maintain loc hairstyles. Covering your locs at night with a long premium satin bonnet will help ensure that the moisture in your loc’d hair stays put, instead of drained away by a cotton pillowcase.

It is completely up to you whether you choose to cover your locs at night or not, but based on the experience of long-time loc wearers, it’s highly recommended.

There are many benefits to covering your dreadlocks at night and I believe you will see noticeable improvements over the long-term, not just in your hair texture but in your loc’s formation and maturity. Goodnighthairbonnets.com even makes extra-long satin bonnets for dreadlocks if you have long hanging loc styles.

There are also different options to look into for covering your locs at night…

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What To Cover Dreads With At Night [Satin-Lined Caps For Locs & Bonnets Vs Other Options]

To cover your dreads at night, it’s best to wear hair protection that fits snug around the edges of your forehead and neck to prevent it from slipping off in the middle of the night— you need a “comfortable” snuggly fit.

You’ll also want to make sure your satin-lined cap covers your locs loosely to give them the space to move. A doo-rag is perhaps not the best option for protectin locs at night since they tend to be too tight for locs and may cause breakage. Some of the options I recommend include the following: 

  • Satin-lined caps for locs: There are many styles of satin and silk bonnet caps— some are normal-sized and others long to fit the length of your hair. In any case, your dreads will benefit greatly for a bonnet with a satin inner lining.  
  • Nylon stocking cap: nylon dreadlock sleeping caps work well for wrapping short locs at night.
  • Dread sock: These are similar to long dreadlock sleeping caps. The edge has an elastic which supposedly allows it to stay on your head through the night. We can hope! Right?
  • Beanie: The problem with beanies is that in order to prevent your locs from absorbing random colors of lint, you have to use a beanie that’s a similar color to your hair. 
  • Shirt: As a LAST resort option, you can use a clean t-shirt. The easiest way to cover your hair would be to have the collar wrap around your forehead and let the rest of the shirt hang around your locs. This should only be for emergencies when you don’t have access to your bonnets for dreads, satin-lined caps for locs beat t-shirts everyday of the week.

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Benefits Of Satin Lined Caps For Locs - Bonnet For Dreads

Let’s talk about some benefits of protecting your locs with bonnets for dreads - especially satin-lined caps for locs like these.

  1. Satin bonnets for dreads prevent your locs from absorbing your bedding’s lint.
  2. Satin-lined caps for locs help your hair retain its natural sebum, the oil produced by your scalp, thereby preventing your hair follicles from drying out.
  3. Satin bonnets for dreads reduce the appearance of frizzy locs.
  4. Satin bonnets for dreads prevent hair breakage thereby contributing to stronger, healthier dreads. 
  5. Satin-lined caps for locs are said to encourage your dread’s matting process. In other words, those who cover them may experience faster dreadlock maturity.

Why Sleeping With Dreads Uncovered Isn’t A Good Idea

satin line dreadlock caps for locs. Sleeping With Dreads Uncovered.

Sleeping with dreads uncovered is a recipe for disaster, especially for newer dreads because they will grab onto debri like crazy.

That's just how new dreads roll, ya know? The problem won’t remain as extreme forever though, because as loc styles mature, sleeping on them uncovered will affect them less although it’s still not recommended. 

If you slip up and sleep with them uncovered you should palm roll your dreads in the morning, this practice will help them lock and make them round again.

Be sure to remove any lint, debri or feathers they picked up during the night or they will become a permanent addition.Trust me, new dreadlocks love to pick up stuff on all of their short loose hairs on the surface. Covering them with a dreadlock sleep cap while you sleep will keep lint and feathers out of them.

You can also run your fingers through your dreadlocks like a big comb in the morning. This actually makes them look a lot better and helps you find loose hair that you can dread ball and pull in with a loose hair tool. 

As your dreadlocks get really long you'll probably find that you like sleeping with them up in a bun or at least pulled back out of the way. Unlike unloc’d hair, dreadlocks don't slip out from under you very easily.

Why Choose Satin Lined Bonnet Caps for Locs From GNHB?

satin lined caps for locs. what to cover dreads with at night. dreadlock sleeping cap.

How are Goodnight Hair Bonnets brand satin-lined caps for locs different from the ones sold in beauty supply stores?

GNHB satin hair bonnets provide a double-layer of protection throughout the night allowing for moisture to be retained better.

With a regular bonnet, there is only one flimsy layer of satin which lets moisture escape from dreadlocks hair due to constant friction (cotton pillows dry out your loc styles).

By wearing satin-lined caps for dreadlocks from Goodnight Hair Bonnets, the second layer acts as a barrier between your dreadlocks and the pillowcase locking in moisture better.

An important step in healthy loc'd hair growth is allowing your loc styles to retain moisture, not just during the day but at night too. With GNHB long dreadlock bonnets you can have a goodnight’s rest knowing your loc styles are protected from damaging surfaces.

Get Your Bonnet For Dreads & Dreadlock Sleeping Caps From GoodNightHairBonnets.com

Now that we’ve agreed that sleeping with dreads uncovered is a huge no-no and that satin-lined caps for locs are one of the best options of what to cover dreads with at night for the cleanest and best-looking morning hair…

It only makes sense to shop with a Bomb Black business while getting the best satin dreadlock sleeping cap and long bonnets for dreads on the market.

ESPECIALLY when you’re getting a special NHP Discount code on all bonnets for dreads, doo-rags, satin hair scarves and everything else they have in store. 

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Just use our special discount code "NHP15OFF" for 15% OFF your entire order.

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