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Pre-tied Head Wraps for Natural Hair w/ Sweet Embrace

Pre-tied Head Wraps for Natural Hair

Finding satin-lined pre-tied head wraps for natural hair was difficult back in the days.

Not anymore though! Thanks to Black-owned businesses like Sweet EMbraCe fashion accessories, which redefine beauty and inspire confidence.

You’re going to see all kinds of chic prints and designs like pre-tied turbans with tribal African pattern prints, one color designs, gorgeous Halo wraps and so much more....

Why Pre-tied Head Wraps for Natural Hair Are Soooo In Style!

Any woman who rocks her natural hair knows it takes effort to protect her crown from the elements. The goal of satin-lined pre-tied head wraps for natural hair is to maintain a great look without compromising the health of your tresses.

No matter your hair type, from soft waves to tight 4C coils, and short TWA hair to big luxurious afros, every naturalista knows the importance of balancing the two.

Looking super-cute + protecting your hair health.

To be honest, your unique power of expression displayed with these satin-lined pre-tied head wraps for natural hair is almost enough without the protective qualities.

Thankfully you don’t have to go without those hair protective qualities... 

A great natural hair head wrap is an integral part of self care when you really think about it. Satin-lined pre-tied head wraps for natural hair should be in every woman’s arsenal of great curly hair products.  

As naturals, we live in a world of bold colors and fabrics, and various reasons we use headwrap styles for our natural hair.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the amazing styles from Sweet EMbraCe fashion accessories… 

SEE Pre-tied & Pre-Wrapped Turbans for Natural Hair from Sweet Embrace

Pre-tied Head Wraps for Natural HairPre-tied Head Wraps for Natural Hair from Sweet EMbraCe are HOT!!!

Pure beauty! Imagine yourself rocking one of these gorgeous headwraps... 

...and they come in TONS of colors. Don't believe me? 

Just look for yourself here!

Pre-tied Head Wraps for Natural Hair Soft

When you want to run out of the house and handle business without sending all day fixing your hair these satin-lined pre-tied headwraps are the perfect GRAB-N-GO solution for cuteness with the quickness!

Pre-tied Head Wraps for Natural Hair Mommy and me child kids turbans

Mommy and Me pre-tied head wraps for natural hair are some of the most-popular, best-seller products from this fashion-centric Black-owned business!

Pre-tied Knotted Head Wrap Scarves & MORE!

Pre-tied headwraps for natural hair & satin-lined Pre-Wrapped TurbansCheck In To See Which Sweet EMbraCe Headwraps Are CURRENTLY IN-STOCK!

Not only can you get a pre-tied knotted head wrap scarf from Sweet EMbraCe, you can also find little girl's kid turbans, high-fashion headbands for adults, cute headbands for children, halo wraps and more...

Pre-tied Head Wraps for Natural Hair and headbands

Benefits of Pre-tied Head Wraps for Natural Hair [Satin-Lined!]

Lots of natural hair beauties rely on a head wrap to create a quick & cute look for when running errands, or for covering and protective styling.

A perfectly-placed pre-tied head wrap for natural hair basically saves you from bad hair days, and gives you back those precious hours on weekends. 

Back in the day hats ruled, today, easy-to-use pre-tied head wraps for natural hair now take up more closet space for African-American women. Of all the options, these gorgeous head wraps have become a must-have fashion accessory.

Pre-tied head wraps for natural hair are also a great way to boost your self-care and scalp healing regimens.

Also, since many women deal with immunity disorders and illnesses that can cause hair damage or hair loss, pre-tied head wraps help these women maintain their confidence and stay looking-good when out and about.

More benefits of pre-tied head wraps for natural hair:

  • Saves you time.
  • They’re perfect for an outing ( beach, pool, going shopping etc) & indoor.
  • Can also be worn overs wig, braids, dreadlock, faux locs etc
  • They look good on both short hair and long hair
  • They’re lightweight
  • They’re ultra-soft
  • They come in stretch fabric

So let’s talk a bit more about the company that is becoming ever-more popular in the natural hair community and learn more about the Sweet EMbraCe company...

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EMBRACE YOU w/ Sweet EMbrace Pre-wrapped Head Wraps for Natural Hair

As you’ve seen, NHP is highlighting the “bombness” that you’ll find from Sweet EMbraCe! And for good reason…

Sweet EMbrace has a focus on inspiring confidence and making you look and feel your very best with quality handmade accessories. This woman-owned, Black-owned business knows how hectic life can be, so they help you simplify your beauty routine, with no tutorial necessary. 


Sweet EMbraCe was started by Quinette Collins after giving birth to her daughter. 

pre-tied headwraps for natural hair mommy and me turbans

This beautiful Black woman always loved and wore headwraps, but would sometimes get annoyed with unraveling or discomfort.

After having her own little “mini me”, mom couldn’t wait for her child to rock headwraps just like she always had!  When her baby developed a condition known as “cradle cap” as an infant which caused itching, discomfort and hair loss, mom figured it was the perfect opportunity to create headwraps and headbands for babies. 

As a new mom, Quinette was getting accustomed to the toils of motherhood and the thought of bothering with doing her hair daily was not an option for the soon-to-be Founder of Sweet EMbraCe.

She still wanted to feel beautiful though, so she created a pre-tied headwrap turban that gave her the elegant look that she loved, but the comfort and convenient ease of wear by slipping it right on her head without having to manually tie it up. 

Thankfully, Quinnete makes these options available for other moms as well! Her “Mommy and me” headwrap styles are the backbone of Sweet EMbraCe brand. They take pride in their hand crafted turbans, satin-lined pre-tied head wrap for natural hair and women's headbands. Now mommy and baby can be EMbraCed with comfort, style and confidence.

Their pre-tied turbans, satin-lined turbans and super-chic headbands got you covered, just slip em’ on and go girl. Protective styling has never been easier and bad hair days are a thing of the past!

Get Your Pre-tied Head Wraps for Natural Hair NOW!

There are sooooo many reasons for you to grab your satin-lined pre-tied head wraps today!

The wearing of head wraps for women with hair loss can help uplift the way a woman feels inside and out during the hair growth process, those who’ve lost hair from illness find comfort in gorgeous headwrap while stylishly going through the healing process. 

The Sweet EMbraCe brand offers a wide range of breathable fabric headwraps for natural hair that can help enhance the healing of sensitive scalps. The right head wrap material can be a stylish choice for women who want to cover their heads, while thriving in bold colors as they walk down life's red carpet.

As more women embrace pre-tied head wraps for preserving and healing natural hair, it’s clear that they are a firm favorite for great African-inspired looks. African fabrics and pre-tied headwrap styles are worn during cultural events, places of worship, nightclubs, in the fashion world and in corporate spaces.

Even the celebrity world has shown off these gorgeous styles, as Hollywood stars like Lupita Nyong’o and others have rocked African print headwraps on the Red Carpets of star-studded movie premieres.

It’s time for you to get the best available, grab your satin-lined pre-tied head wraps for natural hair from Sweet EMbraCe - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

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