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Melanin Shirts & Black Girl Magic Natural Hair Tees

main-melanin-shirts-black-girl-magic-rock-natural-hair-poppin-monroe-black-queen-tee-sweatshirtsMost Melanin Shirt Designs Are Limited Edition!

Finding SUPER high-quality melanin shirts & Black girl magic natural hair tees feels good, right?

Problem is, many brands are cheap-grade, low-quality knockoffs that don't last more than 2 washes before lookin' a hot mess.

Discount Codes To Black-Owned T-shirt Companies

This is where we announce any current discount codes or coupons for our melanin shirts, black girl magic shirts, skirt, sweatshirts, dresses and more.

We will also link to other REAL Black Owned T-Shirt Companies when they are giving sales and discounts. (Beware of fakes and culture vultures who copy our originality and try to profit from it. It's becoming a HUGE problem for Black businesses.)

Our CURRENT Discount Code for our Melanin Shirts Store is: "2OFFTODAY"

This special discount code is good for ALL products in our store until 12 Midnight of December 1st 2020

In other words:

Those bottom-tier shirts on the market are NOT fit for a Queen.

So look, that why I'm happy to bring high-quality, original designs on high-quality fabric that will give you your money's worth, help you make a statement, while lookin' SUPER-CUTE and collecting compliments.

Imagine the feeling of soft, comfort-cut clothing.

And get ready for the attention that comes along with these bad girls!

You're gonna have to decide whether to be naughty or nice when your friends wanna know where they can get YOUR SHIRT.

You gonna tell them or naw? (Don't be selfish sis, new styles are always in our store for you...)

So if you wanna rock natural hair & melanin shirts that show you funny or cute curly hair sayings that get used in memes that are WORTH the money, these Black girl magic T-shirts are poppin' on Queen-level!

Take a look at our Limited Edition styles that will be available for the next few days and check back often because the different designs and styles come and go...

We like to limit availability by design because...

...that way you will always feel special knowing that a Limited Edition woman is rockin' Limited Edition Black girl T-shirt designs... As it should be!

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Melanin Shirts Currently Available | Limited Edition

The "Melanin Pops Severely" is one of the ORIGINAL Melanin Shirts & Black Girl Magic Natural Hair Tees that launched our apparel company in 2017.

These Best-Selling Melanin Poppin' Black Girl T-shirts Are:

  • Our 100% Original Designs (BEWARE of culture vultures who jack our designs & profit)
  • 100% Pure 100% Genuine Gildan Cotton
  • Backed by Guaranteed safe checkout: PAYPAL | VISA | MASTERCARD accepted
  • Available for RUSH SHIPPING

This Melanin shirt is a Black Girl Magic favorite and is going to be taken off the shelf  for good soon, we will make room for some different (and hopefully BOMB) new designs.

Out with the current and in with the new, that's what makes these shirts special. 

This is one of my personal favorites, thankfully nothing is Limited Edition for me, lol. If I want it next year I can print it up for me, myself and I. That's all I got in the eeeend, lol....

Boutique-Design Black Girl Magic Shirts

100% Ethically-Made Melanin Poppin Shirts

Here's a quick note on our 100% Genuine Gildan cotton apparel:

It'll help you get a feel for the true price we pay as consumers and as a society when we buy, support and encourage makers of cheap knock-off clothing from outside of the culture.

Ethical Manufacturing of Melanin t Shirts and Black Girl Magic Natural Hair Tees - black owned t shirt companiesCaring For Others - THAT'S REAL Black Girl Magic!

Yeah, it may feel good to find a "deal" on $11 Black girl sweatshirts.

But what price has some child who lives overseas paid in tears? While being forced to work without pay or for 38 cents per week while being talked to all crazy and even beaten for working too slow...

Truth is:

Many "companies" produce cheap Black girl sweatshirts in this way...

...and because of this:

Gildan STRICTLY adheres to the rules, laws and humane codes of WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and the FLA (Fair Labor Association).

This means that they NEVER use sweatshops, child labor or forced labor in their facilities.

All of Gildan’s sewing facilities are certified with the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), which makes sure of humane and ethical manufacturing.

No, our high-quality shirts may not sell for next-to-nothing, like many other Black girl magic shirt makers...those 2 things are:

But 2 things are for sure, with BlackHairOMG Branded Melanin Shirts & Black Girl Magic Natural Hair Tees made of 100% Genuine Gildan™, you can be sure that:

  1. Our shirts WILL LAST past the first picture of you wearing it and many more washes, unlike low-quality shirts.
  2. You can wear these with a clean conscious,knowing you aren't paying people who value dollars over human dignity.

100% Genuine Gildan cotton apparel manufacturing is checked by 3rd party monitors to certify that factories are in compliance with WRAP's set of principles.

For more information you can visit www.genuinegildan.com/people/code-conduct

So, if you'd prefer to buy from a Black owned T-shirt company, who is ethical, cruelty-free, high-quality and of the culture....

Shop with us.

These aren't the cheap melanin shirts on Amazon you'll see selling for pennies, and we're proud of that....

...our Black girl magic shirts are high-end, boutique-level, limited editions that make you stand out, they make folks pay attention to WHO YOU ARE and these Melanin shirts GET YOU COMPLIMENTS from the minute you walk in the door. Trust that sis...

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