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Is Maui Moisture Curly Girl Approved? [CGM Friendly or Nah...]

“Is Maui Moisture curly girl approved?” -  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this question asked about this company, they’re definitely one of the more popular curly hair product lines.

So let’s get you the answers you need and get your curly hair looking fan-tab-ulous!

You may already know that their detangler and the popular blow out mist are CG friendly and highly rated. More good news is that their Bamboo oil mists products and raw oils are also CGM approved and reviews rave about how they are great lightweight oils for low porosity hair.

So, I want to continue giving you the good news and the method approved products FIRST! And then I’ll break the bad news to you slowly, further down in this tutorial...

is maui moisture curly girl approved?Is Maui Moisture curly girl approved FULL TUTORIAL!

Is Maui Moisture Curly Girl Approved? See Your CG Friendly Picks!

If you’re wondering which Maui moisture products are curly girl approved? Here’s your answer! The few CG-friendly Maui Moisture Products on the approved list are:

Alright, don't get happy to quickly... Now I have to show you the products that aren't CG method friendly.

Let's do it...

is maui moisture curly girl approved or notIs Maui Moisture curly girl approved? The next ones listed below aren't...

Not Curly Girl Approved: Maui Moisture Curl Quench & Others

One of the product lines that really hurts a kinky-curly girl’s feelings is the luxurious Maui Moisture Curl Quench line… 

Because none of the products in this specific line, besides one (the Maui Moisture Curl Quench Coconut Oil Shampoo) is curly girl approved. 

Maui Moisture has various lines of product, the Curl Quench line is especially for fixing frizzy, unruly hair with its rich coconut oil, creamy papaya butter, and plumeria extract hair care fusions. 

No, these Curl Quench products are not CGM approved but the buyer reviews are raving about how this natural hair care product helps hydrate, smooth and remove frizz from your curls while enhancing softness and body for the bomb 3C tresses through 4C kinky curly hairstyles.

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Below are all other non-curly girl method approved Maui Moisture products...

  • Maui Moisture Curl Quench Coconut Oil Smoothie  ✗ 
  • Maui Moisture Shine + Awapuhi Moisturizing Conditioner  ✗ 
  • Maui Moisture Nourish And Moisture Coconut Milk Weightless Oil Mist  ✗  
  • Maui Moisture Nourish & Moisture Coconut Milk Conditioner  ✗ 
  • Maui Moisture Strength & Anti-Breakage Agave Hair Mask  ✗ 
  • Maui Moisture Fortifying + Hemp Seed Oil Conditioner  ✗ 
  • Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Combing Cream  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Curl Quench Coconut Oil Conditioner  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Lightweight Hydration + Hibiscus Water Conditioner  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Detoxifying + Volcanic Ash Scalp Care Mask  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Smooth & Repair Vanilla Bean Conditioner  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Color Protect + Sea Minerals Conditioner  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Revive & Hydrate Shea Butter Conditioner  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Conditioner  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Hair Mask  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Smooth & Revive / Repair + Vanilla Bean Hair Butter  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Thicken & Restore + Bamboo Fibers Conditioner  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Strength & Anti-Breakage + Agave Conditioner  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Thicken & Restore + Bamboo Fibers Fortifying Mask  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Revive & Hydrate Shea Butter Hair Mask  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Curl Quench Coconut Oil Curl Milk  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Detoxifying + Volcanic Ash Conditioner  ✗ 
  •  Maui Moisture Lightweight Curls + Flaxseed Conditioner  ✗ 

FAQS About Maui Moisture Products & Curly Girl Approval

is maui moisture curly girl approved faqs

In the section of the “Is Maui Moisture curly girl approved?” tutorial, I’m going to answer a couple frequently asked questions about the hair care brand. Let’s get down to business...

Q: Is Maui Moisture a Good Brand?

Answer: Yes, the entire Maui Moisture hair collection brand is filled with very good, high-quality products. The positive reviews show that buyers who use these great products continue to use them for a long time.

Consistency in use is good and helps you see a dramatic difference in the look and health of your hair fairly quickly. Maui Moisture brand helps hair feel cleaner, more hydrated, while looking good and healthy.

Q: Is Maui Moisture Good For Curly Hair?

Answer: Yes, Maui Moisture is good for curly hair and many are Curly Girl Approved (or “CG friendly”), it helps detangle, defrizz and define curls while enhancing softness and body for shinier, bouncier curls, coils, and waves.

Maui Moisture is very good for thickening 3C curly hair that needs hydration, smoothing, and less frizz.

Q: Are ALL Maui Moisture Products CG Approved?

Answer: As shown above, only some of Maui Moisture products are Curly Girl approved. This guide is here to show you which products are CG Friendly if you're trying to avoid products that are not method approved.

The Wrap Up: Does It Matter if Maui Moisture Is Curly Girl Approved?

Some ask “Is Maui Moisture curly girl approved?”, without also answering the question of, “Does it really matter?”.

True, many Maui Moisture brand products ARE curly girl approved, does that mean the products that aren’t CG Friendly are bad for your kinky or curly goodness? Not necessarily.

Sometimes worrying about which natural hair care products are “curly girl friendly”or not can make you miss out on some amazing hair products and gorgeous results. Try stuff out!

There are amazing products for stopping shrinkage on 3C natural hair, giving your 4C coils more "POP", and moisturizing like a mickey-flicky!

Trying something that isn't a curly girl method approved isn’t like losing your virginity, sis! 

You can always go back and regain your coveted curly girl method approved status, if need be. Let’s not make life so difficult!

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