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Coarse Hair Meaning
- What is Coarse Hair? Explained...

Trying to find the TRUE meaning of "coarse hair"?

It's sometimes confusing because the coarse hair meaning sometimes has many incorrect descriptions, which include kinky, curly, and coily 4C.

Another adjective that often gets lumped into defining the characteristics of natural hair is word coarse. 

So let's get this definition clear for you...

What is Coarse Hair? Get Coarse Hair Meaning...

Coarse Hair Meaning 
- What is Coarse Hair? nhp hot tips

So, what is the meaning of coarse hair? The circumference of each hair strand defines coarse hair. Coarse hair strands are relatively thick and contain three layers of the hair shaft, including the cortex, cuticle, and medulla.

In fact, if you hold a strand of coarse hair beside a single piece of sewing thread, you will find that coarse hair is thicker than a single piece of sewing thread upon examination. Therefore, simply stated, coarse hair has thick strands?

Are Coarse Hair and Thick Hair the Same Thing?

Although its circumference and thickness typically define thick hair, not all thick hair is coarse or fall under the coarse hair meaning.

People with thick hair have a significant number of follicles sprouting from their scalp vs. people with thin hair who do not have as many hair follicles. People with thin hair can also have coarse hair. 

Many naturalistas have a combination of textures on their heead. 

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How to Care for Coarse Hair

Coarse hair may trigger a bit of anxiety for some naturalistas as the texture is distinctive and can be challenging to tame. Hair can also get more coarse with age.

There is a specific set of products that you will want to add to your natural hair care arsenal of goodies, and there are others that you will need to avoid at all costs. 

What Are The Best Products for Coarse Hair?

After understanding the coarse hair meaning, ultimately you'll realize that you should steer clear of products that disrupt this hair's structure or rob it of moisture and your natural oils.

Failure to comply with these coarse hair guidelines may lead to a dreaded bout with frizz, split-ends, and even hair loss.  

Essential Oils for Coarse Hair

Essential oils should be a standing component of your hair care regimen. Essential oils contain moisturizing agents that can penetrate these thick strands and support your efforts to seal in moisture. A few of the best essential oils for coarse hair include:

Coarse Hair and Moisture-Rich Products

The best products for coarse hair are those goodies and solutions that will infuse hydration and penetrate the hair shaft's outer layer.

Hair containing an adequate moisture level is not as susceptible to breakage thanks in part to having elasticity.

Hair elasticity allows those precious strands on your hair to withstand excessive hair manipulation activities.

Sulfate-Free Shampoos

Sulfate-free shampoos are a must-have product and practice in natural hair care and coarse hair care activities as well. Sulfate shampoos can be harsh on coarse hair, triggering unwanted dryness and frizz and stealing your natural oils, which contribute to healthy hair. 

Hair Masks

Coarse hair has a reputation for being dry because of those three layers that can slow down moisture penetration. As a result, this hair's texture can feel rough and take on a dull appearance. 

Deep conditioning your hair by way of using hair masks weekly may help remedy this problem. Hair masks leave hair feeling soft, provide curl definition, and deliver shine.

Natural hair mavens warn that you must tread carefully with the frequency in which you use hair masks on natural hair as it may contribute to unwanted product build-up.

Product build-up on natural hair can weigh these coils down, making it difficult to style and manage. 

You may benefit from sitting under a hooded-dryer or using a heated cap on your hair to help open those cuticles to receive moisture. 

Detangling Combs for Coarse Hair

Another vital asset to keep handy for coarse hair is detangling combs. Detangling combs help to reduce the amount of friction that can occur with traditional combs. Traditional combs have a tendency to require an excessive amount of manipulation and can even lead to breakage if you are not careful.

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Conclusion: Coarse Hair Meaning

In summary, if you now understand the meaning of coarse hair and realize that you have coarse hair, with our indepth tutorials you will also have the power to ensure that this hair remains healthy.

There are actions you can take in establishing a hair care regimen and selecting those products that best align with your coarse hair care goals. 

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