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3 Easy Hairstyles Guaranteed to Look Good in Photos

Everyone wants to look good in photos, and there are many ways to achieve the best final product in photography. It is rewarding to see a family portrait or your best wedding photo framed; however, to get impressive results is very involving. You need a lot of preparation and intentionality to get good photos.

Technology has significantly improved photography, and you can now edit images to hide flaws and produce perfect copies. While using apps like Facetune does magic in editing photos, it does not substitute grooming and preparing for a photo shoot or session. You will still need to wear the right hairstyle, dress well and apply make-up for a good photo.

The right hairstyle is a game changer that can take your photo collection to a different level. Here are some easy hairstyles that look good on you for the photos.


Braiding presents thousands of options as it is a vast field with many styles as braids are incredibly diverse. This ancient hairstyle has defied time to remain impressive and attractive even today. Braid styles have greatly improved in the fashion world, seeing the emergence of sophisticated hair designs.

Thanks to its versatility, you can choose the types of braids that suit you, whether a casual or formal look. Your hairstyle's ultimate look will also depend on other aspects like clothing, shoes, and accessories. It is crucial to try and familiarize yourself with various braiding techniques. Identify one that you feel most comfortable in during the photo shoot.

Braids styles also hold better and will serve well in different weather conditions, whether windy or sunny. When it is scorching, you can opt for light braids, thanks to this option's many choices. Many braid styles will hold together throughout the day, giving you a consistent hairstyle.

While this hairstyle takes a bit longer to create, unique, well-done hair will produce a stunning photo. Do not shy off to stand out from the crowd.

Knots and Buns!

A bun or top knot is a style that shines on the camera. Besides looking great, this hairdo highlights other vital features like your jawline or elegant jewelry as all the hair goes up. It is for the ladies who want to ooze confidence in suits, casual and formal events. Another beautiful aspect of this style is how you can quickly wear it up or down.

This hairstyle reduces hair frizziness while keeping your hair in one place. Do not mistake its simplicity for cheap. While it is one of the most effortless hairdos, a knot will still look elegant and extraordinary. You can also opt to have the bun at the back of your head instead of the top. If you wish to have a giant bun or knot, consider using hair extensions if your hair is not long enough.

A bun or knot will do wonders if you are after that youthful feel and wish to cut off some years from your looks in the photo.


Waves are back like they never faded! This hairstyle is no longer synonymous with Victoria's Secret Angels but has morphed into a cool-girl modern look. Though the simple, wavy style is elegant and makes incredible photos on any occasion.

You will also love the versatility of the wavy hair, as you can wear it for a wedding, sports activity, or a night out in town.

Regardless of your hair length, waves look awesome when well complemented with the rest of the outfit. The style has a lot of bounce, volume and texture.

Like the knot hair above, waves do not need a professional to execute. With some time in your hand and a hair wand, you can wear stunning waves to impress. This hairdo also allows you different hair types, from limited loose waves to making it all wavy.

Waves are an excellent pick for anyone struggling with receding hairline as they cover the area giving you a complete look and boosting your confidence.

Wavy hair is great for photos, whether indoors or outside.


Hair is not the only factor influencing your photo outcome, but one of the most important. Before settling on the hairdo, think about the look you would like to achieve and the impression you wish to make. It is also crucial to consider the outfit you will wear on the day.

Other details like which hair color you want may sound ridiculous, but they are vital. You may not want to go wild on hair color if you have never tried it before. Different hair will require varied upkeep, which also applies to hairstyles. Some hairdos need more work to maintain than others.

Whatever style you choose, compliment it with the right accessory and outfit, then pose like the queen you are for the photos.

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