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3 Ways a Man Can Help His Woman Be Submissive w/ Lee From NHP

Ohhhhhhh baby! Let's talk about a touchy subject(for some) that lots of folks think is dang-near criminal.

We're gonna talk about "what makes a woman submit to a man" in a marriage.

WARNING: If you're the type that thinks a wife shouldn't be submissive to her husband...

First off, you're wrong.

Secondly, you probably don't have a husband or are on the verge of losing him in some form or fashion.

Am I right, or am I right?

And now that I've sufficiently ticked off the "gonna be single FOR EVAH EVAH" crowd.

Let's get to the meat of this article.

Don't worry ladies, this won't hurt a bit. Atleast, I hope not.

I just tell the truth, how folks respond to truth aint none of my business...

A Wise Word To Men Who Want a Submissive Wife

I knooooow, I knoooooow. In this crazy world that we live in, everyone expects SOMETHING for NOTHING. For example...

  • Men expect to be respected without being respectable or respectful.
  • Women expect to be deeply loved without being deeply lovable.

That's a recipe for relationship & marriage failure!

Fellas, listen:

Submission and true respect is not gained by merely ordering someone to respect you and submit to you. You must earn submission by...

  1. How you SPEAK
  2. How you ACT
  3. And, by WHAT YOU ARE

You also, must choose a woman who has the correct mindset and avoid "problem women" from the very beginning, so that you aren't trying to squeeze blood from a turnip.

Because, let's keep it trill...

Some women aren't worth your time (or ANY man's time) from the get-go, but YOU SCREW UP by wifing, or trying to wife a woman who OBVIOUSLY isn't wife material.

I'll write about that in another article though. Let get to the 3 ways to get your wife to be submissive...

How To Be Easier To Submit To As a Husband In 3 Ways

Being a man who gets submission from his wife is not about banging your fist on the table and screaming her down because you're bigger and stronger.

And it's DEFINITELY NOT about putting your hands on a woman in any aggressive way.

That's what lames and cowards do. 

To really understand how some men get these amazingly submissive wives...

...first, you should realize that many of these happily married men had the smarts to dump problematic girlfriends who proved not to be wife material during the dating phase.

They wisely handed out a complete and decisive dismissal, instead of staying with them, or even worse impregnating them.

But, after throwing the trash out and you've got a good woman, you need to work on these 3 aspects of what makes it easier for a woman submit to a man...

  1. By Handling Your Headship Role Properly
  2. By Being a Good Provider
  3. By Showing Her Honor

Let's break each aspect down one-by-one...

#1 - Handle Your Headship Role Properly

Some women rightly speak out against what they describe as male chauvinism and misogyny, which is, a warped or exaggerated view that some men have toward their position in relation to women.

A good head of household MUST NOT act this way. It's a recipe for failure.

Proper male headship is handled with love for those you are taking the lead of, and remember, that you as a man also have a head to be submissive to.

A husband who handles his headship properly is humble, recognizing his own faults and is mild-tempered with those in submission to him. Namely, his wife and children.

Admittedly, because we're imperfect men and it's a fight to be unselfish in a selfish world, there are times when a husband, while wanting submission from his wife, fails to show the needed love and consideration for her.

But, those who truly deserve deep repect don't turn these imperfect failins into a habit and way-of-life.

Often wives say that they don’t feel loved by their husbands, that his only concern is his own pleasure and satisfaction.

So, as a good husband, you need to always check yourself!

Ask yourself, are you being DECISIVE or DOMINEERING?

If it's domineering, try to figure out why.

Are you being domineering because you were raised around arrogant and domineering people?

Has this resulted from your wife’s attempts to take over as head, with you resisting her attempts.

Take note of your issues as a man or as a couple and address them. 

Make sure that you are handling matters in a way that shows you're not only worried about getting your own way all of the time.

And, yes...

You will gain respect from your wife if you show yourself steady and strong and able to make decisions.

But that does not mean that you shouldn't consult with her or that your should just ignore your wife’s opinion whenever it does agree with yours.

#2 - Be a Good Provider

Simply put, it's the husband’s responsibility to provide the material necessities of life for his family.

As you know, living in the U.S. is expensive as all outdoors, and you as the husband must make the decisions that govern how this need will be met.

On top of bringing home the money you earn, it helps to work with your wife on setting up a budget that you both understand.

This simply means having an arrangement for controlled spending.

It will help you to live within your means, and it can help y'all avoid those frustrating arguments that sometimes happen when the money runs out before payday.

Although in most cases it is the husband who brings in the money to take care of the family, please don't forget that the money is earned by a joint effort.

If you, the husband, think you are doing this by yourself, then just stop and figure out what it would cost you to hire a purchasing agent, a cook, a dishwasher, a housekeeper, a decorator, a nursemaid, and so forth.

Normally, good wives saves this expense by doing the work instead of you paying for these things. And if she keeps a lot of the records of home expenses, she's even saving you money on an accountant!

It's true what God's Words says... “The one who finds a good wife has found something good.”

#3 - Honor Your Wife

A man makes himself easier to submit to when he shows that he has knowledge about his wife's womanly needs and way of thinking.

He recognizes the psychological differences between men and women, how much differently she responds to certain things than he would and acts accordingly, with knowledge that she is "the feminine one" and the weaker vessel.

This certainly applies in sexual relations. Wives many times "go cold" on husbands who are ignorant of a woman’s physical and emotional makeup.

If you truly ‘assign her honor,’ you will not be harsh and demanding, uncaringly insisting on satisfying your sexual desires even when she may be very tired or during difficult times of the month.

And. look man...

....when you do "get it poppin'" with your wife, don't be sooooo doggone focused on "getting yours" that you ignore her needs.

Remember, that your wife's engine doesn't usually fire at..any..given..moment, as fast as yours does, bro!

She needs time to warm up and catch a groove.


Yeah, you may be ready to rock-n-roll under them covers after a swift breeze hits you the right way, haaaa!

I proudly raise my hand and confess to it happening a time or trillion, so, TRUST ME I KNOW!

Still, though...

...use the KNOWLEDGE of the fact the women have a special need for tenderness and affection.

That's what will make her happy and "excited" when you get intimate...

...and ultimately, she will go crazy trying to please you (FOR LIFE!) if you make a habit of putting the emphasis on giving, not getting.

Don't Cheat Yourself Out Of a Submissive Wife

Showing her honor also means reserving your intimate attention and body ONLY FOR HER!

How can a husband really expect a wife to happily submit to someone who williingly gives away WHAT BELONGS TO HER?

As a married man, you have given up full ownership of your body. She has her name on the title, and vice-versa.

It's crazy how many men expect wives to simply accept cheating as the cost of being with a man or being "taken care of".

As if it's unavoidable... That's BULL CRAP.

What are we... men with the capacity to reason, or unthinking animals?

And, you're not truly "taking care of" your wife if you destroy her trust in you, your vows, and crush her spirit with traitorous deception....even if you have her living in a mansion and driving luxury cars. 

Sooo many so-called "husbands" today cheat with other women.

But in the end what do they gain?

They are simply shooting themselves in the face like a dumber version of WILE E. COYOTE and running the happiness of their own home into the ground.

A cheating husband is the epitome of a FAILURE.

A cheater fails to ‘assign honor’ to his wife and to his OATH before God, and so they provide no basis for their wives to respect them or give willing submission.

In Conclusion: So What Do You Think?

I really want to know your thoughts. What do your friends and family think about this topic of a wife subjecting herself to her husband? 

Share this article with them and find out!

You can also reach out to me by tagging me in your posts - I am @LeeFromNHP on Twitter and IG.

I also search for your reactions by checking the #LeeFromNHP hashtag.

Y'all be good, better yet... be great!

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